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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 29.05.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 29.05.2017

__-mell: disorderly
Whistle-blowing Brockovich
What the little hand shows
Walking obediently, as a dog
Volume-off button
Voice below soprano
Ukr. or Lith., once
Turn loose
Touch the edge of
Took a load off
Tiered cookies
Thumb twiddler
Talking TV palomino
Societal expectations
Small water bird
Sky safety org
Singer Ronstadt
Since Jan. 1, on pay stubs
Rush job letters
Rope source
Reacts to being ravenous
Provide with gear
Pork serving
Political head
Pair of performers
Outback avian
Ordered (around)
Once around the track
Obstinate beast
Now, in Nogales
Nebraska neighbor
More in need of a rubdown
Manning of the NFL's Giants
Like better
Light bulb, in comics
Lawyer: Abbr
Kama __: Hindu love guide
Instruction on a Steinway
Historic Spanish fleet
Helps with the holdup
Heath-covered wastelands
Havana 'Hi!'
Guys-only gathering
Fry cook's woe
Four times a day, in an Rx
Force out
Flak jacket, e.g
Fish tempter
FedEx assignment: Abbr
Eden dweller
Early Peruvians
Dog in 'The Thin Man' mysteries
Disney mermaid
Defib specialists
Corrosive compounds
Corporate world meal
Continental cash
Chief exec
CFO's monetary report, and a hint to this puzzle's four longest answers
Caramel candy brand
Capital of Samoa
Burns or Byron
Bottom-of-the-barrel stuff
Big name in razors
Bandstand boosters
Back of the boat
Aretha's genre
Ancient Romans
32 pieces and a game board
'__-Tac-Dough': TV game show
'The Maltese Falcon' actor
'Oye Como Va' group
'No, No' Broadway gal – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—May-29-2017#sthash.9CthZStk.dpuf

___-K (early schooling)
___ Tunes (Warner Bros. cartoons)
___ Pieces
___ Paulo, Brazil
___ Falls, N.Y
X-ray ___ (gag gift)
With hands on hips
When TV viewership peaks … or a hint to 17-, 24-, 36- and 53-Across
Visine application
TV network whose logo is an eye
TV network whose logo is a peacock
Trumped-up charge
Tousled look of the recently woken
Topic of a happy annual report
Toothbrush brand
Tool for the Grim Reaper
To and ___
Timeless, to Shakespeare
The 'A' of I.P.A
Substituted 'math' for 'mass,' say
Something you reach out and take?
Something circled on a calendar
Sit and mope
Singer Mitchell who wrote 'Woodstock' (but didn't attend)
Shocked response
Second-largest Hawaiian island
Puts back to 0, say
Puts back in the oven
Period of supreme courage and achievement
Performer with a fan
Part of a car's exhaust system
Optima and Cadenza car company
Opposites of true believers
One-named rap star
One finally done with finals?
Neap and ebb
More evasive with the truth
Mind-body exercise
Marilyn Monroe, notably
Mac alternatives
Like a diet lacking bread or pasta, for short
Land of Blarney
Kiss like an Eskimo
Jul. follower
In apple-pie order
Idle drawings
Houses in Havana
Greet with humility
Goal for a mountaineer
Former Israeli P.M. Ehud
Fact-gathering org
Etch A Sketch or yo-yo
Epoch of rare distinction
Eisenhower, informally
Duo plus one
Dow Jones stat
Do a perfunctory performance
Darkest part of a shadow
Counterparts of dahs in Morse code
Concepts not meant to be questioned
Celestial Seasonings product
Bro, e.g
Bothers the conscience of
Borden milk mascot
Blocking someone's path
Big movie format
Beating at chess
Author Austen
Archie's wife on 'All in the Family'
Aperitif with black currant liqueur
'You agree with me?,' informally
'We all ___ little mad sometimes': Norman Bates
'If only ___ listened …' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-29-2017#sthash.2sBgYh9V.dpuf

___ out (lose a dice game)
Yoko of music
Work for the CIA
Words with 'hang'
Word with 'book' or 'pillow'
Wealthy muck-a-muck
Was a loud sleeper
Type of orange
Time of fasting
Things kids connect
The obvious theme of this puzzle
Talk persistently
Sophs' superiors
Some Cleveland pros
Site of the first marriage
Simoleons or dinero
Shoelace problem
Roberts or Tucker
Remove a bow
Red head?
Prepares a booth for recording
Prefix with 'verse' or 'cycle'
Paris water
Oklahoma's state tree
Oily, aromatic substance
Not false
Musical work
Movie albums
Mountain ridge
Mountain goats with twisty horns
Mighty tree
Make a cake
Lincoln, informally
Lightly fry
Laos currency
Kind of coffee or tea
Jar type
Itchy dog's problem, sometimes
It's definitely worth heeding
It brings music to one's ears
In a little while
Having wings
Good thing for a shortstop to have
Goes out, as a fire
Gave way
G-men gp
Free cattle, on a ranch
For all, as a salon
Fit out
Distress signal
Did Vail
Despite the fact that, briefly
Dais relative
Curator's place
County in Southeastern England
Collateral holder
Coffee quantity
Chicago airport
Changes directions abruptly
Buggy or nutty
Brown bread
Black, in romantic poetry
Big rig
Bert's pal
Beef source
Baghdad resident
Artist Warhol
Airport postings
Ages upon ages
Agatha, to Bertie Wooster
'What's gotten ___ you?'
'Sinbad' creature
'Mr. Roboto' band
'Boy ___ girl?' (new parent's question)
'A pox on thee!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-29-2017#sthash.fZuQLKzj.dpuf

Write hastily
Word that can precede the last parts of 17- and 65-Across and 10- and 30-Down
Whisperer of sweet nothings
Voting to reject
Topper for Laurel or Hardy
Tilter's mount
There's no current in one
Tempter in 43-Across
Tattooist's canvas
Superfluous word in Cheech and Chong routines
Starting squad
Snail-mail payment option
Share on Facebook, say
See-through sheet
Sean Connery's compatriots
Schedule opening
Results of some INTs
Reply to the minister
Reduces to tatters
Reason to hit the books
Ready to blow one's top
Rating units on Yelp
Putter's target
Prospector's pursuit
Prima donna's solo
Prefix with morph or plasm
Pounds an IBM Selectric
Panzer division units
Olympic dash units
Offers to auditioners
Oater brawl locale
Numbers-choosing game
Musk of SpaceX
Many a Michener novel
Mall map listings
Magma, when above ground
Magazine holder
Indispensable items
Greek letter whose first letter is silent
Give the thumbs-down to
Gets juice from
Geek Squad workers
Gain through trickery
FWIW part
Fraternal org. founded as the Jolly Corks
Forbidden fruit locale
First 30-day mo
Expel, as 13-Across
Evidence of a gas leak
Element in Vegas signs
Electoral map color
Duke or earl
Dispatches, as a mosquito
Dance that can't be done solo
Cracked, as a mystery
Cook, as Colonel Sanders did
Commandos' weapons
Clean one's plate
Christina of 'Monster'
Causes of some traffic slowdowns
Campbell of 'Scream'
Brought into alignment
Brit's 'I agree!'
Brief period, briefly
Bowlers' conversions
Boorish sort
Bear with a hard bed and chair
Attic or penthouse
Attendants on flights
At the head of the line
Angler with a net
A bit, informally
'The Untouchables' star
'The Joy Luck Club' author
'Jurassic World' dino
'Get lost!'
'A mouse!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-29-2017#sthash.9fC34txD.dpuf

__ opera (daytime TV drama)
Woodwind instrument
Walk inside
Volcano outflow
Used to be
Uphill climb
Traditional Arctic dome home
Toss of the dice
Top poker cards
Tip of an ear
Tennis court divider
Tenant's document
Tax collecting agcy
Suit fabric
Staircase part
Spew 10 Down
Snakelike fish
Shoe's string
Run away
Roof overhang
Rich cakes
Revered one
Raised, as racehorses
Puppies' cries
Portion (out)
Old West outlaw __ James
Norway's capital
Moves like a bunny
Mascara, lipstick, etc
Lima's country
Light-bulb inventor
Life story, for short
Less-traveled road
Last part of many plays
Lake bird
Kitchens and dens
Jousting weapon
Is nosy
Industrious insect
Incoming flight guess: Abbr
In dreamland
Impresses greatly
Historical period
Hint of color
Highways: Abbr
Healthful resort
Hatchlings' homes
Give temporarily
Give an autograph
Galahad and Lancelot
Feeling happy
Eye part
Extremely large
Evergreen trees
Engrave with acid
End of big co. names
Diner sandwich initials
Dine at home
Dakota tribe
Crossed (out)
Cropped up
Castaway's home
Book of fiction
At any time
American buffalo
Agreed (with)
Adam and Eve's home
"O beautiful for spacious __"
"Ding Dong!" response
"Ding Dong!" response
"Ding Dong!" response

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