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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 29.03.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 29.03.2017

You can see right through them
Writer Zola
With 43-Across, fraternal order
Water testers
Unrestrained party
Triumphant shout
Trapper's trophy
Tea preference
Sue Grafton's '__ for Corpse'
Subtle glow
Subtle difference
Special-interest government spending
Sources of morals
Sharer's word
Set apart from the group
See 22-Down
Safari grazer
Rod in a hot rod
Risky purchase, metaphorically
Ready for print
Proofer's mark
Pilaf base
Org. with the staff of Aesculapius in its logo
One who insists on the spotlight
Not paying attention
Not in the pink
Nonpro sports gp
Move more product than
Mane area
Like some buckets
Like port, usually
Like nocturnally counted critters
Laundry room brand
Laments loudly
Lacking a key
Kate's sitcom pal
Huge production
Handled clumsily
Greek sorceress
Freeway sign
Fictional sleuth Wolfe
Feathery layer
Far-reaching … and a literal feature of the answers to starred clues
Dukes not among royalty
Dry-__ board
Denver-to-Des Moines dir
Deck that's worth a fortune?
Cut taker
Cotton bundle
Cotillion girl
Continental coin
Compressed video format
Chop House dog food brand
Cabbage dish
Brought up
Big name in gas
Bedtime drink, in totspeak
Be frugal with
Arrive by auto
Archibald and Thurmond of the NBA
Alley scavenger
Aerial maneuvers
Absorb, as a cost
1988 Motown acquirer
*Rain-X auto product
*Many a military spouse
*Manhattan theater district locale
*Electrician's basic knowledge
'La __ aux Folles'
'Grand' ice cream brand
'Dragnet' star Jack – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Mar-29-2017#sthash.lQO2nG8b.dpuf

___-Free (contact lens solution)
Year the Korean War began
Words heard in 24-Across, maybe
Wooley who sang 'The Purple People Eater'
Wide-screen movie format
Went bonkers
Typo, e.g
Tree with triangular nuts
Thus far
Things that power Teslas
Teutonic turndown
Stays under the radar
Splits in half
Spike, as punch
So-called missing link
Snaky character
Sierra and Acadia vehicles
Sharpshooter's asset
SEAL's org
Rudy's coach in 'Rudy'
Recess game
Really angry
Prelude to a deal
Peanut butter choice
Oven feature
OPEC, e.g
Needing scratching
N.L. East city
Make a snarling sound
Literature Nobelist Morrison
Like many Poe tales
Leather often treated to look like morocco
Lay off
Laudatory piece
Lakeside furniture item
Label rarely seen on silk garments
John Irving title hero
Joe Biden, for 36 yrs
Jayhawks' home: Abbr
J. E. B. Stuart's superior in the Civil War
It's an honour: Abbr
Indian royal
In one piece
Hamlet's killer
Gets in trouble, in a way
Game for dummies?
Female pen pal, maybe
Fathers and sons
Dorm V.I.P.s
Dogie catchers
Dim bulb
Detox, say
Criticism, informally
Crisis time, for some … or a hint to each of the circled words
Crash-probing agcy
Cock-a-___ (dog breed)
Censure publicly
Camera named for a goddess
C.T.A. transports
Board hiree, for short
Aromatic additive to natural gas
Admit ___
A dance, or a dip
1974 hit with Spanish lyrics
1950s autos with 'horse collar' grilles
+: Abbr
'Honey wine'
'Darn it!'
"Twasn't me' and others – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Mar-29-2017#sthash.9nsR8n9r.dpuf

___ buco
Ziggy Stardust's rock genre
Wooden rod
Wall St. honcho
Victorian and Tudor, e.g
Vegging out
Tupperware piece
Trey's nominal suffix
Tidal wave of information
The rite answer?
Superfood seeds
Statement of beliefs
Some govt. lawyers
Skye of 'Zodiac'
Scoped things out?
Revival sights
Repeated number in the Fibonacci sequence
Ratlike feature, and a hint to a feature of the four starred answers
Penicillin, in the 1940s
Penalty box, in hockey slang
Pacemaker parts
Org. with an annual 'sweet sixteen'
Online news aggregator
NYPD rank
Music's McEntire
Muscovite, e.g
Muscovite's no
Michael of 'Superbad'
Many a post-grad degree
Machu Picchu builder
Literary governess
Lacking active leads
Knightly attendants
Joint producing a lot of smoke?
It's caught on halfpipes
It requires extraction
It might be medically induced
It has lots of household items
Instruction sheet unit
Hunting companion of Orion
Hoppy quaff
Hip-hop duo ___ Sremmurd
Highlander's place?
He came before and after O'Brien
Give mace or a mace to, e.g
Featuring a sharp TV picture
Dynasty associated with vases
Damage from use
Cropped up
Collection of funny flubs
Collaborative site
Coder's shortcut
Clinging, say
Cheer for Lionel Messi
Car named from its creator's initials
Campus figure
Beasts of burden
Animals impacted by climate change
Adler created by Arthur Conan Doyle
A bit naughty
*Paleo adherent's regimen
*Monster of myth who took people for a spin
*Land of giants visited by Gulliver
*Appetizer at a Chesapeake restaurant
'This ain't good…'
'Rashomon' director Kurosawa
'Ooh, that smarts!'
'Argo' setting – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-29-2017—What-Are-You-Looking-At?#sthash.ifo6r0ZQ.dpuf

___ vera (common lotion ingredient)
Wrinkle-crushing device
Word with 'little,' 'much' or 'late'
When repeated thrice, a court cry
Uttered 'not guilty' in court
Use a Singer
Type of oven
They drill through stuff
The meaty part of menus?
System with an LP player
Storm heading, sometimes
Stocking stuffers
See 49-Across
Second versions of screenplays
Santa in California
Rope-making material
Right-angle bend
Product taken for mild pain
Prefix with 'physical'
Precious stone
Polish metropolis
Poem of tribute
Open horse-drawn carriage with one seat
One place to love from
On the waves
Notes from the boss
Not quite crying, but almost
Not cooked
Nonoriginal copy
Nonaggressive Asian snake
Most wise
Miniprogram for computers
Mimic's business
Manly address
Make a place one's home
Like a needy one with NOT EVEN A MOUSE?
Legendary Hall-of-Famer Willie
Large hawks
Large continent
It can be a main feature
Ireland, to natives
Indian honorific
Historic event of 1944
Hard-nosed and unbending
Gold Coast place
Fire residue
Female domestic worker, in Mumbai
Female deer
Feature of some man caves
FBI agent,slangily
Exhibited a certain speech defect
Escapee who was free as a LOST BIRD?
Drink for Opie Taylor
Deli sausage
Customs or directions
Certain woodwind
Carpenter's groove
Bring-home-the-bacon person
Bewildered 'for words'?
Assists a criminal
Arizona city
Approves officially, as legislation
Any excessive drug user
Antiwar animals
Alfred E. Neuman dental feature
Abbr. meaning 'and more'
'___ you when you're sleeping …'
'Treasure Island' author's monogram
'That's ___ ya got?'
'Some time ago …'
'I'll get my high school diploma, DOG GONE it!' is ..
'Good shot!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-29-2017#sthash.SPM4PSUb.dpuf

Worship from ___
World Cup cheer
Wipe the floor with, so to speak
Where Cheeseheads root
Weapon heard in '1812 Overture'
Waterway on an isthmus
Up to the task
Unite in secret
Trevi Fountain locale
Totally absorbed
Toaster's need
Take potshots
Tadpole's breathing organ
Strong desires
Smelter input
Shopaholic's mecca
Saw socially
Running back's stat
Prefix with footprint or friendly
Polished off
Picture frame feature
Patti the Platypus or Garcia the Bear
Partner of sound
Pallet pieces
Nyquist, in 2016
Much of the time
Meal fit for a king
Made public
Lo-cal, in ads
Like superfans
Like some ornate evening bags
Like purple hair
Like Erik the Red
Like al dente pasta
Light breakfast, perhaps
Jouster's ride
Is bothered by
Indonesian resort island
In a funk
How-to presentation, for short
Homes for industrious bugs
Holiday preceder
Hendrix hairdo
Having a frog in one's throat
Hand soap additive
Hamlet, for one
Hallmark item
Goldie of 'Cactus Flower'
Freezer bag feature
Forwards a Twitter posting
Flag down
Enjoys, as benefits
Drill insert
Do exactly right
Dieter's unintended result
Companion of wiser
Common bar mixer
Clouseau portrayer Peter
BYOB part
Boardwalk treats
Blow one's top
Birth certificate datum
Biathlete's need
Bad to the bone
Auditioner's goal
Arthur Ashe Courage Award, e.g
Arkin of 'Argo'
Ark unit
Antelope playmates of song
American Girl purchase
Alternative to skim or 2 percent
Airport annoyance
'The Maltese Falcon' actor
'Hold your horses!'
'Fear of Flying' author Erica
'Buenos Aires' musical
'Body of Lies' author Johansen – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Mar-29-2017#sthash.iaPRMinF.dpuf

Workplaces of toil
With plenty more
Window glass
Whole bunch
Whispered exclamation
Topmost point
Teachers' org
Symbol of saintliness
Superman foe Luthor
Speed-bag user
Speed measure at sea
Sooty passage
Smartphone symbol
Skewered fare
Size bigger than med
Shakespearean forest
Senator descriptor
School near Sunset Blvd
S&L issuances
Russian fighter planes
Rugged cliff
Replacements for francs
Repair, as damage
Ready to proceed
Pastry frosting
Part of speech
Overextends oneself
Optimistic feeling
Old saying
Ocean liner
Nonprescription: Abbr
Native Hungarian
Moody music genre
Make public
Lowly worker
Join forces for intimidation
Jimmy Carter's former workplace
Israeli port
Is owner of
IRA relative
Ice handler
Hometown of Columbus
Helpful hints
Have an inkling
Greek alphabet ender
German auto
Freshness phrase on groceries
French cake
Era that started with Sputnik
Engrossed with
Easter season snacks
Dunes, essentially
Degrees for many CFOs
Creep about
Could possibly
Choral voice
Cheering section
Cavalry horse
Caterpillar's casing
Brief moment
Arctic assistant
Alaskan islander
Affirmative votes
Act of defamation
"You're a riot!"
"Game of Thrones" airer
" . . . __ flag was still there"

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