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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 28.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 28.06.2017

__ paper
You might get a bad one in the rough
Word after dust or do
Wolfed down
Wife of Zeus
Ward off
Vacuums, say
Uno e due
Unlock a cellphone screen, perhaps
Ump's controversial call, perhaps … and a hint to this puzzle's circles
Swelling reducer
Survey choice
Sundae crunch providers
Stocking stuffer?
Stage coach?
Squeezed (in)
Speed skater Ohno
Sound from a toy
Sleep problem from the Greek for 'absence of breathing'
Skater's maneuver
Sign of an impending merger?
Sign of a sore throat
Show anxiety, in a way
Safari beast
Roomy bag
Rollin' stone, in a Motown classic
Rest area?
Put a stop to
Protective housing
Pie __ mode
Pequod captain
Need for a return, usually
Musician Ono
Meteorological light shows
Metaphorical china shop culprit
MacNeil's longtime co-host
Literally, 'Ireland forever'
Like lemons, e.g
Leia's love
Hunger for
Hubby's 'better half'
Head honcho
Gently towels off
Fulfilled, as a deadline
Food and shelter, for two
Figured out
Equiangular geometric figure
Eight-time Best Actor Oscar nominee who never won
Diamond of song
Date with the doc
Crazy Horse, for one
Cosmetic surg. option
Commentary piece
Chaz Bono's mom
Carbon compound
Broadway performer's recognition
Bring to light
Brazilian soccer hero
Accident investigation site
'You said it!'
'The Simpsons' storekeeper
'The Mod Squad' member
'That makes sense'
'See no __ … '
'Dropped' '60s drug
'Born in the __'
'America Runs on Dunkin',' e.g

___ flask (thermos)
Words sealed with a kiss
Winner's hand gesture
Whole bunch
Wartime poster phrase
Treelike creature of Middle-earth
Things having their home on the range?
Test for gold content, say
Target of ID theft: Abbr
Swing a scythe, say
Suckling site
State firmly
Start of a quip about a whimsical celebrity couple
Source of pressure, perhaps
Smart-alecky talk
Same old same old
River of France and Belgium
Quip, part 4
Quip, part 3
Quip, part 2
Proverbial amount of bricks
Polygon measures
Piedmont wine center
Phoebe of 'Gremlins'
Org. for Raptors and Hawks
Nobelist Pavlov
Mob hit participants
Mensa members' assets
Logan of CBS News
Like elbowing through a crowd, say
Like 'it,' grammatically
Lay an egg, so to speak
Kick out
It may run the Sierra OS
Household item whose manufacture employs 42-Across
Hitchhiker's hope
Heed the coxswain
Gucci of fashion
Green light
Greek counterpart of Mars
Grade enhancer
Got completely correct
Get the better of
George Orwell's alma mater
Garbage-hauling boat
Games played by Elite Eight winners
Flashes one's pearlies
First name in stunt cycling
First name at Woodstock
Fig. in a pilot's announcement
Endurance, informally
End of the quip
Drop-down item
Drooling dog of the comics
De Botton who wrote 'The Architecture of Happiness'
Dadaist Jean
Curling surface
Cracked a bit
Coordinate, as audio and video
Con artist's crime
Chemical in Drano
Cheery tune
Cathedral of Florence
Boardroom events: Abbr
Bluto's was 0.0 in 'Animal House'
Best Picture of 1958
Article in Le Monde
Andean source of wool
Amtrak posting: Abbr
'To be, or not to be' soliloquy setting
'Spare me!,' for one
'Prospero Año ___!'
'Pet' that needs watering
'Far out!'
'American Pie' singer Don

Youngsters in a stable environment
Weathercast numbers
Tony-nominated play of 2017
There's no Y in ___
There's no X in ___
There's no T in ___
There's no Q in ___
There's no I in ___
There's no C in ___
There's no B in ___
Targets of squats
Sun emanations
Styptic material
Start for athlete or atomic
Stadium surface
Sought absolution
Sighting subject
Seismometer mover
Schubert wrote over 600 of them
Salt, symbolically
Ring-shaped reef
Pungent bulb
Prepare to drive
Praiseful poem
Popular cooler brand
Pop's bro
Play director
Place pour les professeurs
Pivot for Pavlova
Old PC system
Obtain without recompense
New relative
Neighbor of Minn. and Mich
Many a choirboy
Make fizzy
Lover of beauty
Like a crest
Liberate from bondage
Jay Gould's railroad
It's often picked up in bars
Indian honorific
In support of
Icky stuff
Hacker, of a sort
Grant in the arts
Fairy tale villains
Escape from Ford, e.g
End for soft or hard
Egg containers
Dune buggy, e.g
Dominate, in slang
Domestic flap?
Diana of 'Game of Thrones'
Court feature
Connecticut collegian
Columbus sch
Celsius, e.g
Capital of British India until 1911
Buccaneers' base
Borough adjacent to Hackensack
Before, in ballades
Become wider
Ball game?
Arousing skepticism
Aquamarine or emerald
Angel on one's shoulder, say
'Turn! Turn! Turn!' songwriter
'Get ready…'

___ Blanc
With the means and abilities
Winter malady
Wedding words
Veggie that makes some cry
Toronto Maple ___ (NHL squad)
Soundless performer
Snow conveyance
Small rocket engine
Small ornamental bag
Shaving need
Rubs the wrong way
Powerless to act, as a gas
Pasta type
Passageway for a shoelace
Parts of a guitar neck
Panama and others
One of Columbus' vessels
Omani currency
Old Ford model
Not cooked
No more than
Negative prefix
N.Y. clock setting
Motion picture frames
Motherless calf on a range
Mineo or a mule of song
Mesa-to-Bangor dir
Long-billed marsh bird
Lily types
Like bodybuilders
Like Baltimore in summer
Like a yard filled with greenery
Least good
Large fishnet
Involving two people, romantically
Impress deeply
Hunter's weapon
Hunt duck pins
Hole in a one-armed bandit
Gave a hoot
Fish's home
Farmer or gardener, at times
Famous chapel
Eye part
Espresso drink
Emulate an angry lion
Empire builder of old Peru
Dot on display?
Dish of many ingredients
Discharge from the army, Brit-style
Day fraction
Civil War side
Chihuahua sound
Certain tribal fetish
Caspian and others
Black power?
Big commotions
Bad time for Caesar
Area that's mostly desert, despite its name
Aluminum wrap
Added things
A nephew of Donald Duck
'___ of Cancer'
'___ Family' (old sitcom)
'Roger, ___ and out'
'Now ___ this!'
'If I ___ a rich man'
'Do ___ others …'
'Back in the ___'

___ vapeur (steamed)
___ up (have a pre-marathon meal)
___ Crunch (Quaker cereal)
Zero, at the World Cup
With 57-Down, soft drink since 1886
Wimbledon unit
What bad dressers and bland food have in common
University professor, e.g
Un-PC devices?
Uber alternative
Tuxedo shop worker
Torah holders
That thing dangling from your palate
Texter's 'bye now'
Sound from a stable
See 24-Down
Sauce with basil
Sandra of 'Gidget'
Revealing, as an evening dress
Repeat, as for emphasis
Reason to take Aleve
Quarterback great Aikman
Purina dog food brand
Predecessors of euros
Praiseful work
Place for a soak
One in a playbill list
Newcomer on the job
Mother with a Nobel
Most malodorous
Minuscule amount
Mall newsstand
Love, in a Dean Martin classic
Lopsided victory
Like some surgery or testimony
Like pants with a 36-inch inseam
Like glee club music
Lay the ___ (start a ship's construction)
Language of Liechtenstein
Job for a 55-Across
Jewish youth org
Inverse trigonometric function
Huge difference between viewpoints, say
Hit tune from 'Ziegfeld Follies'
Gradually slower, in music (Abbr.)
Galileo, by birth
Fountain into which 6-Down were tossed
Former mayor Eastwood
Figure that a Kaplan course may improve
Ernst & Young staffers, for short
End of an English test, perhaps
Elia, to Lamb
Elder-care worker
Dizzy Gillespie genre
Devices for 5-Down directors
Creatures at Area 51, some believe
Computer bug
Clearance rack abbr
Car at a charging station
Breckinridge of fiction
Big name in kitchen gadgets
Baldwin who lampoons Trump
Astronaut Grissom
Analyze grammatically
Absorb, as gravy
Abba who wrote 'My People'
'___ Hate Me' (Spike Lee movie)
'Way to go, kid!'
'Total War' video game maker
'The Original Slow Cooker'
'The Delta Force' star
'Now it's clear'
'Most certainly!'
'Happy motoring!' gas brand, once
'El Condor ___' (Simon & Garfunkel tune)
'A mouse!'

__ of the above
Wine barrels
Weeps loudly
Water faucet
Walks in shallow water
Very often
Very dark
Very angry
Topped with frosting
Spherical hairdo
Slopes upward
Significant happening
Raw mineral
Put an end to
Produce anew
Precious stone
Peruvian peaks
Party attendees
Overly assertive
Not so much
Norse thunder god
Most populous continent
Money in Madrid
Major highway
Light-fixture insert
Life stories, briefly
Left to avoid trouble
Left one's parents' home
Left an organization
Left a hotel
Later on
Join forces
Iridescent stone
Invented facts
Hoof sound
Homeowner's document
Green gem
Great time
Gentle handling, for short
Gardener's tool
Garden-hose twist
Food regulatory org
Even so
ET's vehicle
Does as told
Doctors' org
Diamond weight
Cutting edge
CPR pros
Cork removal sound
Chop down
Campsite shelters
Camel kin of the 6 Down
Broad neckties
Boxer's punch
Bird food
Bird bills
Behind-the-back garments
Behind-the-back garments
Authorizations in passports
Angry feeling
Advance slowly
Actress Longoria
A/C measure

"Say again?''

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