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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 28.04.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 28.04.2017

__ pad
__ de l'air: French Air Force
Younger Simpson sister
Words used for a spell?
Winter Olympics leap
Willow twig
Wilder acting
Whole mess
Where 'It's fun to stay,' in a disco hit
When the punch line hits?
Warthog weapon
Vendor offering
Use a Yelp account, say
TV fantasy drama inspired by iconic brothers
Town __
Swamp growth
Song from Strauss
Society newbies
Show tune that begins, 'The most beautiful sound I ever heard'
Seminary subj
Second shot
Sch. that calls the Sun Bowl its home
Press output
Prefix with 34-Down
Post-run feeling
Place to stay
Part of Q.E.D
Oompa-Loompa creator
New Eng. sextet
N.C. winter hours
More than expected
Money and Fortune, briefly
Mining target
Mining target
Melville's 'grand, ungodly, god-like man'
Mediterranean hot spot
Mayweather stat
Loud cry
Loud cry
Lonely banquet reservation?
Like a Hail Mary pass
Liable to spill the beans
Leave behind
Its testing awakened Godzilla … and what's dropped, facetiously, into five puzzle answers
Irrational aversion
Half a matching set
Gala gathering
Frequent callers?
Former L.A. Laker Lamar __
Exit lines
Do a DJ's job
DealDash offers
CPR pros
Cool site?
Congress taking some R and R?
Conductive nerve part
Cold temperature
Childish descriptor of a childhood friend
Capp chap
Be like bees
Bart Simpson's bus driver
Apple Records founders
Android greeting?
Adele, vocally
'The Rock' (1996) setting
'The Hunger Games' president
'Suicide Squad' actor Jared
'Speak' follower
'Spamalot' lyricist
'Animal House' rivals – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Apr-28-2017#sthash.rI0hRaOJ.dpuf

Word with road or blood
Where people go to vote
Went pit-a-pat, pit-a-pat
Walked unsteadily
TV boy with spiked hair
Throw a long football pass
Stack (or snack) on a table
Sports-themed restaurant
Soup go-with
Sound that might be made while rubbing the arms
Site where top hats and canes might be checked at the door
Santa player in 'Elf'
Relative of an alligator
Producer of red-and-white blooms
Prefix with -graphic
Prefix with -graphic
Prada competitor
Portmanteau garment
Pile at a publisher: Abbr
Part of XXX
Pablo Picasso's designer daughter
Org. since 1902 with 50+ million members
Opposite of 'Too rich for me'
Ollie's friend on old TV
Old RR watchdog
Oenophile's pride
No longer a draft, say
Narrow recess
Mystical characters
Mount Holyoke grad, e.g
Memo directive
Literally, 'highest city'
Like Sprite
Like some columns
Jared Kushner, as a notable example
It hurts
Internet hookup
Intermission starter?
In front of, to Shakespeare
Hooked on
Hindu aphorisms
Highway through the Yukon
Get low
Food sticker
Drummer Starkey
Doesn't stay in the hole, as a ball
Development period
Court ruling
Concierge's handout
Communication service since 2004
California's Harvey ___ College
Bug exterminator?
Bottom of the sea?
Application fig
Act out
2012 #1 hit by LMFAO
'This place looks horrible!'
'The Flies' playwright
'Star Wars' nickname
'Eww, no more!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Apr-28-2017#sthash.Qt9HYuCq.dpuf

___ gin fizz
Worthy of a tardy slip
With enviousness
Went fast
Update, as factory equipment
Type of saxophone
TV series with Mr. T (with 'The')
Turkish honorific
Thing passed on from parent to child
Tale with a moral
Surgery reminder
Subject with pluses and minuses
Spiritual mentors
Sort, type or kind
Something Beyonce has probably heard
Small waterway
Slightly open
Shrek, for one
Show feeling
Shoulder, as one's responsibility
Shoulder muscles, informally
Short choral composition
Selected as the best
Place of heavy betting
Opposite of WSW
Opposite of valleys
Operate a tow truck
One of the Judds
Old title in Iran
Old Houston NFL team
Microscopic building block
Little bit of offshore land
Leather strap for corporal punishment
Labor group
Is the lead in a movie
Irving of the NBA
Grueling journey
Gooden or Holliday
Good buddies
Funeral fire
Foot joint
Electric bill statistic
Dramatic situation for a poker player
Deprives of, as energy
Definitely looking for some excitement
Damask rose product
Cooking fat
City on the Rhone
City in Arizona
Christmas tree holder
Chicken ___ king
Certain Civil War soldier
Car dealer or landlord, at times
Car a salesperson can take home
Capone chaser
Bob Marley's music
Belonging to that lady
Beautiful thing with eyes that cannot see
Attach, as seat belts
And others, for short
Ambulance letters
Altar section of a church
Alpaca kin
A martial art
3 1/2 hour film, e.g
'___ Jail' (Monopoly downer)
'Pants on fire' person
'Gift' that brings out the skeptics
'Don't hurt me!' is one
'Do the Right Thing' restaurant owner
'Come again?'
'Ahem' relative – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Apr-28-2017#sthash.ahmfqdvY.dpuf

___ Wafers (Nabisco cookies)
___ stone (hieroglyphics key)
Weasel relative
Wall unit starting with an 'SNL' alum
Vicious hoops foul
Trims to fit, say
Title for McCartney or Jagger
The five of 'Hamlet'
Texter's 'If you ask me . . .'
Tabloids 'monster'
Start of the Lord's Prayer
Stag's mate
Sign on a help desk
Sharif of 'Funny Girl'
Seer's prop starting with an 'SNL' alum
Seaver in Cooperstown
Release, as an odor
Pricing word
Prepared potatoes, as for hash browns
Prefix meaning 'sun'
Practiced, as a trade
Physique, in gym lingo
One of a cube's dozen
Nike's swoosh, e.g
Nightwear, slangily
Net-nicking serve
Manhattan Project trial, briefly
Makes a new cassette of
Lost on purpose
Letters on sunscreen bottles
Letters on Forever stamps
John, 'the Dapper Don'
IV part
It beats a deuce
Inigo Montoya or Harry Potter facial feature
Heyerdahl's '___-Tiki'
Have the appearance of
Goya's naked subject
French textiles city
Fractions of square miles
Former Indian prime minister Gandhi
Florida city ending with an 'SNL' alum
Faberge collectible
Event at Cana
Ernst for whom a speed measure is named
Enters carefully
Ending for many URLs
Economic upturn
Early morning hr
Dodge resurrection of the 2013 model year
Do a salon job
DirecTV installation
Dict. entry
Dean Martin's 'That's ___'
Cowpoke's rope
Cost of a pay phone call, once
Congressional output
Cheesy sandwich
Brothers Grimm offering
Blowhards' speeches
Beginning for a URL
Beer brand ending with an 'SNL' alum
Beatty of 'Network'
Auto loan fig
Authors' submissions (Abbr.)
Amazon.com and others
Altar sites, often
Albatross, figuratively
About 2.2 pounds, briefly
A thousand thou
72, for many courses
'N Sync or Menudo
'This won't hurt ___!'
'The ___ the limit!'
'Just Do It,' for one
'It's crystal clear'
'Analyze This' director Harold
'American Sniper' subject Chris – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Apr-28-2017#sthash.XCRmRMYt.dpuf

__ Liverpool art museum
Unharmonized performance
Unfortunate ones
Torts class subject
Tiny portion
Tesla's lack
Take out or check out
Sweltering spot, so to speak
Snicker sound
Significant stretches
Sharpie-mark remover
Settle later
Second game of a doubleheader
Scam artist
Rose bowl
Roomy ride
Recent Olympics venue
Rapper's retinue
Rainforest nut
Penney competitor
Of part of the mouth
No longer relevant
NBA broadcaster
Middle of an ancient boast
MGM sound effect
Meteorological howler
Marriott School offering
Many numbers in musicals
Mail to accounts payable
Like Pinter's "Landscape"
Lendl rival
Large swallows
Large dolphin
Karate weapons
It's southeast of London
It added "brr-brr" in 2016
Inspiration for Venus and Serena
In the __
In the __
In the __
Hyena cousin
HMO business
France's patron
Flawed, as a photo
Done better at retail
Dollar amounts
Debussy genre
Cup holder
Company bought by Verizon
Closes a hole, perhaps
Cable TV service
Book before Jude
Bering, by birth
Bergman, by birth
At this juncture
Animal in several Aesop fables
Anagram of LODE ROAD
Airborne beetles
76 suffix, in sports
"Friends" star, in tabloids
"Cake Boss" airer

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