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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 28.03.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 28.03.2017

__ Moines
Wyoming's Grand __ National Park
Wraps up
Wire service org
Wee one
USN bigwig
Trojan War king
Took different paths
Tom Brady, notably
Toboggan, e.g
Thrilla in Manila boxer
Tall shade trees
Tactical advancements
Tackle box item
Sturdy furniture wood
Stop stalling
Stationery that may include a company logo … or what the ends of answers to the starred clues can be?
Sports jersey material
Spanakopita cheese
Slender swimmer
Seriously vandalized
Second or sixth president
Samoa's capital
Ritzy spread
Reason for a heating bill spike
Pub crawl stops
Prime for picking
Pitcher's stat
Pierced ear part
Pie __ mode
Not up to snuff
Nobel Institute city
Most wanted __
Month with showers
Montgomery's home
Md. winter hours
Mango discard
Mag mogul often seen in pj's
Like some benefit golf tournaments
Like slugs
Lighten (up)
Letters in geometry
La Scala solos
Jellyfish bites
Ivory and Coast, for two
Italian money until 2002
In the lead
Habitually misrepresent one's true self
Garden bug
Foamy pick-me-up
Fastener for Rosie
Evening affairs
Duracell size
Dole (out)
Deadly snakes in hieroglyphics
Conceals in one's hand
Color TV pioneer
Camera part
Back in the day
Baby bed
Asset at the archery range
Airline to Tel Aviv
Actor Jared
*System that gets goods to customers
*Seeks shelter
*Major golf tournament won five times by Tom Watson
*Bob Marley togetherness classic
'__ side are you on?'
'The Piano' actress Paquin
'Just my luck!'
'It matters to me'
'Is it a go for tonight?'
'Got it' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Mar-28-2017#sthash.xuRx9jw0.dpuf

Zero, in soccer
Works to get
Word said three times before 'What have we here?!'
With 62-Down, sci-fi weapon
What stars are in the night sky
Unit of bacon
Truman and others
Treasure holders
Tom who coached the Dallas Cowboys for 29 years
Three, in Berlin
Thing that exists
The Great Tempter
Tea type
Shirt that might have a crew neck, informally
See 61-Down
Scottish cap
Sauce with pine nuts
Rule laid down by a commission: Abbr
Rice wine
Revered 'Star Wars' figure
Request for a hand
Prefix with galactic and spatial
Prefix with -versal
Palindromic boy's name
Pacific ___
One-named singer who won the 2016 Album of the Year
On the double
Not stand completely straight
Not connected to a computer network
Nile predator, briefly
Nick at ___
Next in line
Nervousness that causes a golfer to miss an easy putt, with 'the'
Munch on
Mecca resident
Measuring cup material
Material in strands
Logician's chart
Lion's prey
Letter after sigma
Lennon's widow
Lager relative
Inspiring 1993 movie about a Notre Dame football team walk-on
Inner part of a racetrack
Illegal pitching motion
Harvest, as crops
Gravestone letters
Govt. org. with a drone registry program
Golden State sch
Even trade
Easily fooled
Drying oven
Drug whose generic name is naproxen
DiCaprio, to fans
Designer Gucci
Comical Brooks
Class with masks?
Carpet style
Actor LaBeouf
18th-century mathematician who introduced the function
'What should I ___?'
'The Raven' writer's monogram
'Sorry I'm in your space, it's an actress thing,' said ___
'Right to the point: You're beautiful, it's true,' said ___
'It gets better' spot, e.g., in brief
'Gotta run, pop concert calls,' said ___
'Don't interrupt me on my radio show,' said ___
'All we ___ saying is give peace a chance'
'A man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin,' per H. L. Mencken – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Mar-28-2017#sthash.Ii2sSGOx.dpuf

___ Alamos
Yoga class need
Yard tools
Writer's preliminary version
Within reach
Valuable places?
Unswerving mound?
Try it on for thighs?
Tree of knowledge setting
Tour schedule info
They wear stripes
Solemnly ringing
Solemn act
Six-pt. scores
Shocking to delicate ears
Settings of some getaway cabins
Sense of self
Seasonal ailment
Rest room sign
Rapper born Tracy Marrow
Quick-tempered sort
Punctuation in a 44-Down
Places to be pampered
Pitching stat
Owns (up)
Oscar or Emmy
Oil spill that's particularly elegant?
No longer up for grabs
Make a pit stop, say
Made mistakes
Lowly workers
Lowly worker
Like a basted turkey
Japanese pasta
Investment company T. ___ Price
Informal talk
Hypothalamus location
Headstrong metalworker?
Headphone brand owned by Apple
Head honcho
Harry's nemesis at Hogwarts
Gondola's course
Frasier's brother
Fan's favorite
Eye part
Even a little
Early video game
Diamond features
Cry from the fans
Cry from the fans
Crafty native of a region of Belgium?
Coolly distant
Conservative columnist Coulter
Cologne's river
Brit's boob tube
Brings to a conclusion
Boston airport
Bookmarked address
Board game in which Alaska might attack Kamchatka
Bend out of shape
Be of the same mind
Basilica balcony
Barista's creation
Back muscle, for short
'Spring ahead' hrs
'Horton Hears ___'
'Downton Abbey' countess – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-28-2017—Quality-People#sthash.VVfWKmjg.dpuf

Where a pig is at home
What an archer aims at
Waterfall product
Use yeast in
Trucking container allowances
Too big for one's britches?
This-for-that move
Thing crossing a GPS display, sometimes
Thing a cobbler sometimes does
Temporary renter
Tax form submitter
Sound reverberation
Some biblical outcasts
Sluggish, tailless Australian marsupial
Shreds some cheese
Send out waves
See 30-Across
Second word of many fairy tales
Required bet, in poker
Rearward, on the Pacific
Practice for a prizefight
Place to be pampered
Place below decks
Pants support
On the highest point of
No buts about it, be idle?
No ands about it, why the concert took so long to end?
No 'ifs' about it, anything you can do is ..
Newton parts
Native American tribe or Finger Lake
Murders a mobster
More than merely sore
Mischievous imp
Miner's exit
Mild expletives
Like some on a fixed income (Abbr.)
Like a cemetery in midnight fog
Lens material
Lark's place
Japanese belt
It helps one avoid jail time
It can eventually go bald
It can be judged
Is dating
Indian honorific
Have on
Hand out, as chores
Golf item
Giggly sound (var.)
Fun things to use after a snowfall
Flu relative
Feeling of anger
Extremist's suffix
Extra-large shopping bag
Easy play for a third baseman
Dueling blade
Do a daily ritual
Definitely not now
Crystal ball studier
Cereal ingredients, sometimes
Celebrate wildly
Book introduction
Be on the up and up?
Be a squealer
Be a consolation round candidate
Barked military phrase (with 'at')
Author Roald
Aesop specialty
Aerobics class shout
'___ you for real?'
'___ Island' (2008 film)
'Weight' attachment for a 169-pound boxer
'Now' partner – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-28-2017#sthash.7f2lx0rE.dpuf

Word after press or mess
Woodstock-era wear
Wears a long face
Way off
Under any circumstances
Type of shooting marble
Threaded fastener
Tackle box item
Tablelike elevations
Switch to another track
Stable fare
SRO part
Sponge out
Some Serengeti grazers
Slogs across a stream
Sits for a spell
Roto-Rooter target
Reacts to a bad call
Raw bar offerings
Pulled a swindle on, slangily
Potpie morsel
Pole tossed by Scots
Places for book titles
Place to stack bales
Perched on
Patronize U-Haul
Paddock newborn
Pacific storm
Opposition member
On the verge of fainting
On the house
Numbered part of a freeway
New Jersey city near Pennsylvania
Moving line on a weather map
Market online
Many Craigslist users
Manicure sound
Maker of Aspire laptops
Longish skirt
Like Roy Orbison's glasses
Libraries do it
Leaf-turning time
Krypton or Vulcan, in sci-fi
Knave of Hearts' theft
Keep tabs on
Justice Kagan
It's about 1 percent argon
Impish expression
Image of a speeding Road Runner
Gossip's tidbit
Golden Gloves events
Give the heave-ho to
Gestures to generals
Gave the heave-ho to
Emotional wreck
Drives away
Drink with a polar bear mascot
Drawn straws or cast pebbles
Device on some drones, for short
Dead-end jobs
Cyclotron bits
Cornfield divisions
Color similar to camel
Cheese with an edible rind
Change the decor of
Cart-drawing pair
Carbon dating estimate
Captive of Jabba the Hutt
Can't stomach
Came to prominence
Bill with an Eye of Providence
Almanac entry
Abbr. on some street signs
1981 Warren Beatty drama
'Straight Up' singer Abdul
'Knock it off!'
'Ghosts' playwright Henrik
'Cut-throat' blades – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Mar-28-2017#sthash.dmnsmX3L.dpuf

__ road (ice-cream flavor)
__ moss (gardener's material)
__ dish (fries or onion rings)
__ and crafts
Work hard
Women from Spain: Abbr
Woman on the silver screen
Window installer
Was compassionate
Very young plant
Utilize, as power
Underground home for bats
Turn suddenly
Top poker cards
Toothpaste holder
Tiny bits
Thin and muscular
Tent anchor
Swedish furniture chain
Supply food for
Suffix for poll or prank
Start of "The Alphabet Song"
Sports venues
Spherical map
Some clock batteries
Small sample of food
Small bill
Secret meeting
Reduce by 50%
Quaint hotel
Prefix for violet
Pickle herb
Overly bossy fiancée
On or earlier (than)
Northwest Canadian region
Nation in northern South America
Monumental story
Midmorning hr
Mideast artificial waterway
Metal in steel
Make level
Lima's country
Legal representative: Abbr
Land-based military force
Keyboard players
Justice Kagan
Just slightly
IDs on luggage
Goof off
Good fortune
Genealogical chart
From __ (completely)
Fourscore and ten
Formal decree
Fey of TV
Feel unwell
Enter, as data
Em preceder
Does an usher's job
Disreputable, informally
Detective's assignment
Deserve to receive
Cruise vessels
College transcript stat
Coal dust
Built, as a skyscraper
Broadcast again
Brief farewells
Bee attacks
Basic unit of heredity
Awkward person
"__ never work!"
"__ blame you"
"Suffice __ say . . ."

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