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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 28.01.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 28.01.2017

__ wire
__ dress
Zaire's Mobutu __ Seko
Wine city SSE of the Matterhorn
When Valjean is released from prison
Walk __ line
Vintage vessels
Vassal's venue
Those, in Tenerife
Test release
Tablet operator
Star or cloud follower
Smart guy?
Small club group
Silver sources
Shore scavenger
Sharp criticisms
Scopes Trial gp
Roast runner
Quantum mechanics symbol
Poor, as an excuse
Place with Sundance
Permanently mark
Pasta alle vongole ingredient
Pass without flying colors
Nice friends
Network with a lot of reruns
Line drive, say
Like the Toyota Prius
Like some aquariums
Like Halloween pumpkins
Late Ottoman currency
It's quite a blast
Herbie and Christine
Game with a disc
Gadget affected by waves
Football plays with special teams
End of the line
Easter time: Abbr
Dramatic start?
Dietary no
D neighbors on most guitars
Cut out for a union?
Crowbar, e.g
Create, in a way
Counterfeit cops?
Chief justice before Hughes
Capital at the foot of Vitosha Mountain
Bobby Flay creation
Bit of resistance
Big name in credit
Be true to oneself
Batik need
Avoided traffic, perhaps
Architect Mies van der __
Adequate, in texts
Actress Loughlin
1955 Dior innovation
'Piece of cake!'
'Oda a Salvador Dalí' poet García __
'Ad Parnassum' painter – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jan-28-2017#sthash.CtO0dkWF.dpuf

Young migratory fish
Wine aperitif
What tipplers may have
Web deposit?
Victim of Paris
Took off on
Texter's 'Oh, yeah …'
System developed by Bell Labs
Strict limitation, of a sort
Sources of prints, for short
Something a bomber delivers?
Some dispenser items
Sister and wife of Cronus
Setting for Yankees home games: Abbr
Scuba gear component
Sarcastic response to a 1-Down
Royal wraps
Recipient of a royal charter, with 'the'
Present some opportunities
Opposite of slow
One with many enemies
Officially prohibit
Not dead yet
Narrow apertures
Nail the test
Miss the mark
Matisse, Derain and fellow artists, with 'les'
Luxury home features
Lost Colony's island
Like some pigs
Like finished wood
Its logo consists of a pair of calipers in an oval
Italian brewery since 1846
It's searched for in a rush
It may be used by a person who is bowing
Impetuous person
Heck of an effort
Harbinger of spring
Gesture of razzle-dazzlement
Friendly introduction?
Eight-line verse form
Dish often served with applesauce
Dish eaten with a spoon
Commercial lead-in to Bank, in many Midwest states
Classic novel written under the nom de plume Currer Bell
Chi-___ (religious symbol)
Activity in a drive
A cry of relief
A biker may have a nasty one
4.5 billion years, for the age of the earth: Abbr
1998 Spike Lee movie
'The Haywain Triptych' painter
'Steel-driving man' of African-American lore
'So soon?'
'Outside the Lines' airer
'Don't get all worked up!'
'Blaze of Glory' band, 1990
'Another Day on Earth' musical artist – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-28-2017#sthash.hM052rN2.dpuf

Yevtushenko poem 'Babi ___'
With no promise of profit
Wine order
Where 'Boomer' Berman works
Went with
Went together like paisley and plaid
Watch-dog org
Very big hit
Venice's patron
Venetian magistrate
Uru. neighbor
Twin nursed by a she-wolf
Truffle hunters
Top Tatars
Time-connecting word
Three-person team
Three after B
The Jets retired his number 12
That chica
Tequila bottle item
Tea type
Suffix for shapes
Sticky stuff
Stamp go-with
Sri ___
Source of weather and traffic reports
Sondheim specialty
Some are short
Software worker
Small swig
Sloppy spot
Siamese sound
Short form, for short
Sherpa's home
Shenzi, Banzai or Ed, in 'The Lion King'
Shell food
Seat of Iowa's Webster Co
Sans fat
Roll of bills
Riyadh residents
Request for an insurance payout for lost luggage?
Rake over the coals
Put forth
Purporting it to be true
Prince hit of 1986
Popular shades
Pointy puncher
Plotter's place
Pharaoh's symbol
Pepper, e.g
PC character system
Part of QED
Palindromic Oklahoma city
Overseas insurance?
Outfielder Roush in the Hall of Fame
Oscar's French equivalent
Obviously offended
Nymph chaser
Nuevo Mexico, por ejemplo
Normal force on Earth
Nine-story collection by Isaac Asimov
Nat. racked by civil war
Musical matchmaker
Music for meditation
Mtge. rate
Mother of the Titans
Mike's biting victim in the ring
Mike of 'Austin Powers'
Mezzo Marilyn
Menachem's co-Nobelist
Memorabilia marketer
Marketing metric
Like some profiling
Like some old pyramids
Largest union in the U.S
Language group of Oceania
Lambeau Field player
Keys on the piano
James of 'Pineapple Express'
It's a wrap
It premiered in Vienna in 1805
It may be on one's radar
Inventor Howe
Intro drawing class
Insurance for a broadcast organization?
Insurance dealer to a chess player?
Hold up
Hagel's predecessor at Defense
German camera maker
Forfeits alimony, perhaps
Flowering shrubs
Finger or toe
Financier with a monetary law
Female fawn
Fantasy novel by Christopher Paolini
Fabulous insurance payment?
Exemplar of easiness
Earth Day mo
Domingo domain
Detachable control portions of Apollo rockets: Abbr
Deck crew chief
Daughter of Minos
Dark time in Deutschland
Concern of a pilot's insurer?
Colombia neighbor
Colander cousins
Clock numeral
Chest protectors
Cannes subject
Call on
Buffet patron's aid
Broadway insurance dealer?
Boeing's insurer?
BHO's signature legislation
Beth's predecessor
Best saver in baseball history
Baseball mitt feature
Applying a description to
Ancient region of France
Alpo rival
Allegra competitor
Agrippina, to Nero
A mean Amin
'Pocketful of Miracles' director
'Picnic' playwright
'Move it!'
'Give it ___!'
'Death in Venice' author – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-28-2017—Insurance-Exchange#sthash.aTvxNO4P.dpuf

Young adults
You don't see yours when typing
Worn out prematurely
Word with 'party,' 'movie' or 'opera'
Wolf with a gray coat
With all one's marbles
What a hightop sneaker covers
Weight you can't lift
Way-too-easy victory
Wander aimlessly
Undercover agent
Under, in romantic poetry
Too dry to grow on
Tinged with gold
Tax-deferred savings item
Sushi sources
Surgery line
Sty sound
Spherical objects
Some groundbreaking garden tools
Some African snakes
Sierra ___ of West Africa
Shoe part
Romantic bloom
Risky thing to build a house on
Prepared to rock a rocker
Parka relatives
Operational flight by a single aircraft
One of several Norwegian kings
Not be the same
Neutral color
Multipurpose truck
More than noteworthy
Moose's cousin
Molecular biology topic
Man's flashy scarf-slash-tie
Longest Chinese dynasty (var.)
Long past
Lobbies that let the light shine through
Laugh syllables
Kid's response to 'What do you say?'
Karenina and others
Jeans magnate Strauss
Is a butterfingers
Infantile word
If it's this, that's it
Hit the mall
His kid's kid's kids to Mediocre Morris?
Having more wisdom
Guest popping in
Fortify with vitamins, e.g
Flapjacks complement
Fertility lab eggs
Famous shipbuilder
Enthusiastic liveliness
Eerie ghost story to Mediocre Morris?
Easy-it link
Criminally assist
Completely infatuated
Common type of list
City in Norway
Chicken part
Chef's pinch
Cheerleader's halftime holler
Change direction abruptly
Bubbly soda
Blue-and-white glazed pottery
Batman portrayer of film
Abominable mountain creature
A single unit
'___ your move'
'___ Me a River'
'Norma ___' (film)
'Incredible' strongman to Mediocre Morris? – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-28-2017#sthash.LMHwKOPH.dpuf

___ of the above
___ "King" Cole
Yank crabgrass
Without rancor
Utah ski spot
Tear apart
Start the business day
Stable newborn
Spill guard
Soothing pill
Some vodka bottles
Skip over
Shriners' hats (Var.)
Shannon and Monte
Seeker of services
Rubbery cheese
Roseanne, before Tom
Roman 700
Ready for anything
Prior to, in rhyme
Period of instability, perhaps
Old NBA rival
Number two in population
Not just any
N.Y.C. summer hrs
Main, Hollywood and Vine (Abbr.)
Lyric poems
Losing gambler's marker
Londoner, for short
Like movie houses and churches
Letters on a Cardinal's cap
Lemon rinds
LeBron's target
Late afternoon
It helps keep one focused
Iced drinks
Home of the Braves, briefly
Girl or mule of song
Genetic ID
Funeral fire
Friend's counterpart
Frequent witness
Football helmet feature
Eye sore
Extra-inning score, perhaps
Discretion to choose
Designer Claiborne
Cut short, NASA-style
Curved carpenter's tool
Come up against
Charades players
Certain radar detector
Camera steadier
Biblical book
Bergman's "___ and Her Men"
Basso Pinza
Back muscle, in gym-speak
At leisure
Agnes and Genevieve, for short
About, in legalese
A judge, for one
2002 Al Pacino flick
"___ my God, thou art very great" (Psalm 104:1)
"___ been that long?"
"Toy Story" boy
"Sincerely," and others
"Saving Private Ryan" ships – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-28-2017#sthash.8vKs8iCn.dpuf

You should coast through it
Wordsworth designation
With different-color bands, in biology
Whom Renault buys diesel engines from
Utah's state animal
Usher's niche
Used vehemence on
Top suit
The FAA is part of it
Suffer no losses
Studio surprise
Splash against
Source of industrial abrasives
Serves (on)
Seemingly not meant to be
Seasoned pro
Schubert song starter
Rockwell subject painted with Daisy the cow
River rising in Yellowstone
Rifle support
Reminder of an admission
Put on the table, say
Pre-film animation device
Onetime Spears partner in McDonald's commercials
One of the waders
One of a human quartet
Newly free
Name meaning "high"
More auspicious
Making a comeback
Mainstay of Tiki culture
Made like the best sleeping bags
Links course, for short
Line on interstate trucking invoices
Launch follower
Jockey for supremacy
It's northeast of Sacramento on I-80
International arrangement
Improve the transparency of
Highly imposing
Heart of Venice
Go green, maybe
État de bien-être
Ease personified
Disney's sea witch
Condescending address, maybe
Clown conveyance
Clones in a Universal franchise
Citrus-rind extraction
Ceremonial medal bearer
Celebrator of strikes
British housing development
Betray one's bad mood
Base for miso soup
Applied for some shirts
Anderson Cooper, circa 1988
Amish country sound
"Get the lead out!"
"Crusade in __" (Eisenhower memoir)
"Best Things dwell out of __": Dickinson
"Arabian Nights" hunters – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-28-2017#sthash.IH3lB9Cv.dpuf

___ vincit amor
___ effort
War hero Murphy
Takes care of
Snare, e.g
Singing Brooks
Shoes with swooshes
Remove, as groceries
Pesci's costar in 'My Cousin Vinny'
Pencil-and-paper game
Not just trim
Newscaster Chris
Mine find
Long time follower?
Lhasa's land
Item not for the lactose intolerant
Inventor Howe
Infomercial knife
Homecoming attendee
Hindu Mr
Held securely
Grammy winner Nelly
Golden Rule preposition
Former Texas governor Richards
Former Brit. record label
Flat floater
Fedora features
Feature of a May-December marriage
Farm-related prefix
Fairy tale character
Exemplars of twinship
Exciting event
Drives to distraction
Double ___ Oreos
Dig, so to speak
Court plea, for short
Cork's country
Cartesian conclusion
Bog, briefly
Atoll protector
Asian capital
Archie Bunker type
Aoki on the links
All alternative
Aleppo's land
Adaptable truck, for short
Absolute worst
A little night music?
'___ to Billie Joe'
'___ the case'
'___ any drop to drink' (Coleridge)
'The Whiffenpoof Song' singer
'Same here'
'Measure' of geekiness
'La Vie en Rose' singer
'Go, team!'
'Father of psychoanalysis'
'Come Back, Little Sheba' wife

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