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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 27.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 27.08.2017

__ in the Pod: maternity brand
[It disappeared!]
Wonder on stage
With 113-Down, precipitously
Why the kennel closed?
Whole alternative
What manuscripts may be submitted on
Was in the red
Vespa newbies?
Verizon subsidiary
Under-the-hood type
Two-balled weapon
Traffic stopper, perhaps
Traditional meal
Ticket word
Their areas are arias
The musical '1776' reworked with arias?
Swabby's need
Successor to Claudius
Sticks figure
Small change
Slope apparel
Slim swimmer
Since Jan. 1, in P&L reports
Silent affirmation
Show appreciation, in a way
Shortly, casually
See 14-Down
Sculptors' degs
Scrooge's opposite
Savvy shopper's cry
Sault __ Marie
Require meds, maybe
Religion that may involve a moon goddess
Produce chapter and verse?
Prepare to store, as a blueprint
Portugal's region
Paul Anka's '__ Beso'
Part of Q.E.D
Pace of a runaway horse?
Overwhelm with noise
Ones pressed for drinks
Of immediate concern
Novelist Bellow
News story sources
New York natives
More extensive
Montana's __ Falls
Military unit
Mid sixth-century date
Mexican dirección
Marilyn's birth name
Many a South Pacific isle
Like soup cans to Andy Warhol?
Like some strays
Like some construction sight markers
Like small star fruit
Laryngitis docs
It won't fly on the Sabbath
It might be tapped
Investment acronym
Industry VIP
Ideal places
Home furnishing purchase
High-tech worker
Harley, e.g
Half of bowling's worst split
Guiding principles
Grint who plays Ron in Harry Potter films
Gp. that includes Venezuela
Golf shoe feature
Get rid of
Geometry function
Freetown currency
For two, in music
Flew into __
Fire __
Estonia neighbor
Engine regulator
Emulated a street performer
Draft providers
Development areas
Den, for one
Dangerous African biter
Dangerous African biter
Crisscross pattern
Courtesy to parents of a child flying alone
Compassionate, creative, submissive sort, it's said
Common conifer
Collector's item
Clock readout abbr
Church greeter's target
Carrier renamed in 1997
Capital SW of Brussels
Caber toss garb
Brief outline
Boxer's brand?
Bond adventure with Honey Ryder
Bermuda's ocean: Abbr
Band performance
Ballerinas' supply
Auction unit
Astaire/Rogers 1935 boast?
Article in rap titles
Appears suddenly
Act with passion
Acorn, essentially
Absorb, as with toweling
74-Across season
1995 Cecil B. DeMille Award-winning actress
#1 rodeo competitor?
'__ dreaming?'
'The rules __ the rules'
'No __!': 'Easy-peasy!'
'Make it quick!'
'Lou Grant' production co
'Good one, matador!'
'Forbidden' perfume

___ quotes
___ pro nobis (pray for us)
___ Lenoir, inventor of the internal-combustion engine
___ characters (Chinese writing)
Word on a jar
Wiped out
Winner of four 1990s-2000s golf majors
Wine bar order
Where fighter jets are found: Abbr
When a baby is expected
What the prefix 'tera-' means
What one will never be, in golf
What a designated driver takes
Way around London, with 'the'
Utilities, insurance, advertising, etc
Uganda's Amin
Tuna, at a sushi bar
Try to find oneself?
Tonto player of 2013
The opposition
The dark side
That the sum of the numbers on a roulette wheel is 666, e.g
Tended, with 'for'
Teacher's unit
Takeaway, of a sort
Take both sides?
Symbol on the flag of Argentina or Uruguay
Stereotypical oil tycoon
Staff openings?
Spicy fare?
Some airport figures, for short
Snack food brand
Singer Simone
Sign of nervousness
Showing politesse
Show a bias
Setting eschewed by Hawaii: Abbr
Sea urchin, at a sushi bar
Sch. in Fort Collins
Runs for a long pass, say
Result of some plotting
Remains unused
Plenty sore, with 'off'
Other: Abbr
Oscar role for Vivien Leigh
One component of a data plan
Old Russian ruler known as 'Moneybag'
Noon, in Nantes
Nintendo game princess
New Hampshire
Networking assets
N.B.A. Hall-of-Famer Thomas
Muskmelon variety
Murderer of Hamlet
Metallic element that's #21 on the periodic table
Mathematician Turing
Marsh birds
Made an impression?
Machine-gun while flying low
Loosely woven fabric with a rough texture
Location of Waimea Valley
Line usually on the left or right side
Line judge?
Like spoiled kids
Like many concept cars
Lens caps?
Latin years
Ladies' shoe fastener
Iron: Fr
International package deliverer
Hospital sticker
Home to the National Border Patrol Museum
He denied Christ three times
Have no existence
Haunted house sound
Handling well
Gregor ___, protagonist in Kafka's 'The Metamorphosis'
Go up against
Gives stars to
Get ready to be dubbed
Funny Tina
Frisbees and such
Former world capital called 'City of Lights'
Facial feature of the Bond villain Ernst Blofeld
Epitome of simplicity
Eminently draft-worthy
E.R. V.I.P.s
Doesn't keep up
Disaster film?
Device with a Retina display
Detective in a lab
Desi of Desilu Productions
Declare verboten
Contributed to the world
Comedian's stock in trade
Certain cheap car, informally
Capturer of some embarrassing gaffes
Candy that fizzes in the mouth
By way of
Brief, as a visit
Break off a romance
Bombs developed in the 1950s
Bingo square
Backflow preventer in a drain
Astonishing March Madness success, e.g
Asked for a desk, say
Apt rhyme for 'fire'
Antiparticle first observed in 1929
Africa's oldest republic
Actor ___ Buchholz of 'The Magnificent Seven'
60-Down, literally?
56-Down, literally?
23-Across, literally?
1953 Leslie Caron film
1904 world's fair city: Abbr
118-Across, literally?
'Where America's Day Begins'
'The Iceman Cometh' playwright
'Madame X' painter John Singer ___
'Gangnam Style' hitmaker
'Eww, stop!'
'Everybody's a comedian'
'Don't you ___!'

___ and Span (cleanser brand)
Western state, briefly
Type of end or admiral
Three fading things
Thing made at an auction
The two of them
Tales of great exploits or heroism
Suffix with 'bass' or 54-Down
Stuff in a bag on the mound
Store, as cargo
Smooth, as a path for
Small, insignificant amount
Short-sleeved shirt
Seals' partner
Sea of Antarctica
Sandwich complement
Rock that's an asset
Risky thing to build or write on
Republic in the Caribbean
Redhead of classic TV
Quisling's place
Questionable at best
Quartet x 2
Put through one's paces again, in the army
Pushed to the limit
Prescription division
Pointless Olympic sword?
Picture holder
Person in charge at work
Neighbor of Sudan
Like a hedgehog or porcupine
It's purchased by the bagful
It may go through the floe
Hardly uniform
Great rating
G8 member
Funny bit of wordplay
Fist bump
Fifth note of a common scale
Fading photo producers
Fading drive occupiers
Fading document deliverers
Fading dial-up device
Display one's grief
Didn't stay
Deer mom
Cupid's weapon
Cookie you may twist apart
Cones center?
Con artist's cohort
Common evergreens
Colors or shades
Coarse wheat variety
Cloth near the kitchen sink
Church doctrine
Chess piece
Certain British submachine gun
Bunny tail
Blue feeling
Black band of mourning (var.)
Bingo relative
Big name in canals
Barbecue, for one
Banned insecticide
Back of the neck
Away from the office
Atomic no. 55
Architectural wing
Any volcano blowing its top
Accepting customers
Accept as one's own
A.D.'s A
A human joint

___.com (urban legend debunker)
___ terrier (Scottish breed)
Wearer of an engagement ring
Weapon named for a pioneer
Utah ski mecca
Turn down, as a manuscript
Teen faves
Starts a pot
Stains on reputations
Sphalerite, to zinc
Smallville surname
Smacks hard
Slopped, as hogs
Shows contempt for
Scrap at Canaveral
Scarfed down
Saws wood, so to speak
Reason to use moisturizer
Pro ___ (gratis)
Potentially slippery, as a road
Places to overnight
Pizzeria purchase
Phil who sang 'I Ain't Marching Anymore'
Pasta served alla vodka
Pack safely away
Online seller of vintage wares
One at a proctored event
Occurred as a result
Obi-Wan Kenobi, for one
Norton, to Kramden
Much of Fall Out Boy's music
Movie character based on Hearst
Most of a pro golfer's scorecard
Meir of Israel
Meat in pie fillings
Lullaby composer Johannes
Long lock
London's West ___
Like loafers or moccasins
Like baseball uniform material
La ___ Tar Pits
Keen, as a collector
Instrument whose name means 'high wood'
Hoop attachment
Home loan adjustment, briefly
Having intramuscular fat, as steak
Geoffrey of fashion
French Riviera city
Free of contaminants
Flower in a poetic pocketful
Elbow bender
Editor's 'never mind'
Early stage
Drops a pop-up, say
Droopy feature of a Concorde
Don who played Barney Fife
Does summer stock
Defoe's '___ Flanders'
Cornetist Adderley
Confessional recitation
Compound in insect repellents
Colored part of the eye
Chris with three Wimbledon wins
Chocolatier's vessel
Chews the fat
Chad of 'Pretty Little Liars'
Cause of warts, in folklore
Buster Brown's dog
Billy Idol's 'Rebel ___'
Beer brand often mentioned in country music
Battle of Britain fliers, briefly
Autodom's Optima and Sedona
Attribute of 16- and 57-Across and 10- and 28-Down
Amplifier control
'___ y Plata' (Montana motto)
'___ Almighty' (Carell movie)
'You ain't ___ nothin' yet!'
'Be it ___ so humble . . .'

Yonder yawl
Word processor shortcut
Wonka creator
Wilson Supreme Court appointee
Venerated person
Utopian place
University of Florida athlete
UN observer group
Type of oval pill
Swear to
Sway unsteadily
Subjects to strain
Sports replay speed
Spoken out
Sources of shade
Source of ancient fables
Soup seasoning
Sounds of disappointment
Song syllable
Slow-cooked entrée
Singer Krall
Shout of surprise
Shipping hazard
SeaWorld performer
Sched. placeholder
Say more about
Running track
Run __ of (conflict with)
Rise suddenly
Resistance measures
Relatively uncluttered
Ready to blow one's stack
Reach successfully
Rat out
Property crime
Pro bono TV ad
Prefix for bus
PR people
Planning, for short
Pixar title robot
Peanut butter amt
Part of many brewpub names
Part of 101 Across
Orange tuber
Optimistic assertion
Opposite of "avec"
Office space contract
Off the ship
Of public revenues
October to May, in the Negev
Novelist Sholem
Not worth debating
Norwegian playwright
Mrs. Jupiter
Most sparse
Miraculous fare
Milking machine attachment
Mentor for Dvo?ák
Marsh wader
Map feature
Many miles away
Major 32 Down outing
Lose altitude
Less than forthcoming
Layer of extra-large eggs
KitchenAid competitor
Jersey's joint
Jazz trumpeter icon
Its high school teams are the Witches
Hoof sounds
High fashion monogram
Hair Beyoncé has had
Gulf Coast port
Great white shark kin
Gourmet mushrooms
Giant of Victorian literature
Getting ready to golf
Get ready to blow one's stack
Gender abbr
Fountain fare
Former MGM rival
Former Heat star
Formally charge
For fear that
Fine for fare
Feigned feelings
Father of Zeus
Fake drake
Fabric rolls
European evergreen
ET carriers
Elongated swimmers
Eight-time Best Actor nominee
Eerie feeling
Eagles' org
Dressing selection
Dreadlocks wearer
Don't take
Don't go
Director of the first two Potter films
Dilemma metaphor
Decides to learn from
Data storage device
Curator's deg., perhaps
Cry out loud
CPR learner
Common retail starting hr
City north of Indianapolis
Christmas carol sextet
Choose to participate
Ceramists' ovens
Cedar cousin
Castle on a square
Casino cube
Capital of Japan
Call for help
Business behemoths
Bus schedule listing
Burden of proof
Bride's acquisition
Blunted blade
Blow one's stack
Bivouac setup
Big name in trucks
Big brand of blocks
Bibliography phrase
Badlands elevations
All thumbs
"I should say __!"
"Get outta here!"
"From Here to Eternity" author
"Familia" member
"Divine Comedy" writer
"Be right with you"
"Arrowsmith" author

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