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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 27.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 27.06.2017

__-level job
__ turtle soup
__ brewery: independent beer maker
Wrestling's __ Flair
Whole bunch
Western Australian port
Water carriers
Very cold periods
Valuable quality
Trailer rental company
Toy racer on a track
Stick passed on a track
Song from Verdi
Slips up
Slack off
Sharp-eyed bird
Scoffing sounds
Scissors sound
Remove pencil marks
Rebel Guevara
Read the riot act to
Post-sunset effect
Poems of praise
Plucked instrument
Place for piggies
Part of 60-Down
Ottoman honorific
Old group of movie kids that, in a way, the answers to starred clues could be a member of
Noisy bird
Mystery writer Josephine
Mumbai bigwigs
Mitten part
Mining tools
Mex. neighbor
Lip-curling look
Like many summer concerts
Layered sandwich, briefly
Language in Sevilla
King's scary St. Bernard
John or Paul (but not Luke)
It may be tied
In a funk
Hunch over
Hot Wheels toymaker
Honking birds
Homebuilder's lot size
Hard-hit baseball
Green energy type
Get a laugh out of
Funny bone's place
Frying utensil
Extinct flightless bird
Easy paces
Durable suit fabric
Cry with a fist pump
Clown's leg extension
City in upstate New York
Chicago Fire Mrs
Chewie's shipmate
Big phony
Big cheese
Atlantic __
Antique photo feature
Amanda of 'Something's Gotta Give'
2017 'Twin Peaks' airer, for short
*Time for discount drinks
*Kiefer Sutherland's '24' role
*Dictator's authority
*'Homicide: Life on the Street' Emmy winner
'What more can __?'
'That's just nasty!'
'Programs! Git __ programs here!'
'Not gonna happen!'
'Death of a Salesman' family name

___ curiae (friends of the court)
Zoo resident that needs a big tank
Word exclaimed with 'Get' or 'Too'
What the River Styx forms the boundary of
What astronomers call a day on Mars
Unwelcome bit of mail
Tortilla chip dip
Take advantage of
Superhero creator Lee
Stay home for supper
State flower of Utah
Spotted rodent of South America
Slight sense that something is seriously shady
Sing smoothly
Shakespearean king
River of Florence
Rapper Kanye
Quaint dagger
Part of the body associated with sneezing, sniffling and snoring
Org. for which Mike Tyson twice held the heavyweight title
One who really brings out the crowds
Morales of 'Criminal Minds'
Military unit assembled for sudden attack
Middle school math class
Ireland's Sinn ___
Intl. group with two South American members and none in North America
Indian flatbread
In the red
I.R.S. experts
Hitters' stats
Hamlet, for one
Guitar phrases
Greek salad topper
Generous giving
Gene, the singing cowboy
Florida State athlete, slangily
Fight to the bitter end … or a hint to the starts of 20-, 32- and 40-Across
Eye woe
Exiled leader of 1979
Exercise on an elliptical machine, informally
Eject, as angry words
Depression-era migrant
Courtroom wear … or concern
Copper alloy used in jewelry
Company that was the first in the U.S. to air a TV ad with a gay couple
Citrusy, e.g
Circular or spiral motion
California's ___ Valley
Broody rock genre
Broadway's '___ Boots'
Big mixing containers
Bandleader Shaw
Bad state to be in
Artist Warhol
Antioxidant-rich berry
Annoyingly focused
Annoying critic
And others, for short
24,110 years, for plutonium 239
'___ is not to reason why'
'Ye' follower on shoppe signs
'When Harry Met Sally …' writer Ephron
'Thirty days ___ September …'
'Texas tea'
'Star Trek: T.N.G.' character
'Just do it' or 'I'm lovin' it'
'Fine by me'

___ card (cellphone component)
Voting yes
Vending machine opening
Upper crust
Turkish coin
Total guess
Torn ___ (athlete's knee injury)
Theater box
Supplies with a crew
Suet or lard
Start of many titles
Stan of Marvel Comics
Sports game outcomes
Sound of music
Sound detector
Sneezing sound
Scotsman's cap
Salt for le chef de cuisine
Russian pancakes
Rowboat mover
Robotic floor cleaner
Response to a ring
Refuse piles
Predatory felines
Postal Service symbol
Posed for a portrait
Path for hikers
No-parking area on a street
Med. insurance groups
Made the scene
Lawyers' org
Kiddie lit meanie
Kicks out
Jokester's question
Is for two?
Inflatable transports
Hostile force
Hosp. diagnostic scan
Hip hop's ___ Boys
Graphic often including insets of AK and HI
Gobbled up
Gin and tonic garnish
Future building spaces, perhaps
Funnel-shaped flowers
Frightened shout
Foot feature
Flag on a lapel, e.g
Fitting name for a cook
Field bales
Energizes, as a crowd
EMT expertise
Egg-shaped tomato
Desert plant with sword-shaped leaves
Deer babies
Dalmatian mark
Dallas cager, for short
Croque-monsieur meat
Corp. money handler
Chicago-to-Atlanta dir
Border on
Baseball's 'Say Hey Kid'
Antipollution org
Ancient region of Turkey for which a sea is named
1955 hit for Tennessee Ernie Ford
'Yeah, right…'
'Well, sorry!'
'Now begin'

___ Nicole Smith
___ and Gabbana
Words to Mom when not prepared for test day?
What hot dogs do
Wax-coated cheese
Wall painting
Walk heavily
Undercover drug cop
Title holder
Tire-pressure letters
Tinted, as hair
Sum totals
Strong out of the gate
Some checkers
Some Borneo creatures
Smells just a bit?
Skids crazily
Pt. of a Manhattan address
Protein-rich bean (var.)
Program preview
Prefix with 'red' or 'structure'
Portions of joules
Polite hat tipper
Poke around
Places with armchairs, often
Pessimistic person
One-vitamin link
Not as precarious
Motel's quaint relative
Made lovebird sounds
Like the worst possible mistakes
Like a snail trail
Legal prefix?
Laundry amount
In a dead heat
Hotel attraction
Have no reason to argue
Guy missing a rib
Furtive or sneaky
Feminine pronoun
Erin go ___!
Embark, as on a long journey
Eject, as lava
Edible lily
E'en's opposite
Dropped the curtain on
Dogs with stubby noses
Dirt, to a gardener
Did a 5K, e.g
Detroit gridders
Damage superficially
Compos mentis
Common work station
Bolt from the blues?
Big name in skimpy swimwear
Baby doll cry
Attempt to prevent
Animated fish
All dried up, as land
Abominable mountain creature
A noble gas
'___ words cannot express …'
'___ whiz!'
'What a shame'
'Les Miserables' author
'Inferno' writer
'I ___ afraid you'd say that'
'Girlfriend in a ___' (Smiths song)
'And now, without further ___'

___ fault (excessively)
Work as Gutenberg did
Wood in Budweiser fermentation tanks
Woman from hell?
With 6-Across, a man of many voices
Wishful words
Viral videos, e.g
Vaulted church area
Vardalos who voiced 'Larry Crowne'
Tuna at a sushi bar
Troy story
Totally befuddled
Tools for a moonshining leatherworker?
Tool on a Florida workbench?
Tool in a glass case?
Tool for a seagoing carpenter?
They're happy, in fairy tales
Takes shape
Social stratum among bees or ants
Ship on which Medea rode
Self-service source of printed matter
See 4-Down
River's pair
Prix fixe offerings
Prettifies, as a petit four
Presque Isle State Park's lake
Play merrily
Period when a teacher may create a lesson
Partner of polish
Part of a baseball's seam
Note from a losing gambler
Not in stock yet
Mr. Potato Head piece
McDonald's mogul Ray
Mauna ___, Hawaii
Matterhorn, e.g
Many Ph.D. exams
Manicurist's board
Louis who wrote 'My Life in Court'
Load of bunk
Like a fleabag hotel
Jet Propulsion Lab site
Jack Horner's pie extraction
It may follow 'you'
iPhone folder contents
Horne who played Glinda
Heal, as bone
Heading on a 59-Across folder
Hard-rock center
Hangs in the hammock
Hammerhead features
Got nosy
Gets on the nerves of
Futuristic toon family, with 'The'
Ford models of old
First part of a roller coaster ride
Exercise done in push-up position
Escort's offering
Dwarf planet beyond Pluto
Crossword creators' credits
Carrier with an Oslo hub
Came across suddenly, as an idea
Brillo alternative
Bored with it all
Blue hue
Bill Gates at Microsoft, once (Abbr.)
Before surgery, informally
Baseball scoreboard figure
Any Platters platter
Alvin who choreographed 'Revelations'
Albatross, symbolically
24 cans or bottles, typically
'___ 'er rip!'
'Well, sor-r-r-y!'
'NOW I get it!'
'My fault!'
'Hello, sailor!'

Woman's dress of India
Window covering
Wheat or rice
What an amoeba has one of
Up to
Unruly kids
Undercover agent
Tutti-__ ice cream
Town crier's shout
That guy's
Talk wildly
Taco topping
Swiss peaks
Swimming area
Sweet bread spread
Sweet bread spread
Sports fan's souvenir
Spending limit
Speaks hoarsely
Soak (up)
Slender woodwind
Slanting type: Abbr
Shoe bottoms
Shed tears
Scandinavian furniture chain
Sad song genre
Rosebush pest
River, in Mexico
Recruit deceptively
Quality of a call
President before JFK
Prefix for angle
PC panic button
Pathway between floors
Pampering place
Move to and __
Money in France
Mined materials
Midmorning hour
Many Egyptians
Madrid's nation
Macaroni and spaghetti
Large section of an atlas
Large pigs
Have a feeling
Harbor city
Gumbo veggie
Go to the mall
Fly high
First lady before Michelle
Fast-growing community
Family members
Election faction
Detect with one's nose
Color of overcast skies
Code of conduct
Cockpit boss
Capital of Italia
California wine valley
Book of fiction
Be mindful of
Basketball court garb
Baby powder
Aviation prefix
At any time
Astronauts' org
Assumed name
Angel's instrument
Ahead of schedule
"__ the season . . ."
"That sounds tempting"
"Now," in a memo

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