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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 27.05.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 27.05.2017

Word that sometimes precedes itself
Wipe out, in snowboarding slang
Trees whose bark contains the anti-inflammatory salicin
Tinder meeting
Thickening agent
They're framed
They carry charges
The French?
The 'Iliad' and the 'Odyssey'
Swear to be true
Superman's kin
Styled after
SSN, e.g
Shooter's piece
Shade of black
Sanskrit scripture, with 'the'
Real piece of work
Problem caused by fallen dough?
Physics model using an analogy to the solar system
Parts of many place settings
Palindromic court star
Nugget of wisdom
Neophyte, briefly
MVP of Super Bowls I and II
Muppets chimp __ Minella
Military clipping?
Manipulator of the Moor
Make trouble
Made bank
Like bears and koala bears
Least obfuscatory
It's often transported upside-down
It's also called scroggin or schmogle
It might cause quite a shock
Indians' habitat?: Abbr
Give the third degree
First name in landscape photography
Fictional 1847 autobiographer
False __
Essential __
Distillery leftovers
Dimple on a die
Crisis advice
Coder's conditional
Clotted cream may be put on one
Chi follower
Cheese with PGI status (protected geographical indication)
British racing cars
Brazilian mountain chain
Boob tube
Bochco drama
Bobby in a '70s chart-topper
Big enchilada
Bible-toting aunt on 'Sanford and Son'
Best Upset, e.g
Adulterer follower, in slang
1997 Emmy winner for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
'Sanford and Son' first name
'Pick it up!'
'Loot' playwright
'Fish' star – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—May-27-2017#sthash.kIYmWc4v.dpuf

Word with sound or storm
Word that's its own synonym when its first two letters are replaced with 'w'
What's more
Use an e-cig
University in Melbourne
Trailer segment
Totally occupy
Terse response to an order
Starts to practice
Spring's cyclic counterpart
See how many hits you get, say
Science of nutrition
Relatives of kites
Quick to put up, in a way
Pulitzer-winning novelist Jennifer
Province of NW Spain
Portmanteau in the frozen food aisle
Play award?
Peddler of religious literature
Part of many a scandal
One of two areas on a football line
One making bank-to-bank transfers?
Occasional meat eater
Notable 1973 defendant
N.E.A. member?: Abbr
Md or Rn fig
Like Mars vis-à-vis Jupiter
Like many towels
Like many major highways
Like centerfolds, typically
Less genial
Language related to Hopi
Knuckle-headed antic?
Jim ___, one-handed Yankee who pitched a no-hitter in 1993
James and Jones of jazz
Honor in a big way
Grill setting
Great Trek figure of the 1830s
Fountain growth
Fictional swordsman
During pregnancy
Dungeons & Dragons race
Dickens character 'with a dead lull about her'
Company behind Hitchcock's 'Notorious'
Color close to puce
Carl Sagan's sequel to 'Cosmos'
Bug catcher, maybe
Be subtly and snarkily insulting
Attempt to cure
1994-2000 TV talk show
'___ it up and spit it out' ('My Way' lyric)
'Who'da thunk it?!'
'Well, yeah!'
'The Aviator' actor, 2004
'Girls' girl played by Lena Dunham
'At the ___' (subtitle of a 1978 hit) – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-27-2017#sthash.KBDzCOco.dpuf

Zoroastrian in India
Wrapped garments
World Wildlife Fund logo
Word-botching Oxford don
Word in un dictionnaire
Water turbine setting
Voting 'no' on Colorado Amendment 64, say
Twin nursed by a she-wolf
Tough crowd?
Throws coal on
Thoroughly exhausted
Tattler's cry
T transfer
Sulky state
Subtly humorous
Student's paper
Struck down, in olden days
Steep-roofed dwelling
State to be worth
Start for Terpsichore?
Speculative question
Some carry-on pieces
Somali-born supermodel
Small complaints
Sitting target?
Sister of Moses
Singing slave girl
Singer from Korea's Gangnam District
Sign that's often lit
Showgirl's wrapper
Serving staunchly
Seething states
Screen Actors Guild president before Patty Duke
Ruby or garnet
Ruby in the movies
Reason for some primping
Pyramid power
Puts down
Prince of Darkness
Prank by a mutant from 'Them!'?
Pop performer?
Pitcher's stat
Pig's decor that's just thrown together?
Peaceful poems
Pea or pinto bean
Passed with care
On the fence
Obsession with Caesar?
Natural Bridges National Monument setting
Nary ___ (nobody)
Morgan's mother
Michael Phelps won 23 of them
Metal source
Marina slot
Make merchants happy
Luxury hotel amenities
Lorry's hood
Like legends
Like electric usage
Letters on the A train
Let up
Lends a hand
Jersey, e.g
Jai alai player's need
Jaffe and Barrett
Jack's 'Heartburn' co-star
It moves between banks
It might have two sides
iPad assistant
Intern's undertaking
His 'Enak's Tears' is on display at MoMA
Himalayan friend reacts to spotting a yeti?
Heap up
Have an adverse effect on
Hard wear?
Hair razing?
Glass on the radio
Given a raw deal
Give a push
Give a fraction of one's loot to a church?
Girl Scout cookie sprinkled with coconut
Future fungus
Furry frolicker
Fancy parties thrown in honor of a queen?
Even a little
Earth, in some sci-fi
Early times, in odes
Ear: Prefix
Duplicate Shaq (but not Ryan or Tatum)?
Dump emanation
Drudge's drudgery
Door holder
Dome toppers
Directory listing
Delivery boy for Just Greens has his hands full?
Deli hanging
Danny's 'Lethal Weapon' co-star
Cutting comments
Cut off
Cubicle reading
Crowd scene participants
Covered up
Cornhusker State metropolis
Cinephile's collectible
Chevy Volt, e.g
Caterer's container
Campout consumables
Bygone GM autos
Bavarian souvenir
Auto engine part
A, in Austria
'Wearily, wearily ___ the boundless deep we sail': Shelley
'Tough Guys Don't Dance' author
'The serpent beguiled me' speaker
'The Good Dinosaur' dinosaur
'The Female Eunuch' writer
'So that's your game!'
'No ifs, ___ or buts'
'Is it worth the risk?'
'Cabaret' director – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—May-27-2017—Threepeats#sthash.4CLKplmP.dpuf

Zero, on a soccer field
Yucatec speakers
Word with 'wet' or 'set'
Went back over on foot
Web address ending
Urban area known for providing some hotel workers?
Upper arm bones
Turns over the 'Open' sign
Trademarked symbols
Thin cut
Talked to a waiter
Studio sign
Striped animal
Speak to a crowd
Show feeling
Shortened word, briefly
Schuss and slalom
Salmonlike fish
Removes keyboard entries
Put on the payroll
Prince of Darkness
President who followed Jimmy
Points the finger at
Poetic tribute
Physics 101 units
PC data-sharing system
Not well
Non-speaking role
Necklace parts, sometimes
Music group formed from some Fenway Park workers?
Melonlike tropical fruits
Meddlesome type
Meadow, in romantic poetry
Lowered in value
Los Angeles-to-Twin Cities dir
Looks for food
Like a timid dancer with her boots way up to here?
Legendary Oscar-winner Sophia
Lake Como 'evening'
Kind of space or limits
Kind of salad
Highest peaks
Guy's counterpart
Gentle breezes
Former apple spray
Foreboding sign
Fade away, as a tide
Eyes lustily
Enraged one who wants everyone to know about it
Ending for 'command'
Emulated a kitten
Discussed at length (with 'out')
Criticize harshly
Court employee
Conditioned a lawn, in a way
Computer keystroke-saver
Common lubricant
Color of depression?
Cheers for matadors
By means of
Boring thing
Banish from one's country
Baby's syllable
Antelope with twisty horns
Antagonist's foil
Albanian currency
A/V part
'Way to go, son!'
'There are some nice dudes at the ranch'? – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-27-2017#sthash.lZ1WVEbl.dpuf

___ de toilette
Words before 'Let's eat!'
Woolworth, notably
Where the fat lady sings
Trial witness's promise
Three of nine on a ballfield
Texter's 'more than I need to know!'
Terse note from the boss
Tartan-sporting group
Super Bowl highlights, to many
Stoker who wrote 'Dracula'
Spiner of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'
Slangy turndown
Shot the breeze
Shave-and-a-haircut cost, in a ditty
Sea creature resembling a flower
Say 'Uncle!'
Say 'Nyah nyah!' to
Return to custody
Quinn of 'Benny & Joon'
Punster's quality
Prime invitees
Primate of Madagascar
President McKinley's Ohio birthplace
Porter who wrote 'Night and Day'
Poetic palindrome
One curl or squat, say
Not taken in by
Na+ or Cl-
Muffs an easy chance
Mottled bean
Most like a wallflower
More than suggests
Mighty Joe Young and kin
Michelle of the LPGA
Mean mutt
Lilly of pharmaceuticals
Like a baked apple
Joplin of ragtime
Ionian or Aegean
Inexact recipe amount
Hot under the collar
Hearty hurrah
H&R Block workers
Gullible sort
Grid great Dickerson
Gomez Addams' cousin
Gives one's approval to
Garbed like a judge
Exam for an MBA hopeful
Eventually become
Ella of 'Phantom Lady'
Element suffix
Disqualify (oneself) from a court case
Diminutive miners in a fairy tale
Diet successfully
Develops, as a plot
Deceitfully clever
Conquistadors' victims
Cleared after taxes
Clarinetist Shaw
Celestial object beyond Pluto
Born yesterday, so to speak
B&B part
Avian source of red meat
Auto registration fig
All Hallows' ___
Alan of 'ER'
Addison's partner at The Spectator
Activate, as a bomb
2000 Subway Series player
17- and 38-Across and 11- and 25-Down all start with one
'Three Flags' painter Jasper
'This ___ war!'
'Primetime' awards
'Major Crimes' channel – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-27-2017#sthash.BY0Oyg6j.dpuf

__ country
__ Antoinette's Parfumerie (Disneyland boutique)
Word from Old French for "lance"
Won't keep discussing
Wok recipe step
Winner of 33 Daytime Emmys
What you must make connections for
What a pad might protect
Vehicle providing rural connectivity
Use as a rendezvous point
UN-Habitat concern
Twain title character
Took on board
Taxpayer Advocate employer
Stretch while sitting
Start of a hedge
Sought greener pastures, perhaps
Some pheasants
Site of a radial notch
Rolled-steel joists
Ripped (through)
Result of shooting at the sun
Result of a Houston Natural Gas merger
Prime time for aardvarks
Poncho-like vestment
Patsy's undoing, maybe
Overcome one's block
Outer space
Oscar recipient as June
Opposite of "That's wonderful!"
One collapsing at the start of "La Traviata"
Mutual fund stat
Major Oregon extractions
Machiavellian justification
Leave with bad marks
Last holdout of the silent era
L.A. network
Keyless, as some festival entries
Its anthem graces Olympics closing ceremonies
Idealist's retort
Got the ball rolling
Freud, for one
Frequent debater of 2016
Floor with a charge
Embarrassed Dewey picker in '48
Dashboard Confessional or the Get Up Kids
Dalmatian's origin
Colour adopted for an 1836 boat race
Coat near your nose
Cars whose "thrill starts with the grille"
Carriers on carts
Cape Cod's __ Webster Inn
Bruin rooter
Applications for beauty school
America's top-selling novel before "Gone with the Wind"
Abbr. on a Beatles album drum
A's, in C
"You can hear them factories __": Dylan
"You ain't never had a friend like me" singer
"In the blink of an eye . . ."
"Child's play!" 

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