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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 27.04.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 27.04.2017

__ Islands: Danish archipelago
__ fide
__ crossroads
What the nose knows
Way around the city
Vat filler
Tries to unearth
Treated with a pack
Tottenham tint
Took another plunge?
Tiny bit of time: Abbr
The Stooges frontman
Tabloid fodder
Storm's dir
Source of party gifts
Saws with wisdom
Safari guide's weapon
Remove from consideration
Remote button
Pop singer Spektor
Photographer's buy
Pay attention to
Ohio aviation city
Nabisco chocolate treat
Masked drama
Literary alter ego
Like some e-readers
Letter from school
Learns new technology, say
Last part
Land mentioned in the spiritual 'Go Down, Moses'
Lab units
John of 'Fuller House'
Jewish ceremony for a newborn son
Istanbul : Constantinople :: Tokyo : __
Hose connections
Gives a hand
Gardening tools
Four-time discus gold medalist
Extra purchase
Extra number
Elastic wood
Diner call … and what the answer to each starred clue literally contains
Comic strip outburst
Classic V-8
Chewing gum ingredient
Boot reinforcements
Blow one's top
Bentley of 'Ghost Rider'
Banister post
Auburn University's avian battle cry
Airport near Citi Field: Abbr
Admin. aides
1959 Gidget player
1930s N.Y. Giants star Lefty
*One of a romantic dozen
*Neighborhood TV host?
*Many a dorm accommodation
*Computer network component
'We __ please'
'The Gold-Bug' author
'That's amazing!'
'Outstanding!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Apr-27-2017#sthash.uecRcG33.dpuf

___ Lock (neighbor of Page Up)
___ Enterprises (bygone TV production company)
You might go for one at the beach
You might give them props
Wrestler Flair
With 68-Across, the circled part of this crossword
With 67-Across, what the circled part of this crossword represents
Where lakes are loughs
Utter mess
Turn in
Tribe after which the 45th state is named
Tops off?
Steak ___
Sound of contentment
See 8-Across
See 1-Across
Scots Gaelic
Reed section?
Quartet part
Picture frame?
Peeping, say
Part of the body whose name is both English and Latin
OS part: Abbr
Orange place
Open again, as a keg
Numerical prefix
Note just above C
Necessary: Abbr
Mark below a line
Manual opener
Look piercingly at
Longtime New Yorker writer Pauline
Long-running TV drama started in 2003
Like some allowances
Like a selfish attitude
Legendary N.Y.C. club, with 'the'
Lead-in to -tainment
Hotel posting
Home of The Times-Picayune, familiarly
Home of Pearl City
Hawaiian fish with a palindromic name
Having a perfect record
Gap in a tape, maybe
First commercial film with stereophonic sound, 1940
Eli and Aaron, in the Bible
Drops the ball
Do over and over
Daniel ___, first Japanese-American to serve in Congress
Cross words
CPR offerer
Core parts
Computer ___
Cinnabar, e.g
Church inits
Certain bond, for short
Canine command
Cameron of 'Charlie's Angels'
Big Ten inits
Believer in an Ethiopian Zion
Annual September TV event
Animals whose tongues flick about 150 times a minute
American Pharoah and others
Afghanistan's third-largest city
A business might have one that's fixed
'Well, isn't that something!'
'The enemy of ___ is the absence of limitations': Orson Welles
'So much fu-u-u-u-un!'
'Right back ___!'
'Inner-city' for 'black,' to some people
'I Love Lucy' neighbor
'Hey, buddy!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Apr-27-2017#sthash.BumcwHKG.dpuf

Young MC's 'Bust ___'
Wooden strip
Wine flavorer
Where Anna taught
What to do while it counts
Unguarded on the field
Unforested plain
Uncas's love
Till bill
Switch magazines, say
Summer by the Somme
Strong heart
Stock offering?
Start of many rap monikers
Standing on
Speller's clarification
Shiny mineral
Shape and arrangement of a Sopwith Camel's parts?
Sellers of movies
Review hastily
Rest-of-the-team stand-in
Resort amenity
Ready for a heist, say
PlayStation producer
Pipe bend
Person to know, per Plato
Panini cheese
Pandora released them
Oyster with a childproof shell?
Orinoco, por ejemplo
Office clickers
Oddballs of the mythical animal world?
Nice surroundings
Murderous alter ego
Market optimists
Loft bundle
Like loafers
Leading indicator?
James Dean's 'East of Eden' role
It's picked in Hawaii
Island that hosts a state capital
Iowa State setting
Herculean dozen
Head for distant ports
Have high hopes
Golfer Ernie
Former SeaWorld performer
Eye amorously
Exodus leader
Elevator setting
Electronica party
Durango dwelling
Driver's warning
Derisive snort
Dad's daughter
Cork country
Comparative phrases
Circus vehicle that mows down pedestrians in its way?
Celestial body
Bird specialty
Ballet's ___ de cheval
Backwater place
Anderson of Jethro Tull
'___ happens…'
'Waterloo' group
'London Fields' writer
'Hell's Kitchen' host
'Dig in!'
'Absolutely!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Apr-27-2017—One-or-Two-Things#sthash.o28XS5WG.dpuf

___ lazuli (blue stone)
Word with 'gender' or 'generation'
Word with 'Bless America'
Whipped cream serving
TV's Winfrey
Turns over, as territory
Telltale sign of good food
Take care of a matter
Sub device
Spanish wine
Sound loudness measure
Some NCOs, casually
Some metric weights
Some future homeowners
Sleep-inducing drug class
Site of the Klondike gold rush
Sensation preceding a migraine
Sales agent
Protects, as one's goal
Prefix with 'physical'
Pale or brown
One receiving hospitality
Old opening for 'while'
Nimble and quick
Network across the pond
Needing water
Mill water channels
Members of a household
Located among these pages
Lobbies for light gatherings?
Like sloppy kisses
Large picture of cheesecake?
Large creatures
Kick-ruckus link
Jigsaw puzzle component
It can run parallel to the shore
Is an accomplice
Incur, as debts
Heavy-___ (burdened)
Heavy marching band instrument
Hangs on a clothesline
Guys bringing cold blocks, once
Get ready for a golf drive
Get carried away on stage
Full of anger
Former Greek coins
Former British P.M. Tony
Flood preventer
Firing-range weapon
Fiber for rope makers
Expel from the body
Emulated James Bond
Eggs, formally
Earthly vibration
Ear of corn, in Africa
Eagle's habitation
Displays one's age, colorfully
Devours and then some
City in Iran
Broadway offerings
Brittle, sweet transparent candy
Baseball great ___ Wee Reese
Bagel seed, sometimes
Animated dad of Rod and Todd
Always, in poetry of old
'To ___ is human …'
'Far out' or 'awesome' relative
'Didn't I tell you?' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Apr-27-2017#sthash.zRj7YCPC.dpuf

YouTube clip gone viral, say
Wore a long face
Word with wish or bucket
Witty retort
Whimper like a kitten
Up to the task
Totally blown away
Tanning ___ (swimming pool adjunct)
Tangerine pieces
Subway wall art, perhaps
Speed Wagon automaker
Some do this with flying colors
Some defensive linemen
Smartphone image
Sentry's order
Send an invoice to actor Cooper?
Royal Caribbean stopover
River of Aragon
Putting up
Put up with sportscaster/TV host Gumbel?
Pricing word
Prefix with attack or security
Play a 10-Down on
Planets, to poets
Pizza magnate Herman who ran for president
Oboist's need
November birthstone
Not nearly as congenial
Mythical bow-toter
More cunning
Meager, as chances go
Many a Michener novel
Lopez who sang 'If I Had a Hammer'
Lingerie material
Like germs or viruses
Lascivious look
Land of Yeti sightings, supposedly
Lakeside rental, perhaps
King Harald's capital
Kind of poker
Job for a tailor
It may be practical
Is decked out in
Huff and puff
Hosiery shade
Home to a zoo crocodile, perhaps
Home of Arizona State University
Hold up media guru McLuhan?
Hockey thug
Highlight of a Buddy Rich concert
Hanging ___ (2000 election debris)
Guthrie at Woodstock
Go out with
Go off script
Gender abbr
Forerunners of euros
Florida terminus of I-95
Fat from a razorback
Fashion designer Perry
Dough dispenser, briefly
Diarist Nin
Creature on a microscope slide
Convince R&B singer Pickett to cross party lines?
Concerning, on a memo
Casino numbers game
Canola or sesame
Bullfrog's sound
Big name in sports cards
Becomes inedible
Bat's navigational aid
Artist's digs, perhaps
Antihero on 'The Wire'
Andrea Bocelli, notably
'You can say that again!'
'SNL' creator Michaels
'Maude' star Arthur
'It's f-f-freezing!'
'Didn't need to know that,' to a texter – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Apr-27-2017#sthash.TcBqYbSO.dpuf

Zodiac beast
Work covertly
Wine and dine
Whodunit element
Whipped cream servings
Where the Amazon begins
Way cool
Warning starter
Violinist Hilary
Urban rec facility
Unreliable one
Unforeseen issue
Spreading-canopy tree
Skewered fare
Sets straight
Section of a ring
Seasonal song
Reckless one
Plan for limited funds
Over yonder
Of pitch
Mos. and mos
Moot point
Medium's session
Magician accessory
Less welcoming
Legislative center
Language of Lebanon
Knock for a loop
Kept in suspense
Insincere sentimentality
Highly atypical
Hawaiian honcho
Hard to see
Harbor helper
Green vehicle
Gray shade
Gem that holds water
Front teeth
Follow-up election
Fiscal exec
First Amendment defender
Extended account
Exam for some college srs
EPA atmospheric stat
Enclose, with "in"
Either end of "gag"
Draw a parallel (with)
Dapper Dans
Crimean resort
Court org
Couleur de l'océan
Cornfield chorus
Corn product
Comics bulldog
Citation abbreviation
Business page displays
Bond price of 100
Barbecue nugget
Austin Powers neckwear
Apple offering
Any part of a perfect paper
Aerial weapon, for short
63 Down great's nickname
"Play it, Sam" speaker
"I agree"
"Are you __ out?'

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