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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 26.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 26.08.2017

Welcome item?
Use a combine
Tiny orbiter
Testimony opener
Squanders, perhaps
Split hairs?
Showed willingness to listen (to)
Shoe endorser
Shining example of mirror-writing?
Shelley dedicated an ode to one of them
She said, 'It's better to be 19-Across than 55-Across'
See 38-Across
See 38-Across
Sci-fi staple
Rwandan ethnic group
Right in the atlas?
Potential queens
Political essay
Pirate's viewing aid
PC key
Oompa-__: Wonka worker
Online shopping offer
Onetime Botswana neighbor
One who's often over a barrel?
One of Pop's partners
Not so potent
Not shrink from
No __ traffic
Musical star who received a 1949 Honorary Award Oscar
Modest skirt
Memorable big cat portrayer
Maintain control
Mahler's earth
Longtime Howard Hughes asset
Leftovers cover
Kilt wearer
IV sites
Its state quarter displays the Wright Flyer
Hindu weather deity
Guy dolls
Glitterati member
Gives a sidelong glance
Gets misty
Furry Endor native
Every 60 minutes
Dramatic break
Diplomatic asset
Current quantity
Curling surface
Chocolate-flavored spread
Ceremony, e.g
Catfish Row heroine of opera
Big __
Big heads?
Band member with a vihuela
Antlion relative
Angler's wicker basket
American of Japanese descent
Adobe file format
'50s sitcom name
'The Owl and the Pussycat' poet
'Roast beast'-eating people
'Jeopardy!' first name
'CSI' evidence
'… __ it seems'

___ fair
___ club
Worm's-___ view
Work one's fingers to the bone
Woman's name that becomes a man's name when its first letter is added to the end
Storied party host
Start hopping
Some office openings
Scold and then some
Resolved to do
PV = k, to a physicist
President's personal aide
PIN point
Phrase used as a basic tenet of improv comedy
Pentathlon event
Orchestra section
One might be embedded
Nursing is a key component of it
N.C.A.A.'s St. ___ Oles
Medical marijuana is one
Many an online nuisance
Longtime radio D.J
Literary hero who gets resurrected
Lime cooler garnish
Like some exclusive contracts
It was cool in the '40s
It hurts when you rub it in
Introduction to science?
Identify online
Grp. that doesn't cover the self-employed
Grateful Dead bassist Phil
Germany and Japan, once
Forum icons
Former laptop line
Filled with desire
Explosive theory?
Exotic salad ingredient
English setter, e.g
Does some kitchen prep
Daniels who adapted 'The Office' for NBC
Cry of frustration
Cry after a vacation
Crucial time for network execs
Chip, e.g
Cedar Revolution locale
Careful workers, briefly?
Butt heads
Blue shades
Birthday visitors?
Big shot
Be super-angry
Be successful, as a proposal
Bank of America competitor
As thick as thieves
Alchemist's starting point
Advice for a wannabe loser
1998 Disney princess
'Um … I'm standing right here!'
'The Warm Heart of Africa'
'How's the food?'
'Fine, you win!'

Yul Brynner's 'The Ten Commandments' role
Wreath adornments
Windows precursor
Where many castles are built
Wheeling's river
What made Gershwin's hair so silky?
Well-hit ball
Way off base, say
Way off
Was impolite, in a way
Voice of Master Viper in the 'Kung Fu Panda' movies
Voice from the loft
Upper hand
Uplifting group?
Up for it
Unit symbolized by an omega
Turns aside
Tree-dwelling apes
Track markings
Toyotas of the 1990s
Tottenham trucks
To boot
Thomas in the Basketball Hall of Fame
The Mustangs' sch
The Cougars' sch
Test for M.A. seekers
Tell the tale
Taking out the trash, perhaps
Symbol of Thoth
Surfer's distraction
Subject of a seaside warning
Stylish person
String of islands?
Spiral: Prefix
Some religious sculptures
Sloth, for one
Sitcom role for Ron
Singer-songwriter Griffith
Silently assents
Round container
Rids of roughness, in a way
Reptile of kiddie lit
Quaint salutation
Protective garment
Pride initialism
Plot division
Pleistocene and Holocene, for two
Places text, perhaps
Piece of wood from a historic vessel?
Pennsylvania county
Payroll services company
Part of an Italian fire-breather's hoard?
Paperless birthday greeting
Ones with supporting roles?
One who digs for old Coke bottles?
One might work a concert
One might attend a concert
Office watchdog
Oaxacan civilization
Move at a really slow pace
More unsmiling
Missive from Macao?
McShane of 'American Gods'
Love, in Esperanto
Log-in credential
Litmus reddeners
Like Times Square on New Year's Eve
Like a new coat, perhaps
Latvian currency
Kazakhstan's capital
Jersey features
Its first hotel was in Flagstaff
It's always positive
It goes up and down
Is exasperating
Is advised
Is a danger on the freeway
International news agcy
Interference pattern
Human Genome Project material
Hot spot
Homer output
Homer outcry
Hole number?
Hardly a downpour
Getaway spots
From l. to r
File menu choice
Family that's owned the Pittsburgh Steelers since 1933
Falling on deaf ears
Exhausting routines
Ernie Banks nickname
Dreaded one?
Depeche Mode frontman Dave
Crane, for one
Cosecant's reciprocal
Commute lengtheners
Cleveland Cavalier Channing
Clarification intro
Cheer competition
Character found in a 2016 sequel
Cenozoic, for one
Casual greeting
Cartoonist who popularized the term 'double whammy'
Capital of Crete?
Camera with a mirror and prism system, briefly
Call at home
Buckwheat noodles
Bow in old movies
Bit of celery
Bestselling Persian poet
Best-known character of 8-Across
Belgrade's country
Baseball's Boone and Saberhagen
Bank offering, informally
Australian sprinters
Atlanta Olympics torch lighter
American marsupial
1982 movie with a light-cycle competition
1950s crooner Julius
'___ nice day!'
'Who, me?'
'Where does he get off?'
'No help needed, thanks!'
'Let's balance the budget,' say?
'Le Pont de Narni' artist
'King Lear' character who feigns madness
'Il Trovatore' heroine
'I knew it!'
'Being There' director Ashby
'Babalu' singer

___ Plaines
Vatican emissary
Type of car or chair
Tree trunk growth
Traveler's request (Abbr.)
Toothpaste box letters
Things delivered by PA systems
The spleen, for one
Spreadsheet creation
Some requests for payments
Smoky, hot passage
Sets one's sights?
Reddish-brown, as a horse
Rap sheet letters
Ramble on pointlessly
Questionnaire datum
Pull out of the ground
Porcine grunt
Pixar partner
Phrase for a large churchyard
Persia, once
Part of O-O-O
Opposite of 'yeah'
Open, as a seat belt
Old Houston player
Nighttime noise
Mythical goddess of peace
Meteorologists study them
Maternally related
Market closing?
Manning of the NFL
Lewd material
Jamaican music genre
It could be issued from the White House
Indian lutes
In ___ of (replacing)
HRs and TDs, e.g
How some sardines are packed
Hard to believe
Hallucinogenic drug
Had a home-cooked meal
Grab violently
Glued shut again
Genghis or Kubla
French summer
Follower of Richard or 'Rocky'
Flat briefcases
Feudal flunky
Feature of a sled
English Channel city
Dishwashing tool
Did some lopping
Claw on a hawk
Characteristic languages
Certain equine
Cato's eight
Calculator ancestors
Big name in electronics
Base of a number system
Barely make, as a living (with 'out')
Baltimore player
Ave. crossers
'___ you OK?'
'Should I take that as ___?'
'Roots' actor Vereen
'Not sure yet,' on a sched
'Is not,' wrongly
'High Plains Drifter' actress Bloom
'Glengarry ___ Ross'
'And Then There Were ___'

Wine expert's concern
Whooping bird
Where a boat may run aground
When the credits roll
Verb on an invoice
The ___ ('Tommy' band)
Talk radio's '___ in the Morning'
Sure to happen
Steaming mugful or bowlful
Stable fare
Speak harshly of
Sources of ersatz chocolate
Socially inept sort
Sinatra ex Gardner
Shriner's topper
Service entrance locale, often
Sans-serif typeface
Sam with 82 PGA wins
Reprimand to a dog
RAM part
Prefix with body or gravity
Port of Hawaii
Piano student's exercise
Oprah's production company
Open a crack
Occupying a flat, say
Obeys the dentist's request
Nostradamus and others
Nails, as an exam
Mountaineer's challenge
Millrose Games or Penn Relays
Menacing looks
Like a weekend getaway, often
Like '101' courses
Landfill emanation
Ladled fare
Keep from happening
It's east of the Urals
Hooky players
Hindu sage
High on the Mohs scale
Hazmat-monitoring org
Hathaway of 'Get Smart'
Give one's two cents
Full of chutzpah
Floor-cleaning aid
Early stage of life
Diva's problem
Discounted by
Days gone by
Database function
Countesses' equivalents
Costner or Stack role
Consequence of overwork, often
Common or proper word
Closely monitored hosp. area
Chrome, Bing or Firefox
Charley horse consequence
Car on some tourist railroads
Bring on board
BP Amoco merger partner of 2000
Bone-muscle connector
Blank page in an appointment book
Benaderet who voiced Betty Rubble
Being tried, in law
Batmobile rider
Bakery and coffeeshop aromas, e.g
Award won by Matthew Broderick in 2017
Atlas datum
Arrogance, slangily
Area including modern-day France
Appian Way traveler
Anheuser-Busch brews, familiarly
'___ difference!'
'___ #1!'
'Rambo II' rescuees, for short
'Atlas Shrugged' author
'A Visit From St. Nicholas' opener

__ coffee
Word from the Spanish for "let's go"
What Truman celebrated after three+ weeks as C.I.C
What might hold back a dam
What many combs are made of
What Brits call "vanilla slice"
Vitamin D producer
Tried to soften (up)
Through all of history
Three-ingredient sandwich
Teton Pass, e.g
Team with a Conestoga wagon mascot
Spouts in a park, perhaps
Speak to
Run the show
Rings in joints
Renaissance pole weapon
Remarkable rookie
Relocate from the road
Redirect, as a conversation
Product of Navajo dough
Practical __
Pointless statistic
Periodic payee
Perfume mentioned in Genesis
Passing remark
Part of an '80s First Family
Part of a bar code?
Outer layer of some rolls
Oral Pathologist app seller
Opposite of "gorge"
Often-unhappy pedestrian
Not 100%
Negotiation tactic
Name atop the cover of "Women Who Work"
Ministered to
Member of baseball's All-Century Team
Long intro
Leaves home at home
Las Palmas, in L.A
Jeremy, in "Reversal of Fortune"
Island named for Columbus' brother
Held securely
Hard-to-see transparent hazard
Fruit Punch, Grabbin' Grape, etc
Former title for 16 POTUSes
Fearful feeling
Face on "The Cat in the Hat" posters
Dr. King's "evil and dangerous force"
Dominican dance style
Do the twist
Crime writer's award
Certain board member
Bryant's NBC successor
Bent out of shape
Beast on Michigan's flag
At 100% again
Also-ran to "Birdman" for a 2014 Oscar
Ad __
2012 award for 6'4" Tina Charles
1990s "Princess of R&B"
. . . twins, __, lion . .
"Of Mice and Men," for example
"Ex __ bona" (with honest intent)

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