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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 26.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 26.07.2017

__ Baba
Yucky guck
Word with room or center
With perfection
Way to go, per Horace Greeley
Was positive
Understand, in slang
Trivia quiz fodder
Time-traveling TV character
They may need breaking in
Test one's metal
Tennis great Monica
Taiwan Strait vessel
Strauss of denim
Snake warnings
Small IOU
Ski resort vehicles
Sioux City state
Sicilian World Heritage Site
Shrill barks
Setting for much of 'Moana'
Searches for water
Rooter for the Bulldogs
Roman poet exiled by Augustus
Prickly shrub
Pet product also used for tire traction
One of Emeril's New Orleans eateries
New Mexico tribe with a Sun symbol
Muppet who loves this puzzle's four longest answers?
More than dislike
Mekong River land
McGregor of TV's 'Fargo'
Many a Punjabi
Lotion additive
Listen to
Kind of collar or jacket
Iona, for one
Hurls competitive insults
Holey kitchen gadget
Hair salon sound
Greek liqueur
Goes (for)
First name in country music
Final bio
Earl Grey, e.g
Draft category
Doing nothing
Disney's Lucky Rabbit
Darling of baseball
D-Day beach
Conflict with planes
Condition caused by 31-Across, at times
Color TV pioneer
Christmas encouragement
Chevy muscle car
Bro or sis
Bro kin
Blessing preceder
Bikini tops
Bicycle maker turned automotive giant
Bennie's band, in an Elton John hit
Behind the times
Astronaut Armstrong
Asian noodle dish
'__ la France!'
'Woman in the Mists' subject Dian
'Too bad we have to throw out this uneaten food'
'There, there'
'Pygmalion' playwright
'I swear!'
'Golden Boy' playwright

___ metal (1980s music subgenre)
Yellowstone has more than two million of them
Words of acclamation
Witchy woman
Whodunit's essence
Where Dorothy and Toto are from
Washington establishment, so to speak
Vegas numbers game
Typeface similar to Helvetica
Tucked in
Subject for gossips
Stepped heavily (on)
Squeeze moisture from
Some E.R. cases
Shelter rescues, e.g
Secret ___
Second-most-populous nation
Scale unit, in most of the world
S.S.N., e.g
Rolling ___ (wealthy)
Response to 'Knock knock'
Reason to earn a badge
Rambler maker of old, for short
Queen of the Nile, briefly
Pulitzer winner Ferber
Plays for a sap
Play ___ with (do mischief to)
Ore-___ (frozen food brand)
One to whom you might say 'G'day!'
One referred to as 'my hero!'
On its way
Often-buggy software versions
Occupies, as a bird does a tree
Not genuine: Abbr
Need ibuprofen, say
Natalie Portman or Gene Simmons, by birth
Musical partner of Peter and Paul
Mineral plentiful in kale
Many a September birth
Like some testimony and enemies
Like some stock trades, for short
Like all prime numbers but one
Like a merino
KenKen solver's need
Keep under one's thumb
Jack's love in 'Titanic'
In ___ of (replacing)
Hindu on a bed of nails
Handles clumsily
Guy's square dance partner
Go public with
General local weather pattern
Fr. misses
Fire drill objective
Fills with cargo
Eighth-century conquerors of Iberia
Drop in on
Cut, as with a letter opener
Components of some batteries
Can't stomach
Camera type, in brief
British pol Farage
Black-tie affair
Biden's successor as V.P
Ballpark fig
Align the cross hairs on
2006 Supreme Court appointee
'Yvonne …'
'The deadline has arrived'
'Sadie …'
'Luke …'
'Ken …'
'Esther …'
'Common Sense' pamphleteer
'Chicago' simpleton ___ Hart

Wild guesses
Walk all over
Tsp. or gal
Tools for duels
Throw wildly
They're high among highbrows
They were driven to work
They go with the flow
Supporters' calls
Stressful endeavors
Spirit of nature
Space bar neighbor
Some hosp. staffers
Singer Grande
Senator in space, in 1985
Seething state
Secy., e.g
Remorseful person, at times
Relocation aid, and a description of its progress through this puzzle
Relaxing retreat
Pump, e.g
Psychic power, briefly
Onetime colleague of Randy and Simon
Old Testament prophet
Not straight
Menlo Park middle name
Med. sch. subject
March time?
LeBron's birthplace
Lacquer layers
Know somehow
Kitchen add-on?
Joule fractions
It might generate some interest
Inscrutable sort
Initial cost
Icicle bearers
Hiccup cure, supposedly
Have control over
Grassy tracts
Good source of fiber and vitamin A
Good looker?
Filling stations?
Feel bad about
Extremely low turnout
Eligible for a master class
Eel eggs
Devil ray
Destructive crime
Crowning point
Cowardly Lion's lack
Classic cinema
Bygone hoops grp
Bookstore section
Blue dye
Bergen's Mortimer
All there
Agile aquatic animal
Ace's objective
3-D test
'Zip it!'
'Your Body Is a Wonderland' singer John
'I smell ___!'
'Crocodile Hunter' Steve
'Be that as ___…'

Word with 'water' or 'ring'
Wild, as an animal
Vertebrate unit
Vaporized sort?
Uses high-tech surgery beams
They're fleeced without shears
Strong, fine-textured cotton fabric
Sterilized sheet material?
State flower of Tennessee
Soft baby food
Social outcast
Senegal's capital
Scottish girl
Romanian currency
River in Nebraska
Providers of time-outs, briefly
Provided by mouth
Provide a makeup exam for
Prefix meaning 'new'
Plane divider
Pigeon sound
Part of NASCAR
Ownership document
Obviously ashamed
Not tall
Narrow mountain ridge
Muslim title for some bigwigs
Moved like goo?
Mexican coins
Long shooter
Less-than-full amounts for containers
Legendary first name in jazz
Last letters
Lap dog, for short
La Scala solo
Keogh kin, in savings
Joint tenants?
Japanese and Chinese, e.g
Insect aardvarks love
High IQ group
Heavy fishhooks
Have some 21-Across
Hacked ATMs on dairy farms?
Graded, as school papers
Go shade
From a distance
Friend of Aunt Bee in Mayberry
Feeling of comfort
Father on a farm
Emerald Isle by another name
Elevator innovator's first name
Director Preminger
De-wrinkle clothes
Canadian couple?
Business abbr
Bruce or Brenda
Browns via the sun
Breakfast staple
Boise's st
Bert's sister of literature
Bearing weapons
Backyard building
B vitamin type
Alternative to .com or .net
Actress Arthur and others
2-Down's last name
1998 De Niro film
'Ready when you ___!'
'Mama' Cass
'Do what I say, ___!'

Word that can follow the first parts of 17- and 58-Across and 11- and 33-Down
Word before vid or lit
Voting ___ (Amendment XXVI concern)
Venomous snake with zigzag markings
Unmannerly sorts
Tobacco wads
Toadies' answers
Tiny tunneler
Those guys
Thomas Jefferson, in 'Jefferson in Paris'
They may say 'I'm With Stupid'
They may be in 11-Down
Tater ___ (frozen food item)
Talent show segments
Sweetie pie
Subjects of many tabloid articles
Start of a Clement Moore Christmas poem
Stand-up comic ___ C.K
Sputnik launcher, briefly
Sprinkle from Tinkerbell
Spots Photoshopped out of school photos
Site that sells knitted hats
Sidelines Gatorade server
Seam contents
Script bits
Scarfed down
Rind-removing utensil
Revival shout
Reaches a coda, say
Q1 mobile phone maker
Put off, as a motion
Pub pint
Player of the 28-Across in 'Jefferson in Paris'
Piglike in behavior
Pickle serving
Pair that reaches the lower calves
One of 78 in front of you
One may graduate with them
North Atlantic catch
Net judge's call
Neighbors of coffee tables
More draconian
Mid-December to early January, in college football
Microwave component
Mattel game based on Crazy Eights
Luau finger food
Like a cheap speaker's sound
Itching, so to speak
Head-covering sweatshirt
Has an outstanding tab
Good to go
Glare reducer
Gives the heave-ho to
Give a keynote, say
Fork-tailed shorebird
For face value, as a stock
Foes of the Minutemen
Flows back
Dubai-based airline
Down-filled purchase
Celebrity's go-between
Catamaran's canvas
Carousel figures
Car radio button
Call in a waiting room
Cafe au ___
Cabinet dept. launched under LBJ
Bolshevik bigwig
BOGOF part
Beyond tipsy
Amos with the hit album 'Boys for Pele'
All steamed up
1969 Miracle Mets series win, e.g
'___-Raq' (Spike Lee movie)
'World of Warcraft' beast
'Without question'
'Wall Street' extras
'There's more . . .'

Wristwatch faces
Words from the sponsor
Wall St. debut
Verb forms
Urban thoroughfare: Abbr
UFO crew
Took place
Tip of a shoe
Thick with vegetation
Thick chunk
Strings of pearls, e.g
Stereo records, for short
Steer clear of
Small songbird
Small fly
Slippery fish
Show false, as a rumor
Shout of surprise
Secure again, as a shoelace
Retreating, as a troop
Reach an agreement
Ran in neutral
Pt. opposite NNW
Prepare to propose, perhaps
Prefix for final
Pool hall game
Picnic invader
Perfect world
Passes along
Org. with launching pads
Oolong or Earl Grey
Not far from
Narrow shelves
Move furtively
Metric weight
Lowered in esteem
Licorice flavoring
Large quantities
Inventor Morse
In the manner of
Honking fliers
Hollywood release
Hole for a shoelace
Helps to a seat, slangily
Heart chart, for short
Hang on to
Gullible accomplice
Greet the day
Glacier's composition
Fruit eater in Eden
Feelings of hunger
Explosive initials
Ending for nectar
Element #5
Desire to scratch
Corporate symbol
Ceasing action, as a troop
Butchers' wares
Burst of energy
Bard's "before"
Air pressure meas
Advancing, as a troop
"I'm finished!"
"Don't go yet!"

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