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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 26.04.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 26.04.2017

Word with Iron or Bronze
Waimea Bay island
Vote for
Tropical porch
Title Tejano singer in a 1997 biopic
Tibetan spiritual adviser
These, in Nantes
Sulky state
Stocking thread
Starbucks' mermaid, e.g
Sparkly crown
Small bite
Skyscraper girder
Sense of taste
Secure at the pier
Roll out the red carpet for
Roadside respite spot
Related on mom's side
Reduce drastically
Ratio phrase
Provide missing info … and what four clues do to their answers
Potato part
Piece maker?
Pachelbel work
Ocean bed?
Neatniks' opposites
Like horses
L.A.'s region
John Williams won its 2016 Life Achievement Award: Abbr
Jessica of 'Fantastic Four' films
It may be passed
Hit the slopes
Hi-__ image
Ham it up
Golf ball material
Fridge feature that needs water
Fit for a queen
First sound of the day, for many
Explosive experiment
Equinox mo
Enter on a laptop
Ed.'s backlog
Dept. that oversees the FDA
Cockpit abbr
Climb, in a way
Caustic cleaners
Busy, busy, busy
Burnett of CNN
Building leveler, to a Brit
Broadway backer
Boxing stats
Bobby on the ice
Bird feeder food
Bergman's 'Gaslight' co-star
Baltimore Ravens mascot named for an author
Badger from the bleachers
Author Asimov
Attendant who invites Hamlet to duel Laertes
Anvil-shaped ear bone
Año Nuevo month
ACTIVE NATURALS skin care brand
'Stillmatic' rapper
'Psst!' kin
'It's __!': 'They tricked us!'
'I wanna go too!'
'Citizen Kane' studio – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Apr-26-2017#sthash.AatGgV79.dpuf

___ squash
___ Domini
West Point team
Way out
Warning letters next to a link
U.S. president who becomes the president of future Earth on 'Futurama'
Tourist transports in Venice
Take a shot
Taj Mahal feature
Subject of some 'management' courses
Sound that might be heard in a 16-Across
Sister chain of Marshalls
Shot blocker?
Second-largest Arabic-speaking city after Cairo
Sch. in Tulsa
River along which 56-Across is located
Relative of a tangelo
Quack medicine offering
Put one's foot down
Proactiv target
Prime theater location
Police alert, for short
Poetry competitions
Part of GPS: Abbr
Oodles of
On the briny
Manhattan neighborhood next to the East Village
Making it big
Lines of a plane
Like some humor or spells
Light blue
It's on one side of the Urals
It's for the birds
Hostility, in British slang
Hockey legend Bobby
High-end shampoo brand
Had in mind
Grenache, for one
General reply?
Fifth-century invaders of England
Extinct relative of the kiwi
Drink brand with a polar bear symbol
Dormmate, e.g
Discovery of Wilhelm Roentgen, which earned him the first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901
Degree of expertise in martial arts
Cuneiform discovery site
Culmination of a challenging H.S. course
Collar attachment
Coastal indentation
City 20 miles NW of 27-Down
Candy often used in science fair volcanoes
California city whose name is Spanish for 'ash tree'
Brewers' fermenting agents
Brand in the pet food aisle
BP rival
Big name in vacuum cleaners
Beer brand whose logo hints at the answers to 17-, 19-, 38-, 43- and 61-Across
Bearskins, maybe
Average guy
Artist Jean who pioneered in Dadaism
'Your mileage may ___'
'The Times They Are a-Changin" songwriter
'So what?'
'Sanford and Son' star of 1970s TV
'It's a date!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Apr-26-2017#sthash.8503XUU5.dpuf

Yosemite photographer Adams
Warn a weaver, perhaps
Venus to Serena, e.g
Unpaid debt
Touch down
Throw on the bed?
Subject for those who know all the angles
Stuff in a pack labeled 'Do Not Eat'
Stole stuff
Slip up
Six-time All-Star Bautista
Sheaf components
Shake, in a way
Semicircular letter
Seabiscuit's grandsire
Queen's disguise in 'Snow White'
Qualified to serve
Prince Albert's location, jocularly
Predeal payment
Post office?
Post masters?
Post man?
Post codes?
Post boxes?
Play policers
Place for slam dancing
Operating system for many Internet servers
Nascar driver Yarborough
Michael Jackson boast of 1987
Metrical feet
Methuselah's grandson
Lofty verse
Like Liam Neeson's character in 'Taken'
Light of 'Transparent'
It flows through Hera's veins
Hillside near a loch
Hilarious fellow
Hard wear?
Group of stables
Goofy picture, perhaps
Golf legend Sam
GoLean brand
Getaway spot
Garfield's favorite food
Foil's kin
Flying Cloud Brougham maker
Flashers in clubs
Filing target
Fat cat
Dowdy dresser
Copacabana setting
Carob containers
Cameo shape
Broke apart, as a glacier
Brand with a 2017 dunk challenge
Blackpool bloke
Basic skateboarding trick
Attorney general before Ashcroft
1986 GE acquisition
(a + b)/2 x h, for a trapezoid
'Will do!'
'Vissi d'arte' singer
'Toy Story' piggy bank voiced by John Ratzenberger
'This is awesooooome!'
'That's impossible!'
'No biggie!'
'Just play it cool'
'Hot in Herre' rapper
'Fifty Shades of Grey' heroine
'Awesome!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Apr-26-2017—Special-Delivery#sthash.ehhViPbV.dpuf

Word with 'bar' or 'season'
Wheel-ratchet engager
Wading bird
Use it for sticking together?
Unit of force
Understood, as a punch line
Type of duck
Turn left instead of right
Tournament advantage
Tim of 'Last Man Standing'
The planets, collectively
Short comedy sketch
Rooty luau staple
Romanian currency
Pup's loud, harsh cry
Pt. of NYPD
Prepares for printing, as books
Please greatly
Pepper with fire from above
Payment for the finder?
Onetime capital of Japan
One thing a bed provides
Nosy one
Narrow-sleeved robes for priests
Muse who inspires poets
Most impulsive
Mentally all there
Map of a subdivision of land
Make a beeline
M16, for one
Like land so dry it's cracked
Legal hearing
Latin list-shortening abbr
Jason's fictional ship
In less danger
Home atop a redwood, e.g
Highest-quality rating
Hangs open
Golfer's gadget
Goal of some wannabe starlets
Give one's approval to
Fungus that attacks grains
Freeze out
Former Cutlass maker
Exceeding what is appropriate, as pressure
Edamame beans, e.g
Double-negative taboo
Defeat a knot
Daniel the woodsman
Cuzco people
Cuddly Australian creature
Common business expenses
Color of sadness
City in Uttar Pradesh, India
Characterized by healthy vigor
Category of creative work
Busy crawling insects
Bustles and commotions
Bubble bath ingredient
Brushed things
Boxing champion's prize
Bit of Morse code
Beer type
Beat to the finish line
Baseball legend Willie
Bar requirements
Auto dash info
Attachment for 'home' or 'film'
Allowing no returns, in tennis
Airplane tip
'Rules ___ rules'
'May I have your attention' sound – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Apr-26-2017#sthash.fAPP5gya.dpuf

___ box (TV)
Wyatt of Tombstone
With 4-Down, 'Little Fockers' actress
Wise old ones
Wins in a laugher
Tribute in verse
Thorns in one's side
Thomas who skewered Boss Tweed
They're taken by partisans
They're cracked by crooks
Tend to a rip, perhaps
Sushi bar selection
Solidarity co-founder Lech
Sites for rites
Shrimpers' gear
See 38-Across
Samaritan's offering
Salty part of a margarita glass
Rolls with holes
Refrain from embraces?
Reason for an R rating
Ranked tourney entrant
Prohibiting a kids' card game?
Presidents Tyler and Taylor, for two
Point of a crescent moon
Played for a patsy
Place to indulge oneself
Peter who played Mr. Moto
Paintball sound
Orchard unit
Operating system in many servers
Often-buggy software release
Oct. 31 handout
Obedience school command
Nearly extinct
Nash who rhymed 'Bronx' with 'thonx'
Mowgli's habitat
Mireille of 'The Catch'
Longoria of 'Desperate Housewives'
Long-eared pack animal
Like the texture of cornbread
Lifeboat implement
Leave lettuce off the shopping list?
Jazz player's jargon
In spite of, for short
In push-up position
Having no interest in money?
Hauls in for booking
Hardly 6-Down
Greatly impressed
Face-to-face exam
Eyre's creator
Exchange students' documents
D.C. baseballers
Conveyance for two skiers
Compose, as music
Component of synthetic rubber
Colonial-era hairpiece
Cocky racer of fable
Card game that sounds like an Egyptian ruler
Biblical boatman
Back in the day
Babysitters' handfuls
Avoid a collision, perhaps
At first glance
An ex of Frank Sinatra
1960 No. 1 hit heard in 'American Graffiti'
'Three Coins' fountain
'Sweet' river in a Burns poem
'Oh, of course!'
'Glad to hear it!'
'Crunched' muscles, briefly
'Conan' channel
'Cast of thousands' member – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Apr-26-2017#sthash.bWpJwfPo.dpuf

__ of the above
__ Island (Brooklyn neighborhood)
Without delay, in a note
Was in first place
Topped with froth
Tooth covering
Tire in the trunk
Tinker Bell, for one
Thorny plant
The Vikings
Tenant-owned apartment
Taper off
Take wing
T. Rex, for short
Subsidiary office
Steal from
Sounding dissatisfied
Sound from a sty
Smoothing tools
Slow run
Slight chill in the air
Signs of the future
San Antonio landmark
Roll call response
Reason for extra innings
Publicity hype
Prodded with an elbow
Posh residence
Portion of corn
Perform perfectly
Perform on stage
Pay for
Part of NPR
OR workers
Old Testament queen
Off the leash
Mrs. Zeus
More mature
Medicine testing agcy
Make amends
Love, in France
Less tanned
Largest Greek island
Jimmy's successor
In addition
Half-rectangle shape
Green or yellow fruit
Go on a spree
General's employer
Gallery display
Frequently, in poetry
Fit to consume
Finance deg
Family room
Excessive enthusiasm
End of Horner's boast
Derisive shout
Dealt with adversity
Daredevil's credo
Cozy corner
Concert extra
College teacher nickname
Chowed down
Captivated by
Brief office note
Bodybuilder's slogan
Be nosy
Aye's opposite
Astronaut Shepard
Allow entrance to
Acid neutralizer
'70s music
"We can excuse that mistake"
"How about that!"
"Busy" bug

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