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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 26.03.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 26.03.2017

__City: computer game
__ Strip
Wrote to, nowadays
World Court site, with 'The'
Work well together
Word homophonically hidden in the eight longest puzzle answers
Wet floor
Washroom item
Wash. neighbor
Vacation spot
Up-and-down inventor?
U.N. workers' gp
Two-time Argentine president
Trucks with ovine logos
Tot's toes
Titanic undertaking
Theater option
Texas Revolution battle site
Tanzanian flowering plant
Tammany Hall Tiger artist
Symbolic warning
Sword handle
Sure thing
Suffix with stamp
St.'s second-in-command
Smallish iPods
Sloppy kiss
Skin-treatment plant
Semester, e.g
Scrape in the sandbox
Sam Spade type
River to Chesapeake Bay
Rise in a big way
Riles up
Refines one's aim
Reduce in importance
Really gets to
R&B singer Gray
Putted into the hole
Puccini heroine
Pouilly-__: wine
Poet's adverb
Plush carpet
Playground dispute words
Piglike rhino relative
Pfizer-owned trademark
Pasta ending
Part of NYSE: Abbr
Parrot's cry
Order to swabs
One crying foul?
Oater actor Jack
NYSE trader
Not yet interlaced, as yarn
Nine months, for some tots
Native of Nigeria
Mine, to Mimi
Metal marble
Medicare Rx section
Med. man of '70s TV
Many a side dish
Lycée student
Lunchbox staples, initially
Low-tech travel guide
Low in pitch
Look up to
Longfellow's bell town
Long John Silver creator's monogram
Little bits
Like some bad weather
Like some ancient Celts
Language of many mottos
Lamb pen name
King of pop
James' creator
Irish truck
Investment descriptor that should sound alarms
Industry leaders
Indian musician who influenced Beatle George
Homework shirker's punishment
Hollywood adaptation
Hold fast, as one's attention
Hitting the roof
Hieroglyphics bird
Harsh treatment, with 'the'
Hardly fleeting
Half a fly
Get behind, as a desk
For instance
First name in legal fiction
Final __
Field: Pref
Field unit
Explorer Ericson
Exaggerated on stage
Epidemic-fighting agcy
Enters again
Entered on tiptoe
Emotion indicator, often
DVD predecessor
Donizetti opera 'L'elisir __' ('The Elixir of Love')
Dessert square
Dance runner
Cru output
Cold fall
Classic muscle cars
City NNW of San Diego
Childless couple's acronym
Cause of a close shave
Casual tops
Capital south of Helsinki
Better, as gossip
Belief sys
Beat but good
Base lines
All-page link
Actor Stephen
Acknowledge applause
A metro area may be shown in one
2015 World Series winning manager Ned
1992 Kentucky Derby winner
'60s protest org
'__ Fideles'
'You can't fool me!'
'West Side Story' girl
'Lou Grant' star
'If I Were a Rich Man' singer
'I'll take what I can get,' in classifieds
'Eli's Coming' songwriter – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Mar-26-2017#sthash.HEyBh7FW.dpuf

___ milk
___ Bowl
Zen master's query
Wrestler's wear
World capital whose seal depicts St. Hallvard
Words of defiance
Word both before and after 'to'
Wild Turkey and Jim Beam
What may be brewing
Vitamix competitor
Title creature in a 1958 #1 Sheb Wooley hit
Téa of 'Madam Secretary'
Target protector, perhaps
Stammered syllables
South American prairie
Song of mourning
Slapstick sidekick of old comedy
Sign of decay
Shoulder muscle
Shipping coolant
Shelley's 'To the Moon,' e.g
Shade of gray
Rushes on banks?
Rihanna album featuring 'Work'
Rice-Eccles Stadium player
Retriever's retrieval, maybe
Rank between viscount and marquess
Pull out
Pull (in)
Practice mixology
Pour, as wine
Possible subject of a French scandal
Point out
Planter's aid
Philosopher who wrote 'To be sane in a world of madmen is in itself madness'
Pennsylvania's 'Gem City'
Parisian palace
P.D. dispatch
Org. that usually meets in evenings
Opera highlight
Onetime acquisition of G.E
One side in golf's Ryder Cup
One of the geeks on 'The Big Bang Theory'
Noodle dish
Movie review revelations
Monastery head's jurisdiction
Missile Command maker
Military decorations featuring George Washington's profile
Medicinal plant
Mauna ___
Matches, at a table
Martin Van Buren was the first president who wasn't one
Martial arts move
Lyre-plucking Muse
Little Rascals' ring-eyed pooch
Lindsay of 'Freaky Friday'
Letter header
Juice brand whose middle letter is represented as a heart
Jolly Roger, in 'Peter Pan'
James of NBC's 'The Blacklist'
Its state song is 'Yankee Doodle': Abbr
It's between the Study and Lounge on a Clue board
It's a wrap
It might give you a shock
It may carry a virus
Interstate hauler
Indian city whose name is an anagram of some Indian music
Image on the back of a dollar bill
I.M. chuckle
Howard of Hollywood
Hit pay dirt
Hearty soups
Hathaway of 'The Intern'
Harem servants, often
GPS, e.g., in military lingo
Get ready for a long drive
German article
Gaggle : geese :: ___ : emus
Fruit tree
French for 'sword'
Former Big Apple mayor Giuliani
First and last word of the Musketeers' motto
Filmer in a stadium
Figure skating jump
Feudal lords
False start?
European language
Epstein-___ virus
Easy-to-peel fruit
Dystopian film of 1971
Director Kurosawa
Difficult conditions for sailing
Delta hub, in brief
Degree in math?
Costume worn by Michelle Pfeiffer in 'Batman Returns'
Control groups
Comic's asset
Civil rights icon John
City with a University of Texas campus
Captain of the Pequod
Cameo, for one
Cabbage variety
Burned rubber
Buick model
Bridge position
Bowls over
Bona fide
Biggest employer in Moline, Ill
Big, husky sorts
Big name in ice cream
Big airport inits
Bandleader Eubanks, familiarly
B-side of Bruce Springsteen's 'Dancing in the Dark'
Animal with striped legs
Actress Peet
Actor Reeves
1973 #1 hit for Jim Croce
1970s TV cartoon series, with 'The'
1953 hit film set in Wyoming
'Who ___ you?'
'The Wealth of Nations' subj
'Revelations' choreographer
'Rabbit Is Rich' Pulitzer winner
'Idaho cakes,' in diner lingo
'Hmm … probably not' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Mar-26-2017#sthash.JOWwiTXW.dpuf

___ wave (trigonometry phrase)
Word with 'happy' or 'man'
Word that comes before or after 'where'
What soap and water make
Weighed down
Way through a fence
Walking out the door
Type of doll
Top shelf
This puzzle's obvious theme
The mother of invention
Tequila ingredient
Tears inelegantly
Tastes truffles
Squirrel's miniature snack
Some Italian sports cars
Skirt folds
Short pastoral poem (var.)
Sharp as a tack
Rug type
Roof type
Response to a minor mistake
Ranch unit
Punishment of biblical proportions
Present occasions
Prefix with 'modern' or 'sound'
Photographer's collection
One spiking the punch
On the calmer side of the ship
Not yet docked
Not straight up
Not diluted
Nicole Smith or Wintour
Mountain nymph of Greek mythology
More certain
Mendes or Peron
LP and arm protectors
Isaac's boy
In neither a solid nor liquid state
Imogene of old comedy
Imitated by a zoo animal?
Humble request
Greek cheeses
From or to a great distance
Florida key
Eliot the crime-buster
Dundee native
Dress for Indira Gandhi
Drawn tightly
Do something grammatical
Dermatologist's diagnosis, sometimes
Country road
Common pet
Common party beverages
Common listening device?
Ceased living
Candles-on-a-cake indication
Broccoli unit
Bring great joy to
Bottom supporter?
Bit of editing marginalia, sometimes
Belonging to me and my twin
Beginning phase
Bags at shopping malls
ATM maker
Arborist's souvenirs?
Angler's gadget
An arborist who doesn't drink is called a ..
An arborist delights British guests with a fancy 4:00 ..
Adjust in advance
13-19 year-old arborists?
'What'll ya ___?' (barkeeper's question)
'Darn it!'
'… heard him exclaim, ___ he drove …' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-26-2017#sthash.481wwayi.dpuf

___ Peninsula (Albania's locale)
Welles role based on Hearst
Video-on-demand service
Undiluted, at the bar
Titled Turks, once
Thruway charge
The Bard's theatre
Super Mario ___
Steam locomotive feature
StarKist's Charlie, for one
Soft shot, in tennis
Slovene or Slovak
Slam dunk, O'Neal-style
Sites of many sprains
Simple Lionel train layout
Sign over a theater door
Schedule opening
Sal of 'Exodus'
React to a haymaker
Range below soprano
Pumpkin pie spice
Prince William's alma mater
Priest with a prayer wheel
Poseidon's realm
Plumber's unclogger
Playbill listing
Place for a Radio Shack adapter, maybe
Peanut covering
Part of a wind-up watch
Page of 'Juno'
New England catch
Mount St. Helens outflow
Mount in the Cascades
Mosque leader
Mortise mate
Model builders' buys
Made the scene
Lyndon Johnson, by birth
LGBT rights org
LBJ's younger daughter
Land on Hispaniola
John of 'The Addams Family'
Iroquois Confederacy nation
Hunter's garb, for short
Hayworth of 'Gilda'
Hatcher of 'Lois & Clark'
Guitar great Atkins
Gladiators' workplaces
Fashion designer Bill
Early Beatle Sutcliffe
DVD remote button
Dorothy Gale's state
Dad's bro
Cuzco dweller of old
Courtroom drama with Susan Dey
Coffee-and-chocolate drink
Cedar Rapids school
Call to a waiting line
Calgary's prov
Brighton 'Bye!'
Brickyard 400, e.g
Bills depicting Jefferson
Biblical 'keeper of sheep'
Ben Gurion carrier
Baseball's 'Charlie Hustle'
Baseball catcher's stance
Arachnids found in dust
Apple desktop introduced in 1998
Any of the buttocks muscles, for short
American in Ajijic, Mexico, e.g
Adult male gorilla
100 kopecks
'Water Lilies' painter Claude
'So be it!'
'Peter Pan' dog
'Fanny' novelist Jong – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Mar-26-2017#sthash.DiQnbgxi.dpuf

__ Thai (rice-noodle dish)
__ Paulo
Young whale
Year in France
Wine and dine
Wild tale
Wife of Jacob
Where websites live
Where some socks reach
What Aretha spells in song
Wears a long face
Way of thinking
Water slide
Was concerned
Violinist's accessory
Very thin
Valhalla VIP
Upward path
Underhanded plan
TV host Seacrest
Tuber, so to speak
Town near Santa Fe
Tissue descriptor
Thing in a ring
Theatre tier
Teeming (with)
Teeming (with)
Talks big
Studio stands
Stubborn dirt
Stood up
Spherical strikers
Speaks (up)
Sound from the sky
Solving aid
Smart remarks
Small eatery
Small canyon
Slalom garb
Skip, as a syllable
Skating champ at Nagano
Sing like Bennett
Showy neckwear
Seek info
Secluded sanctuary
Sam, e.g
Sailed through
Rooster toppers
Road grooves
Response to a sting
Put back to work
Potato parcels
Popped up
Places to vote
Place to vote
People in general
People in general
Peas in __
Peak of perfection
Paul Revere profession
Parking attendant
One on the force
Not much time
Northwestern capital
Noisy bug
Need renewal
Navigator's reference
Nastase of tennis
Narrow escape
Mr. Pig
Model train component
Member of the plum family
Marketing data
Market subsegment
Less refined
Laundry appliance
Land between hills
Lab liquids
Keep hidden
Justice O'Connor successor
Jargon suffix
Internet avoider, quite possibly
Highlighters, for example
Heels of loaves
Half of MCCC
Gridiron guards
Gravy ingredient
Govt. agents
GI truants
German entrée
Frigidaire rival
Footnote notation
Fashion mag
Express contempt
Explanation introducer
Emphatic turndown
Driving forces
Deep red
Debt documents
County bordering Galway
Corporate colleague of Budget
Composer Porter
Close kin to broccoli
Certain Scandinavian
Ceremonial hosts
Canvas quarters
Cabinet department
Bus ancestor
Blunted blades
Blake of jazz fame
Bills, catalogs, etc
Benevolent spirit
Barrel of laughs
Bandleader's cue
Aunt of Bart Simpson
Apportioned fairly
Alternatives to Marriotts
82 Across' land
41 Down collection
"The Metamorphosis" author
"That is . . ."
"Street" rep
"Jeopardy!" rarity
"Ben-__" (Heston film)

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