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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 26.02.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 26.02.2017

__ Lama
__ Fit: video exercise game
Zeroes in on
Worldwide workers' gp
Words written with an index?
Words after do or before you
With room to spare
Wistful word
When tripled, a story shortener
Webby Award candidate
Water__: dental brand
University town near Bangor
Unenthusiastic about, with 'for'
Trendy tots' footwear?
Tournament-changing scores?
Tipsy tour members?
They may be wild
Taylor of 'Six Feet Under'
Stunning instruments
Strict control
Starting point
Stake-driving tools
Snacks Batman can't have?
Sit in a cellar, say
Singer Della
Signal receiver
Scholastic meas
Rural structure
Royal order
Rough patch
Really cold
Reacts to, as a dog does the moon
Puts one over on
Publication sales fig
Provider of cues
Protective tops for cattle drivers?
Protective film
Primary course
Phillips of 'I, Claudius'
Penetrating winds
Pay attention
Passes in a blur
Party bowlful
Par-four rarity
OutKast and others
Opposite of belt
One may be responsible for rain
Off the premises
Object of adoration
Novel conclusion
Noodle sometimes served with a dipping sauce
New York governor Andrew
Netman Nastase
Musical shortcoming
Mouthy retort
More than apologize
Modernists, informally
Minnesota lake
Many a March birth
Made a mess of
Longtime photo lab supplier
Late-'60s Maryland governor
Kibbles 'n Bits shelfmate
It's near the humerus
It sells in advertising
Isn't serious
Is inclined
In step with the times
In a laid-back manner
Illegal laundering operation, say
Ill-gotten gains
HVAC measure
How Steak Diane is traditionally served
Heat rub target
Has to repeat, maybe
Hardly thrilling
Hard wear
Hard to keep up?
Green Hornet sidekick
Govt.-issued aid
Get in on the deal
Gaucho's turf
Gambler's concern
Folk first name
Flower child?
First Nations tribe
Extended time off, briefly
Ermine cousin
Emphatic assent, in Sonora
Elegant cafés
Elaborate ruse
Earlier offense
Driver's starting point
Doctor Zhivago
Diploma word
Deep-fried appetizers
Couture monthly
Coptic Museum city
Cookware brand
Contingency funds
Complimentary hotel apparel?
Coastal South American capital
Co-star of Keanu in 'The Whole Truth'
Cliff dwelling
Citation Mustangs, e.g
Chef's supply
Changed-my-mind key
Catch a bug, say
Capital of Yemen
Came down
Call for
Brilliant display
Brief concession
Bouquet __
Bill add-on
Bakery products made with white chocolate?
Author Robert __ Butler
Audibly jarred
Apart from this
Angora and alpaca
Amassed, with 'in'
'What nonsense!'
'The Picasso of our profession,' to Seinfeld
'The Gondoliers' bride
'The Blacklist' network
'Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang' rapper
'No doubt'
'How relaxing!'
'Good job!'
'Don't care what they do'
'Dog Whisperer' Millan
'Check out those platters of candy and fudge!'? – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Feb-26-2017#sthash.EJU4vTQM.dpuf

___ relief
___ Palmer ('Twin Peaks' victim)
Yazidis, e.g
Words before a punch line
Word before 'Ooh, didn't mean to make you cry' in Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'
With 41-Down, first tennis player to win two Olympic singles gold medals
Wild revelry
What many 100-Across do in the spring
Weapon usually fired between a 45° and 90° angle
Way overcooked
Unfaithful sorts
Turn-___ (thrills)
Tray of brownies, e.g
Trader ___
Throw in
They're pumped to compete in a race
Take back, in a way
Subject of a tinfoil hat theory
Stories from bankruptcy court?
Stop seeing each other
Some scans, for short
So-ugly-it's-cute pooch
So, so awful, with 'the'
Skin art, informally
Singer Simone
Set adrift
See 98-Across
See 4-Down
Sea creatures with remarkably high I.Q.s
San ___, Argentina
Roasting place
Really comes down
Rapper with the most-viewed YouTube video of all time
Put up stakes
Professor's goal, one day
Potent sushi bar cocktail
Post-run feeling
Poet/musician ___ Scott-Heron
Place for a sponge
Pill bottle info
Philosopher who said 'The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion'
Peak physical condition
P.M. after Churchill
Orange-and-white Pixar title character
One-named singer once married to Xavier Cugat
One who can't learn new tricks, they say
One side in a pool game
Net letters
Negative Nancy?
National Aviation Hall of Fame city
NASA's ___ Research Center
Muslim official
Moving line on a tree trunk
Marvel role for Chris Hemsworth
Made a declaration
Little bit
Like original Buddy Holly and the Crickets recordings
Lifesaving team
Letters on some lotion
Letter feature
Less stormy
Land between hills, poetically
Jacobin revolutionary who was stabbed in a bathtub
It's a deal
Instrument for Louis Armstrong
I, personally
High-waisted, shamelessly unfashionable garment
Grammy category
Goes up
God: It
Go wherever
Go in (for)
Go all in
Gets back on base
French region around Strasbourg
Former tribe in western New York
Flower named for a Swedish botanist
Fast-food sandwich not available in Muslim countries
Fashionable enough for a runway model?
Drawer, say
Doctors' orders
Detergent brand with a fabric in its name
Dependent on chance
Den mother
Crown insets
Country singer Black
Congo red and gentian violet
Coffee brewing style
Christian school in Okla
Chief concern
Character resembling a hat
Certain earring
Celebration after a coup?
CD or DVD follower
By voice
Brother with a cross
Broadway's Eugene ___ Theater
Box on a mall map
Beast in rare 'sightings'
Be too broke to take the bus?
Baseball league for the Salt Lake Bees
Assault involving a hatchet?
Annoying sort
Andean gold
All done up, as hair
Against the jet stream
Actor Curry
Abbr. on a pay stub
A bit crude
4:00 p.m., maybe
2% alternative
1982 Dustin Hoffman film
'___ is life'
'Yeah, let's do it!'
'Well, look at that!'
'We're on!'
'The king really wants to be around people right now'?
'Stop insisting Ra doesn't exist!'?
'And that's it!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Feb-26-2017#sthash.0c0VcCRY.dpuf

___ du Flambeau, Wisconsin
Writer Jules
Whispered attention-getter
What affectionate taters share?
What a ratfink dead fish might do?
Wear for some with superpowers
Voice recorder's human alternative
Velvet finish?
Upper regions of space, poetically
Topline, as a movie
Things on some timelines
They're open for conversations
The Smithsonian is one (Abbr.)
The loneliest number
Tattoo place
Spanish or Bermuda vegetable
Some noblemen
Software makers
Smoldering tar, e.g
Ship's lower hull
Secondary occupation
School liaison grp
Rug buyer's calculation
Ranked very highly
Raise trivial objections
Put a rut in a rug
Powerball game
Polish city
Paving block
Part of any folk dance
Pamplona's place
P.A. announcer's problem
Original school board?
Opposed, 'Beverly Hillbillies'-style
One part of a flight
Not needing to be institutionalized
Nanjing nursemaid
Miller ___ beer
Low class spirits?
Joss house figurine
Its head can be changed when dirty
It meant nothing to Nero
It may be framed
Island not far from Java
In ___ of (replacing)
House in 32-Down
Holy water-sprinkling rite
Hammer god
Grinds to a halt
Gives weapons to
Genesis paradise
Geeky, bookish sort
Full of excitement
Former Attorney General Janet
Fictional manor near Twelve Oaks
Fancy show break
Fail to get the most out of something
Ejected from the payroll
Dr. Pavlov
Determine by logic
Dance, in old-school slang
Core substances
Connery movie (with 'The')
Christian of TV and film
Certain bridge positions
Cause of inflation?
Buyer's need
Bring forth, as memories
Authorized vendor
'___ to mention …'
'___ down the hatches!'
'The Night Before Christmas' phrase after it became a hit?
'… so shall ye ___' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-26-2017#sthash.c5JZiGP0.dpuf

___ Spring (2010s movement)
___ Lemon ('30 Rock' role)
___ broche (skewered)
___ Basin (coal-rich German region)
Yodeler's comeback
Where Gilligan was stranded
Web-crawling software, e.g
TV host who went 'Jaywalking'
Trite jokes
Treater's words
Top of the line
Tijuana's peninsula, briefly
The Emerald Isle, to poets
Thaw in the Cold War
Testarossa automaker
Street lingo
Sport with clay targets
Sit-ups in a set, say
Sidekick who rode Scout
Samms of 'Dynasty'
Response to 'Are you hurt?'
Problem for Pauline
Prefix with knock or lock
Pre-deal chip
Part of many a Bic pen
Part of a Yankee's skeleton?
One per customer, say
New Ager from County Donegal
Mottled, as a horse
Memorial Day weekend race, informally
Mayberry's Gomer or Goober
Maker of Duplo blocks
Make peevish
Make an appearance
Linzer or Sacher follower
Like frittatas and quiches
Like a pool table surface, ideally
Letter-shaped girder
LAX or ORD fig
Lake ___ (Keillor's fictional town)
In the midst of
Ice cream for a repair person?
Hummer's instrument
Hemingway nickname
Hematite or magnetite
He 'stung like a bee'
Having what it takes
Hauled with effort
Grapplers' surfaces
Gem at a swap meet?
FYI part
Filling for a toy mouse, maybe
Epps of 'ER'
Enjoy top billing
Dominated, in sports lingo
Debtor's letters
Curving shot in billiards
Cornhusker State city
Common Halloween decoration
Color similar to aqua
Clear of data
Chick-shaped Easter treat
Carson's Carnac, e.g
Capricorn's animal
Can't do without
Came out with
Bud insertion site
Blusher's emotion
Biblical craft made of gopher wood
Beveled joints
Before, as in line
Baseball's dead-ball ___
Animal on a preppy shirt, for short
AKC part
'Tommy' band, with 'The'
'Ta-da!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-26-2017#sthash.4pKBD5cX.dpuf

Yakked it up
Word on the Canadian province list
Word before race or right
With 97 Down, Beaufort scale category
Wilson of the Beach Boys
Wheelless vehicle
What Sophocles spoke
Web-footed mammal
Vito Corleone, by birth
Truth twister
Trojan War saga
Traditional early riser
Tough nut to crack
This: Sp
Tent entrances
Sydney salutation
Surveillance device
Sure thing
Steak cut
Start a triathlon
Speck on a globe
Sovereign's self-reference
Southern pie ingredient
Southern pie ingredient
Smooths, as shirts
Show runner
Shout of approval
Shannon's county
See 96 Down
Scarlett's third
Salad veggie
Salad veggie
Ruin, as a surprise
Research facility: Abbr
Refuse to, quaintly
Rather similar
Primary points
Precisely punctually
Pop singer Bareilles
Pasture plaints
Part of modern-day Turkey
Painter Kahlo
Ostrich cousin
Omelet ingredient
Old school cheer
Nothing special
Nonsubscriber online restrictions
Neighbor of Niger
Move like a water moccasin
More than dislike
Midday breaks
Mgr.'s helper
Merest bits
Merest bit
Magazine article
Looked over
Left humbled
Law office aides
Large tub
Lack of fairness
Knight's ride
Kimono closers
Keeps cool, perhaps
It's Nero's fault
It's just over a foot
Is unsatisfactory
Instrumental exercise
In a foul mood
Impressive setups
If absolutely necessary
Historical interval
Hint of light
Henry the Eighth's sixth
He directed Tom in "Sully"
Has a capacity for
Handle clumsily
Hamlet lament
Groups of stadium seats
Grendel's mother in the "Beowulf" film
GPS offering
Go-for-broke wager
Give/take transaction
Gentle touch
Generic pooch
Future MBA's exam
French director Louis
Feline remarks
Fast-food packet, perhaps
Exhibited awe
Elegance of action
Either end of "chaotic"
Editor's mark
Ecstatic review
Diner seating
Didn't leave
Detective's detections
Dairy product designation
Cuban money
Cretan money
Creative technique
Comics canine
Clubhouse amenity
Certain line's offering
Balloon flaws
Art school class: Abbr
Alias introducer
Airport shuttle operator
Adidas alternative
Actress Watts
Accountant's expertise
59 Across schedule
2006 Court appointee
"The Pelican Brief" author
"The Lion in Winter" star
"The Bad News Bears" star
"Swan Lake" composer
"Star Trek" officer
"Monty Python's The Meaning of Life" director
"Monkey Business" star
"Life of Pi" director
"Leave that to me"
"Hairspray" girl
"Gorillas in the Mist" author
"Fresh Air" airer
"American Buffalo" playwright – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-26-2017#sthash.lFfrJiOC.dpuf

YouTube clip, for short
Yellowfin tuna
Turkish title
Tubular pasta
Take off, as a soda cap
Squalid state
Something to follow
Some AL hitters
Siding substance
Relocated athlete from St. Loo
Point of no return?
Place in power
Pets on perches
Opthamologist's instruments
One way congruent plane geometry figures are the same
Not as nice
Not absolute
New employees
Network, e.g
Mrs. Smith's rival
Mining sieves
Medicinal plant
Making attribution
Makes a loud noise
Lucy's partner
Looked at again
Its branch represents peace
It's hot in Le Havre
In great demand
In a major way
Hurdles for aspiring attys
Home field of the Rays, with 'the'
Hit on the head
Greek restaurant order
Govt. security
Got gray
Funny Foxx
Fun house cries
Former 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' broadcaster
Ford flops
Flowery verse
Fish caught in pots
FIFA superstar
Evita's maiden name
Dog, in commercialese
Doesn't get hit
Dishonest competitors
Clash of heavyweights
Become established
Awful place to work
1970s White House name
'What ___!' ('So funny')
'The Wreck of the Mary ___'
'That Girl' girl
'Still ___' (1999 rap song)
'I'll be right there!'
'Dear old' guy

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