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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 25.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 25.09.2017

__-dried tomatoes
__ up with: tolerate
Weather numbers, briefly
Utterly detest
Unavailable at the moment
Touch of color
Tiny time meas
Thick cut of meat
The 'I' in MIT: Abbr
Surg. facilities
Stuff for Frosty's eyes
Start of a formal letter
Sports inst. in Cooperstown
Spam container
Shade tree
Secure places for guests' valuables
Second longest African river
Seasoned rice dish
Sandwich chain known for artisan bread
Salad go-with
Rotary phone part
Request for eye contact
Repeated mindlessly
Remove sheets from, as a bed
Quaint light during a power outage
Punch-in-the-gut reaction
Psychologist Alfred
Practical joke
Party thrower
Omelet cooker
Novelist C.S. __
Nick of 'A Walk in the Woods'
Muslim denomination
Museum guides
Moral wrong
Monopoly cards
Malia Obama's sister
Library return spot
In the distance
Hostile place … and where to find the circled animals in this puzzle
Greek 'i'
González in 2000 headlines
Flower wreath
Family boys
Fair-hiring abbr
Evita's married name
Diva's solo
Director Spike
Courteous fellow
Concert venue
Colorful burger topper
Coke or ginger ale
Classroom 'I know this one!'
Canyon feedback
Broke a fast
Board in a window shutter
Blender brand with an -izer product suffix
Bird on birth announcements
Bills in a tip jar
Belgrade natives
Annual golf or tennis tournament
Amazon : Alexa :: Apple : __
Alumna bio word
All wound up
Akron's state
Actress Sevigny
Acct. earnings
'__ you kidding?'
'__ la Douce'
'Yay me!'
'Viva __ Vegas'
'See ya, Luigi'
'Is that your __?': 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' inquiry
'Don't sweat it'
'Beetle Bailey' dog
'Almost Christmas' actor Omar

___ list (tasks for one's spouse)
___ Keane, 'The Family Circus' cartoonist
___ committee
___ Birch, 'American Beauty' actress
Word that can follow sea, solar or staying
With 51-Down, weak and indecisive
With 48-Down, affectionate
With 3-Down, useful
With 29-Down, sophisticated
With 11-Down, snobbish
What it takes to tango
Walk leisurely
Unmanned aircraft
Trapped on a branch
Symbol of Teddy Roosevelt's political party
Sticks (to)
Spin, as a baton
Spanish kings
Soupy 'Oliver Twist' fare
She raised Cain
See 60-Across
See 58-Across
See 39-Across
See 19-Across
See 17-Across
Screw things up
Sci-fi weapons
Santa ___ winds
Roddick or Rooney
River deposits
Realtor's showing
Put on, as a TV show
Puff ___ (snake)
Produces a large body of work?
Prince Harry's mum
Ping-Pong surface
Patron of France
Part of the Freudian psyche
Org. for docs
Ones sacrificing for a cause
Old coupon for the needy
More timid
Man cave, maybe
Long, hard journeys
Listening device on a narc
Like some wooden buckets
Like most manual transmissions in the 1970s and '80s
It's 'mightier than the sword'
It hatches from a big egg
Ice, as a cake
Grotesque folklore figure
Greeting from a parade float
Grand Ole ___
Go inside
Genre for Big Sean or Biggie Smalls
Genetic initials
French female friend
Fix, as software
First-___ kit
Firm (up), as muscles
Fencing blades
CT scan alternative
Crust, mantle or core, for the earth
Cosmetician Lauder
Card that beats a king
California's old Fort ___
Bound by an oath
Book that might require a key to open
Bit of Brylcreem, say
Award named for the winningest pitcher of all time
Arizona tribe
Active during the daytime
'It is my desire …'
'How relaxing!'

___ Jima
XII, on some clocks
Willing to consider
Wedding party members, and the starred answers
Wearer of team colors
Very easy quiz question
Untrustworthy sort
Under the weather
Thoreau book
Swiss summit
Sunflower support
Stands the test of time
Sprawl lazily
Sometime in the past
Soft mineral
Slimy stuff
Sinks below the horizon
Sidewalk section
RR stop
Rink-resurfacing machine
Reach its destination, as a train
Put on the radio
Public square
President between Jimmy and George
Port, for mariners
Pioneering person
One of the woodwinds
NFL players
Naval NCO
Must have
Minor criticism
Letters before iotas
Letter closing
Land jutting into the sea
Lake between Ontario and Ohio
Join a rebellion
In the style of
Hurricane center
Grows older
Grasslike plant
Game that starts with a break
Fraternal order since 1868
Dresden's river
Deep regret
Deep fryer fill
Cream of the crop
Cockatoo or cockapoo
Chelsea Peretti's 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' role
Catch sight of
Capital on a fjord
Caked filth
Butler of '300'
Bro or sis, for short
Aviator Post who was first to fly solo around the world
Article ignored when alphabetizing
*Titan orbits it
*Stump source
*Show that's in tents
*Place you might go a round
*It'll wave over Tokyo in 2020
'Trading Places' director John
'Man, that's pretty!'
'I Am Woman' singer Helen
'Dragonwyck' writer Seton
'Don't breathe ___!'
'Austin Powers' star

___ spumante (wine variety)
___ one's ways (stubborn)
Your counterfeiting spouse, to you?
Writer of fables
Works hard
Venomous snakes
Type of small finch
Type of milk or bean (var.)
Tusked mammal
Took a chair again
Strip, as bark off trees
Snooty one
Skin blemish
Short classical music piece
Rod and Todd's animated dad
Quite small
Quarterback Drew
Previously, previously
Prefix with 'nomial'
Pool table material
Play a role
Places for humans to be grilled
Pertaining to a major artery
Parasitic bloodsucker
Not light
Nabisco cookie
Lillehammer's country
Like many churches
Letters on American egg cartons
Kit ___ (candy bar)
Kid stuff?
Keeper of remains
Jazz legend Fitzgerald
In a melodic style
How an adder gets out of gym class?
Hive dweller
Hair arrangement
Gum blob
Flightless Aussie bird
Feature of some car radios
Faris and Kournikova
Exxon rival, once
Engraver's needle
Dosage amt
Dad at the Ponderosa
Cut again
Confine but good
Concert equip
Complaint units you pick?
Climbing spike
Chubby, tan circus performer?
Bygone big bird
British military air grp
Bit of pond scum
Bell sounds
Beirut's country
Backless seats
Asker's word
Areas filled with conifers
Albanian coins
Actor LaBeouf
A Greek letter
2016 World Series winner
'___ Lang Syne'
'Seize' homophone
'I had ___ nice time'
'And ___ …'

___ Tai cocktail
___ acids (essential nutrients)
Working stiff
Watches an entire TV marathon, say
Was philanthropic
Vegetable tray munchie
Upped the ante
Unworried state
Universal Studios Japan city
Toothbrush option
Tool for Sweeney Todd
Tombstone's state (Abbr.)
Square ___ (starting point)
Spheres in space
Slip through a crack
Sleazy 35-Down
Roadster rod
Redding who wrote 'Respect'
Pronoun in letter greetings
Pointer from A to Z, in Amazon's logo
Poacher pursuer
Plow pair
Place to order slices
Pitchfork wielders in 'Frankenstein'
Peter Pan didn't do this
Pearl Harbor's island
Passed slowly, as time
Parents of some cubs
Pad Thai vessels
One of two certainties, to Franklin
Offers an afterthought
Nuclear agcy. until 1974
Novel's essence
Monument Valley state
Mixologist's workplace
Like a drive-through order
Light of 'Transparent'
Key with no sharps or flats
John of '3rd Rock From the Sun'
Jessica of 'Fantastic Four' movies
Helicopter mechanism
Harsh criticism
Grumbles sotto voce
Gordie known as 'Mr. Hockey'
Goalie's station
Garment covered by ski pants, perhaps
Feature of ozone, vis-a-vis oxygen gas
Far from fatty
Earliest stage
Draws the curtain on
Does a fun run, say
Diana of 'Mahogany'
Custodians' belt attachments
CSA signature
Contacts wearer's solution
Concerning, on a memo
Comes up with ideas
Coating on a spent briquette
Closers on steamer trunks
Clobber with snowballs
Circus workers with 27-Down
Center square symbol, in Scrabble
Buddy, slangily
Bread with hummus
Bother, to the Bard
Blogger's 'As I see it'
Bills depicting the Treasury Building
Beef cattle breed
Backyard structure
Airline ticket datum
Agreed (with)
'Othello' baddie
'No harm done'
'LA Ink' art, briefly
'Blue Moon' lyricist Lorenz
'Back to the Future' destination
'All ___ being equal . . .'

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