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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 25.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 25.08.2017

__ wave
With no other
Walk through puddles
Ultimate Fighting Championship president White
Trike rider
Support staff member
Song one can't perform?
Somerhalder of 'The Vampire Diaries'
Salem residents
Sacred chests
Rustic stop
Run into, maybe
Rudely confront espionage supervisors?
Quote from a goat
Prix de __ de Triomphe: annual horse race
Princess Toadstool's rescuer
Parkinson's drug
Org. that helps you find a way
OPEC member
Online gaming tyro
Ones meekly entering debits and credits?
On the water
Old counters
Oft-twisted cookie
Object to
Noodle variety
Mosul's home
More than silly
More than a peck
Moon of Uranus
Monopoly token replaced by a cat in 2013
Mediterranean salad
Liq. measures
Like some cold symptoms
Letters by the shore
Leo, for one
Legato's opposite, in mus
Indicación de afecto
Holy verse
Hit hard
Hilarious sorts
High praise at a carousel?
Great guy?
Grammarian's concern
Fire starter
Fair-hiring agcy
Cut with a beam
Cousin of Dan'l?
Coulter and Curry
Common state capital features
Closes, as a wound
Chaise place
Campus org. for future ensigns
Big name in electric cars
Biennial games org
Await a decision
Arizona river
Apple talker
Agreement on the ratio of innies to outies?
Adidas alternatives
'The Dukes of Hazzard' deputy
'O Sole __'
'Life of Pi' director Lee

Workout set
Work of admiration
Wear that renders Harry Potter invisible
Ways: Abbr
Waters near Mount Erebus
Uranus, e.g
TV family from the planet Remulak
Toy that might cause injury
Too high to catch?
They often come back to haunt people
Their number increases every May
Superman, notably
State capital on the Indian Ocean
Sound of admiration
Sob story subjects
Slip causes, in cartoons
Response to 'You wouldn't do that'
Raccoon in a Dumpster, e.g
Popeye and others
Played with like a pooch
Partners of 42-Acrosses
Order to go
One with a feature role?
One knowledgeable on tribal lore
One blowing up when threatened
Officials outranking beys
Observation deck of the future?
Newswoman Cabrera
Muhammad's flight
Member of the herring family
Malibu, e.g
Maker of Scentini fragrances
Make very thirsty
Looking youthful
Like much sandpaper
Least thought through
John Hancock item
John Hancock competitor
It gives a driver a little height
Home to many sisters
Home of Weber State University
Home for gorse and coarse grasses
Hindu war deity
Heavy or ham follower
Hallucinogen nicknamed ’embalming fluid'
Golf Hall of Fame inductee of 2011
Get some quick rest
Get some quick rest
Gerald Ford's hometown
Focus of 'Ocean's Eleven'
Extremely, in slang
Bird named for a Titaness
Angling tool
'___ the Limit' (Notorious B.I.G. hit)
'When hell freezes over!'
'No problem at all'
'I like it!'

___ of (rather than)
Wee or tiny
Utilize frozen slopes
Uses flattery on (with 'up')
Toward the back, on the waters
To begin with
Takes over, as a parasite
Take in visually
State of having sound judgment
Some artificial spreads
Shirt pocket stainer
References for directors
Provides nourishment for
Product of a Russian mint
Press down, as dirt
Prefix with 'solve' or 'prove'
Poker player who doesn't stay?
Out on a limb with nowhere to run
Open, as a bottle of soda
One's ways of conceiving things
One's discriminating power
One paying to be on TV?
Navigational aid
Movie awards
More toned
Monopoly piece
Mo. of fake ghosts and goblins
Massive blue things
Making waves
Low-voiced choir members
Lots and lots
Little, edible cold-water fish
Little bird with cobalt blue wings
Limerick-to-Belfast dir
Like many candles
Like a nasty remark
Lasting reminder of surgery
It's high in the Himalayas
Gripping courtroom event
Grass type
Genetic evidence
From then on
Feature of a horror film
Fancy place with jets
Emotional state
Dodger description
Display convincingly
Burrowing result
Brown and basmati
Bring upon oneself
Brazilian city, familiarly
Boot tip
Bone-chillingly weird
Bedtime for a Bard?
Be unsure
Be bullish
Ball or sphere
Baby shower gift, sometimes
Assume for the sake of argument
Asian cincher
Artist Max
Arab bigwig
Acid type
About 1.3 cubic yards
'___ die for!'
'Pardon ___ dust' (sign of renovation)
'King' of snakes
'Hasta luego'
'Go on …'
'Fi' lead-in

Where Truman's buck stopped
Used indigo on, say
Trim on a teddy
Trademarked citrus fruit
Toledo's waterfront
Thought highly of
Testosterone counterpart
Spoonable pasta
Soybean container
Sounds like Simba
Soccer standout Hamm
Snack item with shapes at the last parts of 20- and 50-Across and 3- and 29-Down
Smartphone holder
Slipped past the bouncer, maybe
Sierra Nevada national park
Sheet folded into a four-page section
Set of moral principles
Risk being sent to purgatory
Ready to skinny-dip
Rain gutter locales
Pursues with chocolates and flowers, perhaps
Puritanical sort
Proving successful
Pronoun for half the hurricanes
Privates' danglers
Pricey theater boxes
Prefix with cycle or sect
Potato ___ soup
Photo shoot's several
Peaty places
Pay a quick visit
Pastor's domain
Passing notice, briefly
Party boat rental
Panner's discovery
Office betting groups
NYC's Penn, e.g
Number on a highway marker
Northwest Territory state
Musical series with Jane Lynch
Move like a mudslide
Motherlode yield
Liquor in a Pink Lady
Like some track meets
Like a buttinsky
Kick off a flight
Keep from happening
It's .5 for a 30-degree angle
iPhone assistant
Hospital meal holder
Home to Hawkeye and Trapper John
Hilarious sort
Hard to fathom
Flower shop purchase
Fleet-footed bird of the outback
Filibustering group, maybe
Felt nostalgic
Fashionable boot brand
Eye salaciously
Eventful period
Elephant gone amok
Do a custodial job
Dickens boy born in a workhouse
Crowbar composition
Crafted, as a Navajo rug
Cleared a hurdle
Calm spot in whitewater, perhaps
Bucktoothed 'Frozen' character
Boxing 'tale of the tape' stat
Big name in knit shirts
Be in the hole
Banjo neck features
Baldwin who voiced 'The Boss Baby'
App symbol
Amphibians in some terraria
Airborne delivery device
Adornments from ostriches
'This means trouble!'

Welcomes joyously
Wee, as some rappers
Water-based paints
Was fresh with
Tough key for pianists
Title for Francis
Start of an acquisition adage
Spring seafood selection
Solar storm observer
Snack on a stick
Rocky's wife in five films
Provided fresh hands
Presenter of "Golden Popcorn" awards
Plane in the news, 8/45
Pisces follower
Only female Argonaut
Onetime MGM rival
One of the Golden State's Santas
One of the brass
Novelist Rita __ Brown
Nonstandard negative
Nissan SUV, 1999-2015
Mother's Day host, often
Miner's implement
Metaphor for losses
Masthead VIPs
Many S&L officers
Mansion and surroundings
Letter on some gold keys
Lend support to
Law: Lat
Last Constitution article
It kneads you
Inclining (towards)
Hawkeye's surname
Hastily fashioned
Happened to
Golf lesson topic
Gold measure
Geologic time period
Garden invaders
French honorific
Fit in well
Expressions of amusement
Expression of awe
Erstwhile nutritional stat
ER readout
Deutscher Artikel
Day before a big event
Corporate makeover
Broad comedy
Alfredo alternative
"__ to you?"
"__ to You"
"__ to you!"
"The Princess Bride" star
"Liquid" or "frozen" things

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