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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 25.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 25.07.2017

__ Martin Cognac
Worked (up)
Word before maiden names
Weather map line
Utility abbr
Thomas More's perfect world
Theoretical matter involved in the Big Bang
The 'Y' of YSL
Ten sawbucks
Surrounded by
Sun: Pref
Suggestive sideways look
Stop fretting
Spanish 'this'
Slippery, as a road
Signs, as a document
Sign of a Broadway hit
Shout of jubilation
Shopping to beat the band
Saline sign of sadness
Princess Leia's last name
Pooh Bear's lament
Police rank: Abbr
Physicist Newton
Painter Claude
Ones inflicting humiliation
On the quiet side, at sea
More than a melee
Miler or sprinter
Metaphorical coin that keeps turning up
Maker of TimeCutter riding mowers
Mailing label phrase
Mailing label abbr
Low singing voice
Lightning streak
Lesley of '60 Minutes'
Just okay
International accord
Honshu port
French silk
Fly high
Fix, as a shoe
Fills fully
Feel sick
Farm machine
Fail to enunciate
Crimson Tide, to fans
Cincinnati team
Chirpy birds
Chicago's time zone
Calculate again
Butter square
Brand with a Swoosh logo
Blood fluids
Bic Clic __ pen
*Royal passing rubber checks?
*Pack animal carrying a Mexican treat?
*Gdansk gentleman?
*English Einstein?
'What a shame!'
'Well, gosh'
'The Godfather' enforcer Luca
'That'll be enough of that subject' … and a hint to solving the answers to starred clues
'Superstar' rapper __ Fiasco
'In the Valley of __': 2007 Tommy Lee Jones film
'Don't have __!': 'Calm down!'
'Casablanca' heroine
'Ask someone else'
'All you can __': buffet sign

___ House (Washington landmark)
___ Club
Zoë of 'Avatar'
What gives you the right to bare arms?
Welcome at the front door
Was loved by
Vitamin whose name rhymes with a car engine
Variety show host of 1951-71
Underside of an 8-Down
Toward the rear
Title canine in a Stephen King book
The Hartford competitor
Sound of reproach
Shortening for a bibliographer
Shopping trip one may later regret
Pvt.'s superior
Puts in a box
Protective embankment
Oral health org
One voting to indict or not
Nuisance in an online comments section
NPR segment?
Note in the E major scale
No holds ___
Model-turned-actress Rene
Milk: Prefix
Louisa May Alcott's '___ Boys'
Like emotions just after a tragedy
Knock dead at the comedy club
Jason's vessel, in myth
It isn't recorded in a walk-off win
Isn't rigid in one's ways
Is a leadfoot
Ibsen's '___ Gabler'
House of Elizabeth II
Hound's 'hand'
Hip-hop's Kris Kross or OutKast
Highlander's headwear
Height: Prefix
He said that ambient music 'must be as ignorable as it is interesting'
Haul on a U-Haul
Gold standard?
Giga- x 1,000
Gen ___
Frequently going from one post to another
Fly through, as a test
First female speaker of the House
Family history, e.g
Evangelize … or what this puzzle's circled squares do?
Equal at the start?
Enthusiastic response to 'Who wants dessert?'
End of August?
Emotional state
Dr.'s orders
Discharge, as from a volcano
Didn't buy, say
Defendant's entry
Craft company with a 2015 I.P.O
Cost to get in
Comment after a fortuitous happening
Chuck of 'Meet the Press'
Chrysler truck
Christmas ornament, e.g
Chef Emeril
Chapel recess
Certain office desk setup
Captain Nemo's vessel
Call balls and strikes, informally
Baked brick
'There will come ___ …'

Wray of 'King Kong'
With pleasure
Web address
Wave generator, of a sort
Washing solution
Trojan hero of a Virgil epic
Tricky stratagems
Tour for drivers?
Title boy in a Menotti opera
The White House, to Teddy Roosevelt
Tentative taste
Struck with a sword
Squeezed the water out of
SpaceX founder Musk
Small stream
Slimming surgery, for short
Scary cry
Sarge's superior
River through Sudan
Ritchie Valens hit of 1959
Rhodes scholar, e.g
Plug away
Pilot Earhart
Pianist Gilels
Partners of whistles
Out of jail, conditionally
Olympics squad in red, white and blue
Nintendo avatar
Nasty fairy tale character
Most underhanded
Morning buzzers
Moderately slow
Martini garnish
Man ___ (famed racehorse)
Key near G
Joins forces?
Instrumental theme from 'Beverly Hills Cop'
Industry for Randhir and Karisma Kapoor
Hit the spot
Guy, informally
Gruff character of fairy tale
Graf who achieved a Golden Slam
Gospel singer Adams
Fish on seafood menus
Fencing weapon
Edmonton NHL player
Dolphins Hall of Famer Bob
Do well
Course goal
Construction site job
Comic strip section
Christian of 'Mr. Robot'
Blue Jays pitcher Marco
Before long
Basic skateboarding maneuver
Austrian's article
Assn.'s kin
Aaliyah hit 'The ___ Gave My Heart To'
1975 Jackson 5 hit
'___ Well That Ends Well'
'Sure thing!'
'No ifs, ___ or buts'
'More or less'
'Life of Pi' director Lee
'If you ask me…' to a texter
'Fess up!'

Wood for a whiskey barrel
Without a male heir
Wedding cake finisher
Upsilon follower
Tzara's art movement
Type of seed on a bun
Tweety's building company makes ..
Turkish capital
Trues once more
Took a nap
Thing that welcomes people
Takes a break
Streaking space object
Spanish residence
Sixth sense
Shook in fear
Sharer's word
Secretariat's attractive invention is the ..
Roaster's platform
Put on, as clothes
Purchase for Verizon
Punishing leather strap
Pub missile
Prefix meaning 'different'
Port-au-Prince's country
Police car
Poem form
Pod occupants
Pitching legend Paige
Paddle alternative
One of Columbus' ships
Not express
Musial who was the man
Meal supporter
Judo gyms
Jar or shock
Italian volcano
It goeth before a fall
Indian lentil dish (var.)
Hydrox rival
Hit the mall
Have debt
Gloom producer
From that time
Fits snugly
Endings for 'billion'
Ending for 'puppet'
Dolly the Clone's fashion line includes a ..
Doctors' org
Detestable states
Dermatologists' concerns
Cyclist's requirement
Committee type
Clears, on payday
Chest sculptures
Canal or Great Lake
Calypso cousin
Black, in medieval times
Bill of fare
Bad signs
Artist with acid
An angler winds up using it?
Ages on end
35-Across relative
'You must be joking!'
'And Then There Were ___'

Yoga accessory
Word in a whaler's cry
Word after black or covert
Whom Rep. Keith Ellison worships
When Romeo meets Juliet
Was a fink
Two-palms-down signal
Telling it like it is
Symbol for an app
Swiss painter of 'Around the Fish'
Supplies a buffet for, say
Subdue at a riot, perhaps
Small-but-loud songbird
Slow-moving creature
Skin treatments at spas
Set of moral standards
Sculptor's tool
Scroll material of old
Sans-serif Windows typeface
Random inspection
PVC baseboard, e.g
Puccini title character
President Chaim Weizmann was on its first flight
Pregame songs
Place for an urban veggie patch
Pizzeria allure
On the trail of
Old MacDonald, e.g
Off-road rides, briefly
Not so demanding, as a workload
Not imagined
Midafternoon break
Many a Little Leaguer, now
Many a book club selection
Like par-5 holes
Like a crash-causing PC error
IRS mileage allowance, e.g
iPhone display
Intangible quality
Instrument in much Jethro Tull music
Inaugural ball, e.g
In the buff
Import with a four-ring logo
Ill will
Hyde Park carriage
Hustle or hornpipe
Homeowner's alternative to gas
Hallmark buys
Grid play featuring a short toss
Greeted the day
Furtive attention-getter
Feminist DiFranco
Fall off, as support
Fabric purchase
Don't dash off
Dirty rotten scoundrels
Cornfield cries
Common mirror shape
Classroom helper
Champs-Elysees eateries
Car radio button
Capitol feature
Born yesterday, so to speak
Biblical shepherd
Berry plugged as a superfood
Be a partner to Rocky, say
Backdrop for many ski chalets
Atoll features
Angry blog post
Ancestry.com diagrams
Ages upon ages
A way to read or wonder
'___ big to fail'
'We tried everything'
'Training' garment
'Piece of cake!'
'On the Waterfront' director Kazan

__-do-well (rogue)
__ out (reaches a peak)
__ in the woods (innocent one)
__ and grill (type of restaurant)
__ and aahs
When planes should leave: Abbr
War horse
Vietnam neighbor
Vatican leaders
Typical kilt wearer
Tubular custard pastry
Trade show, for short
Too hasty
The Alps, for instance: Abbr
Superlative suffix
Strong point
Strauss of jeans
Stimulate, as curiosity
Sports stadium
Source of ancient fables
Software buyer
Snow vehicle
Simple to do
School kid
Request for additional food
Relinquish legally
Pub beverages
Prehistoric reptiles, for short
Performance that's repeated
Perform in many cities
People not present
Pause in the action
Oil cartel
Monotonous routine
Marathon or sprint
Letters after R
Leak slowly
Lake near Niagara Falls
Kite attachment
Justice Kagan
Japanese monarch's title
Jai __
IRS form experts
Helper: Abbr
Halloween mo
Guy in Eden
Find out about
Final or midterm
Farmer's ground
Epic poem by Homer
Electrified swimmers
Dutch cheeses
CPR experts
Cowpoke competition
Computer's removal key
Clumsy people
Christmas season
Castaways' escape vehicles
Brand of electric car
BLT ingredient
Bench or chair
Because of
Aspen or Snowmass
"What's __ for me?"
"That's too bad!"
"Sesame Street" roommate
"Sesame Street roommate"
"Old McDonald" refrain
"Let's start again"
"A likely story!"

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