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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 25.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 25.06.2017

__ ? trois
__ seeds: omega-3 source
Yahoo! Finance offering
Words of resignation
Wish undone
Windshield option
Wikipedia entries
Where to see slanted columns
What some wallow in
What screen icons exude
Wharf workers' org
Went for a bite?
Volunteer's offer
Trac II cousin
Topps figure
Titles of respect
Tiny bits
Tin mints
Ticket for speeding, say
Think highly of
Things on rings
Test for trivia fans
Taylor of fashion
Summer in Provence
Strong cotton
Steamed state
Squat beneficiary
Some studios
Smooching on the bus, for short
Ski resort near Snowbird
Seat at Churchill Downs
Scout's accessory
Sch. with a Harrisburg campus
Santa __
Review using stars
Response at the door
Remains in neutral
Quaint light
Punk rock icon Smith
Pulitzer novelist James
Prisoner's restraint
Prepared for a selfie
Practical joke
Port of 79-Down
Pool-heating option
Poker pile
Poetic measure
Pielike veggie dish
Pennysaver revenue source
Pancake shape
Pain reliever
Order to attack
Netanyahu of Israel, familiarly
Nation across the gulf from Somalia
Narcissist's problem
Mil. roadside danger
Medicare program offered by private insurers
Masters strokes
Mark Cuban's NBA team
Mall handouts
Lyon lover's word
Looks after
Lizard with a 'third eye'
Living it up
Like grandfather clocks
Like Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 4
Lidocaine brand
Legend in one's own mind
Latin ballroom dance
Lake bordering Ontario
Jamie Lee Curtis or Fay Wray
Jacob's twin
It may be served with pickled ginger
It begins in April
Is for two?
Interpreter of signs
Inscribed tablet
In __ of
In an imposing manner
Hydrocarbon suffix
Hosp. employees
Historic Tuscan city
Help out
Heaps kudos on
Happy hour offerings
Granola cousin
Granite excavation site
Golf phenom Jordan
Golden Triangle country
Give up the single life
Future sound?
Fill to the brim
False impression
Everglades bird
Escapes slowly
Ersatz fat brand
Eldest Dashwood daughter in 'Sense and Sensibility'
Egg source
Dot follower
Dieter's setback
Dana of 'Body of Proof'
Clyde cap
Christmas strands
Charlotte __
California's state bird
California prison town
Burial isle of many Scottish kings
Bun contents
Budget choice
Breakfast pastry
Brat's output
Blow away
Bing result
Being in debt
Bath buggy
Baseball mascot partner reintroduced in 2013
Barely beat
Aspiring therapist's maj
American rival: Abbr
Activity-tracking letters
16th-century date
'__ takers?'
'__ Death': Grieg work
'Today' weather anchor
'This is horrible!'
'Right on!'
'Peanuts' fussbudget
'Not gonna happen, lassie'
'Lolita' (1962) actress
'In Search of Lost Time' novelist
'I knew it!'
'How to Succeed … ' composer Frank
'Far from Heaven' actor
'Blue Sky' Oscar winner

___ off (resist successfully)
Word for a weight watcher
Why I feel good (Middle)
Why I feel good (End)
Why I feel good (Beginning)
Whence an earring dangles
What's before the night before Christmas?
Walkway with a slope
Valuable collection, for some
Typewriter roller
Type of detector
Two-tone snack
Toy building block
The rubber that hits the road
Tabby's mate
Soon, in old poetry
Snake with quite a squeeze
Smallest merganser
Sierra ___
Senior church official
See 42-Across
Sana'a citizen
Samantha who was in 'Doctor Dolittle'
Rights that are read
Renewed and relaxed
Religion featuring witchcraft
Referring to birth
Quick and graceful
Put forth as fact
Predatory whale
Pollen-producing flower part
Parts of sets in gyms
One with the power to settle a matter
Olive-gray insect-eating bird
Not feel one's best
Not amateur
Nonsensical beliefs
Nanny, for one
Momma's beloved
Molecule bit
Manned the helm
Loud, harsh noise
Long-billed wading bird
Little rodents
List component
Like a warm winter jacket
Like a 'no' voter
Join others, as in a cause
Japanese sash
James Bond's number, in old Rome
It blows off steam
Home for some birds
French hat
Foxx who played Sanford
Foolish or annoying person (var.)
False name
Extremely difficult to miss
Equip to new specs
End-of-list abbr
Displays dizziness
Declare solemnly as true
Courted the electorate
Compulsory force
Cogito-sum link
Camden Yards regular
By way of
Boleyn who lost her head
Big East school, briefly
Beak of a bird
Baghdad native
Avoid spontaneity
An East Coast 27-Across

___-mo replay
Yang's opposite
X-rated material
Word before tube or city
Word before rock or football
Within earshot
Turbine part
Tuna at sushi bars
Try to clear a bar, in a way
Trophy won by Tebow and Manziel
Title of many concert albums recorded in Japan
Teases mercilessly
Tallinn's land
Straw-necked bird
Sporty Mazda
Spinning toy also called a diabolo
Showroom item
Shoot the breeze
Sargasso Sea swimmers
Sandwich orderer's request
Risking everything, at the poker table
Printer's primary color
Preposition in Napoleon's palindrome
Pastor's nickname
One of 'Them!'
One in a troupe
One in a love triangle
Olympic pool units
Numero ___ (first-rate)
More desirable to collectors
Matchsticks game
Loses crispness
Little shavers
Life-or-death situation
Letters on Cardinals caps
Lacking sufficient funds
Jib or spanker
It gestates for about nine months
Irene of 'I Remember Mama'
Ill temper
Hotfooted it
H&R Block hiree
Go lickety-split
Gladiator's weapon
Gather, as a fortune
Fuss and feathers
Fisher-Price products
Fish also known as a dolphin
Facebook button
Dragging one's feet
Distillery vessel
Displaying more chutzpah
Curve on a weather map
Criticized harshly
Cover, as with onions
Contest mail-in
Comic Silverman
Chopin's 'Butterfly,' e.g
Calculus calculations
C.S. Lewis lion
Brunch cocktails
Broom-Hilda, e.g
Blink of an eye, briefly
Bit of body art, informally
Ballet bend
Ascribed, as guilt
Anthem contraction
Amazon's business
Altar affirmation
A/C measure
'___ when!' (pourer's request)
'___ we there yet?'
'___ Buttermilk Sky'
'Talk turkey' or 'eat crow'
'Selma' director DuVernay
'I did it!'
'. . . bells on ___ toes'

__ on parle français
__ dish (lab container)
Word on all nickels
Wintry fall
Whitman of verse
West Coast NFLers, for short
Vivacity, in music
USMA stat
Usage fee
Turnpike expense
Tubular instrument
Trojan War king
Tries to trim down
Traveler's course
Tip of a plane
Tijuana locale
Street __ (reputation)
Spanish hero El __
Snug spots
Snug spot
Smoked salmon
Small amounts
Ski-lodge drink
Skewed view
Signing ceremony souvenir
Show contempt for
Shell out
Seven-Emmy actor
Seven Dwarfs' workplace
Seuss' green stuff
Scrub a mission
Schnauzer's sniffer
Saudi Arabia neighbor
Russian spacecraft
Rooster's topper
Roman Empire invaders
Rid of rind
Ran off for romance
Prune a bit
Prima donnas' deliveries
Playpen assemblage
Pixar clownfish
Philosopher Kierkegaard
Pen-and-ink drawings
Pause for a pianist
Pair to press
Oscar role for Julia
Op-ed offerings
One of the Williams sisters
One of the family
Northern California county
Nonsensical talk
Nonsensical talk
Nearly unobtainable
Name on the cover of "The Sun Also Rises"
More fidgety
Minor controversy
Meadowland measures
Mar. honoree
Maps within maps
List ender
Kind of bike
Kid-lit pachyderm
Key to the right of ess
Kagan's appointer
Junior, to Senior
It means "outside"
Israel's parliament
Is concerned about
Infield cover
Hunt hint
Houston or Honolulu
Homer Simpson's dad
Handheld hackers
Guys in barbershop quartets
Great weight to bear
Goes ballistic
Gadget for making hash browns
French article
Franc's successor
Fleet of foot
Five__ (poll analysis website)
Five-__ (weather.com feature)
Five-__ (maxim re dropped food)
Five-__ (major blaze)
Five-__ (MacArthur, e.g.)
Five-__ (gridiron punishment)
Five-__ (British bill made of plastic)
Five-__ (bluegrass instrument)
Five __ (local broadcast)
Five __ (carol collection)
First Mrs. Trump
Final phase
Feudal laborers
Feel sore
Evening, in ads
Elevator innovator
Dramatic excerpt
Divulge, with "out"
Diplomatic official
Decline gradually
Daughter of King Lear
Cruise ship accommodations
County north of Limerick
Copy room supplies
Closes tightly
Closed tightly
Chocolate substitute
Checkout counter display
Celestial bear
Carrying out
Business school subj
Bunch of buffalo
Brewery receptacles
Braid of hair
Bornean ape
Bonding agents
Big ATM maker
Bereft of tread
Barge pusher
Aviation formations
Author Walker
Arranges logically
Actress Thurman
1 Down product
"__ porridge hot . . ."
"Save the date" happening
"Can you dig it?" reply
"Cake Boss" airer

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