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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 25.04.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 25.04.2017

__ button
You, in Paris
Window shade
Williams in the Country Music Hall of Fame
Very fancy
Trial run
The Spartans of the NCAA
Tell tall tales
Tavern drinks
Tartan wrap
Take into custody
Surrey town known for salts
Spring Festival : China :: __ : Vietnam
Soft 'Hey!'
Smooths in shop class
Siouan speakers
Silvery food fish
Sault __ Marie
San __: Riviera resort
San Joaquin Valley problem
Rocker, e.g
Ready to go
Puccini premiere of 1900
Prying type
Pretentiously cultured, and a phonetic hint to the answers to starred clues
Popular rideshare app
Pirate's milieu
Pig's pad
Part of an act
Oysters are found in one
Org. with Warriors and Wizards
Ocean crossers
Notable period
Nash who rhymed 'grackle' with 'debacle'
Mining supply
Make public
Lacking manners
Japanese 17-syllable poem
Hors d'oeuvres spread
Go astray
Go along
French hat
Fictional governess
Escape detection by
Dutch financial powerhouse
Diamond-shaped pattern
Dessert with a crust
Deli loaf
Cropped up
Creative spark
Court orders
Corrects a pencil mistake
Coffee or tea
Chant for D.C.'s baseball club
Candidate's goal
Campfire leftovers
Bowler's challenge
Borden spokescow
Blood component
Alfa Romeo sports cars
Adorkable one
2015 FedExCup champ Jordan
*Restaurant chain named for a Rolling Stones hit
*Meaty barbecued pork dish
*Marinara sauce ingredient
*Increases homeowner levies, say
*EMS group
'80s-'90s legal drama
'What else?'
'Pitching' or 'sand' golf club
'Hello' Grammy winner
'Don't make __!'
'Buzz off!'
'Brokeback Mountain' director – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Apr-25-2017#sthash.x3S5wTDQ.dpuf

___ Levy, Buffalo Bills coach in the Hall of Fame
Wind tile in mah-jongg
What a ponytail partially covers
W.W. II-era British gun
Utters, informally
Use Goo Gone on, perhaps
Tuscan city
Treater's phrase
There's no place like it … or a word that can precede either half of the answer to each starred clue
The Rams of the Atlantic 10 Conf
Suffix with refresh or replace
Stock listings: Abbr
Stew morsels
Spartan serf
Some old PCs
Snoring sound
Snake's shape
Single-stranded molecule
Shows some affection
Short-sheeting, e.g
Sees eye to eye (with)
Scholarship money
Sacha Baron Cohen character
Romanov ruler
Rocky ___
Resort island near Majorca
Religious abode
Purrer in Peru
Part of a tuba's sound
Parks of Alabama
Opposite of sans
Often-filtered messages
Monstrous creatures
Love interest of Pacey on 'Dawson's Creek'
Long, single take, in filmmaking
Loaf (around)
Legendary music club in Lower Manhattan, informally
Jason's ship
Insect stage
Haifa's country: Abbr
H.S. math class
Government overthrow
French newborn
Fill (with)
Fall of winter
Exchange vows at the altar
Enjoyed oneself
Does the honors for Thanksgiving dinner
Dispenser candy
Daisy variety
Country invaded in 2003
Corporate shuffle, for short
Baker's need
Artist Magritte
Art Deco notable
Ariz. neighbor
Actress Gaynor of 'South Pacific'
Actress Campbell of 'Scream'
Act starter
52, in old Rome
1980s Pakistani president
*Where a newspaper's biggest stories go
*V.I.P.'s security agent
*Place to plug in a USB cable
*Nintendo hand-held
*NATO's smallest member, populationwise
*Multiplex, e.g
'___ With Me' (Sam Smith hit)
'What's right is right' and others
'So ___ walks into …'
'E pluribus ___'
'Don't quit!'
'Ditto' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Apr-25-2017#sthash.GuP5N84H.dpuf

Words of understanding
Woman's golf garment
Wanda of comedy
Vase inserts
Up to, briefly
Unified whole, in psychology
Treasure-indicating phrase, and a hint to the first words of the starred answers
Too-good-to-be-true offer
Speakers' stands
Sicilian smoker
Seek answers
Scoring amts
Ranked, as tournament players
Range part: Abbr
Ranch problem
Pupil's place
Pro-___ (some golf tourneys)
Printed mistakes
Pendulum's path
Number before quattro
No longer deceived by
Nick and Nora's terrier
New Jersey city across the Delaware from Philadelphia
Musicians' copyright org
Music's Daft Punk, e.g
Money holder
Military address
Mil. outposts
Measures of brightness
Match components
Likable candidate of 1952
Joins a jury
Jeb of the Confederacy
Ireland, poetically
Incensed feeling
Hispaniolan nation
Guidebook features
Friend, en francais
Fresh look
Found, say
Forgot to put in
First son
Evening gala
Dunne of 'I Remember Mama'
Destroyer, in naval slang
Debate topic
Catherine Palace resident
Casino city in the Silver State
Cal. column heading
Buy a round
Bite-sized Cantonese dish
Before today
Beast, Cyclops, Storm et al
Bearded bloom
Battery type
Alabama Slammer liqueur
Act opener
2006 Winter Olympics host
1960s sitcom with a title palomino
*Ready-to-attack unit
*First down distance
*Fans of Gene Simmons's band
*Crowded place on New Year's Eve
'To whom ___ concern'
'This ___ sudden!'
'The Daily Show' host Trevor
'That's strange'
'Give it ___!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Apr-25-2017—The-Unknown#sthash.nQVOi168.dpuf

Woodshop tool
Wichita native
Whitish-gray, as skin
What colors in a water spray form
What Bill and Jill do
Us or them
U2 hit
Try to be accepted again?
Trot or gallop, e.g
Toddler's questions
Time to welcome New Year's Day
The Mystery Machine, for one
Thawed a frozen windshield
Taking care of business
Survey choice, sometimes
Start to get sleepy
Some apples
Sit or lie with one's limbs spread out
Rough, rickety shelter
Religious leader of a Muslim state
Relax, as a restriction
Qom locale
Place to get clean
Place of many take-offs and landings
Pentathlon sword
Overly theatrical
Order member
Not graceful
No-star fare
Nickname for a Hollywood Humphrey
Needing extinguishing
Miner's finds
Massive smoker in Sicily
Make ready, briefly
Long and thoughtful observation
Lets touch it
Leftovers from smelting
Itch cause
It's spent in Moldova
It could go either way
Historic start
Heavenly beings
Hawaiian giveaway
Happening now
Happen afterwards as a consequence
Gentle animal
Gave to temporarily
French WWI battle site
Fly a plane
Expo '70 site
Etc. relative
Direction to spiral
Control knob
Complete a fast
Common navigational system
Classroom staple
Chess-playing computer
Camera shop selection
Betray that you are inebriated
Bench with a Bible on it
Ball or sphere
Apple's projection
Agenda detail
African grazer that doesn't sound old?
Add more lanes to, as a highway
A sparkling white wine
'Stop pouring now!'
'By all means' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Apr-25-2017#sthash.asVZH0SH.dpuf

Zero, at Wimbledon
You can't escape it
Yard event
Viking Ship Museum city
Vaulted church areas
Tubular pasta
Trevor of 'The Daily Show'
Trappers of mammoths and saber-toothed cats
Toy stuck in a tree, in 'Peanuts'
Sprouting 'pet'
Spill picker-uppers
Some rodeo performers
Similar in nature
Sell from a pushcart
Selected, as teams
Scene of a temptation, in Genesis
Roulette bet
Receiving customers
Razzie Awards adjective
Ranch units
Ran amok
Port southwest of Kyoto
Pork serving
Polished off
Plumb crazy
Place for exchanged vows
Pickle option
Per unit, informally
Per unit
Patio bug-killer sound
Original 'American Idol' judge Abdul
Option for Tom Brady
Oater brawl site
No longer hung up on
Masseur's supply
Manicure feature, often
Lo-cal food phrase
Like a lean-to's roof
Letters before an alias
Leather piercers
Laugh-a-minute type
Largest terrier breed
Knock the socks off
Klinger's rank, initially (Abbr.)
Kent State's state
Jigsaw puzzler's starting place
Java's coffee cup, e.g
Is successful in
Innocent ___ proven guilty
Icarus' undoing
Have expectations
Had down cold
Gucci of fashion
Great Lakes mnemonic
Gallery event
Friends that surround the answers to 21-, 26-, 43- and 50-Across
Foldaway furniture item
Epps of 'House'
Enclosures for violent patients
Dressed to kill
Dragged to court
Deli side
Cried on cue, maybe
Cook-off potful
Colleges known for revelry
Clod buster
City near Orlando
Chuckwagon fare
Christensen of 'Traffic'
Census form datum
Cell 'messenger,' briefly
Carrier with kosher food
Bumbling sort
Bill of Rights-defending org
Best imaginable
Banquet hall area
Annoying sorts
2015 nuke deal nation – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Apr-25-2017#sthash.BGzmrOCH.dpuf

__ up (misbehaves)
__ the line (followed orders)
__ over (topple)
Wine barrel
Typical Jordanian
Tries out
Tra __ (song syllables)
Thick cords
Take a crack __ (try)
Supermarket vehicle
Suffix for luncheon
Stuffed poultry serving
Stringed instrument of India
Spacious, as a garage
Small cabbagelike veggies
Small bay
Sketch something
Skeptic's remark
Short snooze
Ship's freight
Rhythm-and-blues music
Pet adoption org
Performs better than
Perform better than
Perfect example
Outer boundary
On __ with (equal to)
Old West icon Wyatt
Oil-drilling structures
Of ocean motion
Nothing but
Nonwritten exams
Neck of the woods
Moves like a dog's tail
Money in France
Mix with a spoon
Intro drawing class
In __ of (instead of)
Hunter constellation
Higher than
Hawaiian feast
Grilled beef serving
Get cozy
Georgia city
Gain entry to
Freeze over
Former soldier, for short
For the time __ (temporarily)
Folding bed
Fine wool
End of a pencil
End of a kite
Down to __ (unpretentious)
Dove shelter
Dog's neckwear
Discover, as an idea
Depicts unfairly
Depend (on)
Days before holidays
Con game
Comrade in battle
Clarinet cousin
Center of an apple
Cable TV film channel
Become harvestable
Bearded barnyard beast
Aide: Abbr
Affirmative votes
2.2-pound measures, for short

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