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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 25.01.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 25.01.2017

Word of passione
Water nymph
Vocalist James
Trendy boot brand
Supermodel Banks
Sub filler
Strikes through
Stockholder's assets?
Stack under a tarp
Small snicker
Sister of Calliope
Shy person's note?
Shake up
Sees red
Roman fountain
Put a spell on
Pony Express concern
Plopped down next to
Philadelphia pro
PD alert
Parishioner's pledge
Organizes from best to worst, say
Orchard trees
One-named singer portrayed by Jennifer Lopez in a 1997 film
One bit
Nasal spray brand
Muslim veil
Milo of 'Barbarella'
Medit. country
Maker of ColorQube printers
Low in fat
Longtime 'At the Movies' co-host
John of The Red Piano Tour
Japanese sash
It borders the Fla. panhandle
Holiday visitor
Gun, as a V8
French president Hollande
First responder
Family nickname
Elementary bit
Do penance
Dating from
Danish fruit
Certain string musician's need
Cat dish tidbit
Bygone muscle car
Branch quarters
Boy in 'Star Wars' prequel films
Blanc heard but not seen
Bit of band gear
Big name in big rigs
Arizona landforms
*Place for lefts and rights
*Market measure
*General principle
*'C'mon, loosen up!'
'Star Wars' extras
'So THAT's what's going on here!'
'Science of Logic' author Georg
'Ready are you? What know you of ready?' speaker
'Pay attention, man!' … and, in a different way, what the end of each answer to a starred clue refers to
'Major Crimes' network
'I wish I could'
'Far out!'
'Close, but no cigar'
'Alas!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jan-25-2017#sthash.D2KqlXh4.dpuf

___ fixation (Freud topic)
WWW bookmark
Words from the witness stand
Uriah Heep's profession
Tree that sheds its bark
Took a load off
Takes down a notch
Sweet-curd cheese
Stitched together
Start of a one-two punch
Spelling or Amos
Some portable room warmers
Snowsuit attachment
Schuss, say
S.L.R. settings
Robocall from the I.R.S., e.g
River that turned to blood in Exodus
Reggae forerunner
QVC competitor
Prefix with freak or friendly
Possessive pronoun in the Lord's Prayer
Polish's partner
Place for quick cash, for short
Pen tip
Out of whack
One of the Bushes
Much-maligned food
MTV's '___ Flux'
Most-downloaded app of 2016
Montana city that consolidated with Silver Bow County
Milo of 'The Verdict'
Manning of the gridiron
Making, as a wicker chair
Long-winded sorts
Like Marx Brothers comedies
Like dull-as-dishwater writing
Kind of dye with vivid colors
Hume of 'Cocoon'
How prime rib may be served
Hid from the cops, say
Hand down, as a family business
Hair holder
Golfer Norman a.k.a. the Great White Shark
Giraffe's cousin
Gear parts
Frozen drink brand
Former Little League star Mo'ne Davis, e.g
Flavoring in Kool cigarettes
Diamonds, in plane geometry
Dark film genre, informally
Competitor of Ivory and Coast
Cinco de Mayo beer
Christina who played Lizzie Borden
Chevy plug-in car
Business bigwig
Burglar's take
Breaks off
Books with large pages
Blue-gray shade
Bit of birdbath gunk
Bird with a potent kick
Baseball's Griffey
Available for rental, in Britain
Auto pioneer Karl
Abode that's abuzz
'The Voice' airer
'Cheerio' sayer
'Blondie' or 'Dilbert'
'According to the grapevine …'
'@#$!' from SpongeBob SquarePants
'@#$!' from Mork
'@#$!' from Frank on 'Everybody Loves Raymond'
'@#$!' from Deputy Dawg
'@#$!' from Colonel Sherman Potter – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-25-2017#sthash.Rop4vvsV.dpuf

Yvette's yes
Yuletide libation
Words with angle or impasse
With 5-Down, boxer with 24 wins and no losses
Whole grain component
Walker, on signs
Violinist Leopold
United selection
Turquoise kin
Turquoise kin
Trails used for immersing vegetables in boiling water?
Thin mushroom
These clues, e.g
Sydney's state: Abbr
Swahili or Zulu, e.g
Surreptitious signal
Snow White's doughnut-making helpers?
Shutter piece
See 28-Down
Salon offerings
Roomy rides
Rocky and Conker making some fair food?
Ring pair
Radius companion
Post scratcher
Petting setting
Outmoded object
Old-timey orphanage offering
Mother of Castor and Pollux
Melon with a long shelf life
Mate's lead-in
Make out
Like a master bathroom
Jeopardy category?
Iris neighbor
Inauguration Day event
He preceded Jack
He had a .367 career batting average
Harsh quality
Granny's daughters
Gone down
French West Indies resort, familiarly
Freeze out
First of 22 letters
First Amendment advocacy gp
Fellow from Fife
Fare poorly at the comedy club
Enjoy immensely
Egyptian megaproject site
Egyptian megaproject site
Diamond count
Croft of 'Tomb Raider'
Crash tender
Cowboy contraptions for making stew on the go?
Collection agency?
Classroom temp
Chase competitor, familiarly
Chain founded by Ingvar Kamprad
Cashmere source
Candy shaped like a conical frustum
Beyond the horizon
Angst-ridden genre
Actually existing
A bit of work
'Tess of the d'Urbervilles' rake
'Red, White & ___' (2005 heavy metal album)
'Leaves of Grass' poet
'Coal Miner's Daughter' subject
'Antony and Cleopatra' props
'A Wrinkle in Time' heroine – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-25-2017—Something's-Cooking#sthash.vY96wdKc.dpuf

___ out a living (barely gets by)
___ mater
___ firma
Young pig (Var.)
You, once
Wise old counselor to the Greeks at Troy
Where many retire
When showers are abundant (abbr.)
What you'll find a lot of in Mississippi
What the PR rep wanted to do with Hamilton and Graham Bell
What texted bits of gibberish are?
Was the father to
Was a guide
Uttered, as a farewell
Untouchable Eliot
Unit in physics class
Type of rage with an apostrophe
Type of ballroom dance
Twist in agony
Trace the shape of
Those right here
Thompson of films
Thomas who founded Wendy's
Symbols of poverty
Supporters of the American Revolution
Steam open
Special Forces headwear
Spanish seafood dish
Source of dietary fiber in cereals
Soft palate attachment
Small house in the woods
Sign of something to come
Shop talk for sewer workers?
Sha ___ of music
Scenic views
Salt Lake City player
River through Nottingham
Protective seed coat
Prefix with 'glycerine'
Photo option
Old name for Tokyo
Not that much
Making haste (var.)
Landed on a branch
Kristofferson of music
Garden featured in Genesis
Flower section
Fish-eating sea bird
Figure of speech
Feisty backtalk
Enhance with decorations
Electrically charged particles
Eggs, to a scientist
Discreet and diplomatic
Deer fellow?
Declares with confidence
Comic book artist
Clothesline alternative
Clear a blackboard
Chip and Joanna Gaines' show, '___ Upper'
Bun topping?
Bottom-of-the-page insert
Blue dyes obtained from plants
Big, messy mix-up
Big rental car agency
Bad thing to fall for
Babies that give a hoot
Attack with vigor
Act human, proverbially
Abridge or add to – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-25-2017#sthash.Oees7ROP.dpuf

___ of (free from)
Word before process or course
Witness stand pledge
Widely known
Whaler's milieu
Weapon on the king of diamonds
Veered off course
Trees that symbolize might
Transcript figs
Trans-Canada Highway city
Tramples underfoot
Toll-collecting area
Three-time foe of Frazier
They may 'chase' shots
Swimming pool figure
Surprisingly enough
Source of clean energy
Sniffs out
Served, as time
Samuel Adams offering
Reporting to
Removes blurring, say
Red light camera reading
Pope's proclamation
Place for a latte or cappuccino, maybe
PayPal currency
Patty and Selma, to Bart
Org. with U.N. observer status
Org. with Eagles and Stars
Onesie's rear opening
Morsel in a lemon cookie
Marinara or pesto
Makes verboten
Lowly laborer
Lose strength, as a storm
List in a board game box
Like Kansas, topologically
Lennon's lady
Knights' armor bearers
In a frenzy
Held in reserve
Hearth residue
Greek H
Grandparents Day mo
Garden hose annoyances
Five-dollar bills, slangily
Fish-fowl link
Escort to a penthouse
End of a question to Livingstone
Election loser's request
Earnhardt or Earnhardt Jr
Dominant, in a wolf pack
Dollywood attractions
Do perfectly
Cry from a crib, in comics
Control tower device
Comedy routine
Color of kid-lit dog Clifford
Clingy wrap
Chows down
Change with the times
Capital in the Andean foothills
Budgeters make them meet
Borrowers' burdens
Belfry sound
Barbecue slab unit
Banish to Siberia
Band-Aid part
Alpo rival
Ad libber's asset
Act the worrywart
Acetylene-burning tool
Absorbed, as a loss
'Shiny Happy People' band
'School's Out' singer Cooper
'Les Miserables' setting
'Cola wars' brand
'Bronx Bomber' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-25-2017#sthash.tDxYHx7L.dpuf

__ B'rith
__ and hearty (robust)
Where a cake bakes
Wesson's firearms partner
Wander around
Vow at an altar
Voice quality
Vegan's avoidance
Tennis great Arthur
Swelled heads
Surly server's "reward"
Sugar-bowl invader
Spitting sound
Spicy Asian cuisine
Slow-cooker meal
Show boredom
Sheet to be photocopied: Abbr
Shady scheme
Serious criminal
Remove from office
Quarterback Manning
Prefix for dynamic
Place for sledding
Piglet's little pal
New York/Vermont/Quebec lake
New Hampshire lake
Ness or Lomond
Mexican missus
Martini garnish
Marina occupant
Make some clothes
Make progress
Maine lake
M, in Einstein's equation
Louisiana lake
Letters meaning "Now!"
Lamb's dad
In the style of
Honeydew, for one
Homeric epic
Hay bundle
Greets the day
Greenish blue
Grand __ Opry
Govt. workplace monitor
Give permission for
Françoise's head
Former South Vietnamese capital
Filmed again
Fey of TV
Fashion magazine
Electric bill info
Egg-hatching spot
Disorderly crowds
Director Brooks
Defeat soundly
Dash entrant
Crystal-ball gazer
Crow's sound
Cracker debris
Clever people
Capital on the Nile
Burning heap
Border line
Biblical strongman
Barely losing
Barely defeat
Bank robbery
Back muscles, briefly
Author Jong
Airport screening agcy
"Zip it!"
"The Simpsons" daughter – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-25-2017#sthash.RuwzHCcX.dpuf

Yemen's capital
Winner of an annual bodybuilding competition
When a critical decision must be made
What Caesar was told to beware
Well-known series finale
Waco winter prog. notation
US Virgin Islands, e.g
Tune-up task
Trawling, perhaps
Traditional headgear banned by Atatürk
Tended to, as a dying fire
Stunning options for cops
Square dance dancer
Spinach nutrient
Speed skater Ohno
Soup legume
Some coffee or tea
Some Asian princes
Pre-1917 autocrat
Part of a campus Web address
Park or Madison, on a NYC map
One of the 'Seinfeld' foursome
Noteworthy occasion
Newspaper's space for subjectivity
Mortgage alternative
Mole, maybe
Meddlesome gossipmonger
Med. nation
Marple or Muffet
Many ancient Egyptian documents
Make a killing
Main site of operations
Magic-sounding shrub used for astringents
Like a fillet
Lie close and snug
Killer of the deep
Kern who wrote the music for 'Show Boat'
Item in a cafeteria stack
Internet-enabled gathering
Increase the speed of
Hollywood Walk of Fame honor
Hazardous, for a winter driver
Greek warrior of the 'Iliad'
Frequent hangout spot
Founder of a self-named brokerage firm
Fitzgerald of jazz
Excellent specimen
Equestrians' mounts
Edible convenience for DVD watchers
Disenfranchised person, in many states
Devoted attention, briefly
Dept. focused on health and natural resources
Definitive way to end a tennis match
Declare unconstitutional, say
Decides to participate, with 'in'
Darken, as from the sun
Common feature of a sports broadcast
Chinese dynasty for four centuries
California's ___ Valley
Brokerage client, often
Be obligated to
Arabian sultanate
Agcy. concerned with work hazards
Absinthe flavoring
'Mama ___ Crazy' (The Judds hit)
'Is it ___ so? Why, then, I thank you all' (Capulet)

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