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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 24.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 24.09.2017

__ Reader
__ Alto
Yamaha user
Writer known for his surprise endings
What to click in response to an offensive tweet?
Water control project
Viper's bar order?
Vacation option
Vacant look, e.g.?
USO show audience
Two trios and a duo
Two pills, perhaps
Took back
Title name that 'Every little breeze seems to whisper,' in a Chevalier song
Tirade from an underground worker?
Time for una siesta
They don't play the field: Abbr
Testing site
Tech news website
Tap choice, for short
Suit to __
Suggestive message
Storied restaurant
Spring time
Spanish ayes
Southampton sword
Sound of reproach
Sound file suffix
Smartened (up)
Shot in the dark
Shannon's county
Serious foe
Rocky areas?: Abbr
Rink fakes
Reminiscent of venison
Rarely ordered food?
Quart, say
Quaint 'before'
Purity meas
Program with steps
Posh party invitees
Plains dwelling
Personal assistant
PC speed unit
Parcel of land
Pack animal
Oral dozen
Opposite of pref
One who doesn't stay put
One of two using matched weapons
One may be exposed by an expert
Old lemon
Old cereal box no
New Englander from Lhasa?
Namibia neighbor
Nailed, say
More than trot
Mil. awards
Mazda sports car
Loving murmur
Longtime TV host Carol
Longtime rubber company
Lombardy Castle city
Lincoln in-law
Like the biggest stories
Like green salads
Library attention-getter
Lhasa __: small dog
Kimono holders
Key to a discography including 'Purple Rain'?
Island veranda
Iowa State city
Insufficient medley?
Infomercial urging
In abundance
ICU personnel
Hound attraction
Hires competitor
High school phase for many
Hems in
Hangs on a line
Green eggs advocate
Got out of the stable, say
From A __
Floor covering
Floor covering
First got acquainted
Fight (for)
Fashionable sort?
Farewell that's bid
Fallen space station
Emcee responsibilities
Elegant knight's accoutrement?
Dublin-born poet
Dots in l'océan
Doggy bag item
Do film editing work
Designated meditation area?
De Matteo of 'The Sopranos'
Creator of a quirky cartoon family
Confused state
Completely surrounding
Comfort during a tough time, for short
Cold War protest sign slogan
Chapter XXVIII of 'Moby-Dick'
Cereal brand since 1955
Camera choices
California's Santa __ River
Business baron
Browning, e.g
Bleachers sound
BART stop, e.g
Bard's bedtime
Author who wrote 'Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life'
Atlantic and Pacific, e.g
Annual report VIP
Aggressive marketing
49-Acrosses lead them
1995 Tony honoree for Excellence in the Theatre: Abbr
10% donation
'50s White House nickname
'That's surprising'
'Platoon' setting
'Me too'
'Archie Bunker's Place' co-star

___ Conference
Yellowstone grazer
Writer of 'The Gnat and the Bull'
Word with ceiling or financing
Whistler from two Eastern states?
Where Spartacus was from
Whale food
Walter ___, Dodgers owner who moved the team from Brooklyn to L.A
Vintage Jaguars
Unit of firewood
Unadon fish
Turbaned teacher
Tour de France time
Tiny-scissors holder
Things painted in the spring
They may block passage
The slightest amount of
Tennis world since 1968
Take stock?
Take from the top
Submits, as a phone report
Start to form?
St. Louis Arch, e.g
Sportscaster Al
Some young 'uns
So darn cute
Sister of Helios
Single, for one
Rite for a newborn Jewish boy
Resort near Snowbird
Reebok rival
Quattro + tre
Quaint store descriptor
Put away
Publication read by drs
Public image, briefly
Private eye, slangily
Previous incarnations
Pressure indicator on a map
Powerful engine
Pointer's pronoun
Player of TV's Det. Tutuola
Pitted fruit
Performing, perhaps
Part of a recovery effort
Part of a full house
Oscar-winning foreign film of 2005 set in South Africa
Oktoberfest music
Navy commando
Name in a Salinger title
Midwest state secedes and will join the United Kingdom?
Like some myths
Like some fertile soil
Licentious sort
Kind of torch on 'Survivor'
Just beat
Jeff ___, leader of the Electric Light Orchestra
It means 'farmer' in Afrikaans
In the 70s, say
Imparter of umami taste, in brief
Iger's predecessor at Disney
Icelandic letter
Hydroxyl compound
How a B.L.T. might come
Having braids
Have a connection
Haunted house sound
Hardly sophisticates
Grammy-winning singer of 'Shepherd Moons'
Got on board
Getting help getting clean
Gasoline may make it go
Fragrant compound
Former parent co. of Gramophone and Parlophone records
Footnote abbr
First-rate, in British slang
Firmly in place
Financial institution whose parent company is Canadian
Fifth wheel
Farm female
Fabulist's confession
Exact look-alike
Direct route
Dijon darling
Diarist Nin
Deal another blackjack card to a young Salem woman?
Competing with
Commercial lead-in to Pen
City just east of LAX
Chopper topper
Cheers after a go-o-o-oal!
Change of locks?
Cab alternative
C.I.A. forerunner
Buyer of a dozen roses, maybe
Big 2016 film set in Polynesia
Be successful
Be sociable, say
Avoid puddles, say
Art ___, longtime Cleveland Browns owner
Armchair accompanier
Architect Saarinen
Apology start
Ancient fortuneteller
Airbnb offering
Again, in Mexico
Added up
Actress Shire
2:00 in New York vis-à-vis St. Louis?
'___ de Lune'
'___ ’em, boy!'
'You'll have to pay for me'
'Who'da thunk it?!'
'We shouldn't sell our Fort Wayne home'?
'Try not to miss Bangor and Lewiston'?
'Sooner this, Sooner that … can't you talk about any other subject?'?
'I'm such a klutz!'
'Freedom ___ free'
'Consider it done'

___ out a living (scraped by)
Yen division
Writer Uris
Worthy, body-wise
Worthy in the looks department
Worthy in the brains department
Whispered attention-getter
Unit for a bodybuilder
The second of April?
Thanksgiving mo
Straight, briefly
Spit out
Spanish-style dancer Jose
Southwest offering
Sound booster
Sister of Zsa Zsa
Singer DiFranco
Showed a second viewing of
Rowing machine, for one
Put on TV
Primitive bed
Postnuptial relative
Plays the ponies
Perform to excess
Part of a reinforced boot
Parking lot section, often
One was issued in Nantes
On the same wavelength
Old Fox sitcom about a garbageman
Not there
Nobelist Mandela
No longer on the injured list
Naturally bright
More psychedelic
Mideast gulf
Microscopic organisms (var.)
Mantra reciter
Male cattle drivers
Mafia head
Lizards' lodgings
Lion's domain
Like too-damaged merchandise
Lawn care brand
Lava ejector of Sicily
Large Australian birds
Kyat division
Homer's neighbor
History chapter
Flower holder
Entertainer Lenya
Ecologist's suggestion
Earned, after taxes
Didn't stand
Did some serious fishing
Deep serving bowl
Cutlass or Delta 88
Cornwall's country
Chevy of the '70s
Check for fit
Bit of wordplay
Bird reputed to be wise
Banana oil and others
B-movie heater
Adam's mate
Above, of yore
17th Greek letter
'Prufrock' poet
'If only ___ listened to me, poor guy'
'I have discovered it!'
'Exodus' hero___-Roman wrestling
___ Park (Edison lab site)
___ E. Coyote of cartoons
___ and Fox Nation
Word after gray or rest
Wears a long face
Up to the task
Under the weather
Supreme Court appointee of 2006
Succulent houseplant
Standard Windows typeface
Sing the praises of
Select invitees
Scrap, at NASA
Salad bowl wood
Rustler's target
Rarity for a workaholic
Pulled the plug on
Provoke to anger
Princely friend of Falstaff
Predicted touchdown hr
Part of Miss Muffet's meal
Paradise on Earth
Panama hat material
One-for-one deals
Obi or cummerbund
Musical based on a Verdi opera
Most sparsely furnished
Model train sound
Michael Savage's medium
Maze-solving rodent
Manning in Dunkin' Donuts ads
Liver secretion
Like Solomon or Yoda
Like funny money
Like British Invasion bands' attire
Let go abruptly
Lamb's cry
Joan of Arc's alleged crime
Jazz jam highlights
Iconic WWII riveter
Hang in there
Hammer or sickle
Gruyere coating
Genealogist's diagram
FYI part
Frequent Hope-Crosby movie setting
Fannie or Ginnie follower
Engine location on old VW Beetles
Energy Star Day org
Did some batiking
Deliberates overnight
Defeated a la Magnus Carlsen
Crepe ___ (boot part)
Core military group
Conrad's '___ Jim'
Confetti has largely replaced it, at weddings
Complete, as a scene
Cline who sang 'Crazy'
Charter member of NATO
Blow the socks off
Big name in escalators
Bean of 'Game of Thrones'
Auction unit
Ants, vis-a-vis insects
100-eyed guardian of myth
'Working Girl' star who married Don Johnson in 1976 and again in 1989
'With cheese,' on deli menus
'To a Skylark' and others
'The View' creator who married Merv Adelson in 1981 and again in 1986
'Roll Tide' school, informally
'Right-in-the-kisser' sound
'In memoriam' bio
'Hit the hay' or 'hit the road'
'Family Ties' son
'Dear' dispenser of advice
'Baywatch' star who married Rick Salomon in 2007 and again in 2014__ Romeo (Italian auto)
Wonder Woman portrayer Gadot
Wheel rod
What some grills run on
Vote seekers
Very unlucky
USAF officer
Underlying cause
Try to cool, perhaps
Travel agent offering
Tooth pro's deg
Tomato variety
Thurman of film
Thomas Hardy heroine
Telegraphy pioneer
Take __ at (attempt)
Still competing
Station wagon descendant
State-run game
Sound of a bark
Sorbet flavor
Solemn assent
Screen legend Sophia
School support grps
School on the Thames
S&L offering
Royal flush card
Rowboat equipment
Role for Caine or Law
Revered one
Register-receipt roll
Refer to
Refer casually (to)
Reef material
Ray of light
Ranch enclosures
Properly presented
Prankster's expression
Poultry purchase
Planted seeds
Phoned documents
Pet advocacy org
Permission to go
Online rating symbol
One of some rolls of 50
Old Ironsides, e.g
Of Thor, Odin, etc
Novelist Salman
Not the usual thing
Not in the dark about
Nastase of tennis
Narrowly defeated
Napping spots, perhaps
Montezuma subject
Markings on some ziti
Many profs
Make into firewood
Madrid museum
Little by little
Lingo suffix
Light brown
Job opening
Jazz instrument
Japanese Winter Olympics city
Interstate patroller
Holiday precursor
Here right now
Half-rectangle shape
Gym handout
Great weight
Great potential
Golf hazards
Gives access to
Gets nosy
Get tired
Gauged, with "up"
Fuzzy images
Furtive summons
From the neighborhood
French monarch
Freezing temperatures
Free of charge
Four Holy Roman emperors
Flavor enhancer letters
Flake weather news
Flake supermarket news
Flake political news (Arizona, November 2012)
Flake medical news
Flake art news
Fishing gear
First-century despot
Feasts on
Far out
Far from certain
Family nickname
Family nickname
False witness
Ending for ball
End-of-term rituals
Emphatic refusal
Eggs: Lat
Easy chore
Dressable toy
Draped dress
Downhill gear
Dictionary designation
Dark red
Curtain raiser
Choose at the polls
Casual restaurant
Cardiology concern
Capone associate
Brought up
Brawny bunch
Boston-area university
Bit of telegraphy
Becomes harder to climb
Antlered deer
Angry outburst
American Revolution mercenary
Aleve alternative
Acting before thinking
A third of "seis"
25 Down VIP
"__ put it another way . . ."
"Venerable" English saint
"The Simpsons" airer
"Star Wars" royalty
"Good" cholesterol

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