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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 24.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 24.08.2017

__ Butterworth
Yemeni seaport
Word on really bright Crayolas
Way back when
Waterway between the major islands of New Zealand
Vampire's bed?
Used a hatchet on
Turned out to be
Toward protection, at sea
Tolkien henchmen
Threw in
Tells a story
Tech company's origin, perhaps
Tamale dough
Takes for granted
Sushi roll topping
Support financially
Springsteen's 'Working __ Dream'
Spa treatment
Sketch material
Silo neighbor
Scandinavian language
Put on board
Pita feature
Pinnacle of a lecture series
Pepsi product that's also its calorie count
Part of FEMA: Abbr
Painter Manet
Ornamental fabric
Once-per-player chess move
On the shelf
Notre Dame's Parseghian
Not alfresco, and what this puzzle is vis-? -vis its border answers
Nile snake
Move in the direction of
Medicare component
Lorre's 'Casablanca' character
Leg-covering skirt
Leaping critter
Layered do
Kennel guest
Jazz great Montgomery
Hurricane, e.g
Honda or Hyundai
Helped start the pot
Helen Reddy's '__ Woman'
Had superior skills in
Green Gables heroine
Great Sand Dunes National Park st
GPS suggestion
Fries, for instance
Feign illness to avoid work
Feed bag feed
Face cream additive
Drainpipe section
Depend (on)
Craft built in the 2014 film 'Noah'
Commuter org. in the Loop
Commentary page
Comic Johnson
Cause for alarm
Caboose place
Broadway platform
Boardroom prop
Blew hard
Big __
Big name in stationery
Become resentful
'Wild Blue Yonder' mil. group
'Norwegian Dances' composer
'Far out, dude!'

___ one-eighty
___ Gasol, six-time N.B.A. All-Star
What a plane lacks
Violator of YouTube standards
Tribute writer of sorts
Total bore
Tip-___ (easy baskets)
They're shocking
Take out
Swig from a flask
Subject of this puzzle (who has himself done a 39-Across)
Spongy sweet
Sigh of relief
Road sign animal
Reid of Hollywood
Recyclable item
Purchase that can be deleted
Pretoria's land: Abbr
Portmanteau ride
Picnic coolers
Part of a stable diet?
Part of a magic show
Paris accord subj
Org. whose budget is classified
One who probably doesn't get out much
Olympics venue
Old-style hacker
Not so exciting
Not punish just yet
Needing Bengay, say
Mysterious gift?
Mexican silver city
Mess up
Lily Tomlin's role in 'All of Me'
Like, so cute!
Like the smiling eyes of song
Lead-in to horse or lion
Latin lover's love
Kind of pie
It may contain gold
Home of Arizona State University
Hieroglyphic symbol
Hawaii's ___ City, on an island of the same name
Goes out for a while?
Geographical name that comes from Old English for 'East Saxons'
Flow stopper
Film technique – or a bad thing for it to get?
Fastest of three historic ships
Elsa's sister in 'Frozen'
D, in an emoticon
Cuisine with many curries
Crushing, as a test
Country whose national anthem is 'Nashid As-Salaam as-Sultani'
Classic record label
Chocolate ___
Cartoonist who popularized Uncle Sam
British Invasion band that launched Van Morrison's career
Bids 'one club,' say
Asylum seeker, maybe
Apt rhyme of 'squeak'
Approach furtively, with 'on'
Apex predator of the ocean
All-vegetarian frozen food brand
Actor Cage, informally
Able to run smoothly, say
A.P. exam inits
58-Across, notably
51-Across, e.g
2013 World Series champs
'r,' in a text
'Cleopatra' and 'Spartacus'
'A Farewell to Arms' setting, briefly

Write a bad review of a 'Misery' performance?
Whiskey choice
Un color primario
Trooper producer
Treat similar to a Yodel
Traipses about
To a great extent
Takes in
Take clippers to
Suspicious of
Subject of chemical attraction
Sub's single
Strawberry Fields sponsor
Spot for the 'Love Letters in the Sand' singer to play croquet?
Something the 'Florence Foster Jenkins' star might clear?
Some of Molly Malone's wares
Some blades
Some Belize natives
Software license reader, supposedly
Soak, say
Second or fifth
Run while standing
Resistivity symbol
Rates highly
Put in the wrong part
Plains people
Pews' setting
Part of a Bic Cristal
Pack purchasers
Opera highlights
One of 150 in the Bible
Offerer of 'the firstlings of his flock'
Music may come out of it
Masked raider
Lester of NBC News
Informal handle
Griffith Observatory style
Greedy gullet
Giants legend
Find for un paleontologo
Find a job for
Far from ordinary
Faint puff
Drive-thru developer of the past
Crest container
Crescent formed by two intersecting arcs
Craig Biggio, for 20 seasons
Covered a 'Bridesmaids' co-star in talc?
Couple's word
Conjunction with a slash
Choice when setting an alarm
Cartoon robot made of smaller lion robots
Capone rival
Brest friend
Big Pharma's wares
Barbecue chef's spice mixture
Asteroids source
Articles of faith
Archipelago part
Ad for MADD, say
Abe's wife
1993 NBA Rookie of the Year
'Yeah, right!'
'Good gracious!'
'Excuse me?'
'Black Mass' star

___ up (dress finely, old-school)
Window base
What thespians recite
West of old Hollywood
Vestment for a priest
Vehicle from Venus, e.g
Units that get shucked
Ultimate, degreewise
Twig construction
Tokyo of old
Think about deeply
They might get mud in your eye
The big briny
Teen's skin woe
Tarantula's leg number
Skip, as stones
Shoelace tag
Santa ___ winds
Sandy mound
Sailor's 'OK'
Roseanne's TV husband
Rolls, as of cash
Ring-tailed primate
Right away
Relaxing in one's free time
Reach, as a goal
Practice duking it out
Pocketed breads
Pitcher Guidry
Pig digs
Persona non ___
Party treat
Partner of lows
Pardon my 'is not' fix, but ..
Opposite of to
One of the Jackson 5
Old beginning for 'while'
Ocean obstruction
More peculiar
Miss America's crown
Memory failure
Maximal suffix
Large sports structure
Japanese belt
It can leave you numb
Home run hitter
Heartbeat sound
Get one's goat
French seaport
Fix the who or whom question, by using..
Fix the who or whom question, by using ..
First name in Polish politics
Fabric type
Even if, briefly
Eggs, to Caesar
Desert respite
Dealer's car
Clean, as a floor spill
Christmas tree choice
Chinese chairman
Brass or steel, e.g
Bicycled or took a bus
Belching flames
Be an agitator
Attack aggressively
Approved for intercontinental travel
Anything shaped like Earth
Adds new employees
Abrade by rubbing
A ___ pittance
'See ya,' in London

Word that can follow the last parts of 17- and 62-Across and 11- and 34-Down
Without warning
With the bow, on a score
Wi-Fi access areas
Whole bunch
What a rainbow flag symbolizes
Weapon heavier than a foil
Verizon purchase of 2015
Use Google or Bing
Tylenol targets
Tough to grasp
Totally blown away
Tooth extraction tool
Title bestowed on Rod Stewart in 2016
Therapeutic plant
Terminal baggage handler
TBonz dog treat brand
Tampa Bay area city, familiarly
Surrender, as control
Spicer of the Trump White House
So yesterday
Smelter byproduct
Shoot, but not lethally
Seth of 'Knocked Up'
Seat for a cyclist
Sambuca flavoring
Saguaro and prickly pear
Rumored cousin of Sasquatch
Reznor of Nine Inch Nails
Property-dividing greenery
Philandering sort
Old Testament teacher of Samuel
Need-to-know ___
Mongolian for 'waterless place'
Member of a predatory pod
McJob doer, e.g
Listening intently
Like a pitchfork or trident
Investor's woe
Hasenpfeffer ingredient
Hankerings and itchings
Gunslinger Holliday
Glade PlugIns output
Get underway
Genesis brother
Fumble or foozle
Friends who may never meet
Element class including yttrium
Eggs rich in omega-3 fatty acids
Duster's target
Door ding, e.g
Dermatologist's removal
Craft in a Belafonte song
Chiwere-speaking tribesmen
Canceled, at Canaveral
Call on the carpet
Blood bank category
Bighorn mother
Bigeye tuna
Beehive-raiding beast
Band in a Rob Reiner mockumentary
Arthur with three Grand Slam titles
Arcade coin
Amazon ___ (hands-free speaker)
Accommodate, as a favor
Abs-building exercise
2016 Ryder Cup champions (Abbr.)
'They ___ thataway!'
'The Bathers' impressionist
'That Old Black Magic' composer Harold
'Shark Tank' investor Kevin
'Mike & Mike' radio station
'Enchanted' girl in a 2004 movie
'Beetle Bailey' pooch
'A1' on a spreadsheet, e.g

Will Smith role
Very sore
Tuber's nickname
Trifling amount
Transmission setting
Traffic slowers
Traffic slower
Tomorrow, for short
Symbol of sovereignty
Step like the bossa nova
Stand-up put-down specialists
Stage scenery
Stage direction
Spiny houseplant
Spinach pie ingredient
Something in the air
Soft throws
Soft ball brand
Small salamander
Serene spots
See (to)
Rodeo ride
Reveal one's view
Residential retreats
Renaissance Faire entertainers
Radiator contents
Prank perpetrators
Passport mark
Part of a travel mug
Out in the open
Oscar Night interviewees
Onetime Russian state: Abbr
One of Agatha's sleuths
Oath affirmation
Novelist Morrison
Neighbor of Turkey
Name on the cover of "Goldfinger"
Mineral used in insulation
Lobbying grp
Less filling, on labels
Land to build on
It means "straight"
Is unable
HOV lane user
Highway hauler
Former pair
Flew the coop
Fish in some omelets
Fictional Chinese archvillain
Doze (off)
Diva's delivery
Director Kazan
Cuts off
Creature fought by King Kong
Corporate officer
Cola measure
Choppy, in music
Branch of mythology
Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony
Bandleader Puente
B equivalent
At the present time
Art Deco artist
"Yes, we should!"
"To __ human . . ."
"Semper Fi" org
"Madam Secretary" airer
"Dilbert" cartoonist

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