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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 24.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 24.07.2017

__ Lingus
__ de plume
Yanni's genre
Wordless acknowledgment
Wise guy
Where Ali did his rope-a-dope
Washington Nats' div
Walkman maker
Treater's words
Transparent wrap
Totally smitten
Tommie of the Amazin' Mets
Tomato type
Thesaurus abbr
Tasseled topper
Suffix with legal
Status symbol watch
Stable father
Spice Girl Halliwell
Small salamander
Ski lift
Shoot the ball, in hoops lingo
Sandwich initials
Saint Laurent of fashion
Reverse of a hit 45
Red Muppet
Progressive insurance spokeswoman
Profits from
PC device also called a burner
Part of IOC: Abbr
Part of a flower
Oyster gem
Over and done with
Original 'Tonight Show' host
Not working
Noggin in Nice
Nixon's first veep
Neon or Freon
More than a little heavy
Man the grill
Make, as money
Major Can. city
Madeline of 'Paper Moon'
Lounge (about)
Lennon's lady
Kitchenware brand
In disarray
Home safety feature
Home of the NBA's Spurs
Highway off-ramp
Helped with the dishes
Fond du __, Wisconsin
Flat-topped formations
Final notice?
Fifth in NYC, e.g
Elite group
Dugout rack lumber
Confession to 'Who broke this?'
Computer antivirus brand
Composer Stravinsky
Chinese lap dog, for short
Charged particles
Brother of Cain
Big name in field equipment
Antlered animal
Anthology of personal writings … and a phonetic hint to what is literally comprised by the answers of 17-, 23-, 46- and 56-Across
Actress Cameron __
'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' playwright Edward
'Sorta' suffix
'Hud' actress Patricia
'Grey's Anatomy' patient who proposed to Izzie
'Famous' cookie guy
'City of New Orleans' singer Guthrie

___ Palmer (drink made with lemonade and iced tea)
Wisconsin city on Lake Michigan
What golfers with equal numbers of squares and circles on their scorecards shoot
Took the wrong way?
The 'G' of L.G.B.T
Taj Mahal city
Split-___ soup
Sound that a punch in the gut elicits
Small bit of land in the ocean
Rarin' to go
Ramen product
Punk rock's ___ Pop
Playbill listing
Pi's first digit after the decimal
Parceled (out)
Overnight lodges
Ouzo flavoring
Opposite of a life coach?
North Pole worker
N'awlins sandwiches
Molecule components
Mo. when daylight saving time ends
Milo of 'The Verdict'
Male delivery
Less common
Lawn section
I love, in Latin
Hyphen's longer cousin
Hobbit played by Elijah Wood
High no. for a valedictorian
Helps with the dishes
Have a bawl
Green condiment served with sushi
Former full-size Buick
Fonda or Ford
Folk singer Guthrie
Fisheye or zoom
Firefighter's tool
Figure skating jump
Fast-food chain with the slogan 'Live más'
Excessively praised
Effect's counterpart
Daredevil in the Motorcycle Hall of Fame
Competing with the goal of victory
Clothing retailer ___ Taylor
Churchgoers, collectively
Church area
Celebratory shout
Carpentry tool
Capital of Minnesota
Buyer's bottom line
Business for Delta or Southwest
Brand of pasta
Boxer George who lost the Rumble in the Jungle
Back of the neck
Applying thickly, with 'on'
Annoying insect
Ancient kingdom whose capital was Nineveh
Alternative to a co-op
'With all ___ respect …'
'TiK ___' (Ke$ha hit)
'Thar ___ blows!'
'So that's your trick!'
'Sesame Street' Muppet with wings and a magic wand
'Oh, yeah? ___ who?'
'Exodus' hero

Youngest player to reach 600 HRs
Writer Kingsley
Wise daughter of Zeus
Verizon acquisition of 2015
TV's Curry
Tightly defined
They hoot at night
Suspect's excuse
Sturgeon eggs
Strike caller
Song or slug follower
Somme summer
Shuttle setting
Shooter Shaquille
Sauvignon ___
Sacred service
Purple smoothie berry
Provides with hay, say
Pricey winter wraps
Plant with fronds
Pizzeria fixtures
One of the noble gases
Nonreactive, chemically
Neighbor of Isr
Missing from military roll call
Minor fights
Meteor shower?
Medium for Matisse
Med. plan providers
Long-eared equine
Lay to rest
Kuwaiti currency
Jay of late night fame
Incredible stories often spread via social media
In ___ (stuck)
Honda luxury brand
Home of the Magic
Henry VIII had six
Gillette razor brand
Game that goes into overtime, e.g
Galley tool
Freight weight
Freeport-based retailer
Fly catcher
Cyber Monday come-ons
Crow cry
Cricket player
Contrary to expectation
Contrary girl of rhyme
Cold shower?
Castile-born folk hero
Casino, to gamblers
Carrying current
Bread and butter, for two
Big shrimp
Big commotion
Be partial to
Baltimore seafood favorite
Baby shower?
Assemble-it-yourself furniture seller
April shower?
Amazon Echo's personal assistant
'___ la Douce'
'Who ___ to judge?'
'The March King'
'Smooth Operator' singer
'Rebel Without a Cause' star
'In your dreams!'
'Gone With the Wind' estate
'Full Frontal With Samantha Bee' network
'Bye Bye Bye' boy band
'Back in Black' rockers

X, for Denzel Washington
Wriggly fishes
Work in tandem
Wintry frosts
What an ex gets at a wedding?
Utah city
Type of range
Took, as a card
Thing created by bees
Thin wood strip
Taurus' neighbor
Strong smell
Started the day, in a way
Slowly permeate
Regains consciousness
Place for many pictures
Perfect, as one's talents
Oust, as from office
Olympic event with lunges
Old-school jazz enthusiast
Oahu instrument, briefly
Not well grounded?
Not amateur
Night, in old poetry
Nevada tourist city
Narrate over
Money, in slang
Mattress type
Martian rover?
Marked, as for a violation
Make amends
Lunched or munched
Lowermost deck on a ship
Large marine duck
Kentucky Derby barrier
In ___ of (substituting for)
Hoop part
Hitchcock classic
High school VIP
Greek's eighth letter
Goofed up
Editor's mark
Duelist's weapon
Copenhagen coin
City in Michigan
Cincinnati pros
Chimney deposits
Card game for three
Camp shelter
British tie
British bloke
Boorish type
Bearskin and prayer, for two
Bathroom floor material
Bar Mitzvah locale, often
Banned insecticide
Angry displeasure
'___! It looks like rain!'
'___ of Eden'
'___ by any other name …'
'When You Wish ___ a Star'
'Puerto' conclusion

Year-end card word
Wrigglers in reefs
Wordless performer
Word following road or screen
Weapons for cavemen
Wagon trail's groove
Visa alternative, briefly
Usually deleted email
Triathlon statistic
The Seminoles' school
Shower wall unit
Result of a brainstorming session
Response to 'Marco!'
Randomizer in many games
R&D rooms
Puts into a snit
Portfolio part
Place for a mud bath
Partner of vigor
Part of a bird call
Pantyhose ruiner
Osmond in Nutrisystem ads
Onward in time
One of five (or six) journalistic questions
Not so many
No. for an interoffice phone
Netflix category
MYOB part
Moving company's fleet
Ming collectible
Measured off, in a way
Many Learjet passengers, for short
Lose steam
Like some mortgages
Like a bodybuilder, during competition
Knight's title
Huskies' burdens
Holmes who played Jackie Kennedy
Hold the minority opinion
Harpo Productions founder
Grad student's mentor
Gilligan was one
Genre with often-depressing lyrics
Gallery event
Flips, as the Poseidon did
First launch in the space race
Exchanges vows with
Etcher's fluid
Epps of 'Shooter'
eHarmony.com client's wish
Dunham of 'Girls'
Drops on the grass
Denny's rival, familiarly
Creature on Wyoming's flag
Creator of Felix and Oscar
Couch for a couple
Collins of rock's Genesis
College near Windsor Racecourse
Co-Nobelist of Rabin and Peres
Certs purchase
Butcher shop need
Bringing into play
Bramble feature
Brainiac's antithesis
Bowling score sheet marks
Bother incessantly
Body shop offering
Bio that lists survivors
Beginning from
Back-of-the-book section
Artery implant
Annual 'green' event
Acknowledged an anthem
'That's it!'
'River' spanned by the Brooklyn Bridge
'Chance' found on the outsides of 17-, 28-, 47- and 63-Across

__ de Janeiro, Brazil
Wise saying
Winery containers
Weighing device
Weeding tools
Video-game parlor
Vapor from a teakettle
Uses scissors
TV industry award
Tucker out
Tree with cones
Traffic tie-ups
Toledo's state
Theme of the puzzle
The Flintstones' era
Test-drive vehicle
Temporary peace
Takes a survey
Take without permission
Switchboard worker: Abbr
Study hard
Small couch
Small boat that's paddled
Slight residue
Settle a bill
Salespeople, for short
Prefix for chute or medic
Poker pot starter
Physical power
Passed with flying colors
Naval noncoms: Abbr
Mix of metals
Mexican "So long!"
Matador's opponent
Lose one's footing
Long stories
Letter before tee
Legal claim
Leave the premises
Lawn material
Karate cousin
Jacket lapel flower
Insurance filing
Immigrants' island
Heart doctor's field
Had dinner
Grains in Cheerios
Grade-school auxiliary org
Give an autograph
Gator kin
Former vice president Al
Flower stalk
Fizzy, as a soft drink
Fence post
Felony or misdemeanor
Eagle's claws
Doctor's "open wide" request
Dimes and pennies
Craftsperson with wood
Black-and-white cookie
Baseball players' hats
Barely at all
Attention-getting sound
Artist Picasso
Argue the pros and __
And others: Abbr
Absolutely engrossed
Abs-building exercises
A Great Lake
) and (, for short
"For Pete's __!"

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