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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 24.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 24.06.2017

__ beef
Weapon similar to a halberd
Two-time British Open champ
Took part in a cover-up
Tiny stream
Three-legged table
The Beatles' 'Help!' is one
Tanks cover them
Santa Anita action
Salary period
Raid shelfmate
Quicker than quick
Poor working conditions
Plugged away
Parting words
Part of a hip-hop trio name
Organic compound
One with all the answers?
Olduvai Gorge paleontologists
Off-peak calls?
Nine-time presidential candidate
Muck it up
Milk source
Michigan city or college
Many ATM deposits
Makes a good living
Like a trenta at Starbucks
Keys on a piano
Jack in a box lunch
It's under a foot
It's rarely taken home
It can affect where you stop on a road trip
Introduced in stages, with 'in'
Inspector in Elizabeth George mysteries
Identity verification system
How old radios are heard
Hodges of the Dodgers
He had a way with words
Has a cow
Hall of fame
Give new life to
Fruit also called a sugar apple
Frosty feature
Fed with a wand
Eighth of 24
Doesn't toss and turn
Detail on a map
Decide not to call
Company car advantage
Certain racing vehicle
Breezed through
Botched, with 'up'
Baskin-Robbins order
All told
Ad campaign almost dismissed by its creators for grammatical inaccuracy
Abs strengtheners
'What __ bid for … '
'I Lost It at the Movies' author
'Firing Line' host
'Applause' Tony winner

Woody's son
Won, for one: Abbr
Without adjustment
Washing machine part
Vodka in a blue bottle
Vardalos of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'
USN bigwigs
Trellis piece
Time off, in military jargon
Tim Tebow, in college
There's a lot of interest in it
Tantalizing ads
Tackle box collection
Suspicious way to look
Spicer of briefings
Slack-jawed state
Singular trinket
Shuriken thrower
Set in order
Security detail, at times
Rush setting
Ring combo
Return amount
Reggae kin
Quick-cooking noodles
Puts on the docket
Post's opposite
Plain writing
Peanuts and pinto beans
Pass over
Party platter purveyor
Part of FYI
Paleozoic, e.g
Owned (up)
Not ordained
No longer in bed
Mom's pop
Mom's mom
Melba from Melbourne
Med. sch. course
Mason's aid
Marco Polo's heading
Mammoth trapper
Maker of the Spark personal watercraft
Make finer, in a way
Mail ___ (do a perfunctory job)
Lumbering fellow
Long-standing rival
Linguist Noam
Like chlorine and fluorine
Levi's Stadium pro
Lack of appropriate seriousness
It might be hand-picked
In ___ (awaiting delivery)
Horace collection
Helicopter precursor
Headline announcing 'Red Hot Mama' Tucker's commencement address?
Hauls in
Harold Henry Reese's nickname
Grp. with the slogan 'We Are Their Voice'
Groundskeepers, at times
GPS lines
Goes to great heights
Gallic pal
Gallic girls
Full of substance
Friends included in a phone pic?
For a thick-coated dog, it's like seven human ones?
Food critic's asset
Foe of Agent Smith in a movie trilogy
Flyer to Amsterdam
Fivers, in slang
Firth or fjord
First name in psychoanalysis
Finish protector
Exodus leader
Exercise employing sneakers with cushioned insoles?
Even a little
Draws on
Dove's position
Domestic servant at Eddie's Hollywood estate?
Do some agonizing
Dietary supplements that taste like steak?
Deep discounts
Coveted guests
Company that operates Nevada's Gigafactory 1
Co. that administers the SATs
Circus Maximus attendee
Chef who's expert at preparing duck in its own fat?
Charisse of 'Brigadoon'
Chantelle product
By far
Buyer be where?
Buyer be where?
Bringing about
Brian Williams's employer
Bow's husband on 'Black-ish'
Botany, agriculture and forestry?
Bill in a till
Bears down (on)
Be inquisitive
B&B in Brighton Beach?
Affirmed solemnly
Affectedly cute
27, 216 or 2197
2012 British Open winner
1992 animated musical film by Bill Plympton
1984 Leon Uris novel
'___ Like the Wind' ('Dirty Dancing' song)
'The Bells ___ Mary's'
'Taken' star
'Oh, got it!'
'My mistake…What of it?'
'Mother Courage and Her Children' playwright
'Kitty ___' (Ginger Rogers movie)
'It's a deal!'
'I Believe I Can Fly' singer
'Austin City Limits' carrier

Wrench or level, e.g
Worn pencil, e.g
Word with 'Christmas' or 'apple'
Word before 'event' and after 'mass'
With wings
Where Senators glide through their business
Where customers are steamed
Where a ship leaves its wake
Went like lightning
Water by another name
Update, as a factory
Type of shooter or soup
Trigonometric function
Traffic sign
Track unit
Tournament exemptions
Tirana bills
They're used for casual wrap-ups
Tear channel
Talking bird
Superior skill or ability
Summing up
Slow tempo, musically
Show a preference
Shoulder wraps
Resell tickets
Reasons for 10th innings
Raptor's roost
Put cargo aboard
Professional's charge
Pressing feeling
One way to cool coffee
Murders, slangily
More virtuous
Mallet-and-ball game
Makes more bearable
Make waves?
Like things you don't see every day
Legislative body
Late July-early August sign
Keyboard operator
Jackie's second husband
Impressionist's specialty
Hopeful birdwatcher
Hindu princess
Guarded (var.)
Goofs up
Give off, as a mist
Gave false hope to
Gallery contents
Fast x 3
Fast x 3
Fast x 2
Enterprise speed unit
Doth own
Communist leader of old
Certain nonlethal weapon
Bugged and bothered
Boo Bear or Sugar Lips, e.g
Big name in '50s sitcoms
Big Apple squad
Bees' collection
Banned bug spray
Alternative to nine-grain
All-white home
AC/DC converter
A Ponzi scheme is one
'En garde' weapon
'Days of' dinosaurs
'Andy Capp' cartoonist Smythe

___ word (linguistic invention)
___ Friday's (restaurant chain)
___ dollar (1970s coin, informally)
___ broche (on a skewer)
Yahtzee category
Workers and soldiers, in the ant world
Whisper sweet nothings
Wasilla's state
Travel like Kirk
The Tabard in 'Canterbury Tales,' e.g
The Gaels' school
Talk nonsense
Take off in all directions
Swallow hurriedly
Sun Valley visitors
Subtraction from gross, to a trucker
Style of Greek architecture
Source of butter, in the Himalayas
Solidify, like Jell-O
Skull Island simian, for short
Simon Cowell's old show, familiarly
Scanned bars, for short
Salon sound
Said 'bos'n' or 'cap'n,' say
Rod at a pig roast
Require scraping or salting, perhaps
Requested a doggie treat, maybe
Quench, as thirst
Puzzles in cornfields
Pompadour sporter of the 1950s
Peter of Herman's Hermits
Othello, e.g
Morton condiment
Mean Joe Greene's giveaway, in a classic commercial
MapQuest's parent
Many elite marathoners
London's East ___
London Magazine essayist
Like Robin Hood's beneficiaries
Like 'Goosebumps' stories
Levine of Maroon 5
Lender's security
Kite's claw
Jeter's manager for 12 seasons
Jazz jargon
Japanese cartoon genre
Hirsch of 'Lone Survivor'
Head-in-hands word
Having the right stuff
Hard-to-resist impulse
Goes barnstorming, say
Goblet part
Gaucho's cattle catcher
Gasp at a fireworks show
Former GM make, for short
Flop's opposite
Fifth-century pope called 'the Great'
Feedbag morsel
Early event in the presidential race
Dorothy's visit to Oz was one
Decathlete's implement
Costa Rica's capital
Composer Berlioz
Command before 'Paste'
Claw alternative, on hammers
Cable channel for cinephiles
Business name abbr
Breaks, at a ranch
Bobby Fischer's game
Big fusses
Beehive State native
Atomizer output
'___ my party . . .'
'Not fair!'
'Getting to Know You' singer
'Ay, ___!' (Bart Simpson expletive)
'As ___ instructions'
'All hope abandon ye . . .' writer

__ cap
Worth getting an autograph from
World's most popular beer
What to call cutters
What chutney may top
Warrior daughter of Zeus
Verbal incidentals
Ungentle treatment
Two-person cutter
Tone characteristics
The Williamses, since 1997
Sweet Easter serving
Standing __
Sarong's lack
Rock music staple
Repair centers, for short
Remove some hair from, maybe
Remnant of the Corsica-Tuscany land connection
Rather long-lasting
Process grain
Offering from Google or Microsoft
Noodles from Nagano
Narrow and elongated
Mystery meal
Margrethe II subject
Many amateur videographers
Long-distance meas
Legendary model of purity
Juggling set
It's heard in "The Rite of Spring"
It's east of Albuquerque on I-40
It might detect high cholesterol
It has argument questions
Home of a Munch museum
Had some consonance
Frictional remedy
Fooled, with "in"
Flier of fantasy fiction
Evinced instability
Employer of some 2,000 volunteer attorneys
Emperor equivalent
Elementary sextet
Electronically ready
Early sounds in "Singin' in the Rain"
Dizzy fan
Develop with assistance
Cutaneous condition
Contact info
Clear, as settings
Circular ocean current
Chain selling elk sausage
Calls porpoises dolphins
Bonsai fruit tree
Bit of poetry from Cinderella
Big name in guitars
Be too much
Avenue south of Santa Monica Boulevard
Auto made in Georgia
Author inspired by "Dracula's Daughter"
Associé de confiance
Apple storage device
"What Kind of __ Are You?" ("Cosmo" quiz)
"Rest – there needs not this __": Chesterton
"No prob"

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