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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 24.03.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 24.03.2017

Whiskey barrel wood
What's left by an ace investigator … and in each of the four longest puzzle answers
Whack a mole?
Type of cat in 'Cats'
Tomato type
Time server, usually
Tabriz native
Strings for Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Stew veggies
Some North Sea fishermen
Slowly, to Salieri
See 59-Down
Scottish countryside sight
Sci. subject
Rip out stitchwork in
Recipe directive
Puget Sound swimmer
Prom rental
Prepare for cooking, as sole
Point Pelee's lake
Parrier's tool
One getting under your skin
Northern Kentucky county
Name on a historic B-29
MS. enclosures
Marzipan staple
Many an off-campus local
Lyft competitor
Legislative assemblies
Last line of Dale Evans Rogers' 'Happy Trails'
Krabappel of 'The Simpsons'
Kid around with
Jag model
In the future
Hail in old Rome
Got laughs, hopefully
Gloucester's cape
Genesis brother
From the top
Entertain lavishly
Dossier shorthand
Device used with a planchette
Deprived (of)
Dancer Charisse
Combined, in Cannes
Clark's 'Mogambo' co-star
Chanel offering
Cat of many colors
Capital NW of New Delhi
Came up
Caller of 1-Down
Bull pen locale
Block in a barn
Bird __
At an angle
Alternative for beef avoiders
2016 FedExCup winner McIlroy
2000s Israeli prime minister Sharon
'60s Batgirl portrayer Craig
'The lowest form of humor—when you don't think of it first': Oscar Levant
'The Louisville __': nickname for Ali
'The Heart of Georgia'
'The Daily Show' host before Trevor
'Squawk Box' airer
'How cute!'
'Giant Brain' unveiled in 1946
'Five Weeks in a Balloon' novelist
'Coming Home' singer Bridges – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Mar-24-2017#sthash.mh1isbO5.dpuf

___ George H. W. Bush
Writer/director of 'The Evil Dead'
What'll give someone a bleeping chance?
Wetlands regulator, for short
Uncivilized sort
Turns off
Traveled in trunks, say
Through the roof
They can be found in two different sections of home-improvement stores
The Bronx Zoo has 265 of them
Test of one's backbone
Take care of bills
Tab alternatives
Stop working for good
Stiff material under a ball gown
Sniffer dog's discovery
She, in Rio
Ritual drink in Shintoism
Request for a hand
Really impress?
Reading problem
Proved sound
Protectors sent packing?
Prefix with athlete
Practically begs to be hurt
People with decorating tips?
One receiving top billing
One of a hitched pair
Novelist Hammond ___
Nike alternative
Moby Dick, e.g
Metal finish?
Men's fashion shortcut
Like walk-off touchdowns
Like many beta programs
Judith with two Tonys
Jazz trumpeter Hargrove with two Grammys
It might be caught by a 56-Across
It grows in the dark
Indications of one's qualifications?
Hybrid business entity: Abbr
Hospital vessel
Hang (on)
Giant in chemicals
Do some dirty dancing
Diamond delivery
Completely wiped out
Clip art?
Challenge for a housecleaner
California congressman Darrell
Burrowing sea creature
Boastful sort
Blues group, in brief
Better with trickery
Become attentive, with 'up'
Banquo, for one
Bad occasion for an anchor to drag
Ancient Roman citizenry
1985 Oscar nominee for 'Agnes of God'
1982 Disney film
'___ true'
'___ for Alibi'
'In Luxury Beware' painter, 1663 – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Mar-24-2017#sthash.6K3qYFYQ.dpuf

Writer of flowery verses
Worshiped things
Wintour and Moffo
What pessimists expect in random 60-second increments?
What either male twin on Wilshire Blvd. has?
Weeping sound from a bird hybrid?
Way off base
Unknown persons
Thing taken at a diner
Sunday funny
Sporting romp
Small, tight thicket of trees
Silent performers
Sends in, as payments
School fund-raising org
Sanctimonious person
Ruler's creation
Recurring theme
Question of magnitude to a milliner?
Public and private groups
Playfully modest
Piercing tool
Parts of true blackjack hands
Owl sound
One who works with numbers and books
Not sage at all
Nosy Parker
Nickname for Ireland
Moving air
More self-centered
More ridiculous and silly
Messy, as a hearth
Male sailor
Make updates to factory equipment
Make livid
LP player
Little nipper
Like beer and some fountain drinks
Like a trident
Lab burner of old
It's a gas
Intentionally fail to include
In a suitable manner
Important American caucus state
Highest point
Hate and disgust
Frontal attachment for 'bus' or 'rod'
Fraternity letters or cockpit guesses
Formerly married couple
Drive or reverse
Diacritical mark
Currently doing nothing
Country club payments
Comedy legend Dick Van ___
Combine in a blender
Certain percussion instruments
Catcher's equipment
Carny barker or salesperson's delivery
Business name abbr
Boggy, swampy places
Blossom's friend, on TV
Big gulp
Be sought after, in a kid's game
Banded chalcedony
Bake eggs in their shells
Bad ___ (German spa)
Audible breathing sounds
Alphabetic symbol of yore
Abbr. title for a group of gentlemen
A Muse
A definite article
'The Little Red Book' chairman
'Stat' attachment
'Her maiden name was' word
'… ___ home and native land' ('O Canada') – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-24-2017#sthash.wWreAy8G.dpuf

___ Four (the Beatles)
Wind-up watch parts
What Elmer Fudd did to 'wabbits'
Voter's enclosure
Two-toed or three-toed slowpoke
Town on the Thames
Telecast signal component
Stick with a pin, say
Spritzer ingredient
Sleeps under the stars
Skirt style in 'Austin Powers' movies
Sign of summer
Send out
Salt Lake City collegian
Refuse to grant
Recreational sailor's auto attachment
Ready for strumming
Promise 'kept' by 17-, 31-, 39- and 55-Across
Position in a hierarchy
Pooh's feathered friend
Place to use Easy-Off
Persona non grata, to a striker
Paparazzi's prizes
Osso buco need
On a grand scale
Off one's rocker
Octopus's octet
O. Henry twist
Name on a rap sheet
Marx with a Tyrolean hat
Many big band instruments
Major effect
Lion, Tiger or Bear
Like comedy that pushes the envelope
Like a watch with hands
Lightbulb measures
Leaves the stage
Lawn-Boy's parent
King Kong's kin
Jellyfish attack
It's verboten to vegans
It's bid 'arrivederci' in song
It's between batter's boxes
It may have sidewalk seating
Intel-gathering mission
Hurricane Sandy recovery org
Having great courage
Hardworking Aesopian character
Hairpin turns, e.g
Guy pals, slangily
Golden Rule word
Gives approval to
Gives a heads-up to
Fuji outflow
Fighting tooth and nail
Early automaker Ransom E
Dinette set item
Did some logging
Cools one's heels
Comes within reach
Checkroom item
Bubbly beverage
Brewery name on an MLB stadium
Beyond repair
Be remorseful about
Baylor University city
Backyard barrier
Approach, as for a loan
Apple tablet
An Andean condor's may exceed 10 feet
Admit openly
Abrupt turns
3-Down portion
1976 KISS hit with orchestra backing
'Roots' author Haley
'Not so fast!'
'Gee, that's swell!'
'Battling Bella' of 1970s politics – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Mar-24-2017#sthash.aDgMX7tz.dpuf

__ top of the other
Yellowish brown
WWII side
WWII side
Word that begins with an apostrophe
Windows-opening machines
Wigged out
Was rootless
Verbal shrug
Traffic control device
Tolstoy princess
Subject of many an "Inferno" tale
Spun platters for pay
Source of fizz
Shower with attention
Second fiddle
Sci-fi walkers
Sardine cousin
Sac-fly result, often
Roundup circle
Round of four
Regal pronouncement
Premium coffee variety
Playwright Ayckbourn
Past due
Online handicraft marketplace
New Deal power agcy
Nancy Drew novel byline
Move to act
Modern pictograph
Marco Polo greeter
Like Col. Kurtz in "Apocalypse Now"
Lift-offering businesses
La-Z-Boy alternative
Incline (to)
Incessant struggles
In reserve
How some cheese is served
Hoops infraction
Harvest bundle
Goes outside the lines?
Forensic tool
Female variant of Cecil
Far from ruddy
Expression of patriotism
Establish through statute
Erin, on EU license plates
Ergonomic utensil brand
Disney toon singing "Let It Go"
Disapproving remarks
Disapproving remark
Dance without inhibition
Cuba neighbor
Conservation group's symbol
Comes (to)
Celestial explosion
Book before Obadiah
Bleach target, at times
Ben Hogan contemporary
Bard's bustle
Adapter designation
(In) place (of)
"__ candor . . ."
"Where Brilliance Belongs" sloganeer
"Jaws" theme instrument

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