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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 24.02.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 24.02.2017

__ voce
__ stiff
[I'm shocked!]
Zeus remains largely neutral during its narrative
Without aggression
Wedding offering
Verify the story of
They're often tough to beat
Test in which contrasts are helpful, briefly
Telling it like it is
Take badly?
Tach stat
Table support
Songs of Seville
Showed impatience, in a way
Second name, perhaps
SEAL's org
Salon sound
Russian Orthodox church feature
Ring site
Result of way too many leaves in the eaves?
Request to a dealer
Really loving
Produce stand sites
Potatoes may be cooked in one
Postgame staple
Poetry Muse
Phone button letters
Philosophers' group
Part of NSF: Abbr
Part of many art museum names
Opposition leader?
Opposite of 56-Across
Opposite of 40-Across
One moving with frequency?
Near giveaway at the liquor store?
Minor set-to
Maine road sign image
Legal tender with a torch
Kaiser, for one
It's thrust in competition
Huffington Post owner
How stand-up comics usually work
Generational tales
Fort Knox?
Forced bet
First name in Chicago politics
Feb. setting in Spokane
ENT's group
Enhance through change
Domestic shamelessness?
Defunct food coating
Dealer's offering
City on the Aare
Candy __
Buffalo Bill feature
Body shop supply
Besides Linus, the only Nobel laureate in two fields
Barnyard sound
Artist at Giverny
Arcade trademark word
Ancient spell caster
Album contents
Above the crossbar and between the uprights
2016 Billboard Top Artist
'My turn'
'Cutthroat Kitchen' host Brown
'A dagger of the mind, a __ creation … ': Macbeth – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Feb-24-2017#sthash.GFw46cH3.dpuf

Workout area?
Woman often depicted 34-Across by 29-Across
With nothing on
Wickerwork material
Where the Linear A script was unearthed
What often follows grace
Were present?
Was immoral
Usually anonymous newspaper worker
Upper class
Twitter feature
Title mankini wearer in a 2006 film
Things picked up by the perceptive
They're more important than quarters
They may be stored in towers
Their tops can produce 'power output'
Their grilles have trident ornaments
The Fab Four kicked it off
Take a while to wear off
Spike in direction
Something pulled uphill
Seahawks stadium name before 2011
Say 12-Down
Rush hour, on the airwaves
River that Henry Miller likened to 'a great artery running through the human body'
Put in firmly
Orientation letters?
Orientation aid
Once-ler's opponent, in children's literature
Nitrogen source for plants
Music direction to stop playing
Michelangelo and others
Match noise
Locale of Franklin County … or of Aretha Franklin's birth: Abbr
Like many sub-Saharan languages
Like cartoondom's Peter Griffin or Chief Wiggum
Lawyer's title: Abbr
Joe Blow
It's between Navarre and Catalonia
Ingredient in some mulled wine
High-five go-withs, maybe
Golden Horde member
From one's earliest days
File menu option
Didn't release
Darth Vader's childhood nickname
Darling of literature
Co. with the longtime slogan 'Live well'
Co-star of a #1 TV show for four seasons in the 1950s
Certain white-collar criminal
Celebrity astrologer Sydney ___
Bird food holder
Big dog
Beads on petals
Bavaria, per part of its official name
Attacks medieval-style
Astronomical discovery initially called Xena
Angioplasty device
Allow through
Actor Auberjonois and others
'Yes, agreed'
'It Is Never Too Late to Mend' novelist, 1856 – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Feb-24-2017#sthash.IOnxSZnL.dpuf

___ Modern (London gallery)
Victoria's Secret merchandise
Victim in Genesis
Undiluted, at the bar
Turner, the 'Sweater Girl'
Toil away
Thumb-turning critic Roger
Tandoor, for one
Tailor's line
Studio do-over
Start of a gridiron play
Soup toss-in, perhaps
Sorvino of 'Summer of Sam'
Slander Smokey?
Shrine to remember
Shows partiality
Seeks directions, say
See eye to eye
Ravioli filling, sometimes
Raven's cry
Politico Quayle
Plumb tuckered out
Place to graze
Pitt of 'World War Z'
Part of a French door
Par for the course
Pago Pago native
Oases in cartoons, e.g
Moth-___ (ratty)
Misshapen, in a way
Many a Hooverville dwelling
Makes a blooper
Make a 2-D glass of Guinness?
Lizard kept as a pet
Lip balm target
Like an Olympic year
Like a fillet
Language that gave us 'sherpa'
Kudos, slangily
Is worthy of
Inaugural ball, for one
Image composed of several X-rays
Ill-fated captain of fiction
Hold one jack in one's hand?
Having a soft touch
Hauled to the station house
Harper Valley org. of song
Hard-to-please celebrity
Goliath's undoing
Give a scalp massage?
Giblets part
German surname starter
Garmin display lines
From square one
First, second or third
Fabric with diagonal ribs
Exchange verbal jabs
Door ding
Dog tag datum
Devil's work
Declines, as popularity
Decathlon components
Criticized severely
Cornstarch brand
Company car, for example
Cavalryman's sidearm
Bow-wielding god
Boom times
Before long, to a bard
Banks who held the Fiercee Awards
Auctioneer's 'Sold!'
Anesthetic of old
2016's 'Ben-Hur' et al
'Smooth Operator' singer
'See ya'
'Ignore this correction' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-24-2017#sthash.yzFqoZh5.dpuf

What a bank chain might hold
VW predecessors
Unprincipled guy
Trumpeter/recording exec
Topic in family law
Thick as thieves
Sounds from pounds
Soprano instrument
Slowly decline
S, as in invitations
Raised-arms calls
Preposición española
Power source
Pointer's reference
Pearl City wingding
Part of Zedong, formerly
Out of favor (with)
New-product rollout
Navy sub designation
Naturally carbonated brew
Name on a book of Liszt's
Mexican shawl/scarf
Mets' most recent Hall of Famer
Marner's creator
Man, for one
Make haste
Lunch from a grill
It's east of Java
Inuit word for "house"
Hockey area
Heckler's objective
Hat extension
Got just right
Ginza agreement
Flowers that sound kissable
FL's busiest airport
Fine point
End of academic addresses
Eisenhower, by birth
Does condensation
Disney's Snow Queen
Dining guide brand
Diesel engine maker
Colombia's airline
Chaucer's pilgrims left from one
Certain petty officer
Buyback contract, for short
Bulldog booster
Brit's mail receptacle
Bring forth
Black Fri. month
Bit of a laugh
Big name in juvenile fiction history
Biceps exercise
Beside oneself
Barrel of laughs
Bangladeshi capital, old-style
Backwoods accommodations
Adjective for hood locks
"__ remind you . . ."
"Show Boat" showman
"Men From Earth" author
"Heart of Darkness" trader
"Driving Miss Daisy" driver
"Argo" weapon – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-24-2017#sthash.PQRpHxH3.dpuf

Woodstock rocker Hendrix
Volcanic coating
They might get folks down
Tarzan portrayer Ron on 1960s TV
Take over for
Suffer the fate of a wicked witch
Sondheim's '___ the Woods'
Solemn promise
Ship's sail support
Shining light
Rice covering
Regatta racers
Reasons for rubdowns
Quick cut
Put on cloud nine
Puffin or penguin
Prepare for the presses
Prepare for takeoff
Pipe part
Part of many a parcel
Oscar nominee for his role as Fergus in 'The Crying Game'
Org. targeting those high on the highway
Opera title hero who enters Hades to rescue his beloved Euridice
One-dish meal, often
Oil moguls' gp
Oft-picked styles
Make more modern
Major Iraqi port
London socials
Load from a lode
Like the Namib
Lamb, e.g
Insiders' language
Immense stretches of time
Historian's focus
Hearing aid company with a GENIUS technology
Hard to climb
H.S. course with some irrational results
Green gemstone
George's 'Porgy and Bess' collaborator
Fur trader's device
From the start
Fred and Wilma's purple pet
Forensic ID determinant
Fairway pick
Fail to mention
Eruption extrusion
Emmy nominee for her role as Edna in 'The Facts of Life'
Do a lawn chore
DJ's vinyl supply
D.C. big shot
Current period in professional tennis
Criticize harshly
Cowboys quarterback Tony
Conch's covering
Colony marcher
Buddhist meditative practice
Blood substance
Baldwin who played Trump during the 2016 campaign
Bad roommates for neatniks
Attendee's unexpected perk
Anon's partner
Animals on Australian stamps and coins
'Room' novelist Donoghue
'Don't bother to change'
'Beat it!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Feb-24-2017#sthash.qMd1eokH.dpuf

___ and terminer
You can find Eugene there
Yemen's port
Word for pointers
Whiskey grain
Where many ski
Vessel for ashes
Things posted in inns, sometimes
Thing that didn't go off
Thing a car insurance co. will provide
Tall mountain
Stubborn animal
Stickler for perfection
South African currency
Sorvino of movies
Sometimes-congested body part
Small bag
Skin layer
Sign of something about to happen
Sheepskin cover?
Seven, on some clocks
Roof overhangs
Ranked with a number
Raised, as cattle
Place to become a part of humanity
Pipe joint with a right angle
Pig's home
One who takes things down?
Observer of stars, e.g
Nonromantic, as some relationships
Neutral color much stronger?
Near the belly, as a shark fin
Narrow country road
Mountain in Genesis
More than merely miffed
Mitochondrial stuff
Miscellaneous articles
Mine score
Liquid-leaving-a-bottle sound
Like some cereals
Like new nonagenarians
Like any sewing needle
Kitchen warmer
Interior styles
Guiding nightlight
Grasslike plant in wet places
Glass square or rectangle
General's helper
Finishes on the dull side?
Farmer's 'faithful' activity stronger?
Farm cackler
Fanning or Johnson
Elton John classic stronger?
Egg, in ancient Rome
Doohickey or gizmo
Did an impression of
Cooktop substitute
Cooking herb
Container in a chemistry lab
Confusion, to Jimi Hendrix
Colored eye part
Collection of money on a poker table
Clinging flora
Church doctrine
Casanova type
Aykroyd and Rather
Answer back disrespectfully
Actress Wray
A Great Lake
'___ our conversation …'
'___ in Black' (Smith/Jones movie)
'We're No. 1!' relative
'Get ___ it!'
'Dilly' follower

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