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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 24.01.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 24.01.2017

__ fit: tantrum
Wrinkle remover
Vintage cars named with the initials of their company's founder
Treatment facility
Torah teacher
Tire-inflating aid
Taken __: shocked
Tag sale condition
Sun Devils sch
Softens, with 'down'
Skippers on ponds
Skin breakout
Short life story?
Romantic rendezvous
Roach spray brand
River of Florence
Remarkable times
Recent returnees to Los Angeles
Readily available
Rainbow flag letters
Puzzles with dead-end paths
Pork or lamb cut
Poker pot starter
Part of rpm
Part of DOE: Abbr
Org. with a five-ring logo
Oft-poached fruit
Napoleon or Nero: Abbr
Music majors' degs
McCartney's title
Low voice
Longtime NBC newsman Roger
Lasting mark
Lakota chief at Little Bighorn, and what's literally found in this puzzle's circles
John of England
Jerry of 'Law & Order'
Irritated incessantly
Indian or Iranian
In an unfriendly way
Homes of blue-plate specials
Hit the runway
Historic educational center of Paris' Latin Quarter
Hesitant sounds
Helen of Troy's mother
Golf stroke played from sand
Golf Hall of Famer Ernie
Genetic letters
Foot-in-mouth incident
First sign of a shark
Faux glow
Fanzine figure
Dried chili pepper
Digital library contents
Cultivated violet
Critic's harsh words
Clutter-averse type
Classic Jaguars
City in northern Iraq
Chatter away
Chain famous for breakfasts
Canadian Thanksgiving mo
Blue ox of folklore
Blond shade
Belfast-born actor Stephen
Apple mobile platform
All-hrs. cash source
Act division
Abbr. on a cornerstone
'Wish me luck!'
'The Simpsons' creator Groening
'Neener neener!'
'Just chill!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jan-24-2017#sthash.cU1bv49n.dpuf

___ Verde National Park
___ pro nobis
___ Maria
___ Globes
Work of Horace
W.W. II Allied landing site in Italy
Tricked but good
The 'thing,' to Hamlet
The 'them' in 'Let them eat cake'
Something that might be thrown behind a teacher's back
Skin abnormalities
Singer Mary J. ___
Room with an easy chair
Rocket launch site
Right-hand page of an open book
Restaurant freebie
Repeated word for word
Put at risk
Purchase payment plan
Polaroid, e.g
Plains tribe name
Place to pay the going rate?
Philatelist's buy
Peter with eight Academy Award nominations (and, sadly, zero wins)
People eaters, maybe
Part of the brain believed to control emotion
One of the Three Musketeers
Neptune's Greek counterpart
Namely, in Latin
Masterpiece waiting to be found … or a hint to the words in the circled letters
Mars, for example
Like Vatican affairs
Like Baroque architecture
Letters on many ambulances
King of comedy
iPad downloads
Input for fivethirtyeight.com
In all probability
How Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic
Harley-Davidson bike, in slang
Guru's title
Guards at Buckingham Palace
Give in (to)
Former Nevada senator Harry
Former G.M. compact
Florida senator Rubio
Exactly right
Emulate Picasso or Pollock
Double-___ recession
Dennis the Menace, for one
Cut (off)
Cincinnati-to-Philadelphia dir
Cardinal's insignia
Capts.' inferiors
Bowling venue
Big name in car parts
Assume the role of
Affectedly polite
Add punch to, as the punch
Actress Susan
1974 top 10 foreign-language hit
'Too rich for my blood'
'The Vampire Chronicles' author
'Silent' prez
'On the Waterfront' director Kazan
'Oh, goody!'
'O death, where is thy ___?': I Corinthians
'I'm not kidding!'
'Dr.' who co-founded Beats Electronics – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jan-24-2017#sthash.Gj5EnvoW.dpuf

Wyo. is on it
Would very much rather not
Unwelcome attic denizen
Timber wolf
They might be considered off-course
They come and go
Take charge of
Swift or Crane
Stable youngsters
Spill over
Show mercy
SFO guesses
Scrapes (out)
Sac fly stat
Runners at Pamplona
Roman fountain locale
Reformers' targets
Raised railways
Put out
Punk offshoot
Pacific greetings
Oscar winner Guinness
Notes after do
Much like
More frequently than desired
London gallery
Livorno's land
Like male fig wasps
Lengthy swimmer
Lanchester of 'Witness for the Prosecution'
Lago liquid
Kept out of sight
Keep from scratching
Jazz phrase
Janis's partner in the funnies
Investigative account of 1998
Inquisitive person
Initial order at a diner?
Home to the Himalayas
Hemmed and ___
Gloria Gaynor genre
Frequent soap opera affliction
Former AAA club that played in Honolulu Stadium
Follow around
Flamenco cry
Exams for srs
Eucalyptus muncher
Drops in the end zone?
Draft outlet
Diva's delivery
Director Jean-___ Godard
Declines the offer
Cutter's cousin
Convention-mocking art movement
Clickable word, perhaps
Claire Dunphy or Rainbow Johnson, e.g
Carnival city
Brooks Brothers buy
Brandish a baton
Bay or bight
Auditor's agcy
Animal house?
A question of method
2011 Spielberg movie
'Wanna bet?'
'The Time Machine' race
'Presumed Innocent' writer
'It's only ___!'
'Hedda Gabler' playwright
'Hang on just ___!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-24-2017—Good-Things-Come-in-Threes#sthash.IXjEHXdW.dpuf

___ out a living (gets by)
With no need for an estimation
When planes are expected to land, informally
When Mr. Tebow is hopeful, he feels ..
When Lil Wayne is happy, he feels ..
When Donald Trump won the election, he felt ..
When Buzz Aldrin is elated, he is ..
Wharton degree
Way of the East
Verizon is one
Use the bow, to a cellist
TV show unit
Turn over, as land
This plus that
Thing screamed at a villain or blind ump
Thing for an English barrister
They deserve respect
They come marching in, in song
The write stuff
The only thing in an empty bottle
Tai ___ (martial art type)
Surprising way to be taken?
Suitable for the job
Stickler for perfection
Some pass catchers
Sharpie tip, e.g
Seat in a cathedral
Scientific Sir Isaac
Rose piece
Playing hard-to-get
Part of a teapot
One sporting dreadlocks
Nursery school enrollee
New York city
Most fit for the draft
Monopoly phrase with 'Jail'
Load on board
Lithium-___ battery
Like the best old-school rock
Like an overused oven?
Like 1, 37 or 199
Light hit
Jungle primates
Horizontal graph line
Guitarist for Michael Jackson, once
Gave generously
Gambler's giveaway
Fits with sails
Fertilizer from bats
Fabric from DuPont
Eve slept here
Eggy Christmas drink
Doing business
Diamond or ruby
Critter that plays dead
Cinders container
Car with legroom
Buckwheat cereal
Brief vacation
Big-time tire maker
Bakery offering
Athlete's lasting power
As ___ (letter closing)
Application inquiry
Answered all test questions perfectly
Angler's gear
'___ to a Nightingale'
'___ in a million years!'
'Well, ___-di-dah'
'Devil With ___ Dress On'
'As ___ on TV!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jan-24-2017#sthash.2A0zkg2x.dpuf

___ culpa
Wrestler's takedown
Wordplay in the Jumble
U2 frontman
Tough spot
Toronto's prov
Tin Pan ___
Timer filler
Ten-percenter, briefly
Tara surname
Spartan serf
Slaving away
Senegal's capital
Scene employing stunt drivers
Sault ___ Marie
Ring official, for short
Result of overexercising, maybe
Reacting to smelling salts, maybe
Raggedy doll
Pusher buster
PRNDL part
Prettifies, as a cake
Paper measures
One of three in a 3-D graph
Of the same ___ (similar)
Noted rib donor
Not tainted
Not so nutty
Michael's 'Family Ties' role
Mention as a source
Mattel offering
Madeline of 'Young Frankenstein'
Lone Star Stater's moniker
Little shavers
It's crude, at first
Interpreting loosely, as with a script
Hearts player's coup
Hannah Montana, to Miley Stewart
Gridiron 'Hail Mary'
Good-sized suburban lot
Genie's offering
Gas ubiquitous in Vegas
Futurist of sorts
French philosopher Bergson
Food preparers' headgear
Feared fly
Equestrian's handful
English horn's cousin
Elbow-to-wrist bone
Drive home, as a run
Do a banker's job
Deep bows
Cornerstone abbr
Chrysler Building style, for short
CBS crime drama for 10 seasons
Castle protection
Business name abbr
Brooding bird
Brinker of kid-lit
Breezing through, as a test
Bossa nova relative
Boom times
Blows one's stack
Big fuss
Beyond recovery
Attaches, as a feedbag
Arm muscle, briefly
American in Ajijic, Mexico, e.g
2015 nuclear deal participant
'Robinson Crusoe' author
'My mistake!'
'Michael Collins' actor Stephen
'M*A*S*H' R&R city
'Live Free or Die' is one
'Life of Pi' director Lee
'Caught ya!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jan-24-2017#sthash.TrBEdwm8.dpuf

__ sail (leave port)
Wagering site: Abbr
View from the shore
Vends used goods
Vanilla/nut ice cream
Vanilla/chocolate ice cream
Valentine decoration
Turn the wheel
Tugboat sound
Sprints and marathons
Song segments
Snug and warm
Skiing surface
Rebuke harshly
Radiate, as light
Quick haircut
Puts in the mail
Parts of pogo sticks
Part of PTA: Abbr
Pampering treatment, for short
Over 18
Opinion pieces
Old saying
Newborn cow
Mornings, for short
More pleasant
Money owed
Maple syrup source
Luau instruments
Losing streaks
Lobster relative
Large quantity
Knocks loudly
Knight's title
Joe Biden and predecessors
Island near Maui
Ink spots
Historical period
Have high hopes
Green ice cream
Great joy
Go off like a volcano
Glances at
Gets taller
Get ready, briefly
Four-door car
Flops on stage
Extinct bird
Emphatic agreement
Egotist's top priority
DVR button
DJ's collection
Disney Florida theme park
Crime lab evidence
Count in a quartet
Come to a halt
Color variations
Clean air org
Christmas Eve aviator
Canoeing spot
Cancel out
Butterfly catchers
Blueprint detail, for short
Baseball arbiter
Assemble, as troops
Ambulance destinations: Abbr
Almond/marshmallow ice cream
1,760 yards
"__ be the day!"
"That makes sense" – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jan-24-2017#sthash.0JpqlkCR.dpuf

___ vortex
___ Percé (Western tribe)
___ Kristen of 'One Life To Live'
Without a letup
William of 'Broadcast News'
Wee ones
Very fine, in slang
Tree that's popular with squirrels
They're frequently scanned
They have arches
The ___ & the Papas (1960s group)
Sound of an excited crowd
Slimming surgery, briefly
Singer Buddy or dancer José
Sermon's basis, often
Seek to scam online
Scrape harshly
River into the North Sea
Returning, in a way
Proves helpful to
Projecting window type
Printer brand
Prepared, as a pineapple
Pleasant city on the Riviera?
Oscar winner Marisa
One of the Kramdens
Oktoberfest dance
NASDAQ setting
Mustache maker?
Mongolian tent
Martian's craft, say
Lynx or Cougar, for short
Lab input?
Kinds of bends
It often gets dunked
Ice dancing teams, e.g
Hockey move
Frosh's tormentors
French for 'here'
Former Mississippi senator Trent
Fleshy fruit
Fizzling-out sound
Fall flower
Endangered African antelope
Don Juan's mother
Demon eradicator
Decorates in Cottonelle, for short
Deborah of 'The King and I'
Curious thing
Crumbly cheese
Coolidge or Roosevelt
Conclusion of the bumper sticker message
Common Seattle forecast
Common 30-yr. debts
Coal unit in one's stocking, say
Cliques or subgroups
Certain foreign approvals
Bumper sticker message, part 2
Bumper sticker message, part 1
Botch something up
Blood component
Black Sabbath name
Being, in Bordeaux
Beetle target
Bad dancer's victim
As of now
Army NCO
Annual Alaskan race
Agnus ___
A Vanderbilt
'Then again,' in tweets
'Squawk Box' network
'J'accuse' writer Émile
'It's ___!' (quitter's lament)

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