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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 23.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 23.09.2017

Wranglers alternative
West Coast ZIP starter
Wedding announcement
Vast multitude
Took courses at home
The punch in Planter's Punch
Taylor of 'American Crime'
Tack on
Subway alternative
Speed down a slope
Set overly easy goals
Selfish sort
Sachet filler
Rockers Mott the __
Ride cost before taxes and such
Reverse of a knit
Repository for spare or unused parts
Ready to ride
Ran off
Punished in court, in a way
Pull over, say?
Policy at certain clubs
Pâté base
Part of DINK
Parade greeting
Neatnik's possible condition, briefly
Month after diciembre
Mississippi explorer
Mad __
Literary assortment
Line 32 items on 1040 forms
Like the praying mantis
Like some offshore rescues
Like rattlers
Let up
It's in many poems
It may be rolled up on a farm
Informal passing remark?
In Tupperware, say
Immortal Kiev-born pianist
Helped on stage
Had way too much of
Gulf States leader
Gross out
Grand children?
Give a little
Former Haitian president
Fleming work
Display some guns
Disk problem
Dessert with a kick
D, P or S, on quarters
Curly-haired 'Peanuts' character
Covered carriages
Company whose name appears in an odometer in its logo
Commonly seen brown vehicle
Cheerleading outfit?
Be the first to say
Angler's gear
'Wuthering Heights' setting
'Are you kidding me?!'

___ Neuwirth (designer jewelry brand)
___ dog
Work order?
Window component
Window component
Wayne Manor manservant
Tony winner Neuwirth
Summer Olympics event discontinued after 1936
Start of a series
Sound of condescension
Some 'Murder One' figs
Shell alternative
Rest limply
Redhead of Hogwarts
Question after a rant
Potential perch
Perfect place
Pay unit, for some
Part of many a studio apartment
Opposite of schadenfreude
One getting bald over time
One can be driven home
Old ___, pet name of Davy Crockett's rifle
Office stamp abbr
Nautically protected
Most tear-inducing, say
Made sense of
List on a video game screen
Joy of TV
It's 29% cream
It has arms, legs and feet, but no hands
It has 'calculator' and 'no-calculator' math sects
Hosted at one's loft, say
Hill runner
High-flying performance
Having had enough
Grp. that takes on pirates
Go one way rather than another
Give the boot
Gave some juice
Friend of note?
Find out whether
Endow (with)
Elevated lines?
Effects of double espressos
Dog-walking trail
Cut to bits
Coveted bit of real estate
Common URL ending
Cold storage
Cirrus clouds, e.g
Cheesy fare
Bulk purchase
Buffet table item
Brewing agent
Boring things in shops
Bit of art pottery
Appointed member of Parliament
A mister may sit next to one
'Why am I not surprised!'
'I won!'

You can't do it with one hand
You can see the White House on one
Writers O'Brien and Ferber
Words to begin an impromptu race
White wader
Where it's at?
Where Anna Leonowens taught
Where 'Cast Away' was filmed
Wheel tender
Villainous laughs
Victoria's Secret competitor
VA hospital concern
UPS rival
Unappreciative sort
TV toon with an 18-letter surname
Turn black
They, in Calais
They take things into account
The one who got away
Testimony prelude
Syst. in which the dyne is the standard unit of force
Surrounded by baying hounds, perhaps
Sugary suffix
Successful folks get them
Store across from Rockefeller Center
Stereo input abbr
Star on the mound
Spray-painter's aid
Spouses of some countesses
Spot for a sand wedge
Sporty Camaro model
Sorry state
Small incision
Sleep lab study
Show courtesy to, as a judge
Shot in the dark
Shook on, say
Shoe designer Jimmy
Shipping channel
Shift letters
Sequel that was the top-selling video game of 2007
Self-sacrificing sort
Self-evident headline…about a cat burglar?
Season opener
Scottish singer Boyle
Sault ___ Marie
Rio area that means 'stinky lake' in Tupi
Ring roll
Record holders, of a sort
Reaction to a spider
Productivity measure
Product created by a North Carolina pharmacist
Pro ___
Pro ___
Priest's advice
Plumbing problems
Play girl?
Pigged out
Piece that's in pieces
Open like a kid on Christmas morning
One might be topped with queso blanco
One might be insured by the FDIC
One may be roasted
NPR's Shapiro
Never, to Nietzsche
Nerf weapons
Michael of 'Juno'
Mets shortstop Amed
Magazine pagefuls
Little Richard's birthplace
Like some glassware
Like MorningStar Farms burgers
Like many smaller golf courses
Knighted photographer Cecil
Job posting abbr
Its flag bears a Masai shield
Isn't ephemeral
Isengard's destroyers
Inner tubes?
Includes on the reply mail
Hosp. hookups
Homophone of 37-Across
Helicopter inventor, it's said
Hardly engaging
Gila River Arena pro
Frank's wife before Mia
Fluctuating rapidly
Flight specialists?
Enjoying a massage, maybe
Early leads
Drying rack
Doesn't guzzle
Discordant, archaically
Delight to the max
Daughters of Mnemosyne
Columbus in NYC, e.g
Colleague of Neil and Clarence
Cobbler's cousin
Chicken's lack
Caret's key
Cantonese cooker
Busy time on la Cote d'Azur
Broadband choice
Bonny belle
Better defined
Battle cry?
Band that disbanded in 2011
Attend without paying, perhaps
Adam and Eve were his grandparents
Accessory that might attract bees
92 and 53 for U and I
19 British prime ministers as of now
…about a woodworker?
…about a teacher?
…about a military officer?
…about a Don Juan?
…about a dominatrix?
…about a barfly?
'___ wish…' (Oscar Mayer jingle beginning)
'You ___ fooling anyone!'
'What'd I ever ___ you?'
'The enemy ___ the gate'
'Now I've got it!'
'My boy…'
'I'm standing right here'
'Dirty Jobs' host Mike
'Como ___?'
'But the night is still young!'

___ Lanka
Young ranch hand in Australia
Yogi's chant
With all rights to
Welcoming symbol of freedom
Using few words
Use a stopwatch
Unlikely to shake loose
Unaccompanied performances
Three-spot in a hand
Thing in a tackle box
The very top
The 'F' in FYI
Sun or moon,poetically
Sportscaster Buck
Spacek of Hollywood
Something to be as fresh as
Snakelike fish
Skips over
Sioux City's state
Sci-fi vehicles
Samurai ritual
Salsa brand
Richard of 'Moonraker'
Reach one's peak
Ranee's outer garment
Prom transport
Port city in western France
Plantation crop
Place to shop 'n' ride
Paving substance
Not world-wise
Not in
Musician Yoko
Mass confusion
Make do
Lofty perch
Letter with curves
He flew too close to the sun
Have a loan from
Handle roughly
Fodder stored on a farm
Extended relative
Egg part
Eccentric (var.)
East German currency, once
Dresden's river
Digs in
Deep dreaming stage
Days before big days
Crazy commotion
Covert ___ (spy work)
Consistently compliant one
City transport
Certain inserted card
Cartoon explorer
Call up, as reservists
Bygone autocrat
By way of
Buzz off
Building on a fiver
Boston B-baller
Blackthorn fruits
Birds of prey
Battering device
Advanced deg
Abbreviation for Grant
'View' or 'state' attachment
'Bed' and 'farm' attachments

___ vapeur (steamed)
___ hours (early morning)
Yugoslav hero Marshal ___
Word in a '101' course title
Unbeatable cards in War
Type of clog
Triathlon, e.g
Toy dog, briefly
Thunderbird roof option, once
The Beatles' '___ the Walrus'
Texter's sign-off
Starkist's Charlie, for one
Sot's sound
Sloth and 21-Across are deadly ones
Sharon of Israel
Shares one's feelings
S'mores toaster, often
Running total
Round Table address
River under the Ponte Vecchio
River to the Missouri
Promote on a talk show, say
Prima donnas' pieces
Port of Iraq
Players in the first domed MLB stadium
Places to buy and sell rodeo gear?
Patronize U-Haul
Part of a church at a Poughkeepsie, N.Y., school?
Night of celebration
Mississippi flatboats of old
Middle Ages warrior's suit of armor?
Measure, as the speed of a fastball
Marks, as a ballot
Lion or tiger or bear
Like a hockey puck's symmetry
Lamb and Bacon compositions
John of the Sierra Club
Insignificant sort
Indonesian island near Java
Incentive for a stunt, perhaps
Identical siblings share them
Hindu social class
Granola morsel
Grand Canyon, notably
Go to the mat, in dialect
Glass edge
Getting on, so to speak
Fugitive's moniker
Freebie at some service stations
Four o'clock services
Flow like molasses
Fire engine tool
Fields of study
Fearmongering rodent?
Expletive from Scrooge
Emotion that may need management
Edit, as a photo
Dye for a temporary 9-Down
Dobbs on Fox
D and C, in D.C
Contemptible sort
Cereal in snack mix
Cellular home
Call to the Coast Guard
Border on
Body ink, for short
Big moment for a flight student
Belt overhang
Basketball Hall of Famer Unseld
Anwar of the Camp David Accords
Aerialists' stunts
9mm submachine gun
11-Downs, big-time
#, on a score
'Yesterday!' on a memo
'I wanna try!'
'Broadway Joe' of Super Bowl III fame
'Black Orpheus' city, for short

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