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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 23.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 23.08.2017

__ out: barely makes
__ Los Angeles
[I give up!]
Writer for whose father the National Baseball Hall of Fame city was named
Was sorry about
Vacation location
They may be choppy
Tel __, Israel
Sweet Sixteen org
Sushi roll fish
Suffix with ethyl
Subject of a certain management class
Started, as a co
Sporty British cars, for short
Short and chubby
Shaped like an avocado
Retail showcase
Reporter's delivery … and what 20-, 34- and 41-Across are literally doing?
Reef material
Red Muppet who refers to himself in the third person
Pub quiz fodder
Power co. output
Persuades with flattery
Permanent marks
Per item
Pegboard game
Particle physics concept
Omelet option
Okay mark
Novelist Rita __ Brown
Mother Earth, in Greek mythology
Kitchenware brand
Jack Reacher creator __ Child
Intends to hit
Improvised blade
Goods thrown overboard
Gillette brand
Gentle touch
Furniture chain popular in dorms
Freudian analyst's concern
Fit together nicely
Fight that may involve drawing
Fictional captain Hornblower
Fey with many Emmys
Eye problem
Doily fabric
Dig deeply?
Dietary fiber
Diamond great Sandberg
D-backs, on scoreboards
Curtain supports
Come out on top
Christmas trio
Blueprint detail
Bit of toy 'ammo'
Biological mapping subject
Baltic port
Art Deco luminary
Area for critical patients, briefly
Anne of 'Wag the Dog'
Air Wick target
Actress Polo
'Who's there?' answer
'Unbroken' director Angelina
'That's the spot'
'So close, yet so far'
'NewsHour' channel
'Holy cow!'
'Girl on Fire' singer Keys

Wicked Witch's home
Whodunit game
What you might take your lead from?
Urban Dictionary fodder
The first Mrs. Trump
The 'I' and 'o' of 'I do'?
Specialized market segment
Smartphone screen image
Sighed words
Schiller work adapted by Beethoven
Sandwich shop request
Rides the bench
Results of abrasions
Remove, as a hat
Reminder to a chess opponent
Pre-K attendees
Post-Mardi Gras period
Political bosom buddy
Place to graze
Penny or memory follower
Pack-toting equines
Overdoes it onstage
One having a ball?
Ointments containing aloe, perhaps
Not fooled by
Nascar's Yarborough
Mother of Chaz Bono
Most worthy of a handwriting award
Lorena of the L.P.G.A
Like a basted turkey
Leaky, as a faucet
Leader in a robe
Kitten's cry
Key with four sharps: Abbr
Iranian money
Henhouses of ill repute?
H.R.E. part
Guthrie at Woodstock
Guerrilla fighter
Grab the tab
Gardener's spring purchase
First name in stunt cycling
Escape tool secreted in a cake, in cartoons
El ___ (weather phenomenon)
Dromedaries on patrol?
Drive-in restaurant need
Do flawlessly
Diva's opportunity to shine
Developer's site
Deplorably bad
Common URL ending
Celestial hunter
Caterers' dispensers
Cash register sound
Burlap fiber
Born yesterday, so to speak
Born on a stud farm, say
Book between Daniel and Joel
Bears' homes
Apply with a sponge, say
Ancient Greek theaters
Alternative to suspenders
Alma mater for Bush 41 and Bush 43
Agitate, with 'up'
Agenda particular
Actress Page of 'Juno'
'Whoa! Not so fast!'
'The Zoo Story' playwright Edward
'Still open,' on a sched
'Let's be serious here …'
'It'll never happen!'

Versatile baseball player
Upscale hotel feature
Tube top
Thames paddler
Still clueless
Stern-to-bow application
Site of disgusting swab exhibits?
Serve a function at a function
S.E. Hinton novel
Resonant disk
Really fancy
Rail splitter
Quick with quips
Purchase with an enviable smell
Prince William's sister-in-law
Presumed author of Acts
Polite address
Players in the majors
Party bite
Parka part
Oscar winner as Loretta Castorini
Now or in the past
Memorable stretches
Mathematical comparison
Mariners' catcher?
Many an Iraqi
Makeup applier
Made a cattle call
Like focus groups
Less strict
Job in the cosmetics plant?
In doubt
Help when one shouldn't
Heavenly beings
Hail target
Gum mass
Go head to head
Georgetown athlete
Gangland gun
Frost bite
Freight-hopping fellow
Florist's reaction to a job well done?
Flight part
Fitting number
Edit menu choice
Early delivery
Dualistic Egyptian god
Discreet meeting
Deal with empty shelves
Dash, e.g
Couleur d'une tomate
Convention center event
Color of a tomato
Chantelle product
Cartographic notches
Capitol runner
Capital of Zimbabwe?
Burn superficially
Braves white water
Benefactor to a harmonica band?
Before, when before
Before now
Bedouin bearer
Barbie's pal
Automaker Citroen
A/C abbr
A few pointers, say
3-D test
'Show Boat' writer Ferber
'How about that!'
'A Perfect Peace' author Oz

___ Hunt ('Mission Impossible' character)
Young adult
Word with 'yesterday' or 'again'
White-centered snack
Water that is a power source
Took turns
Tidal wave
Thing to see at La Scala
Tempest holders?
Talk-show group
Table scraps
Stores fodder on a farm
Stone for some Libras
Start a garden
Spoiled child
Speaker's platform
Some rabbits or bunnies
Send in, as payment
Rustic poems (var.)
Red Cross supply
Quite fashionable
Prolonged unconsciousness
Proceeds from a heist
Prestigious British school
Prefix meaning modern
Postal stamp sheets
Pitcher's stat
Pen sharers
Odds with a sweet ending?
Not those
Not polite
Not common
Nip at the wire
Nest-egg option
Mr. Holland's creation
Mob bosses
Lawn component
Lad's partner
Juicy fruit
Jazzy queen of scat
Incredibly simple, as a process
In an eternal fashion
Illuminated by a beacon
Id's complement
Golden calf, for one
Follow local convention
Express contempt for
Easter egg coloring kit brand
Dual access items
Dillon of Hollywood
City in northern France
Came to a decision
Bridge fee
Big picture? (abbr.)
Beatty or Kelly
Basic guidelines or rules
Badgerlike creature
Any individual police car
Ancient Welsh priest
Alfredo alternative
Agent for gelling
After, in Aix
(Not my spelling)
'Well, ___ be!'
'Not to mention …'
'Irma La ___'
'Dora the Explorer' fans
'Cheers' accountant
'Call of ___' (video game)
'Are you for real?'

___-lock brakes
Wing it on stage
Washer capacity
Wallach who acted well into his 90s
Underwater habitat of the 1960s
Tree covering that's a source of spice
Toward the rudder
Three-card ___ (scammer's game)
Taro or yam
Straw topper
Stand the test of time
Sheepish look
Seagoing wolfpack unit
Sandy shade
Rush-hour headache
Replaceable joint
Reach a high
Purina dog food brand
Places for seaweed wraps
Places for hospital scrubs, for short
Oater outpost
Newborns' acquisitions
Naval clerks
Natural burn soother
Money in Malta
Metal marble
Merchandise ID
Melville's obsessed mariner
Many fans of the Browns
Lords and ladies
Land where Quechua is spoken
Laddie's lid
Labor Day weekend event
Kind of urban pollution
Jamaican tourist destination
Ill-fated fleet of 1588
Hot streak
Holstein's utterance
Hazmat suit hazard
Having the right stuff
Give or take
Fodder storage site
Female rabbit
Fate of a Wild West outlaw, perhaps
Every novel has one
Enter on the sly
Energy bar morsel
Dwindles, as support
Done for
Dinghy implement
Demolitionist's need
Dance and drama, for two
Conga formation
Conduit accessed via manhole
Comical Costello
Cat's body part that aids in balance
Buttonhole, essentially
Brake parts
Black, to a bard
Big name in chewing gum
Benevolent brotherhood
Banjoist Scruggs
Archipelago units
Applies an icebag to, say
Any of the Bahamas
Alma mater of Bush 41 and 43
Acts the mother hen
Absorb, as a cost
'X' may mark it
'Things are looking bleak'
'SOS' pop group
'On the other hand . . .'
'Herzog' author
'Hair' styles
'A Day Without Rain' New Ager

__-and-hers watches
Zoo barrier
Yuletide tune
When a plane is due: Abbr
Wear away
Way in or out
Wading bird
Very long time
Used strong persuasion
TV talk host Kelly
Track event
Top of the head
Tiny amounts
Three-D terrain charts
Think ahead
Suffix meaning "belief"
Stubborn beast
Spanish custard
Signals silently
Shout after a knock
Ship's staff
Sampras of tennis
Russell of "Gladiator"
Routine household task
Rip apart
Relative by marriage
Prophetic sign
Point opposite WSW
Phrase atop a chore list
Pearl Harbor's locale
Parts of instructions
On the __ (fleeing)
Neighbor of Cambodia
More frosty
Merry king of rhyme
May honorees
Marsh bird
Lumberjack's tool
Loch __ monster
Lambs' mothers
Knight's outerwear
Junior, to Senior
Internet connection device
Hornets' homes
Home with all-window walls
Herring relative
Guitar ancestor
Good way to get started
Golden Rule word
Frying medium
Folk knowledge
Farmland measure
Each, informally
Dutch cheese
Dishonest one
Commandments recipient
College transcript no
Clumsy one's cry
Cellular device
Brit's fencing sword
Bank statement IDs
Attention-getting sound
Allow to borrow
Allow aboard
Airless tire
Adds an opinion
"Right away" letters
"Get a move on!"
"Beware the __ of March"

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