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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 23.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 23.07.2017

__-12 Conference
__ Lackawanna Railway
__ Island Red: chicken
__ account: never
Working on the task
Word often used before 'old'
Wonder Dog of comics
Western Nevada city
University town near Bangor
U.S. Army E-6
Tom Sawyer's aunt
Tolkien tree creature
To wit
Title character inspired by Hearst
Timberlake's old group
They often follow 'also' in dictionaries
Sunday paper pile
Suffix meaning 'country'
Strongly longing
Starts of feuds
Specifically designed poem
Sorority letters
Some Olympic trials
Sneaky stratagem
Sneaky stratagem
Small body-shop job
Small amt. of time
Slender swimmer
Sizable piece
Set for repairs
Series with Capt. Picard, to fans
Sensory organ
Secret rival
Seal after peeking, say
Render useless
Red or brown brew
Rd. often named for a state
Pound sound
Posh hotel amenity
Plot device in TV's 'Fringe'
Piedmont wine area
Phrase of individuality
Petrol station sign
PC scrolling key
Pasternak heroine
One way to start
Notes from a loser, maybe
Northeast Nevada city
Math function
Mass group
Lyrical works
Lowly laborer
Looks after
Long-necked bird
Like a jaybird?
Letter closing
Less trustworthy
Leads astray
Kipling title orphan
Kabuki kin
Is obligated to
In said fashion
How some stunts are done
Hot tub reaction
Holes a very short putt
Hawaii County seat
Have as a client
Has no restraints
Gripe from the weary
Gramps' mate
GPS displays
Get under control
German composer Carl
German candy brand
Gateway Arch designer Saarinen
Funny couple?
Fraction of a joule
Former Saturn model
Floored it, say
Fern seed
Father or son actor
Fallback plans
Enter stealthily
Durbeyfield daughter
Duma denial
Drill insert
Director Lupino
Dental brand suffix
Cuts a little
Curveball relative
Creating compelling characters, for a writer
Cooks with fat
Cooks in a pan
Cook, in a way
Connecticut coastal tourist town
Comic strip about a high schooler
Climate-disrupting current
Clapton on guitar
Change course suddenly
Captain Hansen of 'Deadliest Catch'
Bugs that roll
Brownish grays
Brought up to speed
Brainstorming process
Blog feed format letters
Beech family trees
Barn units
Backyard chef's stick
Backyard chef's equipment
Baby swan
Assembled for a cause
Artist Magritte
Anti-DWI org
American flag component, e.g
African bovine
Adored object
65-Across, in Japanese
46-Across in English
2012 Best Picture
20 hundredweight
'__ won't work'
'__ the Woods'
'The __ llama, / He's a beast': Nash
'The Godfather' novelist
'The Chronicles of Barsetshire' author
'Respect for Acting' author Hagen
'My Way' lyricist
'Mi casa __ casa'
'Marines' Hymn' city
'Heavens to Betsy!'

___ song
___ one-eighty
Woman who took a 'roll in ze hay' in 'Young Frankenstein'
Where It. is
What's lost in 'Paradise Lost'
Vote for
Vain, temperamental sort [7]
Unit around one foot?
Try to sink one's teeth into
Trophy figure
Totally LOL-worthy
Took a breather
Toner cartridge contents
Title character in a 1943 French novella [6]
They begin trading, for short
The Big Pineapple [4]
Teddy Roosevelt targets
Take home
Swamp swimmer
Supermodel Lima
Sugar suffix
Sturm und ___
Steely Dan's best-selling album
Singer of a famous bath time song
Singer Bonnie
Short trailer
Sandwich inits
Roger who battled 13-Across
Rhyme scheme ending a villanelle
Rabbit's foot
Put in stitches
Pulling off bank jobs [5]
Prized possession [5]
Predecessor of Rabin
Praises highly
Poor People's Campaign organizer, for short
Pioneer in computer chess
Pedagogic org
Pacific capital
Others of ancient Rome?
Original 'Veronica Mars' channel
Org. behind the Human Genome Project
Ones 'from Mars'
One leading the exercises, for short? [4]
One doing routine office work, informally [5]
Noah of 'ER'
Nightshade family member [5]
Naval noncoms
N.F.L.'s Jaguars, on scoreboards
Musical talent
Much-swiped item
Move to protect the king, say
Mountain ___
Monster's moniker
Mich. neighbor
Message from the marooned
Me.-to-Fla. route
Mater ___
Make airtight, in a way [4]
Long range
Like, forever
Like the Salt Lake Bees baseball team
Like the Greek god Pan
Like some radios
Like some lawyers' work [4]
Like many pools and highways
Lewis ___, 1848 Democratic candidate for president
It's inspired
It may be seeded
Is from ancient Rome?
Inverse trig function
Intl. commerce grp
Inits. in some parlors
In public
Home of the Gallatin Sch. of Individualized Study
Healthy [4]
Having as ingredients
Guinea pig relative
Grp. with a mission
Gets cheeky with?
Fruity spirit [6]
Frequent Bosch setting
French word between two surnames
Frankincense, e.g
Flowers native to damp woods
Flip out
Fit for service
Even (with)
Degree in math?
Decoration for an R.A.F. pilot
Dave of jazz [4]
Dance craze of the 2010s
Cut, Paste and Print
Copse makeup
Color of el mar
Clothing associated with Hillary Clinton
Cheap cooking implement
Channel setting on many airport TVs
Certain fire sign
Capital accumulation
Bright lights
Borgia who was an illegitimate son of Pope Alexander VI
Bleeping government org.?
Bert who sang 'If I Only Had the Nerve'
Barack Obama's mother
Banded gemstones
Band member's time to shine
Band member's main squeeze? [4]
At all, in dialect
American-born Jordanian queen
Agcy. that oversaw plants
Act on a sudden itch to be hitched
1990 Literature Nobelist Octavio ___
1940 Disney release [3]
17,000+-foot peak near the Equator [4]
11th-century campaign [4]
'___ Mine' (George Harrison book)
'___ and animals are free' (party slogan in '1984')
'Will you let me have a taste?'
'Why are you looking at me?' [4]
'Wasn't that fantastic?!'
'Sure, sign me up!'
'Same here'
'Please, I'll handle it'
'Don't ___ hero!'
'Born Sinner' rapper J. ___

Weight without its load
Wear a long face
Walesa of Polish politics
Villain's foe
Vehicle with runners
Uses one's brain
Type of Latin music
Type of hockey shot
Type of acid
Tribal fetish
That partner?
Tandoori-baked bread
Supreme deity
Spirit of a culture
Soon, long ago
Son of Isaac and Rebekah
Some degrees
Slangy word for a sailor
Shoelace tip
School paper
Robert who starred in 'Jaws'
Relative of 29-Down
Previously, to poets
Old home on the prairie
Not here
Nell, mistress of Charles II
Nabisco cookie
More contemptible
Medieval menial worker
Made, as a putt
Lily type
Like some fingernails
Like a screened-in porch
Lazy one's sin
Land measurement
Lacking vitality or power
Kind of alcohol
Just OK
It can make a Jaguar run
Impulse carrier
Horse guiders
Home owner's document
Hades river
Gold, to chemists
Gallery in London
Fishy organ
Fail miserably at the box office
Eye lustfully
Epoxy kin
Employer, often
Death notices
Cut into a trophy, e.g
Cut deeply, as prices
City near New Delhi
City in Nebraska
Cardinal direction
Book after Genesis
Bit of force?
Bear in the sky
Back street
Award for 7-Down
And others, briefly
Alpha follower
'The ___-Bitsy Spider'
'State' of doubt (Middle)
'State' of doubt (End)
'State' of doubt (Beginning)
'Cannery ___'
'… off ___ the wizard'

Without exception
Waters of early TV's 'Beulah'
Utmost effort
Unbeatable grade
Two-toned marine predator
Touched terra firma
Toon squeal
Too curious
Thorny situations
Talk trash about
Superb, slangily
Strip mall unit
Stable offspring
Spring phenomena
Spot in the bleachers
Spice Girl who wed Beckham
Spheroid hairdos
Sounds from a pigeon coop
Something a gossip can't keep
Skatepark fixture
Sitcom costar of Farrell and Farr
Silk Road continent
Shrivel with age
Short theater productions
Selection in some polls
Seismographic events
Scatter, as rose petals
Reunion group
React to the cold
Radio City's architectural style, for short
Publicity person
Places a gag order on, say
Place for a mural
Performance with sopranos
PC company that acquired Gateway
Patches, as a fairway
Party tray tidbit
Park pond denizen
Paella need
One of the Indy 500's 200
One of a handyman's set
One in the bleachers
Not exceeding
Needing extinguishing
Minnelli of 'Cabaret'
Many WBA wins
Make amends
Like Motown, to young music fans
Like a good guard dog
Leave off the list
Laugh-a-minute sorts
Holy aura
Highlight at a 31-Down
Herbicide victim
Give a raspberry to
Gently twist the arm of
Freighter's destination
Fair in one's dealings
Emu's New World cousin
E-magazine since 1996
Drink often ladled from a bowl
Does a fairway chore
Dissenting voter
Degs. for 'suits'
De Niro movie with the line 'You talkin' to me?'
Crank up, as a vintage car
Colorful parrot
Clipper trio
Chows down on
Adopt, as a stray
'Ocean's Eleven' caper
'Now!' in the OR
'It's about time!'
'I, Claudius' emperor
'All the Things You ___'
'A ___ formality!'
'A likely story!'

Zoe of "Avatar"
Zero, in soccer
World's largest 110 Across land
Wind-up watch part
What's heard after "All those in favor"
Warm welcome
Visibly angry
Upper Volta, today
Typical workweek start
Trio times three
Trail everyone
Tokyo shopping center
Tear to the ground
Stovetop vessel
Stove-top vessel
Stir up
Starts the show
Spot for slots
Source of carbs
Solemn observance
Smallest 110 Across land
Small talk
Small and mischievous
Sized up
Shaped like lasagna
Shady deal
Serving piece
Same old thing
Russian fighter planes
Roman hills complement
River of Orléans
Reunion group
Reunion group
Retail development
Rest a while
Red Cross' birthplace
Raison d'__
Pride partner
Pretzel topper
Prepare, as leftovers
Prefix for economic
Potential voter
Potatoey appetizer
Poor grade
Police operation
Piece cut from a cheese wheel
Peg in a pro's pocket
Pastor's nickname
Overpoured, perhaps
Onetime Iranian ruler
One end of the Khyber Pass
Oldest 110 Across land
Novelist E. __ Proulx
Not well-thought-out
No longer a secret, perhaps
Native American sports legend
Multi-day prayers
Most egregious
Mineral-hardness scale
Marquis de __
Many Louvre works
Make repairs to
Make ready, for short
Lottery picks: Abbr
Leprechaun land
Large sharks
Landscape medium
Land about as big as Rhode Island
Kentucky potable
Just sat
IRS shelter
Important time
Important time
Hydroelectricity agcy
Homeric epic
Hindu teacher
High nav. rank
Hankers (for)
Hair-color factor
Gulf War ally
Goes (for)
Gelatin garnish
Functioned as
French shout
Frat letters
Fish at a brunch
Fiscal subj
Existing: Lat
Escalator maker
Ending for million
Egyptian goddess
Drink brewed outdoors
Dreaded task
Draw __ in the sand
Distinctive air
Descriptor for this puzzle's nine lands
Delete from a drive
Cuisine category
Crude abode
Cornhusker city
Convex navel
Composer Vivaldi
Composer Erik
Cold-cream additive
Cocoon creator
Civil rights icon Parks
City near Cologne
Choice foods
Certain bow ties
Bunch of buffalo
Boggy area
Balloonist's basket
Anticipated landing hr
Anchovy holders
All riled up
Air defense org
Actress Hatcher
Actor McGregor
Actor Epps
Actor Baldwin
Absolute ruler
64 Down setting
15-year CBS series
110 Across land since 1991
110 Across land since 1991
"Silas Marner" author
"My Fair Lady" heroine
"Liberal" pursuits
"I wanna do it!"
"Dr. Oz Show" studio
"Cosmo" competitor
"Caught ya!"
"As __ on TV"
"As You Like It" forest
"Absolument pas!"

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