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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 23.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 23.06.2017

__ milk
Word with gown or wreath
Word on mail from Madrid
With 12-Down, Carnegie Hall icon
Where it's not good to go off?
What's big in London?
Wall Street Journal co-founder Charles
Vermicelli for the greedy or lustful?
Unwelcome response to 'Where's the leftover pizza?'
Threat in old Westerns
The 'Gee' in Bee Gees
Texting qualifier
Temple neighbor
Subsequent edition with no changes
Small dam
Slam __
Skeptical sound at Belmont?
See 60-Across
Sebaceous gland issue
Sandra's Supreme Court successor
Routinely trounce
Relaxed pace
Referral from dad?
Red Guard leader
Prefix with -terranean
Practical approach to preparing saltimbocca?
Pot leaves
Pamplona preeners, with 'the'?
One of several found in a golf cart
Never surpassed
Milne marsupial
Master of the Valkyries
Mass ending?
Knuckle under
Kiss classic
James, for one, briefly
It's never a poodle in the Iditarod
Igloo's lack
Hobbit hunter
Hilo hello accompaniment
Have to shell out
Grit, but not grits
Graceful wader
Glacial mass
Get high
Get going
Fungus/alga symbiosis
Energy drink?
Dry Italian white
Dedicatee of Lennon's 'Woman'
Crude stuff
Cover, in a way
Clumps or chumps
Clever comment
Chef's crusher
Camper upgrade, literally seen in four puzzle answers
Busy time for CPAs
Bryce Canyon locale
Break the silence of the lamb?
Birds do it
Barrel band
A daredevil might eschew it
2013 Zipcar acquirer
1937 Shirley Temple title role
'The Three Sisters' sister
'Be right there!'

Words before 'snuff'
Word derived from a person's name
Wallach or Whitney
Wall backer
Troubled or annoyed
Told falsehoods
They can justify the means
Test, as patience
Tasty treats for aardvarks
Taj Mahal's city
Stroll leisurely
Sounds from big bells
Some breads and whiskeys
Shark feature
Serious hoopster
Same in value
Rug size calculation
Red Cross supply
Rectangular paving stone
Puffed, as a joint
Pit viper
Old-style poet
Oft-photographed one
Most extended
Mathematician's ordinal
Marine eagle
Makes sure the check is correct
Make possible for
Luxurious Greyhound with car go?
Like Shaquille O'Neal
Like a biting remark, to a Brit
Lift to the top of a ski hill
Kind of reaction
James Joyce's wife
It can disturb the peace
Ink squirters
Indicate shock
Hold in one's hands
Hold firmly
Hebrew month
Giggling four?
Ghastly and ghoulish
Get some Zs
Fuel source
Frosh's superior
From the Far East
Foolishly silly
Fish stick?
Fed. agent
Exile isle for Napoleon
Empty, as a math set
Debatable, as points
Corn covering
Colorado native
Cobalt blue
Certain Los Angeles pros
Catch sight of
Carpentry tool that packs a punch
Car go vehicle for a mob messenger?
Author Horatio
Animated Flanders
Amtrak's miniature car go carrier?
Again from the beginning
Absolutely requires
'___ of God' (movie)
'Take it easy, horse!'
'Neither' mate
'My humble apologies'
'Keep it in' notations
'Gimme just a few ___'
'Dragnet' star Jack

Word before code or colony
With great passion
What an insignia signifies
Western New York daily
Wallace of 'E.T.'
Volcanic spew
Virtually unflunkable course
Tortilla chip flavor
Tibetan grazers
Takes a tumble
Synonym for 'solitary' confined in 17-, 30-, 46- and 61-Across
Suited up
Start a card game
Stanley Cup org
Sink trap's shape
Share a border with
Set loose
Seal, as a deal
Rudolph's prominence
Rock that may yield revenue
Rickles of insult comedy
Restore to working order
Responses to indictments
Reputation, on the street
Removes, as a hat
Recipe verb
Pure as the driven snow
Poet portrayed in 'Il Postino'
Peak on the Brenner Pass
Part of an incandescent bulb
Org. giving grants to museums
One side at a bargaining table
Often-candied tubers
Not so sickly
Not as cloudy
No rocket scientist
No longer an item
Mound in the Mojave
More scrumptious
McKellen of 'The Da Vinci Code'
Marx with a curly wig
Mardi Gras event
Like on-the-books income
Like Mad magazine
Jacket named for a school
Infield partner of What
In a sense, colloquially
Herring family member known for its roe
Heep in 'David Copperfield'
Gossipy sort
Fourth notes in major scales
Fit for duty
Find laugh-out-loud funny
Drive-thru convenience, perhaps
Diva's tour de force
Dictator's declaration
Developer's stretch of land
Daly with six Emmys
Contender, to a champion
Concert ticket datum
Common melt ingredient
Circuitous, as a route
Cain was the first ever
Cabins, castles and such
Brown of the Food Network
Brooding birds
Blender parts
Bartender's measure
Auto ___ (telemarketing tool)
Assault on a 26-Down
Agonizing experience
'Your Song' singer John
'Shocking' color, perhaps
'Seinfeld' greeting
'Rules ___ rules'
'In Cold Blood' author, informally
'How stupid of me!'
'Good grief!'

Web regular
Was founded
Vladivostok veto
Verbal bother
Until now
Uneconomical car
Turkish hostel
Tragic manipulator
Tolstoy title character
Superman's mom
Start of a seventh-inning song
Square things
Spanish surrealist
Sooner city
Sonic the Hedgehog creator
Some desktops
Sneaker section
Shrinking superhero
Sci-fi smuggler
Russian ballet company
Rollout for some workouts
River through Wheeling
Prolong, as delicious bites
Position without promise
Pony pace
Old-school show of support
Old chap's goodbye
North African capital
Name on the cover of "Cosmos"
Moon of Pluto
Mini-Me portrayer
Major shake-up
Mag about business
Legendary voyager
Laser pointer battery
Larger-than-life figures
July 15th, e.g
Island in the Commonwealth
Internist imperative
Internal trunk
India's Capital Territory
Hawaii's state bird
Had a swell time
Guy whom Sam plays for
Gulf State resident
Group getting Treasury checks
George W.'s youngest
Genetic messenger
Gelatin substitute
Fit together well
Fade away
Ersatz file cabinet
Ending like -ity
Dickens' "__ Mutual Friend"
Columns with a slant
City north of Cologne
Cheering loudly
CEO stint, perhaps
Bout rout
Big-wheel inventor
Big name in bedtime stories
Base of some vodka
Ash's anchor
As well
Around-the-globe region
Angel Stadium city
Alpine transport
"W_ll do, s_r!"
"What's _our _eef?"
"T_u_h break!"
"That's not good"
"Star Trek" officer

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