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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 22.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 22.09.2017

Word that can replace 'your'
Western peer of Tex and Gene
War-torn land
Vega, for one
Tough tests of knowledge
Toon cat since the silent era
Thompson of 'Westworld'
Strong farm team
Stop by
Stephen Hawking subject
State of matter
St. Anthony's home
Source of much canine delight
Small wading bird
Shakespeare's shrew
Setup provider's abbr
Semi bar
Reacts to bad news, perhaps
Pursued vigorously
Printer function
Princess Royal of Britain
Play polo, say
Photographer of noisy dogs?
Part of XL: Abbr
Paintings depicting noisy dogs?
Orient Express feature
One way to lean
Offer the same opinion as
Nutritious berry
News article intro
Nasty comment
More rational
Member of the underground economy?
Like many deli orders
Like a mite
It's not exactly a pick-me-up
It can be hard to get out of
It can be hard to get out
Indian shrine site
Homo sapiens relatives
Hogwarts chronicler imitating noisy dogs?
He beat out Sonny & Cher and Herman's Hermits, among others, for the Best New Artist Grammy
Gym exercise
Gradually weaken
Gift from Prometheus
Giant film primate
Forest clearing
First name in folk
Emulated 5-Down
Disney Store collectible
Devices that record data on noisy dogs?
Desktop animation image suffix
Control tower signal
Christine's phantom admirer
CFOs, e.g
Cement type for home repairs
Call attention (to)
Bellicose god
All in
Airport approx
Adidas subsidiary
63-Across alternative
-, at times
'Give me a few minutes'

Yard contents
Wordsworth, Coleridge and Byron wrote in it
Wild adventure
What Pérez Prado was 'King of'
Western grouse
Welcoming words
View pieces
Units in Ohm's law
Thickening agent
Thick locks
Symbol for a plane angle, in geometry
Small square
Show disrespect, in a way
Setting for a rat race?
Roomy storage space
Resident of the so-called 'Capital of Latin America'
PC key
PC key
Part of a cardioid figure
One who's gotten the third degree?
One who can't turn right?
One side of a classic college football rivalry
One really aiming to please
One end of the pH scale
Old ball and chain?
Not overlooked
Nice thanks
N.F.L. position: Abbr
Model on display
Mo ___, longtime Arizona politician
Man's name meaning 'my God'
Like some finishes
Like some contrasts
Life preserver?
Label producer
Kind of tile
It's taken in court
It went around for 15 years
It might have a tent sale
Humiliating defeats
Home of many Physics Nobelists, for short
Go in just a little way, say
Gift often given with a kiss
Fish typically preserved in olive oil
Extremely dark
Exists naturally
Current director
Critic's assignment
Conductor ___-Pekka Salonen
Cinnabon feature
Chamber of commerce?
Brynhild's beloved, in Norse legend
Big gun
Beta preceder
An additional plus
Add a comment, with 'in'
Actor Somerhalder of 'The Vampire Diaries'
'You're misquoting me'
'The Ransom of Red Chief' writer, 1910
'Got it!'

Yours may be a happy face
Write off over time
Word with 'rip' or 'look'
Widest pelvic bones
Where spokes intersect
When rush work is needed
What A and B grades are
Wee bit
Very dry
The sound of music?
The king or queen in your home
Susan Lucci's TV character
Smug smile
Skylit courtyards
Short cheer of happiness
Scant amount
Rock groove
Rabbit's tail
Quiet, as seas
Poison ___ (shrub variety)
Plant seeping, sometimes
Place for a nonmilitary fort
Paul Bunyan and crew
Oz bigwig
One way to change clothes?
On the left side of a boat
Oil well contraption
Night's successor
New York canal
Narc's org
Major arteries
Magnum ___ (major work)
Like some wells
Leaf of printed material
L-___ (treatment for Parkinson's)
Kind of food or group
Ivory Coast neighbor
It runs from the upper arm to the shoulder top
It can translate 'Semper Fidelis'
Intensely bright star
Icky pond residue
Hotel offerings (Abbr.)
Historic period
High or low cards
Gadded about
Flannery O'Connor's disease
Five rings org
First-class fink
Fed. property manager
Evasive and tricky
Enthusiastic liveliness
Enlist in
Decipher a bar code
Country singer Haggard
Common can material
College residence
Cloak with full sleeves
Classic Hawaiian dish
Car seller
British royal house
Book-balancing pro
Beauty butter
Bassett of Hollywood
Basilica section
Barbara of 'I Dream of Jeannie'
Bad grades in a column
Away from home
Assigned amount of work
'___ Island' (Foster film)

___ on (linger over)
___ Moss (fashion label)
Words to a black sheep, in rhyme
Word with cutting or leading
Word after robber, cattle or Red
Wing measurement
Wind down
Weigh station unit
Waikiki happening
Visitor to a salt lick
Victim of a gardener's hoe
U.K. leaders
Twiddling one's thumbs
Tablet at a Genius Bar
Shredded side dish
Shopper's aid
Shirt worn on the links
Seats with kneelers
Red or blue area of an election map
Racetrack wagering options
Prop for a canvas
Patronized Lyft
Organization with locals
One side of the Turkish Straits
November parader, for short
North Pole products
Norman, golf's 'Great White Shark'
Name in athletic footwear
Mideast gulf city
Mets-vs.-Yankees regular season game, say
Make less stressful
Make even less squeaky
Make a decision
Lower in rank than
Lose one's cool
Like pizza for breakfast, often
Like most elements ending in '-on'
Like a skinny-dipper
Lexi Thompson's sports org
It may be passed in class
Instrument once called 'hautbois'
Industry in which China leads the world
In pieces
How parking lot lines are often painted
Heckle the ump, say
Green topping at a trattoria
Golden Rule preposition
Full moon or new moon
Former press secretary Spicer
Financially secure
Figure in clothing ads
Fat in bird feeders
Exuberant feeling
Ever so slightly
Echidna's meal
Easy to get around in, as a website
Each, informally
Drenching downpour
Destiny's Child was one
Cubist Picasso
Crinkly paper or rubber
Crab morsel
Common jury count
Caveman's weapon
Cause to blush
Cash in the Philippines
Carrier serving glatt kosher meals
Cards with pics, perhaps
Avoided, as taxes
Area 51 corpse, some believe
Animal that sounds like a yawn-inducer
Android downloads
Air freshener brand
Actor-to-audience comment
'He loves me' piece
'Add to that . . .'

Word that sounds like a Brontë heroine
Whole load
Western "oui"
Verizon client since 2015
Vegged out
Unkind comment
Turn out to be worthwhile
Tree with beanlike pods
The Mississippi's source
Swimming pool adjunct
Superhero's doings
Sunday brunch deal, perhaps
Stubborn Seuss character
Stir-fry chicken dish
Stable staple
Speak affectionately
Sort of day break
Small water bird
Slack off
Rubs the wrong way
Rapper's aides
Pseudonym lead-in
Program for Citadel students
Port of Yemen
Pop in on
Place for dramatic exposition
Part of a Santa suit
Pair of harmonizers
Oscar winner as Cohan
Número minúsculo
Now up
Most-wanted group
Mo. with no major holidays
Mississippi Delta feature
Make do without
Major source of Bartlett's quotes
Major "source" of quotes, for short
Letters on $1,000+ handbags
Laudatory lines
Jonathan Pryce, in a '96 musical
Jokey quote
Jazz band section
Is fashionable no longer
Haul from behind
Gets up
Get some air
Gauchos' gear
French royal house
Frat letter
Food favored by Garfield
Followed closely, in whodunits
Factions of a faith
Expansive residence
Evenly matched
Elastane brand
Effective combination
Ecclesiastical laws
Driller's designation
Dr. Watson's claim to fame
Creator of Shrek
Connecticut collegian
Cologne complaint
Circular flow
Caustic cleaner
Cameo stone
Brief promo piece
Bestow by decree
Argentine grassland
1970 Australian Open champ
"I'm sure too"
"Doctor Who" airer
"A real shame!"

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