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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 22.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 22.08.2017

White House foreign policy gp
Wash. neighbor
Top squads
Theater chain initials
Tendency to explode in anger
Taxpayer ID users
Surrounded by
Surprise 'from the blue'
Sunscreen letters
Spanish cheer
Sharpshooters' aiming devices
Scottish denial
School break
Rushed toward
Rum cocktail
Roman goddess of peace
Response to 'Speak!'
Removed from office via election
Red __: spicy candies
Real-time media transfer
Rain or snow, briefly
Put to work
Prefix with cycle
Paper bits for collages
Old Prizm automaker
Not subject to jury duty, say
Most elegant
Modern theft target
Media revenue source
Med. scan
Ltr. insert
Like a visit from the Bishop of Rome
Keep __: persevere
Issue a ticket to
Island verandas
Instead (of)
How food may be seasoned
Golfer's mulligan, e.g
Genetic letters
Fridge forays
Free from stress by heating, as metal
Film critic Rex
Faux __: social goof
Even score
Dictator Amin
Demons and such
Deem necessary
Cover for mysterious doings
Corleone family head
Congregational replies
Chinese food additive
Bun or beehive
Broadband option, briefly
Blue jeans pioneer
Bloody Mary's solo
Birdhouse singer
Beaujolais or Burgundy
Banjo ridge
Analgesic brand
56-Across choices
'Who __?': New Orleans Saints fans' chant
'The Mammoth Hunters' novelist Jean
'Our Man in __': Graham Greene novel set in Cuba
'No __, ands or buts!'

___ Levin, author of 'Rosemary's Baby'
Windows precursor
Where the Crimson Tide play
Used to be
Undergraduate law deg
TV blocking device
Thus far
Tasting of wood, as some chardonnays
Sunny city with a famous pier
State university city in the Midwest
Spiritual center, in yoga
Southern city just south of a national forest with the same name
Something thrown in frustration
Show leniency toward
Shout after a stressful week
Rorschach test shape
Red River Valley city in the upper Midwest
R&B singer Bryson
Puts money in, as a meter
Plead with, say
Plan for hosp. patients
Pixar's 'Monsters, ___'
Out-of-control revelry
Original eastern terminus of the Erie Canal
Not hunched over
Nonverbal 'yes'
Newborn horses
Musk, e.g
Mrs. Peacock's game
Managed to irk
Make an approach like a bird of prey
Look for
Lay eyes on
Italian motor scooter
It's a big blow
It 'marches on its stomach,' per Napoleon
Infection cause
In a ceremonial manner
House that's cool to live in?
Hard-to-undo tie
Group with the hit 'Waterloo'
Grab (onto)
Go up and down, as a buoy
Glowing bit in a fire
Get a close-up of by camera
French sweetie
Freak out
Fire hydrant attachment
Fan sound
Exude, as charm
Egg ___ yung (Chinese dish)
Containers at chocolate factories
Common churchyard conifer
Clumsy fellow
City almost at the end of the Columbia River
Champagne bottle stopper
Cello bow application
Calypso-influenced genre
Argentine grassland
Adm. Horatio Nelson, for one
Aborted plan
1/60 of a min
'Truer words have never been spoken!'
'This instant!'
'The very ___!'
'Nothing for me, thanks'
'I'd rather go naked than wear fur' org
'Here are my thoughts,' online

Word, in French
Went quickly, in olden days
Ward of Hollywood
Took in, in a way
Took in, in a way
Tie on a board
Thunderdome, e.g
Thumb drive interface
The Beatles' '___ Be'
Thanksgiving staple
Texter's 'It seems to me…'
Test for purity
Take the helm
Suffix that may indicate bribery
Slyly malicious
Singer Brickell
Shakespearean rebuke
Settled up
Saskatchewan's capital
Rolls-Royce's parent company
Ring event
Relaxation destination
Reel-to-reel speed measure: Abbr
Putting up money with expectation of a return?
Puccini creation
Potpourri piece
Pose for a portraitist
Politico Pelosi
Pickup in an alley
Penultimate Greek letter
Party in the parking lot
Parcels out
Paint color with a lot of gray in it
On the up-and-up
Old game consoles
Not natural
Nest on a cliff
Move from stovetop to oven
Morgue ID
Magic, on scoreboards
Lie ahead
Key near the tilde
Jazz singer Laine
It needs frequent changing
It may wind up in the garden
Hidden feature in a computer game or DVD
Had a hunch
Get closer to home, in a way
Frees of rind
Frankenstein's aide
Feature of the easiest path
End for disk or towel
Cumin or cardamom
Concert blaster
Completely overrun
Company that introduced the electric Roadster in 2008
Church perch
Celebrity chef DiSpirito
Boss of a fashion company
Bird with a booming call
Big do
Azerbaijan neighbor
Aware of
Author Kingsley or Martin
A few
4.0 at a univ., e.g
'Night Moves' singer

Words at the start of a film script
When many have lunch
Washington & ___ University
Versatile wood
Type of welder
Tuscan wine
Turkish rank of honor, once
Thing with a tiny stirrup
They might go over your head
Take to court
Strong smell
Steps on a scale?
Springtime holiday
Spray can emission
Sloping-roof window
Shoemaker's helper in a fairy tale
Remote abbr
Privilege loser, often
Prime Minister Gandhi
Play before the camera
Pharmaceutical giant ___ Lilly
Oral hygiene org
One of the Simpsons
One of many in a mansion
Old Parmesan bread?
Not worth doing
Not be disqualified after all
Newton-John of music
Muscat native
Make a wrong decision
Lowly deck card
Little girl's bow
Liquor quantity
Links standard
Like draft beer
Like a brand-new candle
Lady of Spain
Jeans complement, often
It's of miner interest?
It's a real conclusion?
It's a funny business
It comes up to the shore
Isfahan's land
In a stately manner, musically
Human pig
Howled with glee
Hot wrath
Gehrig of the streak
Former maritime menace
Formal requirement
Folded breakfast
Fish eggs
Embrace, as a belief
Do more than merely defeat
Do another take
Cup o' joe
Covered with green creepers
Con's quarters
Common U.K. brew
British noble
Brain parts
Betelgeuse is one
Bear of astronomy
Any baby or puppy
Advanced degree
Activated, as a light
Acid variety
'___, two, three, four!' (marching syllables)
'What's My Line?' panelist Francis
'It's the only thing that there is just …'
'Goodness, gracious, great …'
'… walk away, and …'
'… the ___ shall inherit …'

___-mo replay
___ up to (admit)
Wrecking ball swinger
Walter ___ Disney
Unit of resistance
Tylenol alternative
Turned tail
The five on China's flag
The Coneheads of 'SNL,' e.g
Test the weight of
Tee shot destination, hopefully
Target of a TSA X-ray
Sunroof option
Street ___ (urban rep)
Sportscaster Andrews
Sports period with a top and a bottom
Some quadruped vermin
Some abrupt turns
Shot off a billiards cushion
Shot from the apron, usually
Senior softball organization, e.g
Screenwriters' creations
Run-down, as a bar
Pugilist's pair
Pucker-inducing candy flavor
Prefix with distant or angular
Pasty Polynesian dish
Pastel hue
Parlor picture, informally
On the disabled list, perhaps
Occupy for a year, say
Oberlin was the first to accept them
Nose, slangily
Nikkei Index currency
Netflix offering
Name in commercial aviation, 1979-97
Much spam
Milieu for Lemieux
Make do, somehow
Lacking a point
Knock the socks off
Kind of shirt fastener
Keep away, as mosquitoes
Helps out at T-ball, perhaps
Heaven-sent sustenance
Heart, essentially
Gets the gist of
Get all blubbery
Generation-spanning work
French city that's a homophone of a baseball team
Forget to add
Flower-shaped decoration
Floor measurements
Flips over
Feature of many winter coats
Element with the shortest name
Dwindle, as enthusiasm
Disney mermaid
Creators of ceramics
Covert ___ (CIA doings)
Classic clown
Cause of a school cancellation, maybe
Catch some Z's
Britain's Brown and Blair, for two
Bow-toting Roman god
Bite-size cantina offerings
Birthright seller in Genesis
Beverly Sills solo
Be indisposed
Attendant at Sunday Mass
All worked up
Al Kaline, for his entire career
Acts the busybody
'___, but verify' (Reagan quote)
'Tomorrow' musical
'That's hysterical!'
'Cold one'

__-view mirror
__-Bits (letter-shaped cereal)
__ Scotia, Canada
Without shoes or socks
Weight-loss plans
Travel by boat
Toy musical instrument
Subtle glow
Stopped sleeping
Sounds from sheep
Song syllables
Small bay
Slow-cooked meal
Shades of brown
Selling point
Remind too much
Remarkable thing
Read a barcode
Pub drinks
Play with, as a kitten might
Play divisions
Planet with rings
Place to bake a cake
Picnic invaders
Of college life
Nintendo game system
Near-failing grade
Move __ and forth
Minor squabble
Milky gem
Military conflicts
Mental pictures
Luau neckwear
Lower leg joint
Low male voice
Low female voice
Long story
Little kid
Insurance broker
Indulge in youthful recklessness
Has a serving (of)
Guarantee a win
Golf peg
Genesis garden
From __ (completely)
Frog's sound
Fizzy drink
Fishing-line holder
Fashion sense
Entry on a list
Dramatic musical work
Cornfield bird
Convertible or coupe
Contract's conditions
Company's symbol
Clumsy one
Cleveland's state
Christmas carols
Casual greeting
By way of
Burst, as a balloon
Brag selfishly
Blog comments
Blizzard, essentially
Biblical wise men
Baby's ailment
At any time
"That no longer bothers me"
"Not guilty," for one
"Look before you __"
"Just answer yes __!"
"How about something I haven't heard?"
"Believe it or __!"

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