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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 22.05.2017

__ Wall Street: 2011 protest
__ Waldo Emerson
Would like
Winner's number
Uneven gaits
Uncooperative '2001' computer
Tots' three-wheelers
Toronto's prov
Texter's 'Holy cow!'
Temporary stop
Temporary calm
Take __: snooze
Suffix with chlor-
Suddenly paid attention
Stranded motorist's need
Spot for a bath
Sports org. for the players that begin the answers to starred clues
Soviet cooperative
Sound from a lily pad
Sleep stage
Scarlett's plantation
Santa __ winds
Sad sound
Rush hour tie-up
Resort island near Venezuela
Reach a total of
Rainier or Rushmore: Abbr
Racetrack risk
Quarterfinal contestants count
Precious stone
Percussionist's kit
Partner of hither
Opportunity for growth
One may drift in from the kitchen
Live-in household helper
Like many pretzels
Like basic wall switches
Kind of delinquent
Jazzman Garner
In favor of
Igneous rock, once
Hit high into the air
Have to pay
Garden-tidying gadget
Foundation plant
Finally arrived
Fielder's assist, e.g
Fictional pirate often addressed as 'Mr.'
Fee-based home entertainment
FBI employees
Eye provocatively
Eroded, as savings
Dirt road depressions
Desert respites
Cousins of woofs
Corn serving
Chart with roads
Caesar's stunned words
Actress Thurman
Actor's unwritten line
69-Across list of games, briefly
102, to Caesar
*Shaft from the sun
*Jimmy Olsen, notably
*Hockey rink divider
*Found middle ground
*'Unforgettable' crooner
*'The Tonight Show' host after Johnny Carson
'It's my call'
'B.C.' cartoonist Johnny – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—May-22-2017#sthash.XNMhTDHS.dpuf

___ de Janeiro
Word sung three times before 'for the home team' in 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game'
Word after bass or treble
With 43- and 76-Across, camping aid
Windshield feature
Where all roads lead, it's said
Third-party account
They're 'Red' in Boston and 'White' in Chicago
Tehran native
Sign of a sellout
See 1-Across
See 1-Across
Sault ___ Marie, Mich
Resurrection figure
Removed, as chalk
Refuge during the Great Flood
Pool table triangle
Pong game maker
Place to play the slots
Org. advocating pet adoption
One function of 1-/43-/76-Across
One function of 1-/43-/76-Across
One function of 1-/43-/76-Across
One function of 1-/43-/76-Across
Nuts for squirrels
Not new
Not fooled by
Nest eggs for later years, in brief
Mournful bell sounds
Memorable 2011 hurricane
Medicare drug benefit
Maple syrup source
Madison and Fifth in Manhattan: Abbr
Like baseball's Pacific Coast League
Library ID
King of the gods in Wagner's 'Ring' cycle
Is in debt
Inverse trig function
Insect in a colony
Indy vehicles
Home of 'Monday Night Football'
Historical periods
Heroin or Vicodin
Handsome man
Greek goddess of victory
Gives the go-ahead
Form of a papyrus document
Fix, as a knot
Feature lacked by Helvetica type
Fairy tale's first word
Double curves, as on highways
Do, re or mi
Cuisine with kimchi
Coverings pulled across infields
Corp. head
Concorde, for short
Cole ___ (side dish)
Chop (off)
Chef Lagasse
Casting out of a demon
Came clean, with 'up'
Band that made Justin Timberlake famous
Bale binder
Altar area
All a tanker can hold
Airport screening org
Agent, in brief
1950s prez
12 months, in Tijuana
'___ before beauty'
'S.N.L.' alum Cheri
'Quaking' tree
'Purple ___' (Prince hit)
'No' votes
'Mr.' on the Enterprise
'I'd be delighted' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-22-2017#sthash.bBCBBeiv.dpuf

Winter solstice mo
Werewolf friend of Dumbledore
Very small amount
To the point
Takes turns
Tabloid producer
Spot for stage diving
Sound of amazement
Site for a 'vacancy' sign
Sidestep, say
Sense of self
Rectangle or rhombus
Really small
Radner of 'SNL'
Playfulness perpetrated by a prankster
Peach or beech
Pay tribute to
Party leaders
Part of an auto's exhaust system
Only president born in the 1960s
On this spot
Notable Newton
Med. plan
Many an 'SNL' skit
Make blank
Kite on a golf course
Kind of colony or code
Jotted down
Indiana hoopster
Hydrogen's atomic number
Holds one's ground
Hectic hosp. spots
Have a late meal
Harris and Helms of Hollywood
Gives the nod to
Gerbil or rat, say
Gather into bundles, as grain stalks
Game show VIP
Fixed in advance
Find charming
Find a job for
Film trophy
Filled with information
Female whale
Farrow in films
Extremely enthusiastic
Express checkout line count
Engine booster
Emoticon representation
Duffer's dream
Door sign
Divide, in a way
Conical dwellings
Commandments verb
Cinnabon store come-on
Casino employee
Card in a royal flush
Bring down
Brewing vessel
Be plentiful
Baseball Hall of Famer Killebrew
Back of the boat
Angry Birds 2, for example
Altar words
Advice from a broker
A lot
1982 Hall & Oates hit
'___ Pinafore'
'___ is human'
'Well said'
'The Stars and Stripes Forever' composer – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—May-22-2017—Sound-Effects#sthash.kTXaw1qJ.dpuf

___ out a living (gets by)
___ gin fizz (drink)
Withered by drought
What the devil is known for
Very infrequent
Various food scraps
Two things to read
Trim a tree
Tony Shalhoub's detective
Three-legged prop for an artist
Three things to read
Things to read
Stretched tightly, as a guitar string
Something to build or write on
Small salmonlike fish
Sleep stage that involves dreams
Singer Abdul
Short pants?
Retract a comment
Reproductive female germ cell
Regular 'Cheers' patron
Pro wrestling locale
Place for a racehorse
Pertaining to the pontiff
Part of a tennis match
Ooze out
One thing a cop might do
One taking orders and tips
Old-style opening for 'while'
Of lesser importance, in law
Not tidy
Negotiated, as between enemies
Nabisco treat
Man calling out many superstars?
Like draft beer
Light bulb measure
King who had a golden touch
Its business is pressing
International 30-Across
Impressive 'hothead' of Italy
Huge java vessels
Heavenly figure
Hanging open
Group of allies
Golf course features
Glittery rock genre
Get away
Founding principle
Flows' opposites
Easy-to-eat baby foods
Easily maneuvered, to a captain
Earn after taxes
Do that's way out of style?
Creative pursuits
Confer divine favor
Chocolate substitute
Chin cover
Cha-cha kin
Certain deciduous trees
Book of maps
Blood-bank stuff
Bit of land in the ocean
Bit of food for dipping
Backpack relative
Archaeological site, sometimes
Alaska has millions of them
Accumulate, as wealth
Abbr. for assorted leftovers
1917 revolution victim
1/100 of a euro
'Old' crotchety one
'Can you keep a secret?' sound – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-22-2017#sthash.cXf1isAq.dpuf

Y-shaped lowercase Greek letter
Wrote 'mispell,' say
Word that can follow the first parts of 17-, 25-, 42- and 55-Across
Word on a cornerstone
Wildcat with tufted ears
Went at it
Weapon for Katniss Everdeen
Water-loving mammal
Walk like a tosspot
Uprising at Alcatraz
Unclear, like a memory
Tough nuts to crack
Too suave
Tarzan creator ___ Rice Burroughs
Target of PETA paint
Surprise nominee, like Polk
Sugar cube servers
Still in the playoffs
Spock's portrayer
Spend time together, informally
Soliloquy speaker
Smooths out
Self-pitier's lament
Selena player, familiarly
Searches in Indiana Jones movies
Sea creature with a double blowhole
Revolvers in rotisseries
Quipster's quality
Qualified to join Mensa
Prospector's find
Popular DVR brand
Poehler of 'Sisters'
Place for firm footing
Paddock parent
Notable bandmate of Lennon
NBA legend Erving, to fans
Mudville complement
Meat-grading org
Many sacrifices, in baseball
Looked like a lecher
Like the Nissan Cube, stylewise
Like custard
J. Edgar Hoover, e.g., informally
Intense longing
Ingredient in black jelly beans
Indiana hoopster
In the red
Hippie's 'understood'
Heron or egret
Have the backbone
God who oversees Valhalla
Get ___ of (dump)
Foreign student's need
Dog chew material
DNA collection stick
Deteriorate, as a coastline
Dental anesthetic, familiarly
Creature on a lily pad
Country club jacket
Christopher who played Superman
Cash register stack
Bright star in Orion
Befitting a monarch
Become a dropout
Beautician's creation
Barkeep's question
Badge or cup metal
Area code component
Apt-sounding papal name
Appliance with burners
Amtrak necessity
'You may ___ on it' (Magic 8-Ball answer)
'No harm done'
'Little white' statement
'Heaven forbid!'
'Famous' cookie man
'Doe' or 'Roe,' commonly – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-22-2017#sthash.unAPObD4.dpuf

__-cone (icy treat)
__ Raton, FL
Wise person
Underground gold source
Typical Saudi
Train lines: Abbr
Toward the sunrise
Top-billed performer
Ten Commandments mountain
Taverns, and the theme of the puzzle
Tasty tidbit
Take __ (disassemble)
Take a chair
Sugar amts
Store's discount display
Sports squad
Small Great Lake
Sharp, as vision
Residents: Suffix
Refugee's sanctuary
Reddish, as cheeks
Reaches via phone
Prevent from happening
Oxen harnesses
Operatic solo
On the __ of (close to)
Old-time haircutter's symbol
Native of Athens
Make really happy
Made angry
Little girls' plaything and girlfriend of Ken
Liquid + whole-grain dinner serving
Knocks sharply
Job to be done
Jai __
Ireland nickname
Home for eggs and hatchlings
Glass in a monocle
Gets free (of)
Get larger, as a business
Get a glimpse of
Geeky one
Garden tool for digging
For the time __ (temporarily)
First claim, informally
Entrance halls
Drove too fast
Distinctive attire
Dip for tortilla chips
Depend (on)
Deep male voice
Cut in an envelope
Crimson and scarlet
Candidates' discussion
Camper's shelter
Butter-spreading utensil
Boxing match enders, for short
Black-and-white cookie
Biblical garden
Best-students roster
Bearlike Australian beast
Be in possession of
Backless sofa
Back talk
Angel's instrument
A smaller amount
401(k) alternatives
"Yes! Yes!" in Spain
"Very funny!"
"For Pete's __!"

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