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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 22.03.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 22.03.2017

__ butter
Where buds may go
Unit of resistance
Thyme piece
The Supremes' '__ a Symphony'
Tax-deferred plan, briefly
Stiffen in fear
Starbuck's boss
Some univ. proctors
Social ranking
Small eggs
Shrimp dish
Runs after
Room in a maison
Right hand
Ride in the desert
Reason for totaling, as an insured car
Prep for a bout
Prefix with drama
Pre-hurricane emergency op
Prairie home
Poker game concern
Poker at the table?
Place on a pedestal
Place of honor
Phone using a tower
Ornate 18th-century genre
Off-roaders, for short
NASCAR's Yarborough
Names as a reference
Monkey cage discard
Mine extraction
Meditation teachers
Many mobile downloads
Lavish wrap
Kettle output
Hater of David, in Dickens
Gymnast Korbut
Govt. agency that supports startups
Fluffy sun blocker
Flow with force
Fleece source
Flag down
First-aid gear
Festoons with Charmin, for short
Elbow protector
Discount rack abbr
Dirty digs
Day of song
Cribbage markers
Corny leftovers
Coral component
Classic PC adventure game
Cholesterol letters
Child tender
Chicago airport
Cause of some tan lines
Canadian short story writer awarded a Nobel Prize in 2013
Big name in riding mowers
Baseball rarity, and a hint to the vowels in the first words of 16-, 22-, 29-, 37- and 44-Across
Barak of Israel
Annual Augusta National event
Aggressive cat lover of cartoons
Addams family nickname
2-Down's title, informally
'The Affair' network, briefly
'That's enough out of you'
'See if I care!'
'Pequod' co-owner
'No one can beat me'
'All Things Considered' co-host Shapiro – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Mar-22-2017#sthash.uMuo9dtE.dpuf

___ steak (British term for a sirloin cut)
Words on some blood drive stickers
With 55-Across, preservative for fine wood furniture
What 'ex-' means
Well positioned (for)
Variable estimated by pollsters
Unrenewed, as a subscription
Swamp critter
Stream disturbance
State firmly
Severe malaise
Sets (down)
See 50-Across
Secret application, perhaps
Sch. with campuses in Brooklyn and Brookville
Salon procedure
R.B.I., for one
Present location, when visiting the boondocks
Popular puzzle invented in Japan
Popular afternoon talk show
Part of the URL for 27-Across
Obsolescent communications devices
Nonmeat choices at a deli counter
Nondairy substitute
Night class subj
Most AARP members: Abbr
Modest response to a compliment
Military headquarters, literally
Mass figure
Many meses in México
Many a toy train track
Like favorite literary passages
Like 'n' and 'r,' in phonetics
Like 'Dancing With the Stars' dancers
Les États-___
Laila of the ring
Kid's transport, literally
Jerry Lewis's 'Nutty Professor' was an early example of one
In the pink
Hacking target
Graph section, literally
Fresh air's opposite?
Figure of the underground economy?
Eve who wrote 'The Vagina Monologues'
Enjoyed immensely
Edges up to
Early historian of ancient Rome
Drove off
Designer Wang
Descriptor of many statesmen
Dealer's query
D.E.A. agents, informally
Crayfish feature
Corner office, maybe
Cold War threat
Change through time
Cells for new generations
Brief period in nuclear physics: Abbr
Big brand of kitchen knives
Biblical book duo
Basis of some insurance fraud
Basic concept
Barrel part
Amazon menace
Actor Stephen
Accelerated pace
'___ yourself!'
'You lowdown, no-good bum,' e.g
'Waiting for Lefty' playwright
'The supreme ___ of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting': Sun Tzu
'The Shape of Things to Come' author
'False face must hide what the false heart doth ___': Macbeth
'Dude!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Mar-22-2017#sthash.XuJaKfhz.dpuf

Wood for Woods, e.g
When flirting is inappropriate?
Verdi's African princess
Upside-down sleepers
Touch down
Toothy tools
Things right at your fingertips
They can be loose or tight
Teaching segment
Target for a spiker
Takes turns
Stuffed turnover
Stage that means 'doll' in Latin
St. Peter's Square speaker
Squeezes (out)
Song from a one-named singer with three Grammys?
Soft mineral
Silent auction site
Sign of what's ahead
Set a price of
Ryan or Pelosi, briefly
Remover of locks
Radar's real name on 'M*A*S*H'
Quirkily creative
Plum tomato variety
Oscar-nominated role for Smith
One, for Juan
One's usual environment
Olympian with a rifle
Money maker
Mathematician's change symbol
Lizard's coffee additive?
List shortener, for short
Las Vegas deal
Just one bite
Joel or Ethan of film
Ivy in Philly
Informant in the pool?
Hair holder
Great displeasure
From Florence, say
Flint product
Five-time co-star of Bogart
Extend outward
Exercise wheel user
Eurythmics song 'Love ___ Stranger'
Dumbbell exercise
Dept. that includes the CDC
Dennings of '2 Broke Girls'
Defendant's story
Dance from Cuba
Cozy spot
Cosmetics add-in
Companion of Porthos and Aramis
Commodore computer introduced in 1985
Comic strip cry of horror
Clickable reference to some Yucatan natives?
Christmas refrain
Capital before Brasilia
Cancer follower
Butler's portrayer
Bordeaux being
Bond player
Bearer of the heavens
Barbecue bit
Bandleader's cue
Aware of
Afternoon snooze
1983 Streisand film
'We Have the Meats' advertiser
'Infinity' neckwear – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-22-2017—Solve-in-Ink#sthash.A2cMrSkH.dpuf

Wrong, legally
Word with 'black' or 'covert'
Walking in an unsteady manner
Uttar Pradesh city
Toddler's injury
They play while people pray
Tequila plant
Swing at curves
Suffering from a lack of preparation
Stone or Stallone
Stay close by
Small pooches
Singer Kristofferson
Pool sport
Polar creature
Plant in many cosmetics
Places to soak in mud
Pie ___ mode
Performed brilliantly
Pas' counterparts
Palindromic doctrine
Orchestra instrument
One putting on a play
One eighth of a circle
One being nourished
Not him
Natty dresser
Musical with a double negative in its title
Musical ensemble
Musical closings
Move back and forth, as a tail
More likely to interrupt someone
Look forward to
Law grp
Kind of sound
Keeps running at a red light
Jump rope
Joplin played it
Japanese fencing style
Indian wetnurse
Incredible to behold
Hospital employee
Hobby shop offerings
High school class
Have an inclination
Have a feeling about
Hair that's spare
Group of judges
Good thing on Halloween
Good discovery for a miner
Get ___ of (contact)
Food morsel
Familiarize, as with new surroundings
Egg-rich drink
Drum kit part
Doesn't delete, after all
Divination card
Discouraging answers
Count counterparts
Central and Yosemite
Bronze in the sun
Barrett or Jaffe
Asian desert
Alter ___ (secret identity)
Alley rodent
Actress Olivia d?%82'___ of 'Code Black'
Absolutely perfect
61-61, e.g
'___ Legit to Quit'
'___ and Bess'
'The Simpsons' bus driver
'It's a mystery for everyone'
'Fourscore and seven years ___ …'
' ___ the ramparts …' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-22-2017#sthash.bQuJBTxE.dpuf

___ Pet (novelty plant)
Where Ali toiled
Vodka brand, informally
Utter with scorn
Unbeatable card in war
Top-notch bit of work
Toe the line
Thin-heeled shoe
Team up with
Sprayed-on interior treatment, once
Sport with clay pigeons
SpaceX CEO Musk
Smile for the camera
Slow-cooked fare
Site of a noted oracle
Sharers' antitheses
Ready to be picked
Raid or d-CON victims
Poke fun at
Place for a seaside stroll
Pelican's prominent feature
Paver's unit
Part of a semicolon
Owner-player go-between
Orthogonally moving chess pieces
On ___ (without a contract)
Not from a major studio
Musical chairs goal
Mountaineer's spike
Minuscule amount
Little shaver
Lithuania or Latvia, once (Abbr.)
List of students
Lint collector
Like the Sabin vaccine
Like a 1909 S VDB penny
Klutzy sort
Kentucky senator Paul
Jiggly garnish
Inflatable duck, e.g
Half the 'California Dreamin" quartet
Green film on bronze
Government official abroad
Google Maps offering (Abbr.)
Gather from the field
Full of oneself
Frontiersman Carson
Extreme, geographically
EMT's skill
Ed who played Lou Grant
Dian Fossey or Jane Goodall study
Daytona 500 entries
Daddy Warbucks' ward
Couldn't stomach
Company that's testing driverless cars
Change with the times
Capital on a fjord
Brings to a halt
Brings to a halt
Bring home, so to speak
Brief bit in USA Today
Berry of 'Monster's Ball'
Beer topper
Bartlett and Bosc
Bart Simpson's is 10
Barely run?
Alan of 'The West Wing'
Air show stunt
Adams who photographed Yosemite
Act the gourmand
'NASCAR Countdown' channel
'In ___ case . . .'
'Don't blame me!'
'A Charlie Brown Christmas' et al – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Mar-22-2017#sthash.9Rxr1atL.dpuf

__ de Cologne
__ Baba
With 34 Across, boxing ring
Wildly popular
Wide belt
Weighted down
Weep audibly
Was the cause of
Tang of mild salsa
Surgeons' facilities: Abbr
Sounds impressed
Sore spot
Solemn vow
Slightly, on a music score
Slackened off
Shape of a globe
See 27 Down
Scratching, as a cat
Scandinavian capital
Ribs cookout, for short
Respiratory organ
Reach in total
Reach in total
Ram's remark
Raised, as livestock
Psyche parts
Poet Nash
Piece of corn
Parts of pants with patches
Othello's foe
New Testament letter
Morning TV host Lauer
Moderated, with "down"
Many miles away
Mall tenant
Make over
Mailbox opening
Lorna of literature
Litter's smallest
Inspiration for "Cats"
Incandescent bulb, e.g
In addition
Hay bundles
Have the opinion
Guy who writes jingles
Golf peg
Go bad
Fully prepared
Flight data: Abbr
Final phase
Fencing thrust
Enthusiastic about
Employee's last words
Dr. Jekyll alias
Double-__ sword
Datum, for short
Cry of distress
Computer malfunction
Chivalrous rescuer
Chimney dust
Bottomless pit
Boss at a bistro
Allow to enter
2.2-pound measures, briefly
"Julius Caesar" costumes
"Here's to you," for one
". . . Eighty Days" world traveler 

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