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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 21.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 21.09.2017

__ water
X, at times
Where Moses received the Ten Commandments, for short
Use a fork, perhaps
Unlike spring chickens
Tylenol rival
Time period
Three-time A.L. MVP
Tesla Motors co-founder Musk
Sworn statement
Sports bra fabric
Song of worship
Solar wind particle
Smart comment?
Skin care product
Signature piece?
Sign maker's aid
Semipermeable biological barrier
Scenic overlook safety feature
Roof edge
Radius neighbor
Put together
Political channel
Poet laureate, e.g
OPEC, for one
One-named 'All I Ask' singer
One of John Adams' 'stubborn things'
Off-white color
Not pro
Nobel Prize city
Nintendo's Super __ console
Medicine __, Alberta
Measurement based on inflation and unemployment rates
Makes giggle
Land surrounded by agua
It may be reckless
Instagram upload, briefly
Hopped out of bed
Holiday threshold
Get going
Fed. power dept
Exercises that strengthen obliques
Enter surreptitiously
Drumroll drum
Driving directions qualifier
Denomination of most Iraqi Kurds
Cross characters
Corp. execs' degrees
Colorful fall tree
Challenge for Santa's dry-cleaner
Cat's back shape, at times
Calendario month
Butler's last word
Big glitch
Biblical craft
Baja she-bear
Bahrain bigwig
Authorization to enter a country
Author born 9/21/1947 who penned the starts of 17-, 24-, 38- and 52-Across
Always, in sonnets
Advice for an e-filer
2000s Chevy
'Sign language is pretty handy,' e.g
'Postcards From the Edge' author
'Mad About You' co-star
'Is there more?'
'Inside Politics' channel
'Chariots of Fire' Oscar nominee Ian
'But, mom!' evokers

___ Strauss
___ Helmer of 'A Doll's House'
Was prying
Vacuum tube innovation of 1946
Topping the Scoville scale
Tomorrow's jr
Thinks but doesn't know for a fact
They praise in non-prose
Statistician Silver
Squid predator
Speaker in major-league baseball history
Something involved in a firing
Social gathering
Research org
Remark from Don Rickles
Ragtime legend Blake
Quadrennial U.S. occurrence
Punjab's capital
Prefix with -logical
Poker blunder
Points along a bus route
Operatic villains, often
Often-illegal maneuver that is key to answering the asterisked clues
Michael of 'The Great Santini'
Mentally infirm
Makeup of many moon rocks
Listen (to)
Knight's need
It's 'knowing all the facts,' according to Woody Allen
Injured party's warning
How cigars should be kept, say aficionados
Head lines, briefly?
German article
George I or V?
Fricassee, for example
Formula One racer Prost
Fix, as a boot
First name in mysteries
Elaborate, with 'out'
Dessert component often bought premade
Crossed paths
Connection provider, for short
Castor or Pollux
Came's partner
British V.I.P.s
Boxer's concern, maybe
Bone: It
Airline with a flag in its logo
Abductee of myth
A whole bunch
1927 automotive debut
*Limits on team payrolls
*Individual telephone connections
*Adlai Stevenson as a presidential candidate, e.g
**Doesn't go to either extreme
'You missed your chance'
'Saw' stuff
'Perhaps ___'
'Got that right!'

Words before wintergreen or cloves
Without foundation
Triceps connection
They run free: Abbr
The Lakota's Wakan Tanka, 'the Great Spirit'?
Tea dispenser
Tanning target
Squadron leader's org
Spot for a first shot
Sotheby's event
Significant stretch
Rio's Carnaval precedes it
Raised routes
Private dining place
Printer's problem
Pour juices over
Postal party
Porter of the Washington Wizards
Port about 100 miles south-southwest of Key West
Players' paces
Petulant expression
Perry Square setting
Pale-yellow marsh plant?
Pale hardwood
P in Peloponnesus
Oven feature
Opposite of 'faster'
Oldsmobile model of the 1970s and 1980s
Milky Way section
Martin who wrote 'Money'
Marseille men
Mariner who's good at island-hopping?
Maker of calls
Magazine's contents
Log flume's function?
Like some presidential communications
Lascivious sort
Kaaba dedicatee
Jay who was the first host of 'Last Comic Standing'
It's defined as the distance light travels in 1/299,792,458 second
Invention, of a sort
In any case
He was alone for a while
Hang with grace
Greece spot?
Good name for a financial planner
Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Final destination
Euchre ancestor
Emmy winner for 'Homeland'
Destructive crime
Come to
Clear-walled habitats
Clean fellow
Clay, e.g
Camel cousin
Bland goo
Bill for all those bloody cocktails?
Be scintillating
Bakery come-on
Area of Mars
Airport fixture
1970 Kinks hit
1960s role for Diana Rigg
'Joyeux' holiday
'Enough of your misbehaving!'

Wins a fight decisively
Wine-growing part of Italy
William Tell's target
When repeated, 'Amen!'
What a church feeding stray felines led to?
Vane direction
Updates on current events
Thrown-ball trajectories
Suggest on the sly
Successfully hide from
Strauss of jeans
Steeler Roethlisberger
Seed covers
Seaport in northwestern Italy
Result of tabby playing with a rattler and some steers?
Relieve, as anxiety
Regarding birth
Pleasing to the taste buds
Picket-line crosser
Pert talk
Permit access to
Performed over
Parking place
Old gold coin
Offered one's seat
Ocean structure
Not quite eternity
Monthly payment for many
Marquee name
Made up one's mind
Made colder, in a way
Like swords
Like electric toys for tabbies?
Light spray
LaBeouf of Hollywood
Kid, as oneself
Jackson 5 member
Hearty mate?
Hamburg's river
Half a score
Furnace attachment, sometimes
Eye part
Emulates Simon
Drummer's responsibility
Data, briefly
Crew equipment
Coward who told stories
Continental cash
Constricting snakes
Clog dissolver
BWI info
Brought back by the P.O
Bridle strap
Behind schedule
Beast's love
Arthur the tennis legend
Ark builder
Archaic attachment to 'while'
Advil rival
Acquired a new roomer
'___ have to do'
'___ Christie'
'Tear' companion
'Love' or 'for' attachment
'Farewell, my French friend'
'Against' prefix
'… pan, ___ the fire'

World's fastest pitcher?
Windy City hub
W-2 info
Verbal explosions
Turtledove's sound
Toward the rudder
Texter's 'carpe diem'
Teacher's high-level deg
Talk trash to
Spreadsheet part (Abbr.)
Sorry! or Parcheesi piece
Sleep problem
Skate park features
Singing voice, slangily
Shark's 'West Side Story' foe
SATs, e.g
Rail splitter's tool
On cloud nine
Number that's its own square
Not very many
Not in favor of
New England gridder, for short
Muffed pop-up, say, and a hint to this puzzle's theme
Move furtively
Moore of 'G.I. Jane'
Meth lab raider
LP or board flaw
Lose one's footing
Lorna of fiction
Long-necked waterfowl
Like Jack, in rhyme
Like aspartame
Like an unaffiliated rep
Leaks slowly
Kemper of 'The Office'
It's needed to win a lottery
Irish pound's replacement
Interbank payment abbr
Instrument on the Rolling Stones' 'Paint It Black'
In-flight announcements, for short
Hockey's ___ Jose Sharks
Got, as revenge
Garfield's master
Fodder for reddit.com
Find a job for
Fab Four surname
Expressive art in a text
Element above radon in the periodic table
Dentist's request after 'open'
Deferred payment at the bar
Core principle
Commotion, to the Bard
Closely monitored hosp. areas
Charms on chains
Captain of the Argo
British monarch, 1910-1936
Brazilian hot spot, for short
Botanist Gray
Battleship salvo at a shoreline?
Bangalore wrap
Baby's cry, in comics
Atomic-powered placekicker's asset?
Asteroid named for a Greek god
Aromatherapy spot
Antler sporters
Anthony's ex-partner on XM radio
Ancient region of Asia Minor
Amtrak's 'bullet train'
Alternatives to boos and hisses
Admitted fault, informally
Adjective for some ales
Add a clause to, say
A bibilical son of Rebekah
'___ out!' (ump's call)
'___ Girls' (Gene Kelly movie)
'To my recollection . . .'
'E.T.' or 'A.I.' genre

With good timing
With good cause
What many hi-tech devices are made of
Vessel similar to a schooner
Vehicle with runners
Vast depth
Vacation destination
Uncommon sense
Turn suddenly
Tug-of-war need
Tropical island tree
Toll road
Third-longest European river
They wander around
Tenor Carreras
Swirling water
Spooky sights
Sounded delighted
Something kept in mind?
Smartly dressed
Ski-glove fastener
Sign of summer
Seoul-based automaker
Sambuca flavoring
Salad stuff
Rule, for short
Resin for bonding
Real cool
Put two together
Put a cap on
Post office machine
PC peripherals
Pack away
Out of kilter
On __ (comparable)
Old Testament kingdom
Nose (around)
Nailed, as a test
Mythical bowman
Much, so to speak
Miracle-Gro rival
Maximally attentive
Marquee time
Made to encourage drinking
Lofty homes
Listerine alternative
It means everything
Has run out
Guitar gadget
French movie
Foul callers
Egg buy
Dungeons & Dragons monster
Drop off
Disengaged at the moment
Desk-basket labels
Daydreaming, with "out"
Cocoon occupant
Close rudely
Chopin's era
Bun, for one
Ballroom dance
70 or so
"What's Happening" listing
"Welcome to" sign abbr
"This can't be happening!"
"Frozen" princess
"Cola Wars" combatant

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