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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 21.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 21.07.2017

Zodiac critter
x, in math
Witless sorts
When a restaurant offers its weekly mushroom specials?
Water nymph
TV's 'Science Guy'
Tracy/Hepburn classic
Town house, e.g
Territory east of the Philippines
Stand (one) in good __: be useful to
Runs out
Rock's __ Fighters
Rock quarry unit
River feeder
Ring legend
Retired NBA center
Raring to go
Psychological wounds
Pass off (on)
One taking things back?
NYC cultural attraction
Not up
Netflix competitor
Miso base
Mennen lotion
Medium for much body art
Making slow progress
Like shabby old clothes
Like a meadow in the morning
Leased, with 'on'
Jockey controls
It may involve cold calls
How gourmands enjoy their food
Heads or tails
Fives and tens, say
European luxury vehicles
Electronic telemarketing tool
Dutch export
Distressed sort?
Diarist Nin
Dance performed with passion
Dallas campus: Abbr
Crop planter
Crime drama sound effect
Complain, 'Don't I get anything to do around here?'?
Compensation for an incomplete sundae?
Chick magnet?
Car wash item
Burglar alarm devices
Bulls and bucks
Bit of subterfuge
Bit of 30-Down life
Birds that may babble
Big night
Big initials in bowling
Baklava dough
Backyard cookout supply
Atari release of 1972
Asian priests
Any Boy Scout
Air-conditioning sound
31-Down environment
2003 best-selling nutritional self-help book
'It's party time!' … or a hint to 17-, 24- and 40-Across
'… prologue to the history of __ and foul thoughts': Iago

___ Martin, French firm since 1724
Words from one about to break into tears
Word repeated before 'to you and you and you,' in a show tune
What words can do, in an admonishment
Wayne's friend in 'Wayne's World'
Waterway whose construction began in Rome
Topic in feminist film criticism
This puzzle's constructor, for one
They're game
They might be wished for at fountains
State bordering California, informally
Spike who directed 'Being John Malkovich'
Something prohibited by the Ten Commandments
Sleep phenomena
Quarterback's asset
Puts money on the table, say
Polka forerunner
Player of a drug kingpin on 'The Wire'
Plan, for short
Place for barnacles
Peer ___
Outbreaks of eczema, e.g
One-named singer with the 2016 #1 hit 'Pillowtalk'
No worries
Nationalism, per Einstein
Modern requests for participation
Master of ___
Marcel Marceau persona
Many consultants, for short
Lawful ends?
Lady Gaga's '___ It Happens to You'
Jessica of 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'
Island in San Francisco Bay
Is forbidden to
Involved with
Initiation practice
Half a Hamilton
Great scores in Olympic diving
Frequent fodder for crossword clues
Formally approve, as a document, old-style
Faddish dance move done to the 2015 hit 'Watch Me'
Facebook Chat status denoted by a green dot
Emphatic parental turndown
Early Indus Valley settler
DraftKings competitor
Dr. Evil's sidekick in Austin Powers movies
Dorm V.I.P.s
Devotee of Mötley Crüe or Megadeth
Christmas decoration
Bit of finger food
Believer in spirits
Behind closed doors
Arizona ballplayer, casually
Add oil to, maybe
1949 Hepburn/Tracy courtroom film
'___-Ami' (Guy de Maupassant novel)
'___ the Virgin' (CW show)
'Sorry to say …'
'Mo Money Mo Problems' rapper
'Do You Hear the People Sing?' musical, to fans
'Ain't that the worst!'

___ and aah
Yank's Civil War foe
Word before 'donna'
Women's hairnets
Wild guess
Water nymphs
Walked boldly
Very serious
Vase with a footed base
Uninteresting speakers
They suffer for a cause
The old king's psychiatrist gets him involved in ..
The old king makes his own confetti with a..
Strong Olympic scores
Stat for a closer
Spins the same yarn again
Speaks from memory
Show to be true
Short synopsis
Shaker's mate
Series-long story line
Sauron's soldiers
Sammy of the Cubs
Runs out, as memberships
Room schemes, e.g
Professional money counter
Primitive counters
Org. division
Old gold coin
Not kosher
Narrator's asset
Mil. branch
Member's fees
Marinara and pesto
Make less stuffy
Made joyful
Like an ardent fan
Letters on a Goodyear
Kill a bill
Iraqi port
In track and field, the old king's a ..
Handsome dreamboat of myth
Great way to feel
Golfer's peg
Glass medicine vial (var.)
Gardening chore
Fond du ___, Wisconsin
Felt sorry for
Feeling achey
Fall behind
Entertainer's advocate
Draw out
Dash gauge
Cut off
Class shoebox project
Chops finely
Butter on a farm?
Burrowing spy?
British bathroom
Beach ball?
Bar staple
Assn. relative
As a divorced parent, the old king has ..
Ancient Egyptian boy-king
Actor's need
Accordion parts
'___ only money'
'___ in the Family'
'Dear me!' word
'Back in the ___'

Word that can precede the first parts of 16- and 61-Across and 15- and 28-Down
Witty sorts
Weedy vacant lot, e.g
Wall support
Urban ballgame site
Touched the tarmac
Title for the Kinks' Ray Davies
Ticklish area, for many
The Great Lakes' ___ Locks
The Auld Sod, in poetry
Tab-grabber's words
Suspicious way to look
Strand at a ski chalet, say
Starbucks offering
Spotlight hog
Selected, with 'for'
Sedgwick of Warhol movies
Rowlands of 'Gloria'
Room with a La-Z-Boy, perhaps
Risking everything, in poker
Reality show for aspiring entrepreneurs
Rat out
Puente, the 'Mambo King'
Prez on 1970s silver dollars
Polo of 'The Fosters'
Places for electronic bracelets
Place to sell hot dogs
Pies, in slapstick
Picks up the scent of, say
Pastoral poem
Passes with flying colors
Part of an analog watch
Pan Am rival of old
One-eighth of a cup
Observatory that's home to the Hale Telescope
Name in cameras and copiers
Name in a footnote
Myopia-correcting surgery
More off-the-wall
Michelangelo's only signed work
Marine science center near Martha's Vineyard
Lyft offering
Like a season-ticket-holding fan, perhaps
Late justice Scalia
Knight's club
Hoops Hall of Famer Willis
Goldfish in 'Pinocchio'
Gasoline brand with toy trucks
From Mars, perhaps
Form an alliance
Fixes, as an election
First daughter ___ Baines Johnson
Fateful day in old Rome
Ernestine player on 'Laugh-In'
End, as a losing streak
Drive-thru window pickup
Dr. ___ (Austin Powers foe)
Don't hog
Corn Belt city
Clears, as a drain
Cleanup hitter, typically
Cast out
Carp in backyard ponds
Capone facial feature
Bratty talk
Bit of hardware for Rosie
Billy bookcase brand
Big name in skin care
Bieber, to 'Beliebers'
Bea Arthur TV role
Be an accomplice to
Bar mitzvah, e.g
Archer in an overture title
'u r funny!'
'Picked' complaints
'Peace Train' singer
'Pants on fire' sort
'Aqualung' band Jethro ___

__ allegro (tempo direction)
Wouldn't shut up
Worships, say
Work out beforehand
Windsurfing mecca
Wild about
Whispered line
Wear down
Way back when
Wall creeper
Vending machine reject
Turnpike conveniences
Toolbox punchers
Texas university
Surface to polish
Substantial source
String of seashells, perhaps
Skyline constructor
Road Runner cartoon scenery
Reunion bunch
Remote batteries
Put on airs, perhaps
Polk's middle name
Pear-shaped instrument
Opted for
On edge
Noun suffix
Moon of Pluto
Mohair source
Maritime: Abbr
Major concert venue
London suburb
Kagan colleague
Jell-O flavor
Inventory loss
He said "You are lone ranger"
Emulate the Huns
Edible grass
Drop off
Do some lopping
Do in 11 Down
Displays disuse
Dazed states
Data storage prefix
Dalí contemporary
Cuban beat
Crime novel plot
Cranks (up)
Computerized trials
Claim to praise
Check for prints
Cellular boundary
Cartographic dot
Capital southwest of Helena
Bottom of a strike zone
Bk. after Proverbs
Bill Ford's first cousin
Bard-era verity
Arkansas River city
A Senior Open organizer
"Sounds good to me!"
"Maria" singer in "The Sound of Music"
"Jurassic Park" actress
"GoodFellas" Oscar winner

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