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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 21.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 21.06.2017

__ badge
Wire service co
What candles may signify
Volunteer, in a way
Very dangerous
Turn a different color
Tic __: mints
Three-horse vehicle
Symphonic rock gp
Swimmer who medaled at five Olympic Games
Suspicious comment … and a hint to what's hidden in 18-, 24-, 36- and 51-Across
Subjected to harsh criticism
Stretch in history books
Street shader
Starry-eyed sort
Soccer deadlock breaker
Showed once more
Satellite service for road trips
Research site
Pot promise
Parlor art, for short
Oohed and __
Noisy sleeper
Nobelist Bohr
Muscles strengthened by lunges
Metro stop: Abbr
Many a Sports Illustrated cover figure
Mama bear, in Chihuahua
Maker of Anew skin care products
Knight in shining armor
Inclined to wander
Home to about 740 million
Have to have
Grazing spot
Go toe-to-toe
Go 'pfft'
Girl in a forest
Furniture wheel
Fruity desserts
French city on the Rhone
Fox's 'X-Files' partner
Fort Myers-to-Orlando dir
Footnote shorthand
Fast no more
Fast Company magazine competitor
Fancy wheels
Exodus peak
Cuban dance
Cries of discovery
Cook, as dumplings
Connected (to)
Christmas cupful
Butting heads
Butterfly catcher
Borough bordering Yonkers
Bible book with 150 poems
Best bud
Belgian detective played by Ustinov, Welles, Finney and others
Battery-free calculators
Bare minimum
Baby's bodysuits
Architect Saarinen
Ambien alternative
Actor's rep
'__ Song': Taylor Swift hit
'Pretty please?'
'MasterChef' tools
'Law & Order: SVU' actor
'Got it'
'Game of Thrones,' for one
'Bad' cholesterol, initially
'As I predicted!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jun-21-2017#sthash.zEHzn98Y.dpuf

___ Valley (Reagan Library locale)
Yet to come
Wounds at Pamplona, say
Word that must be added to 1-, 8-, 65- and 66-Across for their clues to make sense [with a visual hint in the grid]
Willie who's #5 in career home runs
Whack jobs
Water-repellent headgear
Wares on a band's merch table
Vehicle company with a bulldog logo
Under the weather
The 'O' of the magazine O
Test grader's need
Stephen of 'Citizen X'
Starr with a 1998 report
Spy org. in Bond movies
Sounds of hesitation
Some native Nigerians
Site of a van Gogh bandage
Settlement-building board game, informally
Sesame-seed-and-honey confection
Seashell seller of a tongue twister
Puccini opera
Presidential nickname
Presidential nickname
Prepare for a physical
Pole workers' creations
Pitchfork-wielding assemblage
Phrase in beer ads
Pertaining to aircraft technology
PC problem solver
Orange, black and white flutterer
One going from party to party
OK summer hrs
Night before a big day
Myrna of 'The Thin Man'
Much of a marching band
More bushed
Microscopic machine
Like couples at movies, typically
Leveling wedge
Letters on love letters
Lead-in to sayer
It may be stored on the cloud
Insect made of paper
In a single attempt
How legal aid lawyers work
Hip-hop pal
Hank who's #2 in career home runs
Had down pat
Got in on the deal
Glossy finishes
Get millions of hits, say
Frans who painted 'The Laughing Cavalier'
Event that once had a four-minute 'barrier'
Eldest of the Brady boys
Degrees for C.F.O.s
Crisis center phone service
Covered with sludge
Costa ___
Component not found on a digital watch
Competitor of Duracell and Eveready
Calculus calculation
Brangelina, once
Binds legally or morally
Applebee's or Subway
Adjective for the Beatles
Add salt to the wound
'___ were the days'
'How about that!'
'Here's the solution!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jun-21-2017#sthash.VmPDcBFS.dpuf

Windsurfing spot
Windowsill sunner
Vogue rival
Two favorite things for 'Sunshine of Your Love' fans?
Track meet makeup
That bloke
Take the helm
Stallions' mates
Spotted prowler of South America
Smartly dressed
She beat Graf in the 1992 French Open
Russian space station
Resort near Carson City
Removed all evidence of
Relative group
Puzzle magazine offering
Put beneath for support
Pull on
Plate great
Person of great wealth
Pendulum paths
Part of many Mexican restaurant names
Objective, e.g
Music to accompany cookouts by the sea?
More shipshape
Manicurist's target
Like Vulcans, notably
Like the flop, in Texas hold ’em
Letters for debtors
Jiggly desserts
It may be refined
Hold protectively
Henry VIII's house
Heads home after a day by the ocean?
Greek's X
Glossary entry
GE purchase of the 1980s
Gaucho's throwing weapon
Former Disney CEO Michael
Forested plane in Dungeons & Dragons
Follow-up to 'Straight' in some bar orders
Fern feature
Electronic dance music
Drink cooler, in Dresden
Date, in a way
Cry of exasperation
Crosses, as 'the pond'
Co. co-founded by Michael Ovitz
Clinic nickname
Car in a 1964 Ronny & the Daytonas song
Bring in
Brian of ambient music
Bounds along
Astronomer's bear
Ascended again
Army base about 16 mi. from Trenton
Aluminum coin
Ad ___
'You bet!'
'Take a chill pill!'
'Law & Order: SVU' co-star
'Jeopardy!' fodder – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-21-2017—Making-Waves#sthash.j5Z3ycul.dpuf

___ Major (Great Bear in space)
Word with 'caddy' or 'cup'
Wine dregs
White heron
What burglars do
Water down, e.g
Type of exam or testimony
Tidal retreat
Sweet tuber
Supreme god of Greek mythology
Stark or utter
Sport with horses
Split ___ soup
Soothsayer's sign
Some Oktoberfest dances
Socially distant
Slices of baloney?
Sight to behold
River in Eastern England
Recipe amt
Prior to, old-style
Poet Angelou
Pirate's stereotypical drink
Passionate feelings
Part of a walk in the park
Paints with a bit of splatter
Ones really watching bills?
One's money's worth
One up to no good
One giving you a start
Not happily
Not fair
Need for a working turntable
Navy's faded gridiron program?
National symbol
Mountain range between Europe and Asia
Make a mistake
Looks lustfully
Like depression without mania
Leather piercer
Jamaican music genre
It's meant to be smelly
It's free from difficulty
It can take you on a trip
Ingredient in many lotions
Impolite look
Hot road stuff
Hole that seems to have no bottom
Gun sound
Green onion
Form of African address
Fertility clinic needs
Famous Spanish painter
Faded transporter of oxygen from the lungs?
Faded bruise?
Enthusiastic and then some
Eat like a chicken
Corporate higher-up, briefly
Con ___ (with liveliness)
Complete duration
Common code type
Chem class setting
Chat a bit
Brings a smile to the face of
Be a casual indulger
Baseball legend Ripken Jr
AMA members
Abbreviated word that abbreviates a list
'80s hairdo
'Merry old' king in a rhyme
'Cut it out!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-21-2017#sthash.UboTERKZ.dpuf

Yield to gravity
Word on a street-crossing sign
Woodstock stage array
What stubborn children have
Welles who broadcast a Martian invasion
Troubling sound from an engine
Tony the Tiger's catchphrase
Theologian's subj
The Sundance Kid's girl
Tea served at Starbucks
Tankard filler
Take the mound
Swarming annoyance
Suppress, as information
Source of poi
Sniper's asset
Simone, 'the high priestess of soul'
Sharer of spaghetti with Lady
Reason to wear earplugs
React like a startled horse
Prospector's lucky strike
Place for tiki torches
Phil who sang 'Draft Dodger Rag'
Perched upon
Pass, as a bill
Orbiter with a nucleus
Opponent of 'Home,' on a scoreboard
One of the Florida Keys
One of a circus clown's props
Nosed out
Norse god with an eight-legged horse
Nickel, but not dime
Newmark with a classified ad 'list'
Most Three Stooges films
Martin who wrote 'Money'
Marc with the hit 'Walking in Memphis'
Make an impression, in a way
Luxuriant locks
Like most Turks and some Russians
La ___ Nostra
Kunta ___ ('Roots' role)
Just fair
In the loop
Humana rival
How hermits live
Homer Simpson outburst
Heineken logo
Grillmaster's wear
Gordie, 'Mr. Hockey'
Garlicky sauce
Fix, as loose laces
False bomb threats, say
Excused from a final exam, say
Emotional injury
Elder son of Isaac
Early Jesse Jackson hairdo
Duck hunter's bagful
Dreads sporter
Daughter of Sigmund Freud
Cut off, as a branch
Crankcase attachment
College applicant, usually
Can't stomach
Camcorder button letters
Bridge coup
Black ___ (covert missions)
Bicycle spokes, essentially
Beyond repair
Bearded antelopes
Beantown nine, for short
Barely obtain, with 'out'
All McSorley's Old Ale House patrons until 1970
A whole bunch
'Told ya!'
'Of course!'
'Dee-fense!,' e.g
'Anybody listening?' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jun-21-2017#sthash.OltCh6aN.dpuf

__ for the course (usual)
__ Arbor, MI
Woolly zodiac beast
When p.m. begins
Went wrong
Transports by truck
Train track support
Trade shows, for short
To no avail
Tie tightly
Think alike
Tennis instructor
Telegraph pioneer
Takes a breather
Tack on
Supermarket section
Strike with snowballs
Started a poker pot
Spanish cheer
Sound of a happy cat
Silent assent
Seeks answers
Scrapbook adhesive
Salesperson, briefly
Root vegetables
Regarding, on a memo
Rap-sheet entries
Procedure parts
President after Jefferson
Prepared for a new break, in billiards
Positive potential
Physicians: Abbr
Physically sound
Perfectly understood
PC "get out" key
Overindulge, with "on"
One side at a trial
One from Helsinki
November 11 honorees
Not connected
Nailed perfectly
Mix the batter
Metered vehicle
Least interesting
Korea's continent
Italian bowling
Intelligence crew
In years past
In years past
In a stack
Imposes, as a payment
Highest point
Have faith in
Gets a glimpse of
Former Russian state: Abbr
Fast-food beverage
Doesn't accept
Defeated at chess
Craved, with "for"
Cover for a hardcover
Claim against a plaintiff
Car parker
Can't do without
Billion-selling cookie
B.A. part
"Want a cracker?" parrot
"Come to think of it . . ."
"Aïda" and "Carmen"
"A mouse!"

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