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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 21.04.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 21.04.2017

__ about
Way to go
Very cold
U.K. equivalent of an Oscar
Tiebreakers, briefly
The sixth W?
The last Mrs. Chaplin
The CSA's eleven
Terrible time
Tater __
Spanish seashore
Smart answer, sometimes
Sleep inducer
Scorpio mo
Savory taste
Salinger title character with professional singing aspirations
Put out
Purim month
Portico for Pericles
Perfumery compound
On the other hand
Old anti-Union gp
Nothing, in Nice
Nordic counterpart
Noble objective
Manuscript marks
Make happen
Like high-level treason
Like a Middle Ages social system
Latin clarifier
Lasting marks
Knock ’em dead at the jazz club
KLM competitor
Judgment concern
It's spotted in Westerns
It's a stunner
It may be red
Infant illness
Identity thief's target: Abbr
Home sick, say
Heroic poetry
Heat source
Emerson's 'jealous mistress'
Elephant predator of myth
Ecol., e.g
Early online forum
Diana's Greek counterpart
Creative singing style
Conan Doyle, for one
Compressed syntax topic?
Compressed piece of hardware?
Compressed Homeland Security role?
Compressed gastric complaints?
Compressed carnivore?
Compressed 'Blue Suede Shoes' as sung by Elvis?
Chopper parts
Canal locale
Burnt toast indicator
Beige cousins
Author known for teddy bear stories
Austrian composer Berg
Amos at the piano
African currency
1965 march site
'That's awful!'
'Friends' episode, now
'Drink __': 2014 Luke Bryan #1 country hit
'Ambient 1: Music for Airports' artist – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Apr-21-2017#sthash.aLlTV9OO.dpuf

___ party
Zhou ___
Year abroad
Work with intelligence?
Verdi opera based on a historic invader
Unlikely donor
Type for who this clue will be annoying?
Toon who wears a red hair bow
Thin layer of foam at the top of an espresso
They open in the morning
The Jazz, on sports tickers
Stranded motorist's boon
Shark-jumping sitcom character
Selling point
Savage of 'Savage Love'
Repeated boast in a 1987 #1 hit
Quiet (down)
Pungent cheese
Promised one
Producer of a deep drumming call
Pres. whose given birth name was David
Post cereal with an apostrophe in its name
Play's counterpart
One who might need an ID
One may be essential
Omegas represent them
Nobelist Hammarskjöld
Mac : Scottish :: ___ : Arabic
Law school, so it's said
Latin lover's words
Kennedy colleague
James, Jimmy or John
It's stretched out in yoga class
Iconic part of Nancy Sinatra's early attire
Hurricane or flood
Highly anticipated social events
Get down, in a way
Get cozy
Genre for Miriam Makeba and Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Foot type
Familia members
Eating things
Doorframe part
Does business
Cousin of a fjord
Character assassination, for one
Café freebie
Business circles?
Bull, essentially
Broken-off branch
Brand that's a shortened description of its flavor
Bit of work
Beauty ___
Author Jaffe
Areas where clerics are seated
Alternative nickname for Liz
Add, British-style
A batter receives four for a grand slam
'___ Brand' (Nathaniel Hawthorne tale)
'Our remedies ___ in ourselves do lie': Shak
'Heavens to Murgatroyd!'
'Heavens to Murgatroyd!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Apr-21-2017#sthash.QFwwAi0Z.dpuf

___ Lanka
What to do 'unto Caesar'
What GPS helps you do
Wandered away from the flock
Video game brother
Unhurried walkers
Understood, to hippies
Turn back to yellow, e.g
Some tablets or laptops
Some bean plants (var.)
Shish kebab holders
Scenes of action
Remus, to Romulus
Prince of a noted opera
Primitive fishing weapon
Prefix with 'violet'
Prefix with 'dynamic'
Poet Dickinson
Personal appearance
Old-school safecracker
Official emblem
Noted rope-a-dope boxer
Not early or late
Not an exact number
Norwegian metropolis
Northern Iraq, a long time ago
Neutral colors
Nasty, as a remark
Mountains in Chile
Mike and Carol's TV kid
Member of the giraffe family
Many Middle Easterners
Lhasa's land
Letters on some fighter jets
It ruled in the Yellow River valley, second millennium BC
Interior home unit
Immeasurable pit
Hunter's antlered prey
Hired hand
High wave caused by tidal flow
Handy banking appliance
Great anger
Gold bar
Getting everything right on a test
Get saggy
Future reaper
Fleur-de-___ (Quebec symbol)
Finishes third in a horse race
Eyelid bump
English restroom
Distinctive and stylish elegance
Difficult to grasp, as an elongated fish
Diamond sock designs
DEA word
Cracked food item
Cornrow maker
Continually runs off at the mouth
Computer feed
Captain's domain, sometimes
Bread serving
Braga of films
Boston, Chicago and Minneapolis
Artificial leg extender
Any outstanding example of its kind
Any bus patron
An American flag color
Agenda item
601, in Roman numerals
'What am ___?' (auctioneer's question)
'The Rum ___ Tugger' ('Cats' jam)
'Takin' Care of Business' group, initially
'At Seventeen' singer Janis – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Apr-21-2017#sthash.5RO3SI6V.dpuf

Word before admiral or guard
Word after sing or string
Window treatment option
What a haggler seeks to pay
What 'little things mean'
Went from tween to teen, say
Touched the tarmac
Toaster waffle brand
Takes a crack at
Surveyor's measure
Summer setting in NYC
Street ___ (respect, slangily)
Stetsons and sombreros
Serenader's sentiment
See-through material
Scores on serves
Scheider of the first two 'Jaws' movies
Regional wildlife
Pricing word
Postal division
Playground time
Pitchfork prong
Pass on some gossip?
Part of a multistory pet shop?
Part of a king's address
One working on sports highlights films?
One to hang with
Okefenokee Swamp wader
Not so sharply defined
National Zoo houseful
Narcissist's problem
Make off with
Look forward to
Longoria of 'Telenovela'
Like a size 0 dress
Like a horse-collar tackle, now
Lifeguards usually have them
Kingdom near Fiji
Kept from squeaking
Judge to be
In a fair manner
Hors d'oeuvres spread
Honeycomb makers
Heaven-sent sustenance
Heart or trumpet part
Hanging on every word
Grammys category since 1989
Gillette razor brand
Gig procurer, often
Get extra service from
Geological span
Gateway Arch material
Garment with a supporting role?
Gaming mecca north of Carson City
Fruit in tart jellies
Freed from liability
Former TV partner of Strahan
Fix a knight's outfit?
February 2017 erupter
Discontinue, as relations
CSI part
Criticize harshly
Congregation's response
Come off as
Cereal 'for kids'
Carnivore's catch
Burn a bit
Beat a hasty retreat
Batman player of 1960s TV
Bandit-chasing band
At a quick rate
'That's for sure!'
'Please go on!'
'Heavy' music genre
'A guy walks into a bar . . .' bits – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Apr-21-2017#sthash.2NdL2qX9.dpuf

__ de Troie
You can't __ (with 58 Across)
You can't __
What fills some pots
Vigorous spirit
Tourist mover of a sort
The Tin Man carried one
Tell the truth
Struggle through snow
Starchy staple
Sound of dissatisfaction
Sorority letter
Small combo
See 18 Across
Scene of the crime
Says "No thanks"
Russian or Bulgarian
Roof-rack gear
Ribbon-shaped swimmer
Receipt-printing devices
Ready to bloom
Pulls off
Physics class equation
Part of DJIA
Parisian way
Orzo, for instance
One of the vipers
Nor. neighbor
Non-scratch scrubber brand
Much sales mail
Mole employer
Mock-election participant
Metal bearer
Male or female nickname
Lord Nelson weapon
Long-program leap
Jai __
Islands west of Portugal
Hank Aaron's 12,364
Half of a hiker's duo
Four-song CDs
Fire up
FedEx asset
Eyes-closed action
Exact repetition
English Channel swimmer
Emmy winner for acting, directing and writing
Eager ending
Do decluttering
Cuisine category
Clear Eyes competitor
Chinese spaniels
Casual wear
By hook or by crook
Bout blow
Bit of nothing
Big soirees
Big name in horror film history
Baloney, for instance
Attempt a takeover
A lot
59 Down forerunner
35th anniversary gift
"__ for Vengeance"
"You can't __!"
"That smarts!"
"So klutzy!"
"Save the date" follow-up
"Put away your credit card"
"Door's open"
"Die Meistersinger" soprano

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