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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 21.03.2017

__ torch: party light
__ pine: paneling wood
__ carte
Young fellow
X, in old Rome
Words when the blindfold comes off
Wine collector's datum
Thumbs-down vote
The one without the patch, for Bazooka Joe
Summer hrs. at Yankee Stadium
Strikeout victim of poetry, and a phonetic hint to the answers to starred clues
Sign light
Santa __ winds
Raison d'__
Protective plastic film
Passports, e.g
Out for a midday meal
Org. whose awards ceremony Vince Gill hosted or co-hosted from 1992-2003
Opposite of spicy
Ono from Tokyo
Online journal
Not on base when req
Not clueless
Nile wading bird
Neural transmission point
Nailed, as a test
Mork's planet
Med. condition that may involve excessive hand-washing
Low-__ diet
Loads (of)
Laugh half
Japanese ball-and-cups toy
Indian bread
Impressed with
Here, in Haiti
Gumbo vegetable
Gone from one's plate
Gomer of TV
Glittery rock genre
GI's mess work
Foppish neckwear
Federal hush-hush org
Fanatically devoted
Exchange suggestive glances, say
Excel in one's career
Eva or Zsa Zsa
Enter slowly
Dutch cheese
Dueler's cry
Cultural spirit
Cub scout units
Corn breads
Col. Sanders' chain
Cleaver user
Carne __: taco filling
Canadian tribe
Bogotá boy
Atlanta-based public health org
Apple desktops
Agenda start
*Martial arts move
*Large venomous snake
*Home of baseball's Royals
*Hang out (with)
'Silk Stockings' actress Charisse
'Puppy Love' singer Paul
'Les Misérables' city
'Eleni' author Nicholas – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Mar-21-2017#sthash.mNeUJT6L.dpuf

___ bark beetle
[No info yet]
You, abroad
You can count on them
Work like Dürer
With it
White heron
Way or means
Trick football play
The mark of Zorro
Surf sounds
Super Bowl-winning QB Bart
Study at a college that doesn't have applications?
Something one shouldn't make in public
Signs of healing
Short-haired dog
Seize without legal authority
Sarcastic laugh sound
Pulls an all-nighter, say
Pound sound
Pool contents?
Play for a patsy
Peter or Paul, but not Mary
Peach or plum
Paul McCartney, for one
Out in public
Opposing vote
Onetime telecommunications conglomerate, for short
One side of a debate
Old one, in Oldenburg
Office staple since the 1980s
Noah count?
Nice location
Newspaper essay
Navel formation?
Native of southern India or northern Sri Lanka
Musical with the song 'Don't Cry for Me Argentina'
Moves briskly
Listening device
Lilting melodies
Lifesavers for cops and sailors
Itchy condition
It's often unaccounted for … or a hint to this puzzle's circled letters
It's no bull
Invitation heading
Ink stain
High-ranking British Parliament member
Green govt. group
Good noise from an engine
Genre for Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker
Floor warning
Family member: Abbr
Entrance for Santa
Duke or dame
Dude, Jamaica-style
Doctors' org
Disposable lighters and pens
Disney World theme park
Descartes's 'therefore'
Dame ___ Te Kanawa
Concerning, to a lawyer
Bully's boast
Bullish trends
Bollywood soundtrack instrument
Birth control method, for short
Be a busybody
Bath fixture
Basketball inflaters
Baseball or basketball
Bar on a car
7,485 performances, for Broadway's original 'Cats'
'The buck stops here' prez
'Mack the Knife' composer
'… man ___ mouse? – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Mar-21-2017#sthash.iYBQg8q7.dpuf

[Military force]
Zigzag downhill
Zellweger of 'Chicago'
Word after living or minimum
Utah ski resort
Uses a Taser on
Unspoiled spot
Thurman of film
Systematic routines
Starch plant
Spike's miniature cousin
Snow queen of 'Frozen'
Smart, in a way
Sister of Janet and Jermaine
Singer Carly ___ Jepsen
Sales goal
Rural enclosures
Renewable energy source
Remove, as a brooch
React to yeast, say
Put out
Pixar film with the heroine Merida
Percy Jackson, e.g
Outlook alternative
One with a habit
Of a Mexican desert
Object of adulation
Mentor to Luke
Mentioned in the following paragraphs
Menachem shared the Peace Prize with him
Make tatters out of
Loafer, e.g
Like terrace dining
Like kerosene lamps
Kunis of 'Jupiter Ascending'
Kids' show of 1996-2006, or what's within brackets in this puzzle
June 6, 1944
Item that comes with a Magic Mouse
In favor of
Ill-fated brother
Hold up
Goes out with
Giggly Muppet
Force over acceleration
Field workers
Fertilization targets
Family VWs
Dances for Desi
Counterpart of 42-Across
Counterpart of 37-Down
Corrosive cleaners
Concert souvenirs
Compiler of synonyms
Colorado River tributary
Cleared (of)
Cartoon caveman's garb
Brings in
Big name in skin care
Alma mater of Thomas, Alito and Sotomayor
'They got me!'
'The A-Team' co-star
'T ___ Thomas'
'Mind without mind' condition
'Lonely Boy' singer
'Dancing Queen' group – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-21-2017—We-Just-Got-A-Letter!#sthash.t6bwj5XU.dpuf

___ 51 (alleged UFO site)
Young society ladies, briefly
Yosemite beast
Worker in Siam, of film
Word with 'proportions'
Word librarians use
Woofer's opposite
With every chip bet on one hand
What parallel lines will never do
Wedding announcement word
Use parts of one thing to repair another thing
Tugged-on thing
Trial-run proving ground
Trample but good
This puzzle's theme and a great attitude to have
Thing that may be hard to break
Thing a butterfly may be in
They feature pros and cons
Tennis match section
Split at the seams
Spacious grazing locale
Soap ingredient of old
Small hotel
Shrill-voiced cousin of a plover
Showed disapproval, as an audience
Shocking fish
Sea birds
Sandwich shop
Sacked out and under covers
Runs in neutral
Remove from office
Relating to birth
Regarding the kidneys
Red Sea peninsula
Rainbow formation
Pt. of a portfolio, often
Prevent, as a disaster
Possessive pronoun for a ship
Pollen holders
Parts of a food drive collection
Partner of 'rough'
Painters like Matisse or Dufy
Oppressed by those in power
One of Jupiter's moons
Olympian's quest
Old witch
Much more thought-provoking
Moves out permanently
Molecule component
Medicinal plant
Marks one's ballot
Make up for a wrong
Large naval force
Keep getting magazines
K-___ (big name in record compilations)
It could give a clown a leg up
It causes people to wait
It can cause a wrongful conviction
Infantile position
Incurred, as a bar tab
Give a terrible review to
First mate?
Feature of a hurricane
Express one's views
Eggs, in a lab
Curved woodworking tool (var.)
Creepy and ghastly
Catches animals, in a way
Babilonia of skating
Avoid, as carbs or sugar
'___ Things I Hate About You'
'Yowza!' relative
'He's making ___, checking it …'
'… need is a friend ___' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-21-2017#sthash.lACy2v1m.dpuf

___ fusion (kind of restaurant)
___ capita income
Woody's costar in 'Zelig'
Wish undone
Vardalos of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'
UPS alternative
Three-piece suit part
Thelma's player in 'Thelma & Louise'
Thanksgiving staple
Takes an axe to
Suffix with Gator or Power
Subject to a library fine
Stir up, as sediment
Spin doctor's concern
Spicy Chinese cuisine
Slightest bit
Searcher for Livingstone
Sanitation department service
Rorschach image
Result of a three-putt, often
Resistance units
Reconfirm for accuracy
Quench, as thirst
Protractor measure
Pot starter
Plastic user's burden
Phil who sang 'Draft Dodger Rag'
Penchant for cruelty
Paving crew need
Part of a mechanic's bill
Opposite of 'rewind,' on a remote
Ogden Nash's forte
Offer, as one's hand
Oath of office need
Newcomer on the job
New arrival
Luau instrument, for short
Letter-shaped construction beams
Less cluttered
Largest of rays
Kitten's cry
King David Lounge airline
It's 'fed' by motorists
Honored the anthem
Hardly sufficient
Gilligan's home
Gaudy jewelry, slangily
Flower girl, perhaps
Fleecy boot brand
Fish story
Far from sunny
Exam for an aspiring atty
Doesn't just sit by
Dedicatee of Lennon's 'Woman'
Dam on the Nile
Corp. honcho
Compete in the Tour de France
Canape topper
Burrowing rodents
Brylcreem amount, in ads
Bronchial woe
Broke into, as a computer
Brief tussle
Billing periods, often
Belgian songsmith Jacques
Beat to a pulp, slangily
Bar mitzvah reading
Badlands formation
Back from vacation, say
'You Raise Me Up' singer Josh
'What happened next?'
'That's terrible!'
'That makes my blood boil!'
'Quo Vadis' emperor
'Only kidding!'
'Krazy ___' (classic comic strip) – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Mar-21-2017#sthash.3360UEtM.dpuf

__ fish sandwich
Zesty flavor
When planes are due in: Abbr
Was sure of
Was broadcast
Unexpected problem
Tries to bite
Total disorder
Took long steps
To no __ (fruitless)
Thick piece
That woman's
Strong regretful feeling
Stare at
Spy org
Spring __ (college student's getaway)
Spring __ (clock-setting reminder)
Spring __ (baseball preseason activities)
Source of ancient fables
Sombrero or beret
Software buyer
Shaving mishap
Scarlet and crimson
Purchase price
Piece of garlic
Performs in a play
Pay tribute to
Paper coffee holders
Paid athlete
Overcharges for tickets
Outer boundary
On a __ of one to ten
Not suitable
Not doing anything
Norway's capital
Nine-digit IDs
More pleasant
Mattress frame
Liquid dosage amts
Less risky
Larger __ life
Land between Mex. and Can
Houses' top stories
Homeowner's document
Hill-building insects
Heavenly bodies with tails
Having a sharp incline
Have to have
Had observed
Fastener on a tot's jacket
False name
Dutch flower
Daughter's husband
Cuban dance
Cow sound
Courtroom break
Constant annoyance
Concave bellybutton
City northwest of the Big Apple
Cast a ballot
Bus patrons
Big brawl
Bar bill
Attacks vigorously
Aroma detector
Animal doc
Adam's wife
"__ happy to!"
"Not guilty," for one
"I've got this!"
"For goodness __!"
"Are not!" comeback

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