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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 21.02.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 21.02.2017

__-one: long odds
Winter bug
Wine city near Turin
Whittle (down)
Weigh station unit
Vegging out
Stacy who played Mike Hammer
Sound of a tree falling, say
Sketching tablet
Sight or hearing
Shake hands on
Science Diet product
Safari beast
River of central Germany
Right granted in the First Amendment
Ricelike pasta
Rainbow flag initialism
Pub offering
Private eye
Post-op areas, briefly
Play for a sucker
Phased-out PC screens
Patron saint of Norway
Pat down
Pamplona parlor
Pale purple
Out of the wind
One in a bad mood
Office gossip
Office coffee holder, perhaps
Obviously embarrassed
Not as much
Nonstick kitchen brand
Mystery writer whose Baltimore home is preserved as a museum
Moved quickly, old-style
Memorization method
Meat inspector's org
Margarita option
Many an Ivan, in old Russia
Mail-routing abbr
Lute kin
Kappa follower
Informed (of)
Industrial area of western Germany
Inbox clogger
Idi of Uganda
High-tech bookmark
Hard-rock link
Harbor strolling spot
Gold or silver
Go around in circles?
Gillette's __ II razor
Gem from Australia
Gained a lap?
Flowering hybrid with thorns
Farm machine
Easy-to-swallow meds
Does in, mob-style
Diplomat's asset
Cupid's counterpart
Completely flummoxed
Clapton classic
Bubbly prefix
Big cat of film
Bed with sliding sides
Author Jaffe
African language group
Actor Pitt
1965 march state: Abbr
'The __-bitsy spider … '
'One more thing … '
'O Sole __'
'No more deets!'
'Et tu, Brute?,' e.g

___ Organa ('Star Wars' princess)
Would-be attorneys' hurdles, briefly
Wordlessly implied
Went leisurely downriver, perhaps
Washington and environs, informally
University address ender
Undergoes oxidation
Ultimatum's end
Trail mix
Trade associations
Taking no guff
Take care of, as the bill
Spitting sound
Source of healthful fatty acids in a StarKist can
Societal troubles
Smaller cousin of the double bass
Sicken with sentiment
Sharable PC file
Sans prescription, in brief
Relating to songbirds
Recasts damaging information in a favorable light, say
Rain delay covers
Qatari capital
Pup : wolf :: ___ : fox
Plants used to make tequila
Plane hijacker
Physicist Alessandro, inventor of the electric battery
Per person
Penne ___ vodka
Painful muscle injury
Ornamental pond fish
Opera set in Egypt
Obi-Wan ___ (Jedi knight)
Nuclear reactor
Neither here ___ there
Michael Corleone player in 'The Godfather'
Material to sketch on
Like some profs
Lays out neatly
Invisible emanations
How freelance work is typically done
Health resort amenity
Having an open, delicate pattern
Grooming accessory that may be stuck in the hair
Granola morsel
Grab a bite
Generic name for a herding dog
Garment draped over the shoulders
Frozen CO2, familiarly
Frame job
Flying insect with prominent eyespots
Federal tax agts
Explanatory Latin phrase
Exam for an ambitious H.S. student … or what this puzzle has been?
Driver's licenses and such, for short
Draws to a close
Congers, e.g
Classic American dessert
Chests in synagogues
Cass of the Mamas & the Papas
BlackBerry alternative
Be at leisure
Absorbs, as gravy
5-7-5 verse
'___ already said too much'
'www' address
'Parks and Recreation' star
'And there it is!'
'And so on and so forth'

___ speak (as it were)
Writer of verse
Words before 'much' or 'now'
What Shakespeare would call you?
Variety-show intro-maker
Trimming sound
Thing in tech news
The Greatest of boxing
Tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet
Temptations for some dieters
Supplies for silkscreeners
Strongest single-digit rating
Stiff white collars
Small creek
Sign-offs from cabs
See 7-Down
Sawyer or Thumb
Salon creations
Rental agreement
Red planet
Readily accessible
Prefix meaning 'the sun'
Piddling amount
Perceive with the eyes
Pattern on an old TV
One form of belief in God
Old Ford model
Object of worship
Need rest
Mocking laugh sounds
Missile of the '90s
Minuscule bugs
Mentalist Geller
Md. clock setting
Maker of romantic illusions
Make a delivery to the masses
Like any of eight billiard balls
Laurel with Hardy
Kind to others
John ___ (Farm equipment company)
It's just a little bit?
It makes Tarzan a swinger
Insomniacs want it
Idaho city
Honorably retired
Home in a dome
Hard cookie
Guitarist Clapton
Ginger on 'Gilligan's Island'
Fraternal club
Faux ___ (blunder)
Far from rich
Fall guy?
Dots or seeds
Despise and then some
Common Dutch flower
Comments from horses
Chinese sauce
Certain deli sandwich
Campus military grp
Bygone monetary unit
Beavers' prides
Be up in the air
Barter alternative
Ate late
Astronomer's sighting
Astronaut Buzz
A whole bunch
'The King and I' woman
'Country' distance
'Cone' or 'Cat' intro – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-21-2017#sthash.JjEd0Mal.dpuf

___ d'Huez (famed Tour de France climb)
Was in front
Wall fixture
Unit of the Roman army
Uncool folks
They hold office
The Montague boy
Tennis do-over
Team-building activities?
Target on a course
Sizable sandwich
Shrill bark
Sgt., for one
Secant's reciprocal in trigonometry
Sarcastic comment on a chore
Sacred ceremonies
Rich soil
Reverent wonder
Responding to commands, say
Request at a restaurant
Reference wk. that added 'YOLO' in 2016
Printer's goof
Press into service
October birthstone
Notes from abroad
NHL legend Gordie
Needing much improvement
More crafty
Military helicopter
Mascara target
Land east of the Urals
Javelin's path
Jason Bourne's affliction
It's rolled out for guests
Inventive thoughts
Hyatt competitor
He loved an Irish Rose
Gregarious penguin variety
Give a good talking-to
Galaxy Tab rival
Forward surge
Fork feature
Flower part
Flashy basketball play
Finalize, as comics or tattoos
Final, for one
February birthstone
Father of Harry and William
Fallon's 'Tonight Show' predecessor
Exasperated cry
Documentary filmmaker Burns
Dainty drink
Crossword component
Craps cube
Convertible alternative
Complain noisily
Coffee additive
Bran source
Boards, as a trolley
Big name in routers
Batteries for a remote, say
Baltimore team
Audiophile's collection
Attempts to get a loan from
Advanced deg
Adam's madam
2012 #1 song by Carly Rae Jepsen
'Well, lah-di-___!'
'The Persistence of Memory' painter
'The Lion King' hero
'Gilda' star Hayworth
'Baseball Tonight' network – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-21-2017—Around-The-Poker-Table#sthash.mXr67y9y.dpuf

___ and hearty
Workshop clamp
Wallach of 'Mystic River'
Ventriloquist Wences
Van Gogh painted sunflowers here
Took a load off
Tinseltown trophy
Telemarketing activity
Sugar meas
State with certainty
Solid yellow billiard ball
Sites for Christmas lights
Sinuous swimmers
Shady stock transaction
Seats for the flock
Screen fave
Sci-fi transport
Salad follower, often
Room in the slammer
Riverbank frolicker
Relay team member
Rarity for a duffer
Quite some time
Provide an alibi for, e.g
Potpourri bit
Potbelly or Franklin
Portfolio holding, for short
Port of Yemen
Play guitar chords
Place for a fence or hedge, perhaps
Picked at random
Operate a Cessna, say
NYC sports venue
Not clearly stated
Nearing depletion
Name in lawn mowers
Mop & ___ (floor cleaner)
Monopoly quartet (Abbr.)
Mercury or gallium
Lyft alternative
Long-distance friend
Lo-cal food phrase
Lisa of 'Friends'
Like the Battle of Midway
Least common base hit
Laudatory verse
Koufax, Ford or Spahn
Kidded around with
Journey segment
Instrument played by Nixon and Truman
Indiana's state flower
Haul with effort
Gives off
Genie's home
Forest in 'As You Like It'
Fit to stand trial
Fish served 'amandine'
Far from trusting
Fallon's predecessor
Fabric flaw
Extra charge
Director's cry
Della who sang 'Don't You Know?'
Deep gorge
City southwest of Kyoto
Cause of beach erosion
Cantina snacks
Bronx Zoo houseful
Bridge declaration
Black-tie affair
Barnyard female
Athletic shoe feature
Any Club Med
2016 World Series venue
'You've got mail' co
'Who goes there?' asker
'Quit dwelling on the past!'
'Better Call Saul' channel – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-21-2017#sthash.PySdRT9P.dpuf

__-portrait (type of painting)
__-do-well (rogue)
__ the occasion (met a challenge)
__ Star State (Texas)
__ Grey tea
World Series prelude: Abbr
Work strenuously
Wild guess
Urban pollution
Unsuccessful 1950's Ford
Totally silly
Things of value
Speak indistinctly
Spanish cheers
Soprano's song
Scooby-__ (toon dog)
River through Paris
Resulted in
Relaxing resort
Prefix meaning "earth"
Potato, informally
Poems of praise
Plumlike fruit
Opposite of "yeses"
Operagoer's shout
Norway's capital
Nights before holidays
Needing repair
Needing repair
Needing repair
Needing repair
Mythical "golden touch" king
Mother sheep
Monogram of Reagan's successor
Midterm, for one
Merit a reward
Matador's opponent
Mata __ (legendary spy)
Make simpler
Make sharper
Look after
Lizard in GEICO ads
Lima or garbanzo
Lengthy story
Judicial orders
Informed about
Indent key
Herringlike fish
Has good intentions
Had a feeling
Great Salt Lake's state
Gape at
For days __ (nonstop)
Fly like an eagle
Figure out
Earring site
Char, as a steak
Change for a $5 bill
Car transmissions
Bright fires
Big galoot
Be inclined (to)
Bank takeback, for short
Backless sofa
At an earlier date
Astronauts' org
Apportion, as a time
All over again
Adjust, as an engine
Actor's character
"Wizard of Oz" dog
"The Farmer in the __" (kids' song)
"Citizen __" (Welles film) – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-21-2017#sthash.Q1JVbURg.dpuf

www bookmarks
Web store icon
Wallach of 'Mystic River'
Type of sax
Tupperware sound
Try to sell
Tried out
They may elicit sighs of relief
Surveyors' accessories
Stir-fry veggies
Stadium ticket specification
Some homework helpers
Snug-collared man's or woman's top
She helped fund Manhattan's Strawberry Fields memorial
Send, as a check
School segment
Sailing, say
Romance novelist Roberts
Remote button
Reason to recalculate
Ready to pour
Reach a maximum
Rating symbol
Puts one over on
Publisher's employee
Preserve, in a way
Prefix with way or west
Potentially disastrous
Popeye's prop
Parrying weapon
Orchestra instrument
One continually on the go?
Ohio-based faucet maker
Office fixture
Occasion for a card, for short
Object of adoration
Nurturing required for a colorful companion bird
Musical composition
Minimal effort
Makes illegal
Islamic holy book
Intl. alliance since 1949
His skull is held in 'Hamlet'
High point in Sicily
Hairy Halloween ensemble
Gullible sorts
Gucci of fashion
Gauge's recommended safety limit
Game fish
Free from contamination
Fourth-down play
Forfeited wheels
Flowerless plant
First name in jazz
Exec's reminder
Escape the clutches of
Environmentally friendly printing material
Early spring flowers
E-commerce facilitator
Doc that may include substantial assets
Director Kazan
Delta in which the Rosetta Stone was found in 1799
Dance with flowing gestures
Cuban music genre
Couldn't do without
Colonnade hardwood
Car seat occupant
Captain Picard's counselor
Bother persistently
Birthstone after sapphire
Avian cry
50-and-up group
1941 FDR creation
'___ further reflection …'
'You wish!'

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