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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 20.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 20.09.2017

Wade noisily
Type of TV display
Tokyo, long ago
Spa treatment
Serengeti grazer
Renewable fuel made from organic matter
Quarterback Dawson
Prez in a stovepipe hat
Passover cracker
One of the Galápagos, e.g.: Abbr
Not connected to the church
Nevada city near Tahoe
Needle bearers
Museum manager
Mexican pyramid builder
Metal-marking tool
Many Mideast natives
Loudness units
Lipton pouches
Lingering looks
Like thick fog
Like old records
Like morning grass
Late with one's payments
Justice Dept. division
Ignore the limit
Hesitation sounds
Helps illegally
Hasbro game requiring quick reflexes
Grind, as teeth
Good-sized backyard
Goal-oriented suburban parent?
Fundraising portmanteau
From Thailand, say
French name meaning 'born again'
Forgetful person literally indicated by this puzzle's circles
Fish-fowl link
Fed a line to
Fairy tale brute
Elongated comet part
Duke or duchess
Drive-__ window
Disdainful clicks
Deleted, with 'out'
Crow's cry
Contest submission
Concern for a marketing department
Company with 'save you 15%' ads
Chisel's cutting edge
Cartoon frame
Car wash extra
Car stat with city and hwy. components
Bulb that's more sweet than pungent
Building guideline
Big name in PCs
Beethoven's Third
Basic two-element computation
Balance precariously
Astronomer Sagan
Arctic covering
Abound (with)
'__ See for Miles': The Who
'You Don't Join Us, We Join You' insurance company
'Want the light __ not?'
'Today' rival, familiarly
'Monday Night Football' airer before ESPN
'London Fields' writer Martin

___ d'Or (Cannes award) [12]
___ bag (event handout)
Wrathful 'Star Trek' villain
Witch hazel or bay rum
Wheel spoke, essentially
What A.L. pitchers normally don't do
Wenders who directed 'Buena Vista Social Club'
Wall Street index, for short
Vena ___ (major vessel)
TV journalist Zahn
Things in jewel cases [3]
They became independent in 1991: Abbr
Stickup man on 'The Wire'
Steady guy
Some trackgoers [18]
Sleazy newspaper
Shah's domain until 1935
Scrapped, to NASA
Scottish hillside
Salvage ship's detection system
Rap's Dr. ___
Prior to, poetically
Pre-A.D. [2]
Plays for a sap
Pitmaster's offering [17]
Persona non grata to a striker [1]
Pear variety
Patron saint of Norway
Patrick of 'Dirty Dancing' [25]
Part of Oceania [9]
Painter Paul [11]
Off in the distance
Muscular strength
Marmalade bit
Mark for demolition [13]
Line of upscale German autos [23]
Like the description 'somewhere in the U.S.'
Like Playboy models [24]
Like games with several lead changes
Letter before bravo
Le ___ Soleil (Louis XIV)
Interior designs
Hydroxyl group compound [14]
Hindu ascetics
He 'made me do it,' with 'the' [4]
Hawthorne who created Hester Prynne
Green Monster's ballpark
Golfs, e.g. [22]
Fruity quaffs
Fitness program done to Latin music
Eur. distance measures
Euphoric states [8][7]
Early Beatle Sutcliffe [19][20]
Diner cupful, slangily
Curator's workplace
Cry from Scrooge
Cry before a fall
Creator of Hogwarts [10]
County north of Limerick
Classroom surprise [15][16]
Citrus named for its appearance
Chowder flavor
Catch in a web
Capital of 26-Down [21]
Book borrower's penalty [5]
Bausch & ___ (lens maker)
Aunts, in Andalusia
Act ___ [6]
'You betcha!'
'Star Wars' extras, for short
'Mazel ___!'
'Last one ___ a rotten egg!'
'How about that!'
'Buy It Now' site

Youngster in the Hundred Acre Wood
Without exception
Tony-winning title role for Robert Morse
Theater array
That, in Tijuana
Tel. add-on
State since 1948
Sportscasting legend Scully
Speed-dating event for businesses and job seekers
Slender swimmer
Short post
Shearings from Norfolk?
Seriously impair
Secret wish for the cheese course?
Saxophonist Beneke
Saga language
Sacred chests
Rototill some recently acquired grazing land?
Result of using yarn for stitches?
Queen with an unusual diet?
Putin ally
Progressive spokesperson
Plumbing connector
Oscar nominations, informally
Org. for Nadal, Murray and Federer
Omar of 'Shooter'
Move like molasses
Mouth location
Mountain nos
Martinique, par exemple
Maker of the Deep Sweep 5000
Magic potion
Luke, to Obi-Wan, e.g
Lose sleep
Let off the hook?
Lady of the Haus
Just three or four, say
Jim Parsons, e.g
It might be bitter
Island nation once governed by Germany
Helm heading
Head lines?: Abbr
Golden Globe winner for 'Chicago'
Gets a closer look at
Doesn't fold, perhaps
Does a barista's job
Dallas-to-Houston dir
Co-founder of Death Row Records
Clip contents
Clear the snow again
Clancy character played by Baldwin, Ford, Affleck and Pine
Carly Jepsen's middle name
Burr on a knife
Buds on spuds
Boxer's warning
Bookbinder's tool
Bird in the starling family
Big name in portable hard drives
Beaver home
Bananagrams piece
Aziz of 'Master of None'
Aware of
Alternative to NYSE
Agreeing to participate
Abbr. on country mail
'The African Queen' screenwriter James
'Shiny Happy People' band
'Do ___ to eat a peach?': T.S. Eliot

Word with 'gray' or 'bay'
What court lawyers do
Way past the sell-by date
Vital hospital worker
Type of hygiene
Type of hall
Toss out of school
Toss haphazardly
Topped with frosting
They lengthen TV shows
The loneliest number
The Bambino
The act of managing by overseeing
Stomach ailments
Spherical 'do
Soothing medicinal plants
Shaft under a lead foot
Seine relatives
See eye-to-eye
Russian group of three?
Reptiles with quite a bite
Princess' headgear
Passport endorsement
Old-style 'in a little while'
Not new
Newts in transition
Miscellaneous collection
Minute dinner crumbs
Makeup mishaps
Literary name for Ireland
Like a discounted amount
Leans at sea
Lascivious look
Jungle primate
It's broken by the fastest runner
Is generous, in a way
Intense or sharp
Indiana pro
Include or involve
Have a strong hunch about
Hatchery inventory
Guy who is too good to be true?
Gradually heat and cool to temper
Gobble down
Give a hand to
Financial security for a debt
Feature of everything the boss gives you, per the boss
Eyelid woes
Egyptian metropolis
Egg of old Rome
Diminutive fairytale creatures
Design scheme
Containing iron
Coffee mug stopping points
Choir voices
Brief minister?
Bridge material
Bond distributor
Bog material
Barber's powdery supply
Author Murdoch
Attempt to be persuasive
32,000 ounces
29-Down alternative
'What have we here?'
'I remember the time …'
'Cause' partner
'And plus …'

___ tattoo (arm-covering art)
___ sci (college major, informally)
___ Kadiddlehopper (Red Skelton rube)
Zest or Ivory alternative
Where 'you are,' on a mall map
West Virginia export
Vessels for the well-to-do
Toothed part of a bicycle
Throw wildly, say
Swiss Army knife's many
Sunburn soother
Steve with the country album 'Guitar Town'
Stereotypically blind officials, for short
South African grassland
Shelled out
Sarge's superior
Sandusky's lake
Rural stopovers
Rock concert array
Resounding, as church bells
Range crossed by Hannibal
Pull a fast one on
Propel a tandem
Places for patches
Pension law of 1974, briefly
PC support pros
Part of UCSD
One may be set up on one
Not far away
Mount St. Helens spew
Many a garden figurine
Locker room dispenser filler
Like one end of many pools
Like Aaron Judge, as ballplayers go
Like a Jekyll/Hyde personality
Leading the pack
Lav, to a Brit
Invite to one's loft, say
Intro deliverer, and a hint to this puzzle's theme
In plain sight
Hospital recovery area, for short
Hogwarts librarian ___ Pince
HMO offering
Fathered on a stud farm
Fare behind a sneeze guard
Extended credit to
Essential point
Easily taken in
Draw in the margins, maybe
Dollar rentals
Disney friend of Stitch
Direct deposit, briefly
Container in the dairy isle
Clear from the board
Carbonated frozen drink brand
Cantata tune
Called by phone
Buy quickly
Butcher's tool
British bloke
Brings home
Black Flag or d-CON target
Beginning on
Barista's serving, slangily
Atheist or polytheist, perhaps
Aretha Franklin hit of 1982
Apres-ski drinks
Action on an icon
1/640 square mile
'___ was saying . . .'
'You ___ say?'
'What have we here?'
'Sonic Generations' game company
'Lohengrin' heroine
'Julie & Julia' screenwriter Ephron
'Ben-Hur' or 'Gladiator'
'Bad, bad' Brown

__ acids (protein components)
Zero, slangily
Young fellow
Workbench clamps
Wear a long face
Visitor from outer space
Veggie in gumbo
Trophy or medal
Top-billed role
To-do list
Title for a knight
Syllables after "tra"
Superheroes' other identities
Stitched up
Spanish "To your health!"
Seagoing vacation
Scandinavian capital
Saintly symbol
Read electronically
Rachael Ray or Emeril
Prefix for sweet
Poker hand starter
Person who objects
Peevish mood
PC in-box contents
Part of a shirt
Out of bed
One of the Three Bears
Offend the nose
Odin's son
Oboe insert
Negative votes
Mystical glows
Most lions with manes
More frosty
Monte __, Monaco
Mix, as a salad
Michael Kors competitor
Marquee name
Map within a map
Liquor in a daiquiri
Key in
Just sitting around
Italian wine region
Instruction book
In combat
Improve, as wine
High-five sounds
Has stamina
Ham it up
Golf instructor
Give to a charity
GI offense
Garden in Genesis
Frequent 2016 debater
For what __ worth
Feels sore
Fee to ride
Family car
Evictee from 63 Across
Electrified fish
Dry as a desert
Corn Belt state
Colosseum city
Bush 43, to Bush 41
Behind-the-scenes sitcom staffs
Befitting royalty
Barbershop service
Baldwin of "30 Rock"
Back of the neck
Atmospheric layer
As well
Accelerate, with "up"
21 Down filler
"Wherefore __ thou Romeo?"
"The buck stops __"

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