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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 20.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 20.07.2017

__ diem
Where to find wheels and deals
UPS driver's assignments
Type in
Top of a cornstalk
Team on the field
Tazo product
Spot for a Fitbit
Simpson of fashion
Shave, as sheep
Shade-loving ornamental
Seuss' shelled reptile
Rubio's title: Abbr
Rocky in a Beatles title
Ring-shaped coral reef
Reliever's stat
Reality TV host Mike
Puddies, to Tweety
Practical joker
Popes and cardinals, but not nuns
Polished off
Place to hang
One of the faithful
Nutmeg State collegian
NPR's Shapiro
Not as many
Nike competitor
Nights before
Muslim holy man
Midterm, e.g
Match play?
Man or Manhattan
Make tracks, old-style
Loungewear item
Jessica of 'Hitchcock'
Jeanne d'Arc, e.g.: Abbr
Home of Aleppo
Held in check
Grey Goose rival
Gone by
Golfer Tseng who's the youngest player to win five major championships
Get moving
Garage door opener brand
Fit to __
Family __
Drops from above
Daughter of Michelle and Barack
Collar attachment
Coca-Cola Company headquarters
Chicken vindaloo go-with
Certain undercover cop
Car bars
Capelike garments
Bio stat
Big dos
Barroom mix-up
ATM output
Ancient Anatolian region
African capital near the prime meridian
Actor Davis
1978 misfit comedy … and something hidden in each answer to a starred clue
*What may be moved by a fan
*Result of a Merlot mishap
*Felt-covered gaming equipment
*Dr Pepper Museum locale
'Too funny!'
'That's right'
'Piece of cake!'
'Hard __!': sailor's cry

Wound up
What's turned up on someone's face?
Top pros
Southernmost major U.S. city
Some delivery drivers' plans: Abbr
Shorthand system inventor Pitman
Setting for an O's game
Sequel to 'Angela's Ashes'
Screenplay directive
Response to a discouraging comment
Request from the curious
Real downers
Reaction to sad news
Princes, e.g
Presidential ex
Place for French lessons
Paid, as a bill
Over-the-counter cold remedy
Out of one's head
One making a row?
Old school dance
Nuke, maybe
Nation whose flag has a black eagle on a solid red background
Mr., abroad
Middle name of Sean Lennon
Mexican thing
Member of Ronald Reagan's cabinet
Massey of old movies
Margarine ingredient
Make a scene
Low island
Like custard
Jennifer of 'Pride and Prejudice,' 1995
James is keeping me from getting a steam engine patent?
Itsy-bitsy bits
It'll never get off the ground
It may have a ring to it
It holds water
How a flamingo may stand
Hockey, to Gordie?
Hitchcock film with Laurence Olivier
Half-days, for short
Genealogist's work
Frequent co-signatory
Fly over the Equator
Fictional swordsman
Edward VII, familiarly
Edited, in a way
Driving schedule?
Coll. hoops competition
Cheating meeting?
Challenging bet
Calvin who may have designs on you
Cable ___
Brest friend
Big Ten powerhouse, for short
Big heart?
Big butte
Attach, in a way
A former leader of China gave his shar-peis some exercise?
'Car Talk' carrier

Yet to be broken
Word with eye or makeup
Wolfed down too much of, with 'on'
With 5-Down, 'The Producers' actor
Where kids are sent to disappear?
Where Katie Ledecky won four Olympic gold medals
Twins' set
Trumpet feature
Tree of life setting
Time for a revolution?
This might go over your head
Tear asunder
Symbol of purity
Spicy Chinese cuisine
Sister of Emily and Charlotte
Sign of welcome
Setting filler
See 10-Across
Roadside chain, familiarly
Revenuers, for short
Resident of the Realm of the Four Quarters
Primates who specialize in prodding?
Person dealing with bull?
Pay tribute to
Patio piece
Party leader
Only seedy bar in a northwest capital?
Number that can never decrease
Northwest Passage seeker
Name on a 2016 winning ticket
Name in a will
Mountain, in Hawaiian
Most of it is filtered these days
Morphine, e.g
Market research tool
Lose money
Lay out
Invoice word
Honor for 'Oslo'
Holyfield rival
Highway pull-off attraction
He was sworn in by Roberts in January 2006
Good combatant
Go in separate directions
Garfield's owner
Fare indicator
Cut off
Cuban Missile Crisis org
Crew implement
Couleur du lait
Corundum, e.g
Coil-shaped sausage links?
Change for the bettor?
Break a yuletide rule
Birthplace of Gerald Ford
Big victory margin
Aware of
Altoids holder
'Tristia' poet
'The pines,' in sports lingo
'Shiny Happy People' band
'London Fields' novelist
'If you say so'
'Can anybody hear us?'

___ one's time (wait patiently)
___ Island (Brooklyn neighborhood)
Yogi's instrument?
Yelps or yells
Words from sponsors
Word in many titles
Witchy one
Waterproof sheet
Vaulted church area
Valuable avian sculptures?
Use Windows 10
Type of maniac
Type of believer
Thermos relatives
Swing type
Suffix with 'rich' or 'poor'
Studied cross-country routes?
Stops, as a yawn
Sometimes swampy forest
Some Monopoly props
Some like it hot
Skin art, slangily
Seriously avoids
Rural festivals
Regardless of
Provide, as with a quality
Paris thirst-quencher
Paratrooper's need
Papal court
Paint or glove type
Note grouping
Nighttime flier
Navigator's concern
Mouse alert
Makes a moniker change
Make a margin comment
Made sense (with 'up')
Lotto winner's option
Literary collection
Like big farms and great estates
Large trucks
Kind of viper or 1-Down
Juvenile newt
In first place
Hamilton's foe
Grain bane
Goof up
Get more ammo
Genetic stuff
Flying disk
Fireplace activity during seismic activity?
Feminine possessive
English county
Ease off
Early American patriot Silas
Dog with a snub-nose
Damage slightly
Color changer
Clears of charges
Candy purchase, sometimes
Beaker material
Arm bones
Aquatic animal
Apt to yak
All-singing productions
90-degree architectural add-on
'___ Father, who art …'
'Ta-ta' alternative
'Now ___ was I?'
'Animal Farm' creature
'… happily ___ after'

___ off (wrote hurriedly)
___ a soul (no one)
Word after bitter or dead
Woody Herman's '___ Autumn'
Where to find Eggo waffles
Where a sailboat may run aground
Went underground, in a way
Went kaput
Vice ___
Useful data, briefly
Unit symbolized by an omega
Turntable need
Tom of 'State Fair'
Theme song from 'The Quiet Man'
Telegram sentence ender
Takes measures
Suffix with lion or baron
Started a hand
Sloppy digs
Skein shapes
Sax type played by Clinton
Roll call notation
Rogue computer of sci-fi
River through Catalonia
Right on the money
Result of a sac fly
Quinnipiac surveys
Put coins into, as a meter
Prince Harry's alma mater
Prefix meaning 'modern'
Popular vodka brand, for short
Places for rubber duckies
Perfected, as a skill
Partner of crafts
Part of a drum kit
Owner of an infamous cow
Offspring of Gaia
Number on a driver
Nodding off, maybe
Name in polo shirts
Monopoly deed figure
Merino mothers
Many-___ (multicolored)
Like Sen. Sanders
Let out a sigh, say
LBJ part
Just for Men offering
Jogger's source of music, perhaps
Herb with a licoricelike flavor
Harder to believe, as tales go
Grow like ivy
Gridder-turned-actor Bradshaw
Give or take
Give a 'big hair' look to
Forty-niner's pay dirt
Floored it
Flattery in verse
Finish second, perhaps
Fernando of 'The French Connection'
Eris' path
Elusive Himalayans
Diminutive in rappers' names
Civilian garb
Cheese at pizza parlors
Brandy bottle letters
Bit of angling gear
Beer following a shot
Beachgoer's acquisition
Any of the Simpsons
Add to the staff
Act the epicure
'___ Only Just Begun' (Carpenters hit)
'___ Hate Me' (Spike Lee movie)
'The Big Easy' of pro golf
'Holy' city
'Ghostbusters' gunk
'Exodus' hero ___ Ben Canaan

With, in Paris
What may hold a driver
Weathercaster's tool
Water seen in "The Ten Commandments"
Urgent need of action
Up to now
Traffic slower
Tend a tot
Tapered nail
Syncopated tune
Sugar quantity
Stereo system
Sports, as shorts
Sighed cry
Scribble (down)
Russian rulers of yore
Review harshly
Redeem oneself
Poker declaration
Poetic preposition
Performers with spoons and washboards
Perfect over time
Ongoing squabble
One way or another
One of the least-liked 48 Across
On the double
Non-neutral atom
More apt to sneak around
Mad Hatter's server
Lira successor
Less-than-straight answers
Leave in the range too long
Lack of interest
It's expanding Hawaii
Insecure feeling
Ill-fated energy giant
Ignore, with "out"
Holiday precursor
Harry Potter class
Golf course machine
Goes last
Glide on powder
Give back
Furnace setting
From long ago
Frequently patched place
Frequent fund-raiser
Fluctuate greatly
Fields of business
Fashion monthly
Exec perk, perhaps
Erstwhile crackers
Don't depart
Crosswise, on a ship
Club for a par-three tee
Chem lab measure
Cardiology concern
Buy and sell
Brazilian dance
Boxer's weakness
Billion-selling snack
Big boss at Disney
Be a carper
Banded stone
Baby coyote
Awaiting trial, perhaps
Aunt Millie's alternative
At the moment
Any thing

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