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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 20.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 20.06.2017

__ tunnel syndrome
__ one's time: waits patiently
__ apso: dog
Tightly packed
Table scrap
Standing straight
Sign over
Ship's pronoun
Scoped out with bad intentions
Royal flush card
Quartet that covered 'Woodstock,' initially
Promos that interrupt programs
Prolonged battle
Polished body part
Poetic twilight
Playbill listing
Play to __: tie
Piano-bass-drums jazz group, e.g
Pageant topper
Ouzo flavoring
Orange Muppet
Orange drinks
Olive product
Old manuscript copier
Non-negotiable things
Neglected to
Muhammad's boxing daughter
Meditative Chinese exercise
Malt brew
Lumberyard purchase
Jamaican fruit
Independence Day colors
Illumination on helmets
Herring family fish
Helping hands
Has on
Golf outing spoiler
Get __ of: discard
Gardener's purchase
From the top
Former OTC watchdog
Flag down, as a cab
Fill with glee
Fancy tie
Facts and figures
Extinct birds
Extensive … and what's literally seen in this puzzle's circles
Emitted an aura
Dietary guideline letters
Cuts with a light beam
Cookie jar cover
Consonant before iota
Cereal grass disease
Caribbean island group
Cake decorator
Bumped into
Broadcast with greater image resolution, as TV shows
Bowler's challenge
Battling it out
Ballplayer with 'SD' on his cap
Auto visibility aid with intermittent settings
Actor Guinness
'These are the times that __ men's souls': Paine
'The __ of the Ancient Mariner'
'I'd like this favor'
'How about that!'
'Give all thou __': Wordsworth
'Don't Bring Me Down' rock gp – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jun-20-2017#sthash.LLHcw5Gj.dpuf

___ moment (shortly)
___ admin (IT pro)
Words said while running out the door, maybe
When repeated, Hawaiian menu item
Wheel groove
Waste container
Volcano feature
Up to, informally
Unfold, poetically
Treasured possession
Swift steeds
Stove setting for simmering
Southern region where blues developed
Sneeze sound
Sashimi go-with
Sandwich usually served with toothpicks
Roamer of the Serengeti
Places where lines meet
Pilgrimage site in central Italy
Phishing target: Abbr
One of the premier clubs in the Premier League
One of the friends on 'Friends'
Negative linking word
Native New Zealander
Mill devices
Melodic subjects in music
Meas. of engine speed
Like the group you're in if you're out, for short
Item swiped by Indiana Jones at the start of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'
Indigenous people of Singapore
Important consideration for investors
Hill that's steep on one side and gentle on the other
Goulashes, e.g
Gerontologist's subject
French filmdom
Dwellers east of the Urals
Dreadful, as circumstances
Dominant faith of Iran
Does awesomely
Diamonds are weighed in them
Cross to bear
Crank (up)
County divs
Concluding musical section
Comics villain ___ Luthor
Classic Camaro
CBS show with a 'New Orleans' spinoff
Cause of tree damage and downed telephone wires
Bush – or an anagram of BUSH plus one letter
Barely lit
Author LeShan
Attire that may leave the chest bare
Arrival and departure locales hinted at by 17-, 21- and 50-Across
Answer to the riddle 'What force or strength cannot get through / I, with gentle touch, can do'
Annual Austin festival
Actress Mazar of 'Entourage'
Actress Hepburn
Accept, as a lesser charge
A wee hour
1979 breakout role for Mel Gibson
1977 Steely Dan album
'Pray continue …'
'Law & Order: SVU' actor
'How sweet ___!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jun-20-2017#sthash.r8ECP0CY.dpuf

Yogi's pillow stuffing?
Xbox 360 rival
Wetlands plant
Vietnamese celebration
Util. bill portion
Twistable treat
Trendy bakery hybrids
Texan hero Houston
Surrealist Salvador
Summer hangout
Stereotypical love-at-first-sight sound
Solo in a spaceship
Singer DiFranco
Short operatic piece
Seriously stuck
Savings for senior yrs
Sandy shade
Rose on a diamond
Refrigerator noise
Ready for playing, in a way
Pro wrestling duo
Porky's lingo?
Pod sphere
Plays a zither, say
Pirate's assent
Nixon met with him in 1972
Morsel for Miss Muffet
Mickey's domicile?
March Madness org
Lose power
Like Whistler's mother
Like a bread dough failure, perhaps
Lend a hand
King with three daughters
Killed, biblically
It might give you backstage access
Go off course
Give a shellacking
Formal accord
Ford a stream, say
False front
Fails utterly
Donald's hooch?
Customary practice
Construction zone feature, sometimes
Colorful phenomenon caused by charged solar particles
Clear out of
Caterers' coffee holders
Catch off guard
Capone's nemesis
Bugs's motion?
Brewery sight
Brainstorming output
Bloodwork setting
Became more appealing over time
Beachcomber's find
Banks on the runway
Bad jokes may elicit them
Baby or corn container
Audio giant
As a plan B
Alternative to 'Psst!'
Affectedly highbrow
'___ where they ain't' (advice from baseball's Willie Keeler)
'Trouble again?!'
'Spring forward' inits
'Imagine that!'
'Go, us!'
'Family Ties' mom
'Don't wanna'
'Agnus ___'
'A rodent!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-20-2017—Loony-Toons#sthash.WCBtRmps.dpuf

___ out a living (scraped by)
___ Dash (spice brand)
Zig-zagged to and fro
Wrinkly fruit
Withered, as cracked land
Unfortunately, what you and I are?
Turn over to, legally
Took a card
Thing to be as happy as
Theater worker
Tennis umpire's call
Target of some pool treatments
Tandoor-produced bread
Tach readings
Stair climber's protection
Sits tight
Sigh of woe
Serb or Pole, e.g
Seed distributor
Scrape together, as funds
Sandwich shop
Rock out on an electric guitar
Prove useful to
Proceed along a given route
Pro ___ (proportional)
Prepare to undo a surrender
Possessive pronoun
Pocket sandwich
Pickle type
Parisian waterway
Opens, as an official document
Not use efficiently
Nosebag morsel
Musical mix
Misleading by false appearances
Make a wrong decision
Low-budget film
Looked curiously
Lobbies open to the sky
LAX info
Kilt design
Ireland, to some
Ingredient in bubble bath
In spite of the fact that, briefly
Hurry, old-style
How some contestants battle
Historical excavation site
Hindu music genre
Hearty soup
Goalpost part
Former liberal, briefly
Eye part
Endings with 'walk' or 'trade'
Emphatically claim to be true
Egyptian reptile
Desert's green spot
Deodorant type
Continental cash
Computer image
Clean, as a spill
Certain music genre
Catchers' gear
Cake for cleaning
Bread maker's ingredients
Bowties you can eat
Big name in pineapples
Big name in accounting
Bad way to sand
Air-freshener's scent, sometimes
90-degree pipe bend
41-Down language
1-Across in the present tense
'Family Feud' player, often – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-20-2017#sthash.6ZLf6G6F.dpuf

___ Lanka
___ Day (May 1 in Hawaii)
Works with rattan
Without peer
Where gladiators toiled
Unwelcome mail, perhaps
Trivia whiz Jennings
Tree sacred to the Druids
Trapped, as a cat
They're splitsville
The fin man?
Tends to, as a handlebar mustache
Subway alternative
Stand for a portraitist
Some parlor pieces
Some Christmas trees
Sing like Cab Calloway
Simile center
Sight to behold
Shows partiality
Satchel in Cooperstown
Salted part of a margarita glass
Risk a perjury rap
Regret bitterly
Quick on the uptake
Put-up ponytail, maybe
Pull a scam on, slangily
Publican's offering
Pothook shape
Org. in 'Michael Collins'
Oreo filling
Often-buggy software versions
Oder River, to the Baltic Sea
Novi Sad natives
NASA 'walk'
MS. recipients
Many a 10-Across
Looks at lustfully
Like Will Rogers' humor
Like lasagna or baklava
Like a dragon's skin
Language that gave us 'Kwanzaa'
La ___ (Milan opera house)
Involve by necessity
In a docile manner
Hard to climb, perhaps
Harbored, as a grudge
Good-sized suburban lot
Geisha's accessory
Gas tested for in homes
Cuzco's land
Creator of the GOP elephant
Clever sort
Cleopatra's undoing
CIA worker, perhaps
Celestial bear
Cattails' locales
Call to a flamenco dancer
Bridge player's blunder
Beasts ridden by the Magi
Band's merch table offerings
Ballet rail
Alternatives to Volvos, once
Albert, 'the voice of basketball'
Air pump letters
Aetna and CIGNA
45's more-played half, usually
1971 Don McLean hit
10-Across riders
'___ From Muskogee'
'We Build, We Fight' group
'Our Miss Brooks' star
'No problemo'
'Always,' in poem
'A Death in the Family' author – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jun-20-2017#sthash.sWr1BWdi.dpuf

__ into shape (train)
White heron
Tosses in
Thick piece
Therapist-to-be, perhaps
Temp worker
Teachers' boss
Tax pro: Abbr
Take it easy
Take a risk
Supper for swine
Stare at
Share 50/50
Señor's "Certainly!"
Send in the direction of
Scratches up
Safely secured
Rude person
Repaired, as a shoe bottom
Public persona
Prosecutors: Abbr
Prepare, as potatoes
Pole that dancers pass under
Person of action
Owls' calls
Opening poker stake
Office notes
Nest egg letters
Mystical glow
More powerful
Minor chess piece
Med. insurance plan
Lotion ingredient
Likely (to)
Jab with a finger
Ink stain
In separate places
Gumbo veggie
Get wind of
Fuzzy image
Forest's clearing, for example
Folk history
Fit for the task
Final authority
Film excerpt
Extinct bird
Evening, in ads
End of a lasso
Deep-sea diver's gear
Cry of distress
Corner square in Monopoly
Close call
Cleaned with a broom
Clarinet insert
Citrus rind
Choir's platform
Chicago airport
Bullets, for short
British noblemen
Boat that's paddled
Blissful places
Black-and-white cookie
Affirmative vote
11-point card in blackjack
"__ you glad?"
"What did you say?"
"Say cheese!"
"Beware the __ of March"

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