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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 20.03.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 20.03.2017

__ of Mexico
Whistler, but not his mother
Way to play music if you can't read it
Tolkien beast
Timbuktu's country
The first Mrs. Trump
The Crimson Tide, familiarly
Storied water barrier
Sprained ankle, often
School URL ending
Safe place?
Sacred river of India
Previously cut, as timber
Pres. #43
Plot surprise
Pipe-cleaning brand
Page turner
Packers quarterback Rodgers
Org. for marksmen
Nest egg acronym
Negative attention from the press, briefly
Mary Poppins, e.g
Machu Picchu resident
Loosen, as a knot
Likely successor to the throne
Kind of panel or system
Kept under wraps
Keats work
Jimmied (open)
Insurance giant
In the distance
High-tech appt. books
Help in finding the hidden treasure
Have no doubt
Gut feeling at dinner time?
Gossip spreader
Good name for a lover of hearty meals
Gig equipment
Fairy tale starter
Fabulist mentioned by Aristotle
Epps of 'House'
EKG organ
Director Lee
Deep-voiced opera singer
Decide not to go to
Cylindrical water toy
Composer Stravinsky
Climactic show ending, and a literal hint to this puzzle's circled letters
Change one's route to avoid heavy traffic, say
Capitol Hill fig
Blanc who voiced Bugs
Biblical betrayer
Annual celebrations, for short
Abu Dhabi is its cap
'__, poor Yorick!': Hamlet
'__ bet?'
'You're confusing me'
'You __ here'
'Peter Pan' beast
'Me neither!'
'I knew it!'
'Exodus' author Leon
'Comprende?' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Mar-20-2017#sthash.2A0jikQr.dpuf

___ poker
Wore an upside-down frown
Woodworking tool
Volcanic rock
Total hottie?
Toe testing the waters?
Suffix with million
Successful auctioneer's last word
Square dance site
Sought political office
Simple pond life
Rifle or revolver
Reindeer feet
Regarding, in a memo
Quite a distance off
Put in stitches
President who won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize
Potentially dangerous bacterium
Place to dream
Paleozoic or Mesozoic
Pack animal
Oscar nominees' gathering?
New Mexican pueblo builders
Neither's partner
Native New Zealanders
Most bizarre
Many, many
Manipulate, as bread dough
Mai ___ (cocktail)
Like Dorothy's slippers
John who wrote 'The World According to Garp'
It may be reasonable to a jury
Inventory items
Having an aftertaste, as some barbecue sauce
Have debts
Hamilton's bill
Greek letter before omega
Fix, as a cat
First lady after Hillary
Finish second
Equally large
E-commerce site formerly owned by eBay
Drivers' org
Declare to be true
Debate position against 'against'
Computer program glitch
Commercial game with wild cards
Command to Rover
Certain fraternal order member
Catches forty winks
Bowling scoresheet unit
Boston airport
Body part to lend or bend
Bird that hoots
Big inits. in trucks
Baseballer Gehrig
Admit, with 'up to'
Abu ___ (Mideast land)
1983 film in which Barbra Streisand dresses as a man
1960 Alfred Hitchcock thriller
140-character messages
1-800-FLOWERS alternative
'___ girl!'
'___ Comedy Jam'
'Who goes there, friend or ___?'
'Voulez-vous coucher ___ moi ce soir?'
'The Scales' constellation
'That's my cue!'
'Me as well'
'Jurassic Park' insect casing
'Get cracking!'
'Bald-faced' thing
'Ain't happening'
'50s high school dance – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Mar-20-2017#sthash.cOi5Q0aD.dpuf

Word that can follow the last parts of 17- and 52-Across and 11- and 25-Down
Whirling water
Way of thinking
Try again, in court
Tough task for a salesperson
Thoroughly mastered
The University of the South, commonly
The Beatles' '___ a Woman'
System of moral values
Squeals, so to speak
Spy's gathering, informally
Sponge or sea anemone
Sound like a jackass
Sommelier's stock
Some centerfold posers
Sneaky blow
Simba's mate
Shakespeare's '___ Andronicus'
Samsung or Nokia offering
Safari park beast
Result of overexertion, often
Read superficially
R&R part (Abbr.)
Put into service
Presidential middle name
Pecan or almond
Pantry-raiding bug
Owner of Easter Island
Org. with Flyers and Jets
Opal or onyx
Not multi-
New York Jets uniform color
Mower brand
Month for the Masters
Mark over some Portuguese vowels
Make mischief
Lundgren of 'Rocky IV'
Like Dogpatch or Mayberry
Like a cloudless sky
Lacking in manners
Kuala Lumpur native
Italicize, say
It may add a '+' to a grade
Islands memento
Involving no one else
Influential D.C. lobby
Hibachi residue
Harley, to a biker
Hanging ___ (debris in 2000 election news)
Grand ___ (wine phrase)
Glaswegian's negative
Fur magnate on the Titanic
Follower of 'ye,' often
Fleck or Lugosi
First word in 'Auld Lang Syne'
Dress shop section
D-Day beach
Crystal ball gazer
Comes down in buckets
Colorado ski mecca
Chore list heading
Cake baker's buy
By and large
Bowler or boater
Beehive State native
Be in the hole
Architectural details, for short
Applied 3-in-One to
All-vowels song refrain
Action movie arm
Accumulation, as of interest
7-10 split component
'___ a real nowhere man . . .'
'That's baloney!'
'Guitar Town' singer Steve
'Duck Dynasty' wear, for short
'Big Brother' host Julie
'. . . bells on ___ toes' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Mar-20-2017#sthash.O5zKIbrq.dpuf

__ Piper of Hamelin
__ monster (Arizona lizard)
Typical Saudi
Tuna or shark
Tube-shaped pasta
Titles for knights
Take a crack __ (try)
T. Rex, for one
Swelled heads
Swedish furniture chain
Sweatshirt with a head cover
Suspect's explanation
Stingy person
State-run numbers game
Snow gliders
Small bite
Skin-soothing ingredient
Second part of plays
Searches for
Remove pencil marks
Prohibited things
Printing error, for short
Position behind shortstop
Polite female title
Places for teakettles
Picks up the tab
On the up-and-up
Not qualified
Non-studio movie, for short
Mothers and daughters
Monumental story
Memorable periods
Letters before zees
Leave out
Lauder of cosmetics
Lathered up
Jekyll's alter ego
Jay once of "The Tonight Show"
In the hull of a ship
Headgear at Aspen
Grind, as teeth
Gooey pancake topping
Give approval for
General Robert E. __
Garment worn with a blouse
Full collections
Freeway path for slower cars
Finals and midterms
Earth-friendly prefix
Door opener
Deep voice
Convent resident
Condiment in a shaker
Canceled, at NASA
Camera-lens settings
Book of maps
Bird on "It's a girl!" signs
Beer mug
Bad mood
Baby "bald" bird
Auto wheel
Arctic ice house
Aluminum wrap
A long time in the past
"Semper Fi" and "Be Prepared"
"Permission granted"
"One __ meat is another . . ."
"I really should be going"
"Amen!" – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Mar-20-2017#sthash.qEFyAHKW.dpuf

___ off (slackened)
Word with 'go bragh!'
What the pirate written out of a will did?
What a pirate gives his pet-watcher?
Type of rich cake
Type of mill
Throw figurative mud at
The most productive thoughts
Storm into, militarily
State of prolonged unconsciousness
Spy org
Spoken aloud
Song's opening bars
Sink like a rock
Shows uncertainty
Relative of 'i.e.'
Reduced to the simplest form
Proofer's editorial mark
Pressing requirement?
Pre-pupal insect
Pirate's facial grooming aid?
Person owing allegiance to a feudal lord
One way to offer a greeting
More than want
More than like
More than large
Maryland winter hrs
Marine predator
Mai ___ cocktail
Like withered land
Like morning grass
Like marble and some cheese
Like Falstaff, body-wise
Italian capital
It's pitched over your head
Ireland, to some
Infamous emperor
Indian bread
Hockey legend Bobby
Font features
Fled to be wed
Fishy delicacy
Finding it difficult to relax
Fiery funeral wood stacks
Feeling of boredom
Egg containers
Earlier, earlier
Dressing choice
Day-care charges
Constellation bear
Computer symbol
City VIP
Chem class, often
Cast off from the body, as perspiration
Car speed, briefly
Bullets, e.g
Bring together
Blast, as a baseball
Beginning stages
Beer relative
Be rowdy and disruptive
Be educated
Apt 'notes' anagram
All-around good guy
'___ I win, tails you lose'
'Without further' ending
'Have a nice ___!'
'Cheese it, the ___!'
'… all snug in ___ beds'

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