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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 19.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 19.09.2017

__ Vegas
__ terrible: difficult child, in French
Thick book
Theater honor
Tax pros
Tap out a text, say
Surrealist Salvador
Stephen of 'Michael Collins'
See to
Scoff from Scrooge
Salami type
Rose and fell on the waves
Rid of parasites, as a dog
Red wine choice, for short
Pres. before JFK
Planets, in poems
Perpetrate, as havoc
Pats gently
Pal of Rover
Painter Picasso
Opus __: 'The Da Vinci Code' sect
Not widely understood
Not suitable for military service … or an apt description of 17-, 27-, 49- and 64-Across
Nevada senator Harry
Near-perfect bridge feat
N.Y. Jets' org
Multi-discipline strength-training program
Memorable clown
Mel's Diner waitress
Masculine Italian suffix with bamb-
Many miles off
Love to pieces
Look (like)
Living room seat
List of appts
Like many nest-builders
Like bears
Lift with effort
Library ID
Liam of 'Michael Collins'
Laundry service option
Geological age
Fancy duds
Extemporaneous, as a speech
English writer Edward Bulwer-__
DJ known for playing novelty tunes
Disney's '__ and the Detectives'
Dalai Lama's homeland
Covertly sends an email dupe to
Cohort of Larry and Curly
Cocksure Aesopian racer
Calif. neighbor
Bread shape
Boffo review
Blue toon
Big-screen format
Began to melt
Beanstalk giant's chant
Bathtub blockage
Appointed White House overseer
Alias, on police blotters
'60s dance craze
'Use the Force, __'
'Think nothing __'
'The Wizard of Oz' author
'Oedipus __'
'More or less' suffix
'Firework' singer Perry
'Didn't hurt a bit!'

___ Balls (snack food)
Yea or nay
Yard displays at election time
Vegetation along a British golf course
Unerasably, say
U.S. city whose name looks oxymoronic
Trattoria course
Test ___ (treaty subject)
Tacks on
Susan who wrote 'In America'
Stops playing
Staying power, informally
Source of wood for baseball bats
Sounds from the Jolly Green Giant
Soak up
Smokey Bear was in an early one, for short
Small amount
Sheep dish popular in Scotland
Sharp increase
Setting for 'Dilbert'
Serving in Asia that's taboo in the West
Preparing to propose, by tradition
Period in Europe starting around 1100 B.C
Painful things to have removed
Org. for the Big East, Big South and Big 12
Offer mortgages
Not include
Nonactive member of a firm … or what G, H and W each have in 20-, 29- and 49-Across?
New York's ___ Library
Mongol Empire founder
Medalla de ___ (first-place award in Mexico)
Main ore of lead
Mag. staffers
Lead-in to an alias
K. T. of country music
It'll give you a clear picture
Had fingers crossed
Goat's bleat
George Foreman Jr., George Foreman III, George Foreman IV, etc
Geologist's division
Geologist's division
Front of a freighter
Family tree members
Erasing, as a hard drive
Duffer's warning
Doesn't eat for a long while
Cracklin' ___ Bran
Color tone
Claudius's successor
Bushy dos
Burnett of CNN
Bugs on the road?
Break during rehearsal, say
Boxster maker
Body part that some people wiggle
Birdbath organism
Army fliers since 1984
Aid in producing a suspect's picture
African antelopes
Advice-giver on SiriusXM
Actor Billy ___ Williams
+ end on an electrolytic cell
'___ of the D'Urbervilles'
'___ is the life!'
'That makes sense'
'Nope, guess again'
'Little' Dickens girl
'Gymnopédies' composer Erik

___ Moines
Yonder folks
With 7-Down, solve
White Rabbit's lament
The Pirates and the Buccaneers, e.g
Tennis star Nastase
Tall tree of the Pacific coast
Surname of a famed racing family
Start for Descartes
Spacek of 'Carrie'
Someone to look up to
Some plays by Kareem Abdul-Jabbaaarrr!
Skater's turning jump
Six-time World Series champs
Seeking damages
See 55-Across
Sea creature that resembles the maaarrrlin!
Rural sight
Rubs off?
Royal fur
Precisely right
Potato chips, in Portsmouth
Place for pampering
Pirate attack
Pewter, in part
Peter who battled pirates
People from Pierre, e.g
Parallel to
Overtime cause
Nickname for the site of Glacier National Paaarrrk!
Mortise's mate
Make pigtails
List of choices
Letter before Quebec in the phonetic alphabet
Laos locale
Hosp. sections
Greet the judge
Global traveler Nellie
France, once
Foxhound's feet
Exercise regimens performed resting on one's foreaaarrrms!
Don Draper and his colleagues
Do some pirating
Decisive defeat
Crushed, in a way
Corkscrew shape
Compared (to)
Come around again
Cheering cries
Charlotte ___ (cream-filled dessert)
Cardinal point?
Be a rover
Batik need
Arizona hockey player
Apple device since 2001
Apple assistant since 2011
All that was left in Pandora's box
Alan with six Emmys
'___ Tag' (German greeting)
'Hold on!'

___ out (barely made)
Young bird of prey
You may wrestle with it
Word attached to 'over' or 'sight'
Water provider
Very pale
Tucked-away loot
Tokyo, once
Spans of many centuries
Soft drinks
Snooty one
Slick with words
Saucy or jaunty
Saint, in Portugal
Run from anyone who says this (Part 3)
Run from anyone who says this (Part 2)
Run from anyone who says this (Part 1)
River stoppers
Prayer-ending word
Photographer's setting
Photo finish
PC key
On the briny
Navigational charts
National anthem up north
Molten rock
Low iron conditions
Look through
Like some orders
Like crazy straws
Kinks hit
Kind of point
It's grate stuff
Hungry mouths
Hoofbeat sound
Homer's exclamations
Hair gel amounts
Golf measure
Giggle sound
Garden foundations
Full of lip
First name on 'Gunsmoke'
English assignment
Dutch cheese
Dublin's land, poetically
Drunk as a skunk
Down ___ knee
Discoverer's cry
Dame Hess
Crux or core
Crook's other name
Common deciduous trees
Church leader
Certain Civil War fighter
Certain citrus fruit
Castle protector
Bumper car, often
Brutish monster
Bro or sis
Blast one's eardrums
Average dude
As well
Again from the beginning
'Rowdy' Eastwood role
'Partridge Family' actress Susan
'No ifs, ___ or buts'
'Bill and ___ Excellent Adventure'

Workplaces for MDs and RNs
Wintry road hazard
What Red Bull might give you
Whack job
Wee mischief-maker
Wedding planner website, with 'the'
Use elbow grease on
Tynan of the Irish Tenors
Tends to a split seam
T.S. who wrote 'Ash Wednesday'
Symptom of a senior moment?
Spinal shock absorber
Sparkling Italian wine
Snow Queen voiced by Idina Menzel
Snitch on
Signal from the conductor
Shirt with a sports logo, often
Sermon closer
Rob ___ (cocktail)
Revitalize, as a lawn
Plant-based protein
Plant in a thicket
Pitcher's or violinist's aid
Part of AWOL
Out-of-control tots, to sitters
Non-Mormon, to a Mormon
NATO letter between Delta and Foxtrot
Monitor-Merrimack engagement?
Mike Pompeo's org
Many a 'Star Trek' stopover
Linden of 'Barney Miller'
Like much tribal lore
Like a busybody
Letter before upsilon
Kitty or kisser, slangily
Kegger garb, perhaps
Jules Verne's genre, for short
Had a hankering
Forever, seemingly
Falco of 'Nurse Jackie'
Fad dance of the 1990s
Etna spew
Edouard who painted Zola's portrait
Draft selection, upon signing
Dizzy in Cooperstown
Debit card ID
Datum from a notary stamp
Daly with six Emmys
Corrida 'Bravo!'
Corner on the bathtub booze market?
Clothing label inspectors?
Chart-topping 2012 album for Taylor Swift
Cereal grass parasite
Canon SLR model
Boot liner material
Bernie Sanders supporters, with 'the'
Bash on the Big Island
Band's bookings
Actress Peeples or Long
Accepted doctrine
'Vette roof option, once
'Words With Friends' and 'Candy Crush'
'We've gotten the thumbs-up!'
'This Is Us' producer Ken
'Old World Style' sauce brand
'O Mio Babbino Caro' et al
'No ___!' ('Sure thing!')
'Milk' director Van Sant
'Gypsy' composer Jule
'Get my drift?'
'For cryin' out loud!'
'Follow me!'
'Damn Yankees' seductress
'Be Moved' electronics company

__ out a living (just got by)
__ cards fortune-teller's deck)
Yes-__ question
Wish to have
Voice quality
Voice below soprano
Very devout
Venetian blind strips
Vein of ore
Trees with needles
Tips of shoes
Three-ingredient sandwiches, for short
The one here
Tennis racket target
Takes one's turn
Take a breather
Surrounded by
Suffix for luncheon
Stove or freezer: Abbr
Spills the beans
Speedy plane
Sound of scorn
Show to be true
Shout of triumph
Serving of cake
Secret motive
Scouring pad brand
Salon colors
Roof overhangs
Rise from one's seat
Reebok competitor
Rancher's rope
Prefix meaning "many"
Point of a constellation
Online message
Not doing anything
No more than
Monopoly square with bars
Maui and Oahu
Mascara site
Make void
Make changes to
Later on
Keep from happening
June honoree
Jockey's mount
Impolite look
If all goes well
Honking bird
Hide away
Gardener's dirt
Fawn's father
Extra item in an envelope: Abbr
Each, informally
Dismay greatly
Difficult experience
Crib toy
Cheer (for)
Catch sight of
Cast a ballot
Carryall bag
Black wood
Baby bird of prey
At any time
Angel's topper
"Yeah, sure"
"Tiny" prefix for second

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