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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 19.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 19.08.2017

Wore with jaunty confidence
Word before and after against
Welsh herder
Weird Al song that wonders, 'Tell me why I bid on Shatner's old toupee'
W-9 filers
Vital vessels
Turn off and then some
Took off
Tied up
There's one right in front of you
Strongly suggest
Strike a chord
Stretch (out)
Stallone roles, e.g
Sitting Bull's people
Shout on arrival
Sharp-edged tool
Sharp weapons
Scouting ops
School with trimesters called halves
Politico with a father, brother and son named George
Picked dos
Peruse, as a catalog
Panasonic flat-screen
Noteworthy times
Nine Inch Nails founder Trent
Natural history museum attractions, briefly
MSN, for one
Most of a pool cue
Look for business?
Knight aide
King Features Syndicate parent
Kan. Army installation
Israel's Olmert
How cherries jubilee is served
Go up against
German royal house, 1714-1901
Four-time WWE World Champion Brock __
Forest digs
Forensics ridge
Exhibition with blades
Dungeons & Dragons bird
Dressy accessory
Danny, vis-? -vis the 'Bloodline' siblings
Curling piece
Cheap opening
Cape Cod catch
Brown world?
Best Supporting Actress two years after Whoopi
Bass-baritone role in an 1885 Savoy Theatre premiere
Audible pauses
Alito and Thomas
1984 Winter Olympics city
11, at times: Abbr
'90s loser to Deep Blue
'Rubáiyát' poet
'I have a bad feeling about this'
'Forget I said anything'

__ sale
With a fighting chance
With 59 Across, what's attached to some benches
White belts, in judo
Very close ones, for short
Verbal attitude
University of South Florida campus
Tree of Life, in "The Lion King"
Trash talk
Tracers and trackers
Thematic signature
Supplement (with)
Stuff in some stuffing
Strewn with, as on landscapes
Strands at a lab
Span a gap in material
Southwest floral crystal
See 56 Across
Seasonal coffee flavoring
Put down
Pettifogger's points
Percussive guitar technique
Penetration agent
Party-supply store stock
Neeson's voice in the "Narnia" films
Neapolitan alternative
Name from Old Norse for "ever ruler"
Material for Toastmasters
Many a Mozart melody
Make a rural delivery
Magazine that reviews shoes, saddles and swimwear
Made for bar snacks, most likely
Jacket material
Its homepage is on Moscow time
Island west of Fort Myers Beach
Hymn holder
How to reach Disneyland's Tom Sawyer Island
From that angle
Finicky type
Familiar area
Event with the Samsung MVP award
Ending like -aceous
Emulated Rowling's Moaning Myrtle
Early announcement of a sort
Drink invented by a Dairy Queen owner
Cult stars
Cover guy on NBA Live 96
Complete, as an Uber experience
Certain vegan
Bottle that sounds bad
Black-and-white toon in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"
Beat (out)
Augustan Age author
Assists, for instance
Artículo español
Article I subj
Around the knee
All its students are in ROTC
10-Grammy singer/guitarist
"Toy Story" dachshund
"Rocky IV" antagonist
"Neapolitan Novels" author
"It's been too long"
"It is thinking that makes what we read __": Locke
"Flat-out fun" product
"Center" starter

___ of Life (rescue device)
X, to a kegler
Word after alpha or beta
Was in the hole
Volkswagen compact
Verne who created Phileas Fogg
Vermin-catching cats
Vehicle on runners
Use, as influence
U.K. legislators
Typeface resembling Helvetica
Trucker's toll unit
Tiara inlays
Thistle with a tasty heart
Thirty-two chess pieces
The Beatles' '___ a Woman'
Stein of Comedy Central
South-of-the-border snooze
Sound of a tuned engine
Snooker stick
Slow on the uptake
Ship's trail
Running, but going nowhere
Roof overhang
River of Aswan
River fed by the Aragon
Revved, as an engine
REM sleep event
Reese of Ebbets Field fame
Quitter's throw-in
Queen of ___ (visitor to King Solomon)
Pro-Second Amendment org
Privy to
President after Lincoln
Prefight psych job
Poker legend Ungar
Place to wear a monitor
Pinot ___ (red wine)
Password creator
Partner of odds
Online gaming annoyance
Noisy, self-recriminating sort
Name in romance novels
Michelle of the LPGA
Like a 1943 copper penny, vis-a-vis a steel one
Items in Los Angeles Angels logos
Italian fashion center
It's 1 for a 90-degree angle
Is deserving of
In the loop
Horatio who wrote 'Tattered Tom'
Homophone of 'yew'
Hilarious joke
Hiccup, e.g
HBO part
Hawaiian root crop
Get off the fence
Gauge with a red line, for short
Ford logo shape
Elias Sports Bureau tidbit
Earthen embankment
Drops on the grass
Decorate with interlocking stones, say
Cuprite, to copper
Chosen few
Chaplin persona
Cabbage purchase
Burrito topper
Brokerage firm with 'talking baby' ads
Blyton of kid-lit
Bilko and Snorkel (Abbr.)
Barely run along?
Bakery or bar choices
Attire in Jane Fonda workout videos
Arkin of 'Argo'
Aerial daredevil of old
'Delta of Venus' author
'And . . .'

Work units, in physics
Word often with 'mater'
Who a saintly secretary listens to when filing?
Where some cabins are
What a literate busboy clears?
West Texas city
Weapon used in the wild
Veranda, in Hilo
Utilizes a tuffet
U.K. flying group
Type of bowling
Touchdown data
Things taken at sporting events?
Swanky party
Survey box, sometimes
Spider-Man creator
Speaker's platform
Spaces not as wide as ems
Soon, once
Singing legend Ross
Shower alternative
Recipe abbr
Pueblo Indian structures
Prefix with 'paper'
Peaceful creature
Pasta piece
Opposite of guzzle
One not to be believed
Noted English racetrack
Not wait to be drafted
Natives of Peru
More sick
Metric area measure
Little rascal
Listening devices
Like many swinging doors
Like a perfectly pitched game
Language of Scotland
Joint to poke with
Indian wrap
Indian sir
Important periods of history
How a marathoner leaves a bar?
Honest's Jessica
Hollywood buildup?
Gooey sandwiches
Get the drop on
Furry feet
Fruity quaff
Fastball stoppers
Fabric patch
Exotic berry used in some drinks
Earthenware jars
Dug in
Drug addict
Diva's rendition
Cosmetics ingredient
Command given at many corners
Clarifying phrase
Church section
Building projection
Bubkes or zilch
Brownish purple
Behind schedule
Beautifully accessorize
Any valuable holding
30-Across researcher Alfred
'___ Knowledge' (Nicholson movie)
'Wheel of Fortune' request
'Goodness gracious!' kin
'And so on' abbr

___ differ (object)
Words with angle or impasse
Wood for some electric guitars
Wolfish sort
Whiskey choices
Where to view Munch's 'The Scream'
What Dramamine treats
What a coulrophobe might do at the circus?
Warden's excuse for staying at work?
Wall St. event
Walk all over
Very bad things
Verdi's '___ tu'
Up-in-the-air est
Undergoing testing
U.S. flyers in WWII
Tried to steal
Toxin derived from castor beans
Toddler's wardrobe
Theme park thrills
Texter's 'Hilarious!'
Teen travel safety org
Take a wrecking ball to
Stud's spot
Street sign abbr
Spoonbill's cousin
South African prime minister Jan
Sommelier's stop
Somewhat firm
Sock end
Small inheritance?
Skip a vowel or two
Site of the Wat Phu temple
Sight of a big fall
Short stops?
Saucer occupants
Reggae singer Kamoze
Race with gates
Quaint stopover
Prickly shrub
Powerful politico in imperial Russia?
Porch swing locale
Plot workers
Pitchfork-shaped letters
Photo developing compound
Phoenix flora
Perry's creator
Patriots' Day mo
Party often seated at the bar
Partner of ifs and ands
Parks in front of a bus?
Packaging fig
Otis of elevators
Orth of TV's 'Revolution'
Ornate crowbars?
Org. concerned with collective bargaining
Operatic highlight
Nile delta city
Night call
Naval destroyer, in slang
Nabisco crackers at the bottom of the box?
Mythological nonet
Multiple choice test options, often
Match components
Many a perfume counter worker
Lyme disease host
Lunar uplands
Like some towelettes
Latin ballroom dances
Kurt Waldheim succeeded him
King Minos, e.g
Job on an undertaker's schedule?
JFK alternative
Iron product
Indiana's find
In ___ (chaotic)
In a ridiculous manner
Impression of a Hungarian composer by a James Bond star?
Hundred-eyed monster of Greek myth
How the new couches at the Golden Arches feel?
Hot state
Hosp. hookups
Hopes that one will
Hangs around
Guinness bottle symbol
Grant foe
Gorsuch's predecessor
Going it alone
Gear for Moroccan scientists?
Ft. Worth school
Fried appetizer
Former Cardinals manager Tony
Flora and fauna
Fill of une lagune
Famed first family of Argentina
Expressive endeavors
Entered a pool, perhaps
Enter a pool, perhaps
Elton's old record label
Eel, at the sushi bar
Earth's apex
Disney's childhood nickname?
Did one's part?
Cultural NYC attraction
Crumbly topping
Copier paper size, for short
Comedic Carol
Come up
Columbus's home
Cloudy white
Checked out creepily online
Check for quarters
Chaney of horror
Cannabis chemical
Brutus's being
Bobs and weaves
Board, as a trolley
Big name in chips and pretzels
Big name in air conditioning
Audiophile's storage choice
Athletic achievement trademarked by Pat Riley
Antique shop caveat
An arm or a leg
1989 Top Ten hit for Neneh Cherry
'Zero Dark Thirty' org
'Pippi Longstocking' writer Lindgren
'Jeopardy!' studio
'I finally solved it!'
'Bad' cholesterol, briefly
'Anybody willing?' reply

___ Ochoa, 2017 Golf Hall of Fame inductee
West Coast locale mentioned in '(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay'
Waterway that lent its name to two French departments
Tree favored by giraffes
Toon who uses his middle initial
T.S.A. requirement
Students arriving late?
Station that people once looked up to
Spacewalks, in NASA lingo
Some fruit pastries
Situated (in)
Singer of the Wagner aria 'Liebestod'
Shows the way
Shakespeare's First and Second Folios, e.g
Secret ___
Score after opening with an ace, informally
Scenery chewer
Root used in perfumery
Response to a sophomoric comment
Replaced, as on a computer
Quick shots
Primitive cooking equipment
Photog's lens
Part of a record
Papa Bear of the N.F.L
Ones always banging their heads against things?
Noodle soup noodle
Most airheaded
Method of fishing
Many people take them to bed nowadays
Make a feast of
Lowdown sneak
Looks forward to the next spring?
Like store brands vis-à-vis name brands, typically
Like a hermit
Least cool
Kind of squash
Joint flare-up?
James ___, 1990-94 New Jersey governor
It covers bridges, typically
Intervening, at law
High styles
Grinders, of a sort
Got some action
Goes over the line?
Force in the Battle of Dunkirk
Female factory workers in W.W. II, informally
Feature of Namibia and Libya
Dubonnet or Campari
Draw toward dark
Dr. Brody of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'
Corn on the cob, e.g
Company added to the Dow 30 in 2013
Catch of all catches, of a sort
Box at the gym?
Bad news on the stock market
Alito's predecessor on the Supreme Court
'Should there be any question …'
'How ___ are they that have not patience!': Iago

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