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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 19.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 19.07.2017

__ Valley, Calif.: 1960 Winter Olympics site
__ light: filming tool
Writer of tales with talking animals
Wolf (down)
With 'The,' Tchaikovsky work that ends with 'Waltz of the Flowers'
Unexpected obstacle
Transmission lubricant
Tiny sound
Tenochtitlán native
Swiss army knife tool
Storm direction: Abbr
Springfield presidential library nickname
Spectrum shade
Some Fr. martyrs
Shuttle flight phase
Showman Buffalo Bill
Sharp-smelling air pollutant
Sea of __: Black Sea arm
Sched. uncertainty
Russian Revolution leader
Run leisurely
Roll along the runway
Regard highly
Qatari ruler
Plains native
Physics particle
Ode preposition
Occupy, as a desk
Nutmeg spice
Morn's counterpart
Minstrel's instrument
Milks, in Marseilles
Mil. medals
Lower in price
List component
Legendary Rhine siren
Law gp. that now only uses horses for ceremonial events
Innate talent
Hardly any time at all
Harbor sight
Go out for a bit?
Full range
French term of endearment
Flan ingredients
Fireplace inserts
Far from polite
Dwight's opponent
Dental alternatives to pastes
Damon of 'We Bought a Zoo'
Cruller coating
Crams, with 'up'
County near London
Copyright pg. ID
Conical shelter
Computer repair experts
Comfort in grief
Carpentry joints
Bygone theaters
Broadcaster's transmission to affiliated stations
Blue sky color, in Calais
Big name in ISPs
Barbecue accessory
Backspace, perhaps
Backpacking activities
Actor La Salle
Abounds (with)
'__ deal!'
'Wicked Game' singer Chris
'Toy Story' dinosaur
'My gal' of song
'I Put a Spell on You' singer Simone

___ Valley, Calif
Yodeler's peak
Where the pews are
Went out in the rain, say
War ace, e.g
Verify the age of, in a way
Uganda's Amin
Twenty-one places
Trio x 3
Supreme Court justices, e.g
Start of a fairy tale
Speedway event
Spanish toast
Something to watch on la télé
Some plasma TVs
Second-place finisher, famously
Savanna animal
Satellite ___
San ___, Italy
Roger who set a home run record in 1961
Prepared to propose
Penultimate word of a fairy tale
Partner of trade
Part of the cabinet that oversees hwys
One with a long sentence
One who's tight-lipped
Line from 'The Student Prince' appropriate for this puzzle
Korean War soldier
Kind of jacket
Kid's nighttime fear
Japanese toast
Italy's ___ Coast
It's just an excuse
It has hundreds of thousands of drivers
Institution often named for a saint: Abbr
Informal toast
Hold aside for a year, as a college athlete
Hebrew toast
Handled, as a case
Gridiron highlights, for short
God, in the Torah
German toast
Formal toast
Flare-up of crime?
Fake blood, e.g
Early 2000s Apple product
Descriptive of los Andes
Custardy dessert
Common poster headline
Blue Jay but not Cardinal, for short
Bare-naked Lady
Back muscle, for short
Attorneys' favorite desserts?
Attempted to sell
Antidoping target, informally
Ain't the way it should be?
Actress Skye
😉 or 🙁
1980s Chrysler offering
10 out of 10
'___ Restaurant' (hit 1968 album)
'You're lookin' at your guy'
'Rule, Britannia' composer
'Oh, quit your joshin'!'
'Made for moments' sloganeer
'Gone With the Wind' setting

Zigzagging course
White wine of Germany
Warning sign
Warner Bros. creation
Walk destination
Victorious shout
Vicious with a guitar
Verb for you
TV panel type
Turn the page, so to speak
Try to mediate
Tourist's aid
Theater honor
The CPU has direct access to it
Sumatran swinger, for short
Sticky bun nut
Spots in a yearbook photo?
Spaghetti sauce seasoning
Source of wisdom
Sign up
Shows its age, in a way
Show signs of waking
Renowned Russian ballet company
Prepare for a road trip
Popular bills at discount stores
Planter's activity
Personal matter
Passionate god
Outstanding amount
Opening day pitcher, probably
Obsidian source
Name in the 'Fargo' credits
Minute opening
Lovers' adventure
Loons and cuckoos
Like some pads
La Scala highlight
Hothead's harangue
Hieroglyphic creature
Hardly any
Hard throws, in baseball
Happy time for a home buyer
Go past the scheduled end time
Gang domains
Free radio ad, for short
Flea market finds
Film character whose last word was 'Rosebud'
FDR-DDE go-between
Fade away
Ephemeral sculpting medium
Dobbs of Fox Business Network
Diet-busting dessert
Deep chasm
Christmas evergreen
Character in Progressive ads
Capital on the Persian Gulf
Candidate's concern
California city nicknamed 'Zinfandel Capital of the World'
Bullies' targets, often
Brownie, e.g
Blow away
Bestow happiness on
Be smitten with
Bat material
Ball bearer
Addictive match-three game
Acapulco address
'Shall we?'
'M*A*S*H' extras
'Love Story' author Segal
'I coulda been somebody, instead of ___' ('On the Waterfront')
'Cool' amount of cash

___-Dixon line
___ sapiens
Wooster's bane
Wee bit of residue
Take to one's heart
Steps in
Spill over
South American of yore
Small salamanders
Sign of the future?
Sign of assent
Shot for a photog
Seek an answer
Scottish Highlander
Rather or Aykroyd
Protect a document, in a way
Prolonged attack
Prefix with 'bucks' or 'mansion'
Porch items
Place for a seaside stroll
Piedmont wine center
Perignon's title
Palindromic dogma
Out of gear?
Not yet pledged
Not participating
Not in the party?
Nosher's bite
Natural habitat
Massive sports facilities
Marriages, christenings, etc
List of literary goofs
Landlord's due
Kind of alcohol
Kick out of a residence
Join the poker game
It comes after 12 daily
Install, as a carpet
How ballet dancers move
Hair color to dye for
Group known for its brains
Grounded Aussie
Grassy plain
Gale's friend Piccolo
Firstborn, among siblings
Extremely well off
Doggie bag bit
DNA testers, often
Desert respite
Darn things
Dad's room, often
Crusoe's creator
Crazed with passion
Courtroom happening
Charitable handouts
Calendar notation
Burrito alternative
Breakfast cereal
Brazil tourist city, briefly
Bovine sound
Blacksmith's shop
Beauty business
Beach stuff
Battery terminal
Automatic selection?
Asian food starch
Airport guesses, briefly
African chargers, briefly
'The greatest of ___!'
'Now ___ seen everything'
'Like that would actually happen!'
'In this way …'
'Clumsy me!'

___-mile (freight unit)
TV program-blocking device
Trees with split-resistant wood
Tough guy
Took charge of
They're often loaded
The life of Riley
Talk big
Summoned, with 'for'
Speakeasy's worry
Sparkling plays on the diamond
Sound of the surf
Something ___ (extraordinary)
Reserved part of a lot, maybe
Request for a product or service
Range significantly higher than 5-Across
Proctor's announcement
Pop music's 'hottest spot north of Havana'
Place for a plug
Pesky insects, informally
Periods sometimes named for presidents
Password creator
Partner in a peace treaty
Part of a quarter note
Page of 'Juno'
On a sugar high, say
Misspoke, say
Melville's sequel to 'Typee'
Mahalia Jackson's genre
Low man at the opera
Like xenon or radon
Like a cold fish
Lifeline reader, e.g
Just a bit open
Household appliance, for short
Hothead's emotion
Herb in BBQ rubs
Have memorized
Hang, like a drone
Gun shop stock
Grassy area of Dallas' Dealey Plaza
Good amount of money
Goat's antithesis, in sports
Give off
Get wind of
Gape at suggestively
Fudgsicle holder
Fruity topping for toast
Freebie with a grilled cheese sandwich
Figure atop a midterm
Fictional dog from Kansas
Ebenezer's epithet
Does film splicing, say
Doctoral student's exam
Diamond-studded accessory
Currier and Ives print, for short
Cupid, to the Greeks
Copy center supply
Cookie in some Klondike bars
Car dealer's offering
Can't stomach
Boxing biopic of 2001
Bout site
Boater's knot
Big blowout
Barista's brew
Apple pie maker's gadget
AFB truant
'What's more . . .'
'The deal's off!'
'Switched-On ___' (early synthesizer record)
'Still mooing,' at a steakhouse
'Not so fast!'
'No ___, no foul'
'Inside Politics' channel
'Darn it!'
'A Visit From St. Nicholas' opener

With a take-charge attitude
With 41 and 55 Across, what 15 Across is
Water pitcher
Was in tears
Used to be
Urge on
Trick-or-treat mo
Toss of the dice
Tiny fly
Sounds of satisfaction
Soldier's station
See 27 Across
See 27 Across
Secretary of State Tillerson
Road sign symbol
Quick profit
Puppy or parrot
Pronoun down South
Prefix meaning "equal"
Pitchers' dream games
Penny, in some poker games
Pair on stage
Old-time anesthetic
Old-film cable channel
November 11th honoree
Novelist Ferber
Not quite shut
Nobel Prize category
MasterCard alternative
Lowly worker
Long-tailed rodent
Legendary marshal
L.A. clock setting, presently
Kemo Sabe's pal
Join forces
Impatient and anxious
Hurricane center
High point
High point
Heats in a microwave
Have the opinion
Granola morsel
Golfer's pegs
Give __ whirl (try)
Generic canine name
Frog cousin
Frequently, in verse
Football officials
Fencing sword
Feline's foot
Feline's coat
Feline of the zodiac
Fancy wristwatch
Fancy feather
Family room
Facts, for short
Extremely long time
Eight, in Acapulco
Disney World park
Disallow, so to speak
Compass direction
Cameo stone
Be the proprietor of
Banana covering
90 degrees from vert
"What __ thinking?"
"Permission granted"
"All Things Considered" airer

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