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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 19.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 19.06.2017

___ of one's existence
With 30-Down, brief article in a paper
Wildcat with tufted ears
Watches episode after episode of a TV series, say
Trait transmitter
Tool part used to create holes
Surfer's catch
Supermodel from Somalia
Stolen stuff
Soothing ointments
Soccer stadium cry
Sit (down) hard
Singers Tori and Al?
Singers Patti and Tina?
Singers Keith and John?
Singers Johnny and Fiona?
Sierra ___ (African land)
See 31-Down
Salt's partner in potato chip flavoring
Ryan of 'Boston Public'
Rap's ___ Wayne
Put out, as a statement
Plane engine's sound when taking off
Performances by two singers … like 21- and 49-Across and 3- and 29-Down?
Pear variety
Parabola shapes
Opposite of outs
Ones who've traveled to Mecca
Negotiator's goal
Motions left or right on Tinder
May or Polly of fiction
Mathematician Turing
Martini garnish
Main point of an idea
Long, tedious effort
Lively Irish dances
Like the president's office
Like fish that are difficult to eat
James ___
In abundance
Ignited again
Home furnishing product with a shade
Heroine of Jean Auel's 'The Clan of the Cave Bear'
Heads of France
Greatly annoys
GPS option: Abbr
Govt. rules
Good dogs for pheasant hunters
Glittery jewelry
French summer
Feature of the easily offended
Extinguished, as birthday candles, with 'out'
Event location
Doll-making tribe of the Southwest
Dirt, dust, soot, etc
Desserts with layered fruit and whipped cream
Debussy's 'Clair de ___'
Dance club bookings, in brief
Conspires with
Colorful cereal
Colored part of the eye
Billiard stick
Bad thing to go down in
Attire not usually seen on casual Friday
Arcade pioneer
Aids in sign-lettering
2015 climate accord city
'___ fightin' words!'
'Thou ___ not …'
'From what ___ seen …' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jun-19-2017#sthash.H8Y4IOgE.dpuf

___ Peak
Work wk. start
Where Baldwin does Trump, briefly
Temporary fixes
Taiwanese PC maker
Striped grazer
Speak like Cicero
Some restaurant kitchen work
Silent permission
Shooter Shaq
Rocks for refiners
Recline atop
Ready to roll?
Rail-splitter's tool
Purr producer
Price to play
Novelist's output
No-no for a judge
Neighbor of Bol. and Braz
Music's Carly ___ Jepsen
Mermaid's home
Mermaid of the movies
Matterhorn, for example
Luxury fashion house initials
Lure into wrongdoing
Lingerie item
Life story
Liam Neeson movie franchise
Insufficiently careful
In a way, informally
Hunter with a well-known belt
Homer's bartender
Heat in the microwave
Find water through divination
Field workers
Fashionably quaint
Elsa's abode
Element unit
Dolphin tricks
Do the wrong thing
Des ___
Dance club VIPs
Cover for campers
Clothing consumer
Cherished aspiration
Cathedral recesses
Cast album contents
Carry-on item
Capt.'s cockpit guess
Burns and Byron
Bumbling fellow
Bring to bear
Brick-carrying tool
Brand with Good Grips gadgets
Big name in skin care
Beginner's course
Be for you?
Bargain at the teahouse?
Bargain at the tavern?
Bargain at the soda fountain?
Bargain at the patisserie?
Bargain at the fish market?
Bargain at the butcher?
App image
Acted the informant
2006 Winter Olympics host
18, often
'The Raven' writer
'Don't make ___ habit!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-19-2017—Bargain-Jargon#sthash.j7hjghCP.dpuf

Word with 'time' or 'life'
Word with 'pole,' 'jump' or 'patrol'
Whitehorse's Canadian territory
What the batter in the boondocks did?
What a runway produces?
Vice President John ___ Garner
Unfriendliness or bitterness
Type of street sign
Type of chair
Two tetrads
Twin, e.g
This puzzle's theme you can get behind
The 'eye' in network TV
That lady's pronoun
Take verbal potshots
Sweetie alternative
Successfully exploits
Some large pianos
Show the ropes to once more
Shore up or support
Send for consultation
Sea creature with tentacles
Score x .5
Regret deeply
Rags-to-riches Horatio
Pop's other name
Pesto herb
Participate in a bit of arm-twisting
Paranormal letters
Overwhelms with sweetness
Non-representational painting
Nearly gray gemstone
Michael Phelps has 23
Master all over again
Like a howl at midnight
Legal claim on one's property
Knock, as on a door
Jigsaw puzzle unit
It's supportive for golfers
It may be over your head
Is deep in the red
Investigative Brockovich
In sci-fi, may it be with you
In a brilliantly intelligent way
Horse's niblet
Home of the brave
Helps free from doubt
Habitable hole for wildlife
Genetic messenger
Gave comfort to
Evil spirit
Etching agent
Enemy of a gardener
End of a musical composition
Eggs, biologically
Crumpets go-with
Conclusion of a bridal path
Coax a laugh out of
Close in films
Chinchilla's coat
Check for fit
Casual, as a remark
Brazilian resort, briefly
Barnyard bleaters
Award for the courageous
Australian bird
Alanis Morissette hit
Actor Keach
'Toodle-oo!' alternative
'The Lord of the Rings' monster
'East' and 'West' completers – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-19-2017#sthash.1Fcv8CUp.dpuf

Year-end visitor, informally
Worker with a loupe
Word before system or society
With proficiency
Walked like an expectant father, perhaps
Use a Pink Pearl on
Universal Studios, e.g
Try to get airborne, in a way
Tries to prevent a sinking
Totally uses up
The Prince of Darkness
Symbol representing an app
Summoned, as a servant
Staycation activity, often
State solemnly
Starburst flavor
Show remorse over
Shirt-tag word
Renders void
Refuse, as an offer
Pumpernickel grain
Place for an outdoor lunch
Picked, with 'for'
Periods often tied to presidents
Periods of inactivity
Part of a Block Island Ferry load
Opening in a schedule
Often-baked pasta
Not at all 6-Down
No longer in vogue
Make less harsh
Like the proverbial church mouse
Like much lingerie
Letterhead feature
Keen-eyed bird of prey
Keach who played Mike Hammer
Jam session musician's asset
Is in accord
Instruction sheet part
Impolite sound at dinner
Hip-swaying dance
Having a high body mass index
Has what's going around
Hand over formally
Golda, Israel's 'Iron Lady'
French fries option
Floating perch for a seagull
Fast-food workers' strike issue
Emcee's device
DMZ part
Difficult situation
Deliveries from 49-Across
Dating regularly
Damp, like a dungeon
Curvy stretch of road
Crack, as a secret message
Completely off-base
Cod fishermen's gear
Charlie Chaplin's twirled prop
Charismatic glow
Cereal with a rabbit mascot
Cardio-boxing program
Cantina tidbit
Cameo's shape
Brit's 'certainly'
Brigham City's state
Bird with a powerful kick
Babysitter monitor
Avoid getting fired, maybe
Amass, as a bar bill
Affectedly ornate
Act the ham
1975 movie with a mechanical predator
10-Across patron
'___ showtime!'
'No change'
'End of the line!'
'Black Swan' garment – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jun-19-2017#sthash.0UvJsPKm.dpuf

__-yourself kit
__ Baba
Woman's kindred spirit
Wild spending outings
Whispered version of "Yoo-hoo!"
Very slightly
TV industry award
Thorough investigations
Tex-Mex folded food
Takes care of
Take a break
Suffix for puppet
Stick (to)
Sounds from cows
Shut with a bang
Schoolyard challenge
Sandwich cookie
Running __ (out of control)
Romp happily
Rich source of anything
Religion of the Koran
Puts a new color on
Prefix meaning "all"
Prefix for circle
Poker hand starter
Place restrictions on
Peruse a book
Performed in a choir
Parts of a tbsp
Panoramic view
Object to
Not more than
Narrow road
Narrow cut
Molecule part
Minor quarrels
Metallic rocks
Loosen, as a knot
Local sandwich shop
Leak slowly
Lambs' moms
Having a sharp incline
Has aspirations
Greek bread pocket
Give temporarily
Frat pledge's sponsor
Flapjack eateries, for short
Finance deg
Filmed, as a movie
Fashion sense
Exude, as confidence
End-of-workweek shout
Elegant and expensive
Des Moines' state
Dalai Lama's land
Crown for a princess
Comic-book punch sound
Close by
Church services
Chooses, with "for"
Charley horse
Capitol Hill TV channel
Cape Canaveral org
Bringing up the __ (in last place)
Bowling-lane button
Big family, informally
Become more cheerful
Become inedible
Bearded New Year's Eve figure
Atmospheric layer
Annoying ones
"Once __ a time . . ."
"If only!" – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Jun-19-2017#sthash.8z7HQxWx.dpuf

With the fat trimmed off
With 6-Across, records that might be 'cooked'
Witch trial town
Wise bird
White sale goods
Where DNA tests are performed
When repeated, 'Great speech!'
Weeding tool
Weapon in Clue
Water-testing digit
Vaudeville show
Uncategorized stuff: Abbr
Traveler to work
Tetley product
Singer Yoko
Shrewd person, to a food critic?
See 27-Down
Secretly tie the knot
Santa Fe and Tucson, in the auto world
Rub off the page
Revered Mother
Rep on the street
Reader of tea leaves
Prompt on stage
Prevent, as a robbery
President married to Mamie
Outer edge
Out-of-this-world beings, in brief
Once around, in a race
Must pay
Member of the crow family
Math average
Make using yarn
Like skunks and zebras
Lazy person, to a food critic?
Land parcel
L.A. Galaxy's org
Kick out
James Bond's school
Impressive banquet displays
Important person, to a food critic?
Hitching post?
High school dance
Greek vowels
Give (out) sparingly
Fencing sword
Female neigh sayer
Doze off
Did over, as a movie scene
Despicable person, to a food critic?
Deep cuts
Classic British sports cars
Class-ending pair?
Civil War org
CIA forerunner
Casual top
Boy doll
Be against
Avian symbol of pride
Auditory passage
Alpine climber's need
African antelope
Acorn sources
Acknowledged a military superior
44-Across VIP
'He loves me' piece
'Easy __ it!'
'Cool' hipster

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